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BIOG'S 90'S +
OFF THE WALL:  Shieldhill punk/ska act formed in late 2000 by Tom Chalmers (drums/vocals), Alan Glen (guitar/vocals) & Steven "Mario" Wisniewski (vocals/guitar). They originally intended being a four piece, with Alan's brother Ronnie on vocals, but ended up just as a trio.  Influenced by Operation Ivy, Rancid & The Clash, they played three dates at The Engine Room in Falkirk, recorded two CD EP's, and appeared on a "Punk Rock Scotland" compilation before splitting in June 2001. In September 2003 all three members joined up with Craig Hayworth (ex-Bovine) to form The Declined.
You Bought This When You Were Drunk" (CD EP, 2001)
Crap Punk Songs" (CD EP, 2001)

ON THE FLY:  Gavin Brown (aka On The Fly) was a member of Citrus Soul and helped out Viva Stereo at gigs and recording during the early 2000's. He works solo as On The Fly and is "signed" to Fife collective Fence Records. On The Fly had a regular residency at Rialto in Falkirk from 2002 - 2005, and now continue to promote acts there. November 2004 saw him do some re-mixes of Malcolm Middleton solo material for a compilation album. In February 2005 Brown recorded with King Creosote for a BBC Radio session. Brown is still based locally and works at Falkirk College.  Early 2006 saw him touring the UK as a drummer with King Creosote, a task which he repeated in October. In 2007 Brown toured with King Creosote, supporting  K.T. Tunstall & Squeeze as well as appearing on "Later With Jools Holland".  In 2008 Brown returned solo, with a festival performance that summer.
"Maican Jam" (CD EP, Fence Records, 2003)
With MC Quake, "Battle Royale" (CD EP, Fence Records, 2004)
With Reporter "10x10:01" (single, De-Fence Records, 2006)
"On The Fly" (De-Fence Records, 2008)

ORANGE:  Bo'ness based act from 1999, featuring Clarke Fleming (vocals), Lee Campbell (drums, ex-Parted Company), Gav MacVicar (drums, ex-Dazed) & Jamie Rodgers (bass). They continued to play live until 2001, and still do the occasional date, though with someone called Barry McLardy on guitar. During 1999 - 2000 Rodgers also played with a singer songwriter called Brian Kelly. Campbell moved on to Give Way, whilst Rodgers later joined him in 7past5. Inbetween, Rodgers joined Cooper. 

OUTCAST:  Denny act started playing live in 1994, and were still around in 1996. After a year off they returned to live work in 1998, then again in 2000 when they reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". That year also saw them support Annie Christian at the Martell. They continued to play live until 2001.

The OYSTER BAND:  English folk band originally formed in and around Canterbury in a squat near the university by John Jones (vocals/squeezeboxes), Alan Prosser (guitars/mandolin/vocals, ex-Fiddler's Dram)Falkirk born Ian Telfer (fiddle/concertina, ex-Fiddler's Dram), Ian Kearey & Russell Lax (drums) during the mid-1980's. At that time folk-rock, whatever that was, had long since withered and died and the Oyster Band, angry and loud yet still eminently tuneful, were way out on a limb. They became the first act to sign to new label, Cooking Vinyl, and released their debut album, "Step Outside" in 1986.

At every turn since, they've steadfastly followed their own instincts, gloriously disregarding irrelevancies such as image, make-believe musical boundaries and media flavours of the month. Their own writing took a leap on 1987's "Wide Blue Yonder", which included the classic, if seriously strange, "Oxford Girl", as well as an electrifying cover of Billy Bragg's "Between The Wars", and had a guest appearance from Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian pipes some years before Sting had the same idea. lan Kearey left to be replaced on bass (and occasional cello) by Chopper (ex-3 Mustaphas 3), who came to play a defining role on their next album "Ride", and indeed their sound ever since. "Ride", including a cheeky version of New Order's "Love Vigilantes", left the public in no doubt of the band's unconditional commitment to its own path.

A largely live album, "Little Rock To Leipzig", rounded off the 1980s, and they entered the new decade veering off at an unexpected tangent, collaborating with the high priestess of English folk song, June Tabor, on their most successful album thus far, "Freedom & Rain". They toured with Tabor too, a tense, fascinating amalgam between two highly independent and sharply contrasting spirits and styles which merged into an uneasy dream ticket for English music. "Imagine if Aerosmith and Madonna announced they were to tour together........!!" said Rolling Stone magazine, excitably. It was a refreshing diversion, but one that distracted the Oysters from the sense of purpose that had driven them for so long... and it confused their followers. 
"Deserters" in 1992 saw that sense of purpose dramatically re-emerge, new drummer Lee (ex-Kirsty MacColl) joining to complete the current line-up and provide a harder edge still to a darker style of songwriting. The contrast between "Deserters" and the relatively jaunty "Freedom And Rain" again confounded the critics.

But by this time the goalposts had shifted again. Bands like The Levellers had been building a fervent following with an alternative indie approach that embraced many of the values pioneered by The Oyster Band. There was also an unexpected upsurge of young musicians taking their own inspiration from folk song and traditional instrumentation; and with their spectacular 1993 album "Holy Bandits" striking a glorious balance between their own traditions and a very modern kind of rock, the Oysters suddenly found themselves talked of as godfathers of a new English style of roots rock. After years being regarded by the music industry as on a par with inter-planetary aliens, it came as a shock to them to discover they were now 'leaders of a movement'.  
If anybody imagined this would mellow the band they were wrong. After a compilation album ("Trawler") on which they rather novelly (and to Cooking Vinyl's initial horror) decided to  re-record most of the old tracks to enable Chopper and Lee to put their own stamp on them, they came back in 1995 with "The Shouting End Of Life", probably the most aggressive and political album of their career. It was an album of acute extremes, from the trailblazing title track to their raging treatment of Leon Rosselson's socialist national anthem "The World Turned Upside Down".
In 1997 they teamed up again with friend/producer Alan Scott for "Deep Dark Ocean". It came, unpredictably, with a smile on its face, warm and melodic and, revealing an unexpected talent for quirky pop music, surprised in an election year by ignoring politics altogether (except in the sleevenotes: "Yes, we voted Labour but we didn't inhale").

"Here I Stand", co-produced with Alaric Neville, released during the last summer of the 20th Century, created another landmark with the formation of their own label Running Man. Happily, sales proved the Oysters' following were not fazed by the album's provocative (read "risky") mix of austerity, improvisation, tradition and outright pop; which proved surprisingly radio-friendly and promises well for the label's future.
But while marking time with an interesting remix of one of the "Here I Stand" songs, "Ways Of Holding On", featuring Swedish ice-princess Emma Hardelin from the band Garmarna, The Oyster Band have been talking to their former label. Autumn 2000 saw the release of an ultimate "Best Of" compilation, titled "Granite Years". Covering the period 1986 to 1997, it weighed somewhat toward the later albums, partly because Cooking Vinyl had already licensed out a compilation from the early albums under the title "Pearls From The Oysters" (one the band had successfully avoided using for a great many years!), and partly because they reckoned the band's writing had improved with time.  The band continue to perform around the world in 2006.
"Step Outside" (vinyl/cassette album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Hal-An-Tow" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986) 
"The Old Dance" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Rose Of England" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Wide Blue Yonder" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Ballad Of A Spycatcher" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"The Early Days Of A Better Nation" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1988)
"I Fought The Law" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Ride" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"The Lost And Found" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"New York Girls" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Love Vigilantes" (7 inch/10 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Little Rock To Leipzig" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)
"Granite Years" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl/CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Deserters" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Fiddle Or A Gun" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"All That Way For This" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Gone West" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Celtic Junkies" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Holy Bandits" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Cry Cry" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"20th of April" (CD single, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Spain only)
"Trawler" (CD album, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Australia / Canada / Germany only)
"Oxford Girl" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"The Shouting End Of Life" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"Long Dark Street" (CD single, 1995, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Everywhere I Go" (CD single, 1996, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Alive & Shouting" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"One Green Hill" (12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1996)
"Sail On By" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Deep Dark Ocean" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Tubthumping" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Pearls From The Oysters - The Early Years, 30 Tracks From 86-90" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"Alive & Acoustic" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1999)
"Here I Stand" (CD album, Running Man Records, 1999)
"Street Of Dreams" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"On The Edge" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany only)
"Granite Years" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 2000)
"Ways Of Holding On (Waiting For The Sun)" (CD single, Running Man Records, 2000)
"The Soul's Electric" (CD single, 2002, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"Rise Above" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2002)
"Rise Above" (CD single, 2003, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"25" (CD EP, 2003)
"The Big Sessions: Volume 1" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2004)
The Oyster Band with June Tabor:
"Freedom & Rain" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)

The PEARLFISHERS:  Glasgow band formed 1989 by ex-Hearts & Minds vocalist/guitarist/ keyboard player (a Falkirk lad) Davy Scott. He recruited Australian Jim Gash (drums) from his former act, and added Brian McAlpine (keyboards) & Mil Stricevic (bass, ex-Big Sur). With the help of the Princes Trust Scott was able to set up his own label, My Dark Star, and release three EP's in the early 1990's. These singles were playlisted all over Scotland, and led to sessions on Radio Clyde & BBC Radio 1, all of which helped the band build up a strong following north of the border.

The first half of 1992 was spent playing an astonishing range of gigs, including the "Drum Beat" benefit at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, a hugely successful spot on the main stage of the first Scottish Fleadh, support slots at Edinburgh's Usher Hall and the Aberdeen Capitol with Capercaillie, a headline at the SECC during Mayfest, and an open-air gig at Leith Links in Edinburgh with Deacon Blue.
May 1992 saw the start of sessions for the group's debut album at their own studio and at Glasgow's CaVa, featuring guest contributions from Capercaillie's Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw, and Deacon Blue's Graeme Kelling and Jim Prime. The sessions, which continued throughout the year, were only interrupted by    the filming of ITV's 'The Gig' at the Tunnel Club in Glasgow (broadcast twice nationally), and an acoustic tour in December 1992.  Almost a year after the session started the final mixing at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh was completed. The Pearlfishers approached Scottish record label Iona who immediately agreed to license the release of the album and the preceding single. "Saint Francis Songs" emerged as the first choice single, followed by the album, "Za Za's Garden" in August 1993. A second single from the album was released in April 1994, entitled "Living In A Foreign Country".  
From there the band started working with Scotland-loving German label Marina, who signed The Pearlfishers and were responsible for the next album, "The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" in 1997. The album was licensed for mainland Europe by Sony, who memorably flew a posse of French and German journalists over to Glasgow to see them gig at CaVa Studio. The line-up for this album was Scott, McAlpine & Wilf Taylor (drums), with help from Charlie McKerron (violin). By then Scott was working at East Kilbride Arts Centre, and co-produced (with Bill Wells)    an album for Andy Shanks & Jim Russell.

Jim Gash re-joined the band for the next album, "The Young Picnickers" in 1999, along with Deepak Bahl (bass), Amy Geddes (violin), Derek Star (drums) & Gabriel Telerman (guitar). Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub guested on backing vocals. In 1999 Scott, Gash & McAlpine also helped Robin Laing on his "Imaginary Lines" album, whilst Scott produced an album for Tannas.  2000 saw Scott producing The Gentle Waves, as well as a Brian Wilson tribute album for Marina.  The next album, two years later had guest spots from Johnny Cameron, Lindsay Cooper, Alison Lucas, Mick Slaven, Colin Steele & Wendy Wetherby. 2001 also saw the release of "Tiny Waves Mighty Sea", an album by Future Pilot A.K.A. produced by and featuring Scott.  2002 saw The Pearlfishers play at Big In Falkirk in Callendar Park, along with Bob Geldof & Snow Patrol. That year also saw Scott work with Amy Allison, The Bill Wells Trio, Ricky Ross, Space Kelly & John Miller.  2003 saw the band release the ambitious "Sky Meadows" album, taking their music to the outskirts and the byways in October with a short tour ("The Tallpop Sinfonia Tour") of provincial theatres and arts centres throughout central Scotland. The core band was augmented by a string quartet and brass and woodwind trio, enabling the sounds and textures of the album to be faithfully rendered.  2004 saw Scott working with ex-Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell, The BMX Bandits, Amy Rigby Ally Kerr & the legendary Kim Fowley. In 2005 Davy Scott helped to record an album of piping songs for 71 year old David Hamilton, entitled "Tunes From The Glen", as well as working in the studio with Ricky Ross, Amy Allison & Tom Clelland. The band played at the "Way To Blue" Festival in Falkirk in October.  2006 began well, with Scott completing a solo mini-tour of Japan supporting The B.M.X. Bandits (of whom he was also a member by this time), and producing material by Ally Kerr, David Heavenorr & Richard Anderson & YeonGene. By the end of the year he had begun work on the next album, co-produced by Norman Blake (of Teenage Fanclub). 

The next album, "Up With The Larks" was released in September 2007, and featured Scott, Jim Gash, Deepak Bahl, Norman Blake, Stuart Kidd, Derek Star, Margaret, Michael & Shaun Daly and the Tallpop Sinfonia. The album would go on to be the Daily Record's "Scottish Album Of The Year". Scott completed a solo European tour with Norman Blake in October, and then began 2008 with a date at Celtic Connections.
2009 was quiet for the band, however they did release an expanded version of their Christmas album, "A Sunflower At Christmas".  2010 saw a temporary line-up of Scott, Gash, Finlay McDonald & Jim McCulloch (all members of The BMX Bandits) play a tribute gig for Alex Chilton.  2011 saw Scott part-producing the album by Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells, "Everything's Getting Older".  Influenced most obviously by Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Webb, there are also traces of The Byrds, Burt Bacharach and even the much maligned Gilbert O'Sullivan in The Pearlfishers mix.
"Sacred" (CD/2 inch EP, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Hurt" (CD/12 inch ED, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Woodenwire" (cassette EP, My Dark Star, 1992)
"Saint Francis Songs" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Za's Za's Garden" (CD/cassette album, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Living In A Foreign Country" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1994)
"The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" (CD album, Marina Records, 1997)
"Even On A Sunday Afternoon" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1997)
"Banana Sandwich" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1998)
"The Young Picnickers" (CD album, Marina Records, 1999)
"Across The Milky Way" (CD album, Marina Records, 2001)
"Sky Meadows" (CD/vinyl album, Marina Records, 2003)
"A Sunflower At Christmas" (CD album, Marina Records, 2004)
"Up With The Larks" (CD album, Marina Records, 2007)
"The Umbrellas Of Shibuya" (7 inch single, Marina Records, 2007)
"A Sunflower At Christmas (Expanded version) " (CD album, Marina Records, 2009)
Andy Shanks & Jim Russell, "Diamonds In The Night" (CD/cassette album, Culburnie Records, 1997)
Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA, "Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA" (CD album, Domino, 1998, engineer)
Various Artists, "Songs For Marshmallow Lovers" (CD album, Marina, 1998)
Duglas T. Stewart, "Frankenstein" (CD album, Vinyl Japan Records, 1998)
Robin Laing, "Imaginary Lines" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 1999)
Tannas, "Suilean Dubh" (CD album, Lochshore Records, 1999)
Various Artists, "Caroline Now! - the songs of Brian Wilson" (CD album, Marina, 2000)
The Gentle Waves, "E.P." (CD EP, Jeepster Records, 2000, engineer)
John Herrald, "Roll On, John" (CD album, Spit And Polish, 2000, engineer/co-producer)
Future Pilot A.K.A. "Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea" (CD album, Geographic Records, 2001)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Incorrect Practice" (album, Geographic, 2001, engineer/co-producer)
Tom Clelland, "Little Stories" (album, Spit And Polish, 2001)
Various Artists, "You Don't Need Darkness..." (album, Geographic/Trattoria, 2001)
Amy Allison, "No Frills Friend" (album, Diesel Only, 2002)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Also In White" (album, Geographic, 2002, engineer and mix)
Space Kelly, "Space Kelly Fanclub" (album, Syft Japan, 2002)
Ricky Ross, "This Is The Life" (album, Papillon, 2002)
John Miller, "Those Old Country Songs" (album, Shoeshine, 2002) 
Isobel Campbell, "Amorino"(album, Snow Storm Records, 2004)
Ally Kerr, "Calling Out To You" (album, Neon Tetra, 2004)
The BMX Bandits, "Down At The Hop"(album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer/musician, 2004)
Kim Fowley, "Fantasy World" (album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Blues Du Jour" (album, Geographic Records, 2004, engineer)
Amy Rigby, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" (album, Signature Sounds, 2004)
Amy Allison, Everything And Nothing Too" (album, Spit & Polish Records, 2005)
David Hamilton, "Tunes From The Glen" (album, 2005, featuring Davy Scott on guitar & piano)
Tom Clelland, "Life Goes On" (album, Whistleberry Records, 2005)
Ricky Ross, "Pale Rider" (album, P3, 2005, producer/musician)
YeonGene, "Me & My Burt" (CD album, Beatball Records, 2006, producer)
The B.M.X. Bandits, 
"Bee Stings" (CD album, Poppydisc, 2007, musician)
The B.M.X. Bandits, "Take Me To Heaven" (Internet single, 2007, musician) 


PIPEDOWN:  Eclectic act formed in 1998 and featuring Denny born percussionist Steve Fivey. The rest of the line-up comprised Les Moore (pipes), Axel Campbell (mandolin) & Steve Reid (guitar), and they released their only album, "The First Measure" on Greentrax in 2002.
"The First Measure" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2002)

PISTOLSTAR:  Local indie-pop act formed in 2001 by Robbie Lesuik (vocals/guitar, ex-Heskey), Paul Tonner (bass, ex-Twister) & Steve Wallace (drums, ex-Alaska). In 2003 they played at Falkirk Town Hall supporting Kain. Lesuik has recently been playing with The Grubowski's Allstars. Tonner, meanwhile formed The Chuck Norris Machine.

PITCH BLACK:  Act who played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001.

PLAN B:  Graeme High School based band formed in 2004 and fronted by erstwhile solo performer Alan Martin (vocals), along with Gordon Neill (drums), Ross Wylie (guitar), Ian Hutchison (guitar) & Jonathan Nugent (bass). They played at Falkirk Town Hall as part of the Tryst Festival in 2005. Later that year Neill & Nugent were replaced by Craig Callahan (bass) and Ross Walker (drums). Walker later joined Faigan. Keith Thompson (drums, ex-Little Joe Crow) was also one a member, before joining Akolayd. In late 2008 Hutchison joined The Debut.

Karine POLWART:  Banknock born Karine Polwart first picked up a guitar before she reached double figures. It may have taken another 20 years before she became a professional musician, but a long and varied apprenticeship has allowed her to develop her own style, and at her own pace. Studying Politics at Dundee, followed by more studies in Canada led to a degree in Philosophy. Returning to Scotland, Polwart formed Edinburgh folk act Malinky, and was a member of The Battlefield Band between 2001 and 2002.  Her debut solo album, "Faultlines" was released in January 2004, and featured her brother (and ex-member of Why Bradley) Stephen Polwart on guitar. Despite an increasingly busy touring and recording diary, Polwart still works as a music tutor in community projects across Scotland.  2005 saw Polwart visit Oman for some dates. She then went on to collect three prizes at the BBC Folk Awards (best album, best song, best emerging artist) and play a long string of dates around the UK, with a backing band containing Mattie Foulds (drums), Corrina Hewat (harp/vocals), Kevin McGuire (bass/vocals), Aiden O'Rourke (violin), Steven Polwart (guitar/vocals, ex-Why Bradley) & Inge Thomson (accordion/vocals). Sessions were completed for BBC Radio Two and BBC Radio Four at about this time as well, and Polwart sang on some (as yet) unreleased Future Pilot AKA tracks. May 2005 saw her marry drummer Mattie Foulds, and the end of the year saw the release of a limited edition EP entitled "Pulling Through". The five track CD was on sale at her gigs throughout November, and was the first recording that she had made for her own imprint "Hegri Music" ("Hegri" is the Shetland word for heron - her favourite creature). The EP featured her regular band, as well as violin from Greg Lawson and her younger sister Kerry Polwart (later of The Poems) on glockenspiel.
A successful year was rounded off with a couple of nominations at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2005 for "Best Folk Band" and "Best Composer".

2006 saw her begin with some dates at Glasgow's Celtic Connections festival in January, followed by a short English tour and a nomination for Folk Singer Of The Year at the BBC2 Folk Awards. This was quickly followed by Polwarts second album, "Scibbled In Chalk" in April, which was licensed to Glasgow label Shoeshine Records. The album saw her raise her profile further, with live sessions on prime time BBC Radio. This was followed by an extensive UK tour throughout May, June & July, and a feature on BBC2's "Culture Show". July saw the band supporting Joe Jackson on his European tour, around the same time as Polwart guested on the debut solo album by Roddy Woomble. In August, Polwart played a couple of dates supporting The Beautiful South.  In October Cockburnspath Primary School in Berwickshire and Castlefield Primary School In East Kilbride adopted her song "I'm Gonna Do It All" as their new school anthem!
2007 began with some dates at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, as well as at the European Parliament in Brussels. The band then received another BBC Folk Awards nomination for the song "Daisy", which was also playlisted on Radio 2. After a couple of months doing preparation work for her third album, Polwart took most of the year off to have her first child, who was born in May.  Polwart was back on the road again for an acoustic UK tour in November/December, and she released a quiet acoustic album of Scottish traditional songs called "Fairest Floo'er" at this time.  2008 started busy, with an extensive UK tour in March/April, to promote her next album, "This Earthly Spell". Live dates continued throughout the year, and she finished off with nominations for best album and folksinger at the BBC Folk Awards. She began 2009 with four dates at the Celtic Connections festival, including a Jamaican Burns night with the legendary Sly & Robbie.  2010 saw Polwart release a couple of EP's, "Build Your Own Cathedral" and "Evergreen", the second in conjunction with the folk band LAU, whilst taking time out to have her second child. That summer, Polwart released the "Side Show" album with her "indie pop meets carnival rock" project, The Burns Unit.

"Faultlines" (CD album, Neon Records, 2004, UK charts #163)
"Pulling Through" (CD EP,Hegri Music, 2005)
"Scribbled In Chalk" (CD album, Shoeshine Records, 2006, UK Charts #111)
"I'm Gonna' Do It All" (CD single, Shoeshine Records, 2006)
"The Pulling Through EP" (CD EP, 2006)
"Fairest Floo-er" (CD album, 2007)
"This Earthly Spell" (CD album, 2008, UK charts #94)
"Build Your Own Cathedral" (CD EP, 2010)
WITH LAU: "Evergreen" (CD EP, 2010)
Cathy Ryan, "Somewhere On The Road" (CD album, Seannachie Records, 2001)
Corrina Hewat, "My Favourite Place" (CD album, Foot Stompin' Records, 2003)
Dean Owens, "My Town" (CD album, Vertical Records, 2004)
Roddy Woomble, "Silence Is My Secret" (CD album, Pure Records, 2006)
"The Ballad Of The Books" (CD album, various artists featuring Polwart, 2007)
LAU, "Arclight" (CD album, 2009)
Kris Drever, "Mark The Hard Earth" (CD album, 2009)

PRESS TO PLAY:  Band who emerged at the end of 2000.

Barry PRICE:  Polmont based solo performer, born in 1985, who was a runner-up in the Miller Music Unsigned competition on Beat 106 in late 2004. This led to exposure on the station ("One of Scotlands finest new singer-songwriters...simply stunning!" said Jim Gellatly), as well as coverage in the Daily Record ("One of the hottest new acts to emerge from our shores"), and on Radio Royal & Central FM. Price then worked with local Runrig member Brian Hurren, and played live around Scotland.  In October 2005 Price played a date at the "Way To Blue" festival in Falkirk, around the same time as he released his debut EP entitled "24 Hours".  2006 saw Price playing more dates, and also releasing a video of the track "'Only One Who's Crying" on his MySpace site. In April he played at Big In Falkirk, and then signed a management deal with Edinburgh based Hot Rock Management. Over the summer he put together a backing band of Bryan Hamilton (drums, also with Ghost), Fraser Christie (guitar), Tam McCracken (guitar), James McCabe (keyboards) & Sean Cairns (bass, also with Shinobi Storm), and continued to play dates across Scotland, including a support to The Cosmic Rough Riders, and an appearance at "Big In Falkirk". Summer saw McCracken & Cairns leaving the line-up, with Graeme Mack (bass) joining. This prompted the act to go out under a band name, as Echofela, from August 2007.
"24 Hours" (CD EP, 2005)


The PUNCHLINE IS MURDER:  Formed in Glasgow during January 2004, 'The Punchline Is Murder...' have gone through several line up changes before settling on the current five piece set-up of Alan (guitar), Ally Morrison (drums), George Allan (bass), Mark Fry (vocals) & Ric McGinty (guitar). Drawing on a wide range of metal/metalcore/hardcore influences with some more death metal parts thrown in, the band create a brutal, unique blend of metal melodies, hardcore breakdowns, blastbeat drums and gutteral vocals. "The Punchline" also pride themselves as an energetic and electrifying live band having played many shows around Scotland including gigs with bands of the caliber or Walls of Jericho, Cursed, 7 Stone Lighter and Torqamada. They made their debut at Jacks Bar, Falkirk, in April 2004. Original member Dave (bass) left soon afterwards to concentrate on his own band (STML) and was replaced by former 13 Broken Fingers member George Allan. Soon afterwards the band recorded their debut single, "20 Tons of Explosives and a Wake Up Call" at Seagate Studios in Dundee. Original guitarist Craig left not long after this, and the band continued as a four piece for a while. Towards the end of the year some tracks were played on Kerrang! Radio, and then they recorded a second EP in February 2005. A few months later original drummer Alan was replaced by Ally Morrison. This line-up recorded a third EP called "We Are Legion".
The band called it a day in December 2006.
"20 Tons of Explosives and a Wake Up Call" (CD EP, 2004)
"Anger Be Now Your Song" (CD EP, 2005)
"We Are Legion" (CD EP, 2005)

The RABID DOGS:  Falkirk punk covers band formed by ex-Four Minutes members Ian Clubb (vocals), Dougie Mackie (bass, also with Bladdered) & Garry Davis (guitar), along with Steven Tosh (drums, of Bovine) in 2000. Early 2001 saw David King (guitar, also of Bovine) joining. Later that year Mackie left and was replaced by Alan Smith (ex-Brochen Spectre). 2001 - 2003 saw a busy period for the band, and during this time the band supported Menace, The UK Subs and The Damned, and gained a great reputation for turning any gig they played into the best party in town.  Sadly Davis died in 2003, and the band were unsure whether to continue. However, it was agreed that they keep the band going in honor of their friend, and got Andy Hill (also of Bovine!) in to help.  They play their own Rabid Dogs style set of punk covers live as often as they can.

RAW ELVIS:  Elvis tribute act formed late in 2002 , featuring local drummer David Dowell, along with Linton Osborne (vocals), Billy Baikie (bass), Carron Connolly (backing vocals), Angela Presley (vocals, ex-Rhythmic Impulse), Calum McLean (guitar) & Gary Campbell (guitar). All the guys in the band had started off as The Monstarz Of Roc but got a booking to play "Children in Need" for BBC Scotland as an Elvis band. Whilst being interviewed by Heather Suttie they invented the fact that they were an Elvis show, and then after the interview set about starting the show. It was based upon Elvis' live shows in Las Vegas, and the band put together a very rockin' act - far away from any Teddy Bear nonsense. Other members included Ricky G & Alan (piano). In 2003 they played at venues all across Scotland, as well as "Big In Falkirk" & the Edinburgh Festival. Despite rave reviews the band split after the festival, when Osborne went back to caberet with backing tracks, now under the title SuperElvis, complete with Rhinestone Superman costume. SuperElvis is actually a stand up comic and has appeared several times on the Fred McCaulay show. Osboune also records alt. country solo, as well as appearing in a duo, Linton & John, with ex-Johnny Cash guitarist John Ford. Dowell also appeared with a version of Cooper that year, before getting together the Grubowskis Allstars.

The REINDEER SECTION:  Glasgow based indie supergroup formed in 2001 by Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody, and containing Aiden Moffat of Arab Strap. The rest of the line-up for their debut album, "Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear" was John Cummings (Mogwai), Richard Coburn, Mick Cooke & Bob Kildea (all Belle & Sebastian), Jonny Quinn (Snow Patrol), Wilbur Campbell & Gareth Russell (Astrid), Charlie Clarke & Michael Bannister. By the second album the following year they had also added Roddy Woomble (Idlewild), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Iain Archer (solo & Cadet), Neil Payne (Astrid), Malcolm Middleton & Stacey Sievewright (both Arab Strap), Mark McLelland (Snow Patrol), Sarah Roberts (Eva), Eugene Kelly (Vaselines), Lee Gorton, Sam Morris & Ben Dumville (all Alfie), Marcus Mackay & Paul Fox.
"Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear" (CD/vinyl album, Bright Records, 2001)
"You Are My Joy" (7 inch single, Bright Records, 2002)
"Son Of Evil Reindeer" (CD/vinyl album, Bright Records, 2002).

RE-OCCURRING:  Denny based act from 2001 - 2004.

The RESIDUALS:  Bonnybridge/Denny Sex Pistols tribute act from 1999 - 2000 with Peter Moffat (vocals), Hami (bass), Kev (drums, also with The Straw Dogs) and Sid (guitar). Upon splitting Hami formed Stillife.

REVOLUTION:  Local metal act featuring Duncan McLeish (vocals) & Mark McCarroll (guitar), both of whom had previously played with Diseazure. McLeish then went onto play with Age Of Anger, and was re-united with McCarroll in Genetik Blueprint.
Margaret RITCHIE:  Female singer/songwriter who started composing in 1996, at the age of 40. In March 2004 she teamed up with Coatbridge musician Wallace Mair, and came in the top 7% of 4000 entries into the UK Songwiting Contest 2005. The duo then signed a publishing deal with Kent based Cringe Music.  2007 saw Ritchie achieving more success in the UK Songwriting Contest, with three songs in the semi-finals. Ritchie wrote the lyrics for these songs, with the music split between Mair, and Australian based writer Wayne Clark. Previously, Ritchie had released an album entitled "Something We Can Do".
"Something We Can Do" (CD album)

ROADHOUSE:  Act formed in 1994, who were playing again in 2004.

ROCOCCO:  Act formed by ex-Foam musicians Andy Hume (bass/vocals) & Stuart Woodland (guitar) in 2000 with Kevin Carty (vocals) & Ian Buchanan (drums, ex-Arthur). Rococo played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001, by which time they had added Steven Walker (guitar). This line-up was featured on Beat 106 and Central FM, and also appeared on Edinburgh Festival TV in August 2001, around the time they released a demo entitled "Gene Machine". 2001 was an eventful year, with them also reaching the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". The following year they supported Biffy Clyro at the Martell, and then changed their name to Famous When You're Dead.
"Gene Machine" (Demo, 2001)

RUNRIG:  Long running Gaelic/celtic rockers who recruited Shieldhill keyboard player Brian Hurren for a European tour in 2001, and then became a permanant member soon after. Hurren released his debut solo album in 2011. 

 SCARAMANGA:  Bo'ness based act formed in 1992 by Dougie Crichton (bass), Alan Sneddon (drums) & Mark Sneddon (vocals/guitar, ex-Knifedge). They continued to play live into 1993, and were included in the Falkirk Herald top ten at the end of that year. In 1994 they made an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth, then continued playing until 1997. Scaramanga reappeared on the live scene in 2001, then Crichton went on to play for The Bottleneck Blues Band, whilst Mark Sneddon formed The Kool Kats.

The SCARLET DOGS:  Band from 2003 - 2004, who re-appeared in 2006.

SCHILTRUM:  Acoustic duo formed in 1995 by Gibby McNaught as Claymore, changing their name in 1996 to Schiltrum. The duo were still playing in 2006.
The SCREAMING DEMONS:  Heavy Rockabilly act formed in 1997 by ex-Alabama Trio members Ian Murray (vocals/guitar), Alan Huntley (drums) & Paul "Tali" Patale (double bass). They enjoyed local success as well as gigging regularly throughout Scotland and the UK. In 2000 they featured in a Battle of The Bands in Stirling. They have also released a 14 track CD entitled "Don't Disc The Voodoo Man". Huntley left in 2001 due to musical differences, and Tali & Murray returned to their original roots, playing as a duo, Tali & Johnny.
"Don't Disc The Voodoo man" (CD album).

 SCRUFFY KID:  Act from 2002.

7PAST5:  Band formed by brothers David Bennie (vocals/guitar) & Charles Bennie (bass), along with Lee Campbell (drums) in 2000 as Giveway. They gigged extensively until 2003 when they were forced to change their name to 7PAST5. Under this name they continued to play live into 2004, with Charles leaving to join a church band. He was replaced by Jamie Rodger (bass, ex-Cooper) and a girl from Edinburgh called Kirsty (vocals). Upon splitting in 2004, David Bennie moved to France, and still pursues a musical career, whilst Rodger & Campbell played with Whumff.
The SEVENTEENTH:  Formed in 2000 by ex-Weird musicians Greg McSorley (bass), Derek Menmuir (drums) & Paul Smith (vocals/guitar) along with new guitarist Jon Shaw. The Seventeenth recorded three EP singles, and played dates across central Scotland. When Menmuir went off to the United States for a year, Kevin Byrne (drums, ex-ChiliRyder) filled in. Menmuir's visa ran out and he returned just in time for a support slot to Razorlight in Glasgow, before Weird reformed early in 2004. Byrne later went solo. Shaw may later have been the same person who played bass for Las Tuesday.

SHATTERHAND:  Shatterhand were formed in early 1998, by Brian Hastings (drums), Ramsay Hunter (bass, ex-Filigree Son), Dave McIntosh (guitar, ex-Filigree Son) & Stuart McIntosh (vocals, ex-Godsend) in an effort to get all the surplus energy and anger out of their collective system. They set about writing a bunch of songs to see what would happen, but after four rehearsals the chance came to play a couple of shows with Vanilla Pod. More shows followed throughout Scotland with the likes of Diesel Boy & The UK Subs, which were followed by the "Act Your Rage" demo in 1999. Further dates and a second single led to a bit of a reputation for "extreme" live shows and fired-up outpourings, so to capatalise on this the band recorded their debut album "Wreckage". Hunter left at this point and was replaced by Monty, just in time for a tour with Turtlehead & Beauty School Dropout. This was quickly followed by another single and a second album "Planting Seeds". Another English tour followed with The Siknotes.  The band returned to England in 2002 to promote their next mini-album "Bone Palace Ballet" after which Monty left and was replaced by Alloa bass player Mike Crawford. An Irish tour with The Dangerfields followed, along with extensive Scottish dates.  Dave McIntosh also spent some time playing with Turtlehead and Barefoot, which may explain the delay before the fourth album "Random Acts Of Defiance", which was released in February 2005 and has been the best received and quickest selling yet. The rest of the year was spent putting together their own digital studio.  A welcome return was made by the band in 2008, with some scattered dates, followed by a summer date in 2009 at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. At this time, drummer Hastings was also playing with Debrasco. The band continued to gig into 2010, with a compilation album, "Complacency Is Not An Option" released in November, promoted by a short UK tour.
"Act Your Rage" (cassette single, 1999)
"A Mess Of Emotions" (CD single, Mythical Records, 1999)
"Wreckage" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2000)
"Make A Difference" (CD single, Mythical Records, 2001)
"Planting Seeds" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2001)
"Bone Palace Ballet" (CD mini album, Mythical Records, 2002)
"Random Acts Of Defiance" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2005)
"Complacency Is Not An Option" (CD album, 2010)

The SICK ANCHORS:  The Sick Anchors is a side-project of Arab Strap frontman Aiden Moffat, alongside Sheepy and Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai. In 2002 they released an EP of cover versions, including "Whole Again" by Atomic Kitten.
"Whole Again" (CD EP, Lost Dog Recordings, 2002).

SINNING SAINTS:  Band formed in 2000 by Alan Costello (vocals/guitar) and Dave Miller (guitar), along with Michael Costello (bass) & Michael Fish (drums). For three years the band chopped and changed members (and names), whilst not actually doing much besides writing one song entitled "Resistance Is Futile". Alan Costello's guitar post was replaced with Dave Gray, whilst Michael Costello was replaced with Kevin Clough (bass) around 2001, after which the band changed it's name to Slaughterhook.

SKINFLATS:  Act set up by Archie MacIntosh (Tosh) from the Skinflats area, and featured Tosh (vocals), David Nelson (bass), Paul Anderson (guitar), Ben Davidson (guitar) & a drummer. They played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001, and also at the stage in Princes Street Gradens during the Edinburgh Festival (which was shown on Cable TV), and continued into 2002. Upon splitting Tosh formed Goodson, Davidson helped out The Banned in the studio, whilst Nelson joined The Complete Stone Roses.

SKINTWIRE:  Band from the 2000's who featured future Barefoot guitarist Alan.
SLAUGHTERHOOK:  Band formed in 2003 by Alan Costello (vocals/guitar, ex-Sinning Saints) Dave Miller (guitar, ex-Sinning Saints), Kevin Clough (bass, ex-Sinning Saints), Lewis Barker (guitar) & Ali Calder (drums). In 2004, Slaughterhook played their first gig at the Falkirk Town Hall with Alan Martin on vocals, to an audience of approximately 150 people. Since that date, they have played numerous amounts of gigs. Since then Calder, Barker & Clough (to Adeave) have been replaced by Bryan Russell (drums), Adam Dunbar (vocals / guitar) and Gareth Brown (bass). In 2007 the band reached the final of the Falkirk College Battle Of The Bands, and recorded a new demo. Russell was then replaced (possibly) with a drum machine, and the band released their debut single, "Made From Girders" in 2008. Dunbar may then have joined Moya.
"Made From Girders" (Internet EP, 2008)

The SMALL MOUNTAINS:  West Lothian based band from the early 2000's who featured Falkirk keyboard player Steven Honeyman. The rest of the line-up was Ricky Toner (vocals/guitar), Paul Gilburt (guitar), George Anderson (bass/vocals) and Mark Harper (drums). They played a few gigs, mostly in the smaller Edinburgh and Glasgow venues (Whistlebinkies, 13th Note, etc) as well as one gig in Liverpool (The Bandwagon), concentrating mostly on old-school blues. After being together for about a year the band split, with Honeyman forming Five Park Drive.
Paul SMITH:  Erstwhile frontman with local rockers Weird, Smith has also released solo albums, the first of which was in 1998, and was called 'God's in The Kitchen'. It was by his own admission a rough 12 track album, recorded on an old tascam four track, and was just Smith and an acoustic guitar. Generaly, no-one has really heard it.  In 1999 he recorded "Monkey's On A Stage", another 12 track album in the same vein as the first, also recorded on the old tascam four track.  A third, more focused album called "A Twist And A Turn" was released in 2000, once again recorded on four track.  In 2002 Smith recorded "The Armour is Broken", his most focused album to date, and the first recorded on a digital eight track.  2004 saw Smith attempt at a follow up, however the recording sessions were sporadic and it was decided to scrap the record. The recorded songs were used to make "The Mallaig EP".  Once the writers block had subsided and the ideas came back, Smith recorded "Fortune Favours the Brave" in 2005. This album saw some keyboards and piano added for the first time. There is a plan to take the best songs off the first three albums to create a compilation.  2005 also saw Smith producing tracks for Kevin Byrne.  Another solo album, entitled "Creeping Ash" was released in 2009. 
"God's In The Kitchen" (CD album, 1998)
"Monkey's On A Stage" (CD album, 1999)
"A Twist And A Turn" (CD album, 2000)
"The Armour is Broken" (CD album, 2002)
"The Malliag EP" (CD EP, 2004)
"Fortune Favours The Brave" (CD album, 2005)
"Creeping Ash" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2009) 

SONS & DAUGHTERS:  Gothic country act formed by former Arab Strap members Adele Bethel (vocals, guitar, piano) & Falkirk born David Gow (drums), along with Ailidh Lennon (bass, mandolin, piano) & Scott Paterson (vocals, guitar, ex-March Of Dimes). After signing to New York label Ba Da Bing, the band released their debut mini-album, "Love The Cup" in November 2003. Close association with Franz Ferdinand led to a deal with Domino Records in May 2004, and the album was re-released during the summer. The band supported Franz Ferdinand on their US tour in July, and became "artist in residence" on XFM for a week. October saw them supporting The Delgados on their UK tour, whilst their debut single, "Johnny Cash" taken from the album reached number 68 in the UK charts. The band then set off on a US & European tour with Clinic until the end of the year.  In early 2005 Sons & Daughters began recording their first proper album, produced half by Edwyn Collins, and half in Conny Plank's old studio near Cologne. Upon completion, they headed out on a UK tour supporting Idlewild, before touring themselves to promote the album, "The Repulsion Box". Meanwhile, their second single, "Dance Me In" reached the UK top 40. A second single, "Taste The Last Girl" was released late summer, followed by extensive US tours with The Decemberists & Bright Eyes. The successful year ended with a short headline European tour, a short Australian tour, and a hometown gig in Glasgow.  2006 began with an Optimo re-mix of "Dance Me In" being released on 12" vinyl, which was followed up by a support slot on Morrissey's UK tour.  The rest of the year was quiet, however 2007 began with a date in April in New York. The band did however contribute a track to a literature / music album. The songs was based on a poem by AL Kennedy and was recorded Andy Miller who produced "Love The Cup". The next few months were spent recording their third album in London with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, with the occasional date supporting Iggy & The Stoogies, and in September, at the Connect Festival in Inverary.

The band then released a limited edition 7 inch single in October, before touring the Uk in December. They released their new album, "This Gift" in January 2008, and then toured the UK (including five dates with editors) & Europe in February. This was followed by a US tour in March / April, then a tour of Italy & Spain in May. The band had another crack at the charts with the single, "This Gift", in April. Summer saw the band playing some festivals, including Glastonbury & T In The Park, as well as supporting The Raconteurs in Edinburgh. September was the turn of Northern America for a short tour, with temporary bass player Graeme Smilie, who sat in with the band whilst Lennon took maternity leave.  2009 began with a date at a French festival, and then was quiet until supporting The Pixies in Glasgow in October. The year ended with a Hogmany date at Mono in Glasgow.  In 2010 the band played at The Wickerman Festival in July, and then managed just one more date before the end of the year.  2011 saw the band re-emerge properly, with the release of their new album, "Mirror Mirror". A single, "Rose Red" was released later in the year to co-incide with a UK tour.  The band started 2012 with a short Australian tour.
"Love The Cup" (CD mini-album, Ba Da Bing Records, 2003)
"Love The Cup" (CD mini-album, Domino Records, 2004)
"Johnny Cash" (CD/7 inch single, Domino Records, 2004, UK charts #68)
"Dance Me In" (CD 7 inch single, Domino Records, 2005, UK charts #40)
"The Repulsion Box" (CD album, Domino Records, 2005, UK charts #70)
"Taste The Last Girl" (CD/7 inch vinyl single, Domino Records, 2005, Uk charts #75)
"Dance Me In (Optimo Mix)" (12 inch single, Domino Records, 2006)
"Gilt Complex" (7 inch single, Domino Records, 2007)
"Darling" (CD/7 inch single, Domino Records, 2008, UK charts #86)
"This Gift" (CD/vinyl/internet album, Domino Records, 2008, UK charts #66)
"This Gift" (7 inch viny/internet single, Domino Records, 2008)
"Mirror Mirror" (CD/
internet album, 2011) 
"Rose Red" (single, 2011)

SOULED ASYLUM:  Fifteen-piece soul band from Aberdeen who feature local saxophonist David Hair (ex-Bottleneck Blues Band).
SOULSTARR:  Bo'ness band formed in 2003 by local buskers Stephen Bogle (guitar), Paul Dougall (guitar), Simon Reid (bass), Lyle Sibbald (drums) & Richie Stewart (vocals). Soulstarr started to make a name for themselves in Edinburgh (where they were students) by supporting the likes of The Zutons, The Kaiser Chiefs & The Ordinary Boys. 2005 saw the release of their debut E.P. "The Birth Of A Song". Soulstarr represented Falkirk in the Battle Of The Bands for a place to play at "Big In Falkirk" in spring 2005, but failed to win a slot on the stage. In October they played as part of the "Way To Blue" festival.  Live dates were continued further afield in 2006.
"The Birth Of A Song: A Failed Attempt At Rock Monstrosity" (CD EP, 2005)

SOUNDCHAMBER:  Metal band featuring future Ceasefire bass player Marc Stirling.
SOUNDCRADLE:  Four piece act formed in 2003 by Heskey members, Stuart Blackwood (vocals/guitar) and Don Watson (drums), in order to play original material. A re-vamped version of the band re-emerged in 2005 playing covers, and continued into 2007. This line-up was Blackwood (vocals/guitar), Andrew McLean (keyboards/vocals), Matt McKellar (bass/vocals) & Glen Gardiner (drums/vocals, also with Looks Can Be Deceiving), however Gardiner was soon replaced by a returning Watson. The band are now a popular functions band with festival forays (Glasgow West End 2006, Kilsyth International Carnival, Edinburgh Festival 2007, as well as being the Central FM band at their "Wedding of the Year" competition. The band continued to play into 2008, releasing their debut album, "...And Finally", at the end.  Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, and they continued to play into 2010.
"...And Finally" (CD album, 2008)

SPICES FOR THE MIND:  Act who played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001.

SPITROAST:  Formed in May 2000 by Brian "Deevee" Vass (guitar), Neil Braidwood (vocals/guitar), Colin "Teebo" Turnbull (bass) & Stephen Tooth (drums). Gravitating around Firkins Bar in Falkirk, the band played their brand of punk locally throughout 2001, including a date supporting ex-Adverts frontman, TV Smith at Pennies, Falkirk, before spreading further afield the following year. After no dates in 2003 the band returned locally in 2004 - 2005, including one supporting Uncle Brian in Falkirk. Braidwood also played with local punk supergroup Lost Cause in 2005. Late 2005 should have seen the band release their debut album, "Anti-Social Bombscare", on Misguided Records, however the band was put on hold with the birth of drummer Turnbull's first child. During this time Braidwood recorded his debut solo album.
"Anti-Social Bombscare" (CD album, Misguided Records, 2005)

SPY 5:  Although from Alloa, Spy 5 featured Stevie Calder (guitar, ex-Endorphine) who is very active in the Falkirk scene through doing the PA for Misguided Records gigs. They also had a girl called Ellie Love from Grangemouth singing and their old bass player, Barry Park, is from Hallglen. Calder has since formed The Restless Natives.
STAIRWAY TO ZEPPELIN:  English based Led Zeppelin tribute act formed in 2000 by former Denny musician Kenny Stewart (vocals, ex-Dirty Tricks) and Stirling born Johnny Binnie (guitar, ex-Paddy Goes To Holyhead/ Roger Daltry/Dirty Tricks). The rest of the band was Terry Horbury (bass, ex-Paddy Goes To Holyhead/Dirty Tricks) & Andy Bierne (drums, ex-Dirty Tricks). The band continued right into 2009.

STAND ALONE:  Act formed in August 2004 by ex-members of Kamblu Nick & Chris. In October ex-LOCOsea member Kenny Cassells joined. They recorded their debut EP, "Can't Stop" in April, and began playing live not long after, with another ex-member of Locosea Ross McCrossan helping out on bass. A second EP featuring songs "Got The Bullet", "Round The Bend" and "So Long" was due to be released in October, and the band played a date at the "Way To Blue" festival at this time. The EP was then delayed until early the following year following some record company interest, and then released it on their own Eskimo Records. The band toured extensively around this time, including a date at the Cavern Club, Liverpool. However, following a distribution deal with Astral Records, the band split, citing the usual "musical differences". McCrossan went on to play with Glasgow band, Elmo, whilst Cassells formed Wanton Mission Failure.
This act were different from another local band called I Stand Alone.
"Can't Stop" (CD EP, 2005)
"Got The Bullet" (CD single, Eskimo Records, 2006)
"Can't Stop" (Download single, Eskimo Records, 2006)


STARSAIL:  Britpop influenced act formed in 1996 as Performance by local musicians James Archibald (drums), Stuart Gray (vocals), Doug Hendry (guitar) & Steven Morton (guitar) all ex-members of Hipster, with Glaswegian bass player Rob McKinlay. Changing their name to Starsail early in 1997, the band were mostly located in Glasgow. They supported Geneva at the Martell in 1999, and then played live until 2000 when Gray, Hendry & McKinley formed Viva Stereo. During their time the band recorded three demo tapes.


STILLIFE:  Local rock act formed in 2001 by CK Gillon (drums), Dave Scott (vocals, ex-Fine), Mick Connelly (guitar) & Hami (bass, ex-Residuals). That year they won the Martell "Battle Of The Bands", and appeared on Edinburgh Festival TV. 2002 saw the band reach the final five acts in a Kerrang! competition, and release a six track CD entitled "Tales". They were later shortlisted for the "T In The Park" new band stage in 2005. In 2005 they recorded at Gravity Studios in Glasgow, produced by Brian McNeil, the results being "The Gravity Sessions" EP.  2006 saw the band return to live work in the summer, with a string of dates including one supporting the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and these dates lasted into 2007.  2009 began with a date at Behind The Wall, Falkirk.
"Tales" (CD EP, 2001)
"The Gravity Sessions" (CD EP, 2005)


STONE OCEAN:  Formed in 1999 as The Room then as Abigail's Truth, by Jake Gillespie (bass) & Scott Gillespie (vocals/guitar), recruiting Crawford Sibbald (guitar). In 2000 they changed their name to The Full Picture.

STONE WHISPER:  Kilsyth four piece band, fronted by Paul Cant, who reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" in 2001. They continued to play live into 2002.

The STRANDS:  Band from 2003, featuring Stevie Black (guitar/vocals), Andy Ure (vocals) & Chris Jackson (guitar). Black formed Five Park Drive, whilst Ure & Jacksonformed The Ray Summers Band.

SUNHOUSE:  Act formed in 2003 by ex-Roseland members Stephen Myles (guitar) & Alan Stewart (guitar), along with Ann Myles (vocals) & Cath Dickinson. In 2005 Myles & Stewart returned to a reformed Roseland. 

SUNLIGHT:  Glasgow act from the 2000's featuring local drummer Pat "Paddy" Johnson (ex-Les Connners).
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