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A list of tribute acts from the area:

BLADDERED: Punk tribute act. One member was in The Cool Jerks.

BRIGHAWK: The leading Hawkwind tribute act in Bonnybridge

COMBAT ROCK: Clash tribute act. at least one member was in The Cool Jerks.

The COMPLETE STONE ROSES: Er, Stone Roses tribute act

JAM PACT: Jam tribute act, also known as The Cool Jerks.

LED ASTRAY: One of two Led Zep tribute acts.

LIEUTENANT STARDUST: 1970's tribute act.

MacFLOYD: The Scottish Pink Floyd. When is someone going to start a band called 

Punk Floyd playing thrash versions of "Dark Side Of The Moon"?

MacSABBATH: The Scottish Black Sabbath.

NON JOVI: Bon Jovi tribute act.

NU2: U2 tribute act.

OL'RAG BLUES: Status Quo tribute act.

RAW ELVIS: Elvis Costello tribute act. No, wait a minute...

The RESIDUALS: Sex Pistols tribute act.

SHOCKIN' STEVE: Shakin' Stevens tribute act, of all things...

STAIRWAY TO ZEPPELIN: The other Led Zep tribute act. Were once Ozzy 
Osbourne's original backing band!

THAT PURPLE BUS: Unbelievably, a This Scarlet Train tribute act. Probably.

TWIN LIZZY: Thin Lizzy tribute act. One member was in The Cool jerks. I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

WORKINGMAN'S DEED: Grateful Dead tribute act.

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