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A BALCONY SCENE:  Band formed in 2011 by a name change from It's A Girl. The line-up was Graeme Simpson (drums), Gordon Miller (guitar) , Scott Aitken (guitar), Andrew Laurenson (bass) & Dean McFarlane (vocals). The band recorded a demo in Lofi Studios, Glasgow in January, and released a single, "Why We Move" later in the year. The band continued to work into 2012, working on a new single. Early in the year Laurenson parted company with the band, and was replaced by David McFarlane (bass).
RELEASES:  "Why We Move" (Single, 2011).
WEBSITE:  http://www.abalconyscene.com
ABSENT TAM:  Grangemouth 5-piece formed June 2007 by Jen Bell (vocals), Dougie Cowan (guitar), Tam Boyle (drums, ex-Smokehouse Blues Band), Alan Penman (guitar) & Ray Quigley (bass). Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. The band continued to play into 2010, and then in 2011 played at the Grangemouth Music Festival. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.

AKOLAYD:  Grangemouth based four piece formed in May 2004 by Alan Gilchrist (guitar / vocals, possibly ex-Five Park Drive) , Thomas McClung (drums), Suzy McMilan (bass) & Mark Page (vocals / guitar). The band continued to gig until 2006, when they recorded a demo at Homegrown Studios in Larbert. 2007 saw the band replace guitarist Alan Gilchrist with Bob Casement (guitar / vocals), and begin playing live again, despite a short break by drummer, McClung. Gilchrist, meanwhile formed Las Tuesday. At the end of the year it was announced that McClung had been replaced permanently by Ryan Yule (drums, ex-Break Nekk Speed), however Yule was replaced in early 2008 by Keith Thompson (drums, ex-Plan B). Summer 2009 saw the band playing at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, which they returned to the following year. In 2010 Thompson & McMilan formed Stand 3.
WEBSITE:  http://www.akolayd.co.uk
BAD LUCK'N'TROUBLE:  4-piece blues act formed 2010 by Bruce Tait (vocals/bass, ex-Bluesbrokers), Marty Blank (Falkirk Herlad journalist James Trimble, guitar, ex-Bluesbrokers), Scott Docherty (drums, ex-Bury The Hobbit) & Iain Moffat (guitar, ex-Black Cat Bones). The band played live into 2011 and appeared at the Grangemouth Music Festival. In March 2012 drummer Docherty left the band to find a more "mainstream" outfit. The band then recruited Douglas Smith (harmonica, ex-Delta Hurricanes) & Alan Hall (drums) and  played into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
David BATEMAN:  Vocalsit/guitarist who went solo in 2007 whilst playing with Poles Apart. In September he released his debut single, "Photograph" via i-Tunes & Napster, before supporting The Complete Stone Roses at the Glasgow Academy on two dates in December. 2008 started off with an A&R showcase at the Tolbooth, Stirling, and a support to ex-Seahorses frontman, Chris Helme, and Bateman continued giiging throughout the year, including a support to Sergeant in Stirling in September, and a date at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh in November. Summer 2009 saw him playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. Bateman continued to play into 2010, including a date in Vienna, and at the Grangemouth Festival in May. In August 2011, he played at the Dennycassim Festival.
2012 saw Bateman guesting with The White Vinyl Collective.
RELEASES:  "Photograph" (Internet single, 2007).
WEBSITES:  http://www.myspace.com/davidbatemanmusic & http://www.david-bateman.co.uk 
Stewart BELL:  Singer who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2011" competition.
BLACK SUN:  Industrial act formed by Falkirk born Russel McEwan (vocals/drums, ex-Macrocosmica), along with Kevin Hare (guitar/vocals) & Graeme Leggate (bass). The act had released five records before a 12 inch single, "Paralyser", in October 2008. Spring 2009 saw the band playing at the South By Soutwest Festival in Texas, and the Roadburn Festival in Holland. At this time McEwan also started a side project called Atomized. The act released a vinyl single, "Code Black" in February 2009. In summer 2009, McEwan joined Jarbo (ex-Swans) onstage at Supersonic 2009. Towards the end of the year, they recorded their sixth album, "Twilight Of The Gods", for release in 2010. Summer saw the band complete a short tour of Ireland, followed by the release of the album in September. Autumn saw some dates around the UK.  2011 saw a variation of the act, entitled The Black Sun Drum Corp play live, including a sate at the Wickerman Festival.  McEwan, a big Joy Division fan, appeared as an extra in the movie "Control".
"Fleshmarket" (Over Records)
"Circus Of The Fallen" (Over Records)
"Rip Yourself Open" (EP, Black Sun Records)
"Sacred Eternal Eclipse" (Distortion Project Records)
"Hour Of The Wolf" (Maximum Volume Records)
"Paralyser" (12 inch single, At War With False Noise Records, 2008)
"Code Black" (7 inch vinyl single, At War With False Noise Records, 2009)
"Twilight Of The Gods" (CD album, At vWar With False Gods Records, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/legionofblacksun
BLADDERED:  Punk rock/new wave covers band formed in 1994 by Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals, ex-Europe After The Rain), Liam Wilson (drums, ex-Stealer), Guy Gibson (guitar), Ali Bell (vocals, ex-Tunnelvision) & Scott Steele (vocals/guitar). In 1995 they advertised for a drummer, and recruited Davy Paterson (drums, ex-Fat Davy & The Denny Brass), which allowed them to continue playing right into 2005, often supporting touring punk and tribute acts. In 1998 they released an EP called "Moochie Pogo", and the Mackie brothers played a one-off gig with Those Meddling Kids. When Gibson passed away he was replaced by Gus Rae (guitar, also of Fat Davy & The Denny Brass). Mackie also played with Clash tribute act Combat Rock, Fat Davy & The Denny Brass, and more recently The Cool Jerks, Fire Exit 77 & Jam Pact, whilst Paterson is also a member of Brighawk. Bladdered also recorded the Falkirk Football Club song which is played before games and at half-time. The band played a one off at the Martell in December 2006 at Dougie Mackie's 40th Birthday, and then played a couple of dates in 2007 as well, and their annual Christmas date in 2009.  In April 2014 Paterson went missing from home, and the subsequent police search tragically found his body.
RELEASES:  "Moochie Pogo" (CD EP, 1998).
WEBSITE:  http://www.bladdered.net & http://www.myspace.com/falkirkbladdered
BLUE DUBH:  Blues act formed in January 2005 by ex-Itchy Feet members Alex Bruce (drums) & Sandy Black (vocals, also Black & Kay), along with Charles Tibbles (bass), Alan Osborn (guitar/vocals) & Chris Gallagher (guitar/vocals). In 2005 they played at the Dundee Blues Bonanza (July) and the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival (August). In 2006 Bruce & Gallagher left to form The Saltshakers and were replaced by Brian Smith (drums) & Nelson Liddle (guitar/trumpet/vocals). The band continued to play live into 2007, before re-emerging in 2010. Tibbles went on to join The Tonkerers.
WEBSITE:  http://www.bluedubh.co.uk
BLUEPRINTS FOR PARACHUTE:  Four piece band from Grangemouth formed in 2011 by Martin Wardlaw (drums), Nathan Patterson (bass), Kyle Paterson (guitar/vocals) & Alistair Bonnar (bass).
BREACHING COPYRIGHT:  4-piece formed by Shaun Johnston (guitar/keyboards/vocals, ex-Red December), Ross Mercer (bass/vocals), Sean Castell (drums, ex-The End Of Never) & Simon Amos (guitar, ex-Red December). They describe themselves as "the indie driven guitar, splashes of electro, a drop of rock, an ounce of screamo, finger licking bass, and anal penetrating drums, works together to piece a formula of musical genius". The band continued into 2009 with a date at the Unsigned Festival in Falkirk Town Hall in April, then Big In Falkirk in May. By October the line-up had changed to Mercer, Amos, Martin Eadie (guitar) & Ross Heron (drums, ex-Red December). This line-up self-recorded and released an EP, "A Year Gone By". Castell moved on to form The Darwins, whilst Johnston later formed This Way Down. The band continued gigging into 2010, whilst recording their debut album, "Buy It, Steal It, Own It".
RELEASES: "A Year Gone By" (CD EP, 2009) & "Buy It, Steal It, Own It" (CD album, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/breachingcopyright
The BROKEN:  Bo'ness band with James Mawdsley (vocals/bass), Kyle Martoin (guitar) and Kyle Grieve (drums/vocals). In 2009 they played Big In Falkirk and Bo'ness Festival (July) & reformed 2011.
BROWN CHICKEN:  4-piece Denny Ska/Rock band formed in 2011 by Nathan McIlwraith (guitar/vocals), Gillian McCoustra (vocals/guitar), Jamie McArthur (bass/vocals) & Alex McCulloch (drums), who continued to play into 2012..

Barbara BRYCELAND:  Club veteran whose break came in 2007 when she made it through to the "boot camp" stages of the X-Factor. Bryceland continued to play live locally, before making the finals of BBC talent show "The Voice" in 2012, after being chosen by Tom Jones.
BUNGA PARTY:  Four piece Denny band formed in 2011 by a name change from The Leads. The line-up was Gary Hornsby (guitar/vocals), David Maley (bass/vocals), Stuart Taylor (guitar), John Marshall (drums) & David Brown (vocals/ keyboards), and they played their debut at the Dennycassim Festival in August. The band split in 2012, with Hornsby, Maley & Marshall going on to form The Button Men. 

The BURNS UNIT:  Side project by Karine Polwart, who released their debut album, "Side Show" in summer 2010. The rest of the band comprised Emma Pollock (ex-Delgados), King Creosote, Future Pilot AKA, Kim Edgar, Mattie Foulds (also with Karine Polwart). MC Soom T & Michael Johnson (also with Skydiggers). That summer the band played some live dates around the UK, including the Cambridge Folk Festival.
RELEASES:  "Side Show" (CD album, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/theburnsunitband
BUTCH & The BANDITS:  Bo'ness based cover band from 2007, featuring Chris Allison (vocals), Iain Webster (guitar/vocals), Chris Williamson (guitar/vocals), Steven Martin (bass/vocals, ex-Fearless Dave) & Jack Purdie (drums, ex-Bone Idol). The band played into 2008, when Webster left, followed by Allison (who joined Milophobia). They did manage some dates in 2009 and 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/butchandthebandits

Lloyd BUTLER:  Solo singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice Of 2010 Competition.
The BUTTON MEN:  5-piece formed in 2013 by Jamie Cameron (guitar/vocals), Gaz Hornsby (guitar/vocals, ex-Bunga Party), Scott Forsyth (keyboards/vocals, ex-Johnny & The Giros), Davie Maley (bass, ex-Bunga Party) & John Marshall (drums, ex-Bunga Party).
RELEASES: "The Celebrated" (EP, 2009) & "Riot" (Internet single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/communicatoronline

BUZZBOMB:  Bathgath/Falkirk punk band formed in 1997 by Fuzz (vocals), Billy Ross (bass/vocals), Stu (guitar/vocals) & Tony (drums). Regular gigging saw them build a following by supporting such as The U.K. Subs, The Vibrators & 999, and appearing at the Punkstravanganza Festival at the Martell in 2002. Vocalist Fuzz left in 2005, with Billy & Stu taking over. At the end of 2005 they signed with new Glaswegian label Room 21 and contributed some tracks to a 200t compilation album. February 2006 saw them complete a short Scottish tour with Even In Blackouts, then play a date at a high security prison. May saw the band supporting Goldblade at the Tavern, Grangemouth, whilst they finished the year supporting punk legends, The Vibrators. 2007 saw the band continue live work, whilst Stu put together a new side project with members of 3 Steps Down & I Stand Alone. Drummer Tony left the band in the summer to pursue his musical ventures with Ion Charge. He was replaced by Brett (ex-Z/28), and the band continued to gig. In April 2008 they supported Sham 69 in Glasgow, before releasing their debut album, "Eight The Hard Way". Around this time, drummer Brett ran the London Marathon. The band continued into 2011.
RELEASES: "All American Zero" (CD single) & "Eight The Hard Way" (Album, 2008).
WEBSITES:  http://www.myspace.com/buzzbombband
CENTRAL BELT:  Band from 2011 featuring Charlotte Fraser (vocals), Jade (vocals), Liam Girvin (guitar), Morgan Jordan (bass) & Megan Rae (drums).
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The CLAN GREGOR SOCIETY PIPE BAND:  The Falkirk based Clan Gregor Society Pipe Band, founded in 2001, is a rising force in pipe band competition. The band was established by members of the Scottish branch of the Clan Gregor, which has membership throughout the world. In 2003, the band won four out of five of the "Major" pipe band competitions in grade 2, including the World Championship and began its first season in grade 1 in 2004. In this season, the band placed 8th in the Major's aggregate tables (or Champion of Champions tables), beating many established G1 bands. They repeated this placing in 2005 and have continued to show impressive results.
The COMPLETE STONE ROSES:  Scottish tribute act formed in the 1998. A re-vamp of their line-up in 2005 led to Grangemouth bass player David Nelson (ex-Skinflats) taking the role of "Mani". He joined Martin Kelly, Brian McGhee & Chris Campbell on a 30 date UK tour that summer, and continued playing with a new line-up in 2006. Regular tours continued into 2011, with changing members joining Nelson.
Nelson also started playing with Fire It Up in 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://www.stoneroses.net/TCSR.html
COMMUNICATOR:  Act formed in 2008 by Dan Wright (vocals/guitar), Kenny Cassells (guitar/vocals, ex-Wanton Mission Failure), Calum Hendrie (bass, ex-Deadly Romantics) & Al Strachan (drums). The band entered the studio in October to record their debut E.P., before undertaking a short joint tour with Moya. Live dates were continued into 2009. The debut EP, "The Celebrated" was released in Spring 2009, with dates to promote it. Summer saw the band replace Strachan with Ritchie Carlin (drums, ex-Dead Or American), who was then replaced by Craig Boyle (drums) in November. Live dates continued into 2010, with Darren Kirkbride (bass) repacing Hendrie in February, and Craig Scott (drums, ex-Shine) replacing Boyle. The band released a single, "Riot" in August 2010., before splitting in October. Cassells and Scott then formed Wake Via Satellite, with Cassells also joining West Avenue.
RELEASES:  "The Celebrated" (EP, 2009) & "Riot" (Internet single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/communicatoronline
The CRAWS:  5-piece formed 2008 as The Lucky Dogs by Stephen Myles (guitar/harmonica), Alex Paterson (vocals), John Barrie (drums), Alan Stewart (guitar, ex-Dutch) & Stephen McIlwaine (Bass). After a change of name to The Craws in October 2008 they recorded an EP of self-penned material and debuted at the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow in August 2009. Gigs were continued into 2011, including at date at the Grangemouth Music Festival. At the end of the year, the band entered the CHEM 19 Studio in Hamilton to record their debut album, "From Graceland to the Barrowland", which was released the following year.
RELEASE:  "From Graceland To The Barrowland" (CD album, 2012).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/ thecrawsband
The DEAD LEAVES:  Five piece act who formed at St Mungo's High School in January 2009 with Wallace Pate (guitar/vocals, ex-Acid Wonderland Experience), Alex Abate (drums), Kieran Dick (bass), Ryan Hurcombe (vocals) & Jack Moran (guitar). In 2010 they recorded their debut single with help from Scottish Arts Council Youth Music Initiative, before Hurcombe & Dick left. Pate, Abate & Moran then formed Electric Alice.
RELEASES:  "Johnny Cash Is Jesus" (CD single, 2010) 

Kirsty DEWAR:  Solo singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice Of 2010 Competition.
Lana DEWAR:  Grangemouth singer, born in 1980, who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2011" competition, and then repeated the feat the following year.
The DIFFERENCE:  5-piece formed in February 2011 by Chrissy Hall (vocals), James Morrow (guitar/vocals), Brian Cunningham (guitar), Tam McBroom (bass/vocals) & James Gibson (drums, ex-Echoes).

DIGNAN, DOWELL & WHYTE:  Grubowski's house band put together in 2006 as Bad Piggy by David Dowell (drums), Bryan Dignan (guitar, ex-Arthur) & Gordon White (bass, ex-Arthur). In November the trio changed their name to Dignan, Dowell & Whyte, and provided backing for the Falkirk Herald Voice Of The Year final. Live work was continued into 2007. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's..
DR FOGHORN & The GOLDEN PIPES:  Solo name of Ray Summers member Davey Horne (vocals/guitar), who began playing under the title in late 2010. For live dates he was backed by various other members of The Ray Summers, and they eventually went under the name of Davy Horne & The Golden Pipes.

The DOLEDRUMS:  Five piece band formed in 2006 by Craig Burke (vocals / guitar), Dan Adam (bass, ex-Five Park Drive), Derek Beattie (guitar) & Johnny Watson (guitar) & Craig Maxwell (drums). The band ended the year with some airplay on Central FM, some recordings made at Homegrown Studios, and some live dates. 2007 saw more dates being played, before Watson left for Australia. The band continued to play after this, whilst Adam also fronted his own act, The North Country Ramblers. By this time Adam had switched to guitar, and the band had recruited Stevie Black (bass, ex-Five Park Drive). This line-up continued to play into 2008, when they entered the studio to record their debut single. In September the band supported former Seahorses frontman Chris Helme at the Metro, Falkirk. The debut single, "Free The EP", was released early in 2009, and the band embarked on a series of dates across the UK to promote it, including one at Alan McGee's "Death Disco" in London. The single was also played by Mark Lamaar on his BBC Radio 2 show. October saw the band support Paolo Nutini in Edinburgh. Early 2010 saw Adams leave (he was later to help out The Last Saloon), to be replaced by temprary stand-in Greg Aitken (guitar, also with The Soul Parade). By summer, Aitken had joined as a permanent member. In 2011 Beattie & Black joined The Stompdown Riders, with Black & Burke also being members of The White Vinyl Collective.
RELEASES:  "Free The EP" (EP, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/midweekdreamer
Adam DONALDSON:  Former member of The Mysticisms, Donaldson went solo in 2010 releasing his debut CD EP "Love Me When I Least Deserve It", which was packaged in denim jeans pockets!Donaldson continued to play into 2011, including a date at the Grangemouth Music Festival. Donaldson continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
RELEASES:  "Love Me When I Least Deserve It" (CD EP, 2010) 
DOUBLE TROUBLE:  Duo formed by pre-teenage Joe Evans (vocals/guitar) & Jamie Greenaway (vocals/guitar) in 2010. In 2011 they played at the Grangemouth Music Festival. The duo continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals. In 2013 the duorecruited a rhythm section and changed their name to Ultraviolet.

DRAINPIPE:  Band who formed in early 2007 with a line-up of John (drums), Scott (bass) and Sean (guitar), recruiting vocalist Ashleigh. Drainpipe then entered their local School Battle Of The Bands and gained a new guitarist, Callum. Ashleigh was then replaced by Sean's older sister, Kerri (vocals). The band continued into 2011, with a line-up of Kerri, Sean, Matt (bass), Sean & Drew (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/drainpipeband
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EASY TIGER:  Alloa based covers act from 2010 featuring Falkirk bass player Ross Cunningham (also with The International Pop Assassins). The band continued playing into 2011 with a reshuffled line-up, inmcluding a date with Belle & Sebastian in March. 
ECHOFELA:  Previously known as the Barry Price Band, Echofela came into being via a name change in August 2007 and featured Barry Price (vocals/guitar), Bryan Hamilton (drums, also with Ghost), Fraser Christie (guitar), James McCabe (keyboards) & Graeme Mack (bass). The band finished the year by winning the XFM Uploaded competition. Hamilton & Christie were soon replaced by Adam Railton (guitar) & Chris Maltman (drums). The band continued to play into 2008, with Maltman replaced by Ross Kilgour (drums), whilst McCabe left. That summer the band won a competition to support The Zutons in Inverness, which led to the opportunity to play at a Rock Against Racism gig at Hampden Stadium. In August 2008 Price hosted a series of acoustic dates at Behind The Wall, Falkirk, whilst the band played at Retrofest 2008 in Glasgow, along with the likes of Boy George, The Bangles, Paul Young & Kim Wilde. January 2009 saw the band release their debut E.P. "Reflection Of A Gentleman". The band played at Big In Falkirk in May, and a date at the Homecoming Festival in Grangemouth that summer. Summer 2010 saw the release of a new single, "Girls, Girls, Ladies". The band continued to play live into 2011, with Price winninga holiday to Egypt in a Thomas Cook Talent Contest (for whom he worked). At that point Mack & Kilgour left to be replaced by Stephen Grant (bass) & Graeme Bell (drums, ex-Johnny & The Giros). Summer saw them play at the Grangemouth Music Festival. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
"Reflection Of A Gentleman" (CD/Internet single, 2009)
"Girls, Girls, Ladies" (Internet single, Ignite Records, 2010).
WEBSITES:  http://www.echofela.com & http://www.myspace.com/echofela
ELECTRIC ALICE:  Three piece act formed in 2011 by former Dead Leaves members Wallace Pate (guitar / vocals), Alex Abate (drums), & Jack Moran (guitar).
ERAZOR:  Rock band from 2011 formed by Matt Friel (vocals, ex-solo), Ryan Cassidy (guitar), Joey Eccles (guitar), Lewis Black (bass) & Ben White (drums, ex-Synergy). The band played at the Grangemouth Music Festival that year. White later formed Unit 7, where he was joined by Cassidy.

Ross FAIRWEATHER:  A former member of Shine, and frontman of Mr Nice, Fairweather has continued to play live as a solo performer since at least 2003. When Mr Nice split in spring 2006 he played Big In Falkirk solo. Fairweather continued gigging, and in March 2007 supported The Zutons (and The MacDonald Brothers!) at the Glasgow Carling Academy. For this date he was backed by Dan Adams (drums, ex-Mr Nice, then playing with The Doledrums), Billy Kay (bass, ex-Mr Nice) & Ian Jamieson (guitar, who may have been ex-10%). Just before then he also supported Strands frontman Howie Payne at Rialto in Falkirk. At this time Fairweather recruited a band to record his debut album, going under the name Ross Fairweather & The Billy Shears. Fairweather began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's. Later in the year he recruited a new act to replace The Billy Shears, called The Last Saloon.
2009 saw Fairweather release a solo track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club on their European campaign. Fairweather has continued to gig right into 2013.
RELEASES:  "We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/rossfairweather
FIRE IT UP:  Covers act formed in 2010 by Raymond Struthers (vocals, ex-Higher Ground), Matthew Hannah (guitar, also with The Rising), David Nelson (bass, also with The Complete Stone Roses) & Elliot Manson (drums/vocals, also with The Rising).
ELIZABETH FRASER:  After a long and acclaimed career as vocalist with The Cocteau Twins, Grangemouth born Fraser finally got round to a solo outing in 2010, with the release of a limited edition solo single, "Moses".
RELEASES:  "Moses" (12 inch vinyl internet single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.elizabethfraser.com/

GENETIK BLUEPRINT:  Four piece rock act formed by local lads Dave Buchanan (drums/vocals, ex-Age Of Anger) & Pat (bass, ex-Little Joe Crow), along with Duncan McLeish (vocals, ex-Age Of Anger) & Mark McCarroll (guitar/vocals, ex-Revolution), in 2003. After recording their debut EP demo in 2004, the band re-entered the studio in April 2005 to record a challenging 6 songs spread across 2 CDs. "Calculate" was released later on in 2005 and gained the four piece opening slots on the Selfish Cunt & The Psyke Project Scottish tour dates. The band continue to gig into 2007, even supporting Amen towards the end of that year.
2010 saw the band recruit new members, with Pat being replaced by Paul Stewart (bass, possibly ex-Sentinal) and Michael McCarroll (synth).
RELEASES:  "Calculate" (CD EP, 2005).
WEBSITES:  http://www.genetikblueprint.com & http://www.myspace.com/genetikblueprint
GHOST RIDE THE WHIP:  Four piece Falkirk band formed by Johnny Frame (vocals/guitar, ex-Anger Of The Victim), Danny Malloy (guitar), Bob Murray (bass) & Stevie Frame (drums) in 2010. They quickly picked up radio play on Vic Galloway's BBC show.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/killerinstinctbeesting
GOODSON:  Grangemouth band formed 2004 by Archie "Tosh" MacInstosh (vocals, ex-Skinflats), Cammy (guitar, ex-Charm), Lewis Wilson (guitar, ex-Bravado), Blaine (bass, ex-Charm) & Tich, who began playing live in May 2005 with shows at The Garage and The Cathouse. The band released their debut EP, "Reflections" in April 2007, and continued to play live into 2008. Summer 2008 saw them having a track, "Halfway There", included on a compilation album of unsigned bands on Catcutter Records. Wilson then went solo. The band returned in 2010, playing at the Grangemouth Festival.
RELEASES:  "Reflections" (CD EP, 2007).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/goodson2005

GRAND CENTRAL:  Covers act formed in 2007 by Barry Frame (guitar, also with Sleepertrain), David Reid (vocals / guitar), Kevin Worsdale (bass/vocals) & Steven Smith (drums).
Elise GUTHRIE:  Singer who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2011" competition.
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Robin GUTHRIE:  Robin Guthrie was born on the 4th January 1962 in Grangemouth, and spent most of the 1980's and 1990's playing with The Cocteau Twins. His unique style of guitar-playing and songwriting (not to mention his deft production skills in the recording studio) have earned him the respect of musicians throughout the world.  Working at first with Will Heggie, and since with Simon Raymonde, Guthrie has played guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and other instruments over the years, plus programming, sampling and sound processing.  Guthrie originally set-up the record label Bella Union with Raymonde, and he now works and lives in France with his wife, Florence, and their two children. He is also the proud father of Lucy Belle, his daughter with fellow Cocteau Twin Liz Fraser.

In addition to his work as a producer and engineer, Robin's latest musical collaboration is Violet Indiana, with singer Siobhan de Maré (formerly of MONO).  Guthrie's first solo record, "Imperial", was released in March 2003 by Bella Union.  Guthrie has created some of the most beautiful music of recent times and is widely regarded as a musical visionary. The distinctive sonic landscapes that have become his trademark are on display both throughout his recorded work and now his live concept performaces; the Lumière.  Recently Robin has collaborated with Harold Budd on the soundtrack to Gregg Araki's "Mysterious Skin", as well as introducing exclusive new material from 2006 album "Continental". This album was toured around cinemas in the UK in June, along with an accompanying movie.  At the end of 2006, Guthrie appeared alongside his daughter, Lucy Belle, on an album by Mahogany entitled "Conectivity". Towards the end of the year he recorded a track with former Ride vocalist Mark Gardiner.  Summer 2007 saw Guthrie take his live work to South America for a short tour. 2007 was also of note for producing Annie Barker, Heligoland & Resplandor, as well as collaborating with Ulrich Schnauss, Manual, Apollo Heights, The School of Seven Bells, Colour Kane, and Harold Budd.  In February 2008 her toured Italy, Chile & Argentina, followed by an appearance at a film festival in Mexico. During the summer Guthrie re-mixed Goldfrapp, whilst playing guitar on tracks by Honeychild Coleman and Kate Havenik. Towards the end of the year Guthrie picked up a Q Inspiration award for his work with The Cocteau Twins.  In 2009, Guthrie released an album with former Ultravox! frontman, John Foxx, entitled "Mirrorball", and a solo EP called "Angel Falls" in June. This was followed by a solo album, "Carousel", in the summer. The year ended with the release of an EP, "Sunflower Stories".  2010 saw Guthrie continue his production work for Annie Barkewr, whilst recording a new album with Harold Budd in Italy, entitled "Bordeaux". He also found time to record the soundtrack for the movie, "Kaboom".   2011 saw Guthrie working in the studio with Heligoland & Sealight, before embarking on a US tour in the summer with Brendan Perry.   2012 saw the release of a new album, "Emeralds". 
"Imperial" (CD album, Bella Union Records, 2003)
"Continental" (CD album, Darla Records, 2006)
With John Foxx: "Mirrorball" (CD album, Metamatic Records, 2009)
"Angel Falls" (EP, 2009)
"Carousel" (CD album, 2009)
"Sunflower Stories" (CD EP, 2009)
With Harold Budd: "Bordeaux" (album, 2010) 
"Emeralds" (album, 2011).
GUEST APPEARANCES:  Mahogany, "Conectivity" (CD album, 2006) & Honeychild Coleman 
http://www.robinguthrie.net/ & http://www.myspace.com/robinguthrie
Ashleigh HANNAH:  Stenhousemuir singer, born in 1999, who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2012" competition.
Laura HANSON:  Dunipace singer who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2011" competition.
HARMONY ROW:  Four piece act named after a street in Govan, who were formed in 2010 by Bryan Maley (bass), Christopher Walker (drums), Paul Hanson (guitar) & Jake Mackie (vocals/guitar). The band made their debut supporting The Underground Jam (featuring Mackie's father, John, as Paul Weller) within a couple of months of forming. Maley's brother played in the band, The Leads.
In 2011 Mackie went on to form The Pseudos. 

HAYLEY J (Hayley JOHNSTON):  Local singer who wrote/released her debut single, "Something Perfect" in 2013 as Hayley J.  Johnstone was part of the familyl who owned Oil Can Harry's/Maniqui/Storm nightclub.
RELEASES:  "Something Perfect" (internet single, 2013).
Dionne HICKEY:  Carron based singer who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2011" competition.

HOPE UP HIGH:  Grangemouth 4-piece formed in 2011 by Linsey Forrest (vocals), Erin Laing (drums), Cheryl Hutchison (guitar/vocals) & Nicole Kelly (bass). Forrest & Hutchison later formed Krashland.

The HOT ROD BAND:  Rod Stewart tribute act from the United States fronted by former local guitarist George Orr (ex-Hog Farm). The act were voted "Best Of 2007" by "City Link Magazine" in Florida.
Davy HORNE & The GOLDEN PIPES:  Band fronted by Ray Summers member Davey Horne (vocals/guitar), who were initially called Dr Foghorne & The Golden Pipes. He recruited Andrew Douglas (guitar), Billy Kay (bass), Lee Burgoyne (drums) - all ex-Ray Summers, along with Margaret Dignan (vocals/piano) and Dan Adam (keyboards, ex-Last Saloon). The band built up a solid reputation throughout 2011, including dates at The Wickerman Festival, King Tut's Wah Wah Hut & The Dennycassim Festival. In 2011 Horne & Adam also formed The Stompdown Riders. 2011 saw Horne stretch his reputation, with the release of a single "Deep Down", and a performance at T In The Park. By this time, Adam had been replaced by Jamie Haffey (keyboards, ex-Five Park Drive).
RELEASES:  "Deep Down" (CD/Internet single, 2012) 
HUMAN DON'T BE ANGRY:  Band formed in late 2010 by former solo act Malcolm Middleton, who toured England briefly in Spring 2011 supporting Aidan Moffat. The act released their self-titled album in April 2012 on the Chemikal Underground label.
RELEASES:  "Human Don't Be Angry" (CD/Vinyl/Internet album, Chemikal Underground, 2012) 

Brian HURREN:  Local keyboard player who joined Runrig in 2001, touring the world with them for ten years before releasing his debut solo album, "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" in 2011.
RELEASES:  "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes" (CD album, 2011).
WEBSITE:  www.ahtw.co.uk
The INTERNATIONAL POP ASSASSINS:  The International Pop Assassins started off as ex-Diesel Kings & Sublimes frontman Eddie McKenzie with a host of helping hands. They were Initially put together in 1997 with Greg Drysdale (drums, ex-Martin Stephenson), Alex Irvine (guitar vocals, ex-Strawberry) & Alan Shields (bass, ex-Spank!). Shields proved too untamable, and was replaced by Grant Paterson (bass, ex-Sublimes) in 1998, allowing the band to play a few live dates. The band's first single "Lo-fi Elvis On Acid" was released on vinyl at this time, and was a Steve Lamacq "Single Of The Week", as well as receiving airplay on the John Peel show. The band, however, failed to capitalise on this, disappearing for a few years. In this time Drysdale joined The Blue Rockets, and McKenzie, Irvine & Paterson helped out with The Harbour Road Angels. Irvine later played with Jill Hepburn.  In 2000 McKenzie worked with ex-Bay guitarist Ronnie Young, however the inspiration to continue was not there. Over the next two years he worked with Ross Cunningham (bass / vocals, ex-Moondogs), recording and playing some acoustic shows, until Cunningham formed The Cool Jerks (an act which McKenzie was very briefly a member of right at the start!).

2004 saw the act re-emerge as recording artists, with the release of three season-themed singles, each more ambitious than the last. By this time the band was only McKenzie, helped out in the studio by Ross Cunningham (guitar/bass, also with The Cool Jerks), Greg Drysdale (drums/saxophone/stylaphone, also with Jill Hepburn), Neil Hathaway (violin), Alex Irvine (harmonica), Carlo Madden (trumpet), Les Makin (piano/guitar, ex-Concorde Jams, also with Jill Hepburn), Claire Scougall (vocals) & Jenni Simpson (vocals). These EP's were then compiled into an album, "Three Miles" at the beginning of 2006. The end of the year saw McKenzie work with Drysdale, Makin & Andy Pratt (guitar, ex-Mr Nice) to release an E.P. entitled "Underneath Skin Pages".  2007 saw McKenzie release a long promised album ("PS") recorded entirely on a Playstation, alongside an acoustic single entitled "Songs From The Acoustic Kitchen". The latter also featured Pratt on guitar and organ, who had now become a permanent member of the band. The duo then began work on a punk/dub EP, entitled "Howl", with help from Drysdale & Makin again, which was released in early 2008.  Next on the agenda was a return to live work, with Ross Cunningham (drums, also with The Vesparados) returning, along with Johnny Mack (bass, also with The Vesparados). This line-up made their debut at Rialtos in March 2009, and then played a well received date at the Grangemouth Homecoming festival in the summer. September saw the band release their third album, "Death, Divorce & The Prison Yard", featuring ten tracks, chosen by public vote from a potential eighteen. This time also saw them begin to gig throughout Scotland, building up a strong live reputation.

Live work continued into 2010, however things took a step backwards when Cunningham suffered a cycling injury which forced him to give up drums. At this point Mack decided to step aside and concentrate on his other act, The Underground Jam, allowing Cunningham to move onto the bass. The band then recruited Willie Green (drums, also with Lieutenant Stardust), and continued to record their next album. A return to live work was made in November, after Pratt returned from paternity leave. This line-up lasted for three gigs, after which the band reverted to the previous Cunningham/Mackie/McKenzie/Pratt formation in January 2011. More live dates were undertaken throughout Scotland over the next few months, including the Grangemouth Music Festival and a support with Fife band Val Verde at Fifefest. Towards the end of the year, the band released a new album, "Revolution Tonight", and continued to gig into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals. September 2012 saw the band release a new single, double "A" side "Burning" & "Lifeboats", before apparently giving up live work. The band were nominated for a Scottish Music Award for the album, before V=Cunningham left to form The Tombstone House Band. McKenzie then made the act a studio based band, and began recording with Jason Taylor (drums/guita/bass/keyboards, also with Mosca).  Pratt also worked with The Last Saloon (between 2008 - 2010), whilst Cunningham was a member of Easy Tiger in 2010. Both Cunningham and Pratt were in The Special Guests from 2011 - 2012, with McKenzie joining in 2013.
"Lo-fi Elvis On Acid" (7 inch vinyl, Seminal Records, 1998)
"When She Rains E.P." (Internet single, Songs For Danielle, 1999)
"Spring" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2004)
"Summer" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2004)
"Fall" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2005)
"Three Miles" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2006)
"Underneath Skin Pages" (CD EP, Seminal Records, 2006)
"PS" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2007)
"Songs From The Acoustic Kitchen" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2007)
"Howl (A Blues For The Pop Star)" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2008)
"Death, Divorce & The Prison Yard" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2009)
"Revolution Tonight " (CD Internet album, Seminal Records, 2011)
"Burning/Lifeboats" (CD/internet single, Seminal Records, 2012).
WEBSITE: http://www.myspace.com/internationalpopassassins
IT'S A GIRL:  Band formed in 2009 by Graeme Simpson (drums, ex-Ever The Optimist), Gordon Miller (guitar, ex-Ever The Optimist) , Scott Aitken (guitar, ex-Mad For Sadness), Andrew Laurenson (bass, ex-Ever The Optimist) & Dean McFarlane (vocals). The band, who were named for their original female vocalist, continued into 2011, before changing their name to A Balcony Scene.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/itsagirlband
Allan JACKSON:  Polmont based solo artist (and brother of Chris Jackson of The Ray Summers), who released his third album, "igneous" in 2011.
RELEASES:  "Igneous" (Internet album, 2011) 

JOHNNY & The GIROS:  Banknock/Dennyloanhead act formed in March 2008 by Olburn (vocals), John Keith (guitar, ex-In It For The Money), Al Mullen (guitar), Gaz Neill (bass) & Graeme Bell (drums, ex-Time For A Change). Olburn left the band in July, and the band debuted live the following month with two new members, Mikey O'Donnell (vocals) & Andy Butler (keyboards/guitar). The band recorded a couple of tracks in Glasgow in October before Bell then left the band in December. Further dates were played in 2009, including one at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer, with new drummer Scott Forsyth (Bell went on to play with Echofela). In 2009 the band took on the services of manager, Fiona Keane. 2010 saw the band release their debut EP, "Johnny & The Giros", whilst continuing live dates, including one on board "The Maid Of The Loch" at Loch Lomond. In August 2011, they played at the Dennycassim Festival. Forsyth went on to form The Button Men.
RELEASES:  "Johnny & The Giros" (CD EP, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/johnnyandthegiros
James KING:  Falkirk, born in 1985, who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2012" competition.
KING CREOSOTE:  Fife based act which is more or less Kenny Anderson (vocals/guitar/etc.) who had been going for years, however in 2006 he took on board Falkirk drummer Gavin Brown (of On The Fly) for live work. Brown then stayed with the band in 2007, playing on their album "Now Drop Your Bombshell", as well as supporting K.T. Tunstall & Squeeze on tour, and appearing on "Later With Jools Holland".  The band continued to play, whilst in 2010 frontman King Creosote played in The Burns Unit. 
"Now Drop Your Bombshell" (CD album, 2007) & "Flick Then Vs" (CD album, Domino Records, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/kingcreosote

KOMODO:  Four piece Banknock band formed in the mid-2000's by Ricky McMillan (vocals), Grant McClrg (guitar), Barry McClurg (bass) & David Martin (drums, ex-Wedgie). In 2010 the band won the Rock Radio unsigned band competition.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/komodorock
KRASHLAND:  Grangemouth based punk band formed in 2011 by Linsey Forrest (vocals, ex-Hopes Up High), Jamie McAlpine (guitar), Cheryl Hutchison (guitar/vocals, ex-Hopes Up High) & Lauren Mather (bass/vocals). By 2014 Hutchison had left and the band had been joined by Scotty McCulloch (drums).
The KRIMSON:  3-piece act formed in 2006 by ex-Mr Moja members Stevie Thomson (vocals/guitar), Colin Dickson (bass) & Scott Greig (drums). Influenced by Cream, Led Zeppelin & Rush, the band recorded their debut album, "Stone Cold Heart" in their own studio at the end of that year. Earlier in the year the band had a track included on an indie compilation album, and received airplay in Australia and Chile. In 2007 Dickson left, but the band recruited Graeme Slater (keyboards). 2008 saw Scott Munro (bass) join, whilst Slater left.  In 2009 they played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, and then continued to gig sporadically into 2010.
RELEASES:  "Stone Cold Heart" (CD album, Matchbox Records, 2006).
WEBSITES:  http://www.thekrimson.com & http://www.myspace.com/thekrimson
KUNG-FU ACADEMY:  2011 Post-funk Edinburgh band with a local singer Bobby Osborne (vocals/guitar, ex-Love Over Gold) and Laurence Murray (guitar), Duncan Robertson (bass/synth/vocals) & Fraser Debanzie (drums). In 2012 the band released their debut single, "Dirty Honey", on I-Tunes.
RELEASES:  "Dirty Honey" (Internet single, 2012) 

Kirstie LAIRD:  Solo singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice Of 2010 Competition.
Evan Krkwood LAKE:  Stenhousemuir singer, born in 1995, who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2012" competition.
LAMEN'S TERMS:  Lamen's Terms are a Falkirk/Fife based band, consisting of Sarah Monteith (vocals) & Stevie Calder (guitar, ex-Restless Natives). The duo started jamming after meeting at a gig in Jacks where Calder was doing the P.A, They jammed for a while on and off with covers whilst Calder was busy with The Restless Natives, and did a couple of gigs for friends. After recordeding a demo in February 2007, and some more gigs, Restless Natives disbanding in May, and the duo started taking things seriously. An E.P.."`The Starting Point" was recorded at Click Audio in Alloa with Comedian David Kay. Gigging continued into 2009, with the hundred mark reached by the end of 2008. A date was played at Big In Falkirk in May 2009. The band continued their busy schedule into 2010, including a date at the Grangemouth Festival in May. 2010 also saw the band release their third single, "Same Situation", and play some dates in Austria, before splitting. Monteith then went on to form The Waitawhiles, whilst Calder joined Joe Viterbo.
"The Starting Point" (CD EP, 2007)
"Time Is Running Out" (Internet single, 2008)
"The Same Situation" (Internet single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://myspace.com/lamenstermsband
The LAST SALOON:  4-piece from 2008 with Ross Fairweather (vocals/guitar), Andy Pratt (guitar, also The International Pop Assassins), Johnny Forrester (bass) & Scott Young (drums, ex-Ice Cold And Alex). Their live debut was at Rialto's, Falkirk, in November & in early 2009 recorded their debut EP whilst playing at King Tut's Wah Wah  Hut, Glasgow. More live work followed including Big In Falkirk in May & recording a second EP at Homegrown Studios with Alana McLernon on backing vocals. In Autumn 2009 they recruited Martin Lamont (keyboards) and played into 2010. After a short Summer break they emerged again in Autumn with Dan Adams (guitar, ex-Doledrums) replacing Pratt. Adams was later to join Davy Horne & The Golden Pipes, whilst Forrester joined The Special Guests.
RELEASES:  "The Last Saloon" (CD EP, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thelastsaloon
LAST TANGO IN MEMPHIS:  Band re-established in 2014 wih Jim Rennie (bass, Polmont), Dougie Smith (vocals/harmonica, Grangemouth), Kazik Walusiak (guitar, Falkirk) & Ian Arthur (keyboards/sax). This 'veteran' outfit have played various venues including: The Sir Walter Scott Ferry on Loch Katrine (Jazz/Blues Festival), the Mains of Scotstoun in Aberdeen and the very popular Falkirk Blues Club (established by Jim Rennie).  They are presently involved in some recording work and releasing new promotional materials.
LAS TUESDAY:  4-piece Grangemouth rock/blues act fromed in June 2007 by Allan Gilchrist (vocals/guitar, ex-Akolayd), Colin Low (guitar/vocals), Jon Shaw (bass/vocals, possibly ex-Seventeenth) and Lee Waugh (drums). The band then played their debut gig in September. In 2009 they played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, which they returned to in 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/welcometolastuesday 
The LEADS:  Five piece Denny band formed in August 2006 by Gary Hornsby (guitar/vocals), David Maley (bass/vocals), Stuart Taylor (guitar) & Paul Donaldson (drums). In October they recruited David Brown (vocals), and began gigging straight away. By the end of 2007 they had supported The Stone Roses Experience at the Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, however Donaldson left in July for personal reasons, to be replaced by John Marshall (drums). Gigs were then continued into 2008, when the band supported The Bluetones in Stirling. The band took on Diane Stephenson as manager towards the end of the year, and competed in the final of the Global Battle of the Bands at La Scala, London, in December. LIve work was continued into 2009, with a short German tour completed in April, followed by a date at Grangemouth Homecoming in June. The band were busy during the summer, with dates at The Cavern, Liverpool, as well as supporting The Ray Summers and From The Jam in Scotland. The band also found time to release their debut single, "Becher's Brook: A Runners Guide". The band continued to play live into 2010, however in 2011 they changed their name to Bunga Party. Maley's brother played in the band Harmony Row.
RELEASES:  "Becher's Brook: A Runners Guide" (CD single, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/theleadsboys
Morgan LENNOX:  Kincardine singer, born in 2000, who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2012" competition.
LIEUTENANT STARDUST:  Good time 70's covers band, formed by Craig Cowan (guitar, ex-Run Riot) & Peter Stardust (vocals) on a train journey after a Status Quo & Suzi Quatro concert in 1992. The original line-up was Cowan (as Jimi Rocket), Stardust, Mr X, Les Vegas & Dak Wizzard, and they played their first date in November 1992. When Mr X left they continued as a four piece until Chuck DeBurdsff joined. In late 1995 David Walker (drums, also with Numb, under the name Boaby Holder) filled in for Wizzard who had broken his collar bone. Vegas & Wizzard also made appearances playing bass for Spiderbaby & Waash!, whilst Vegas, Wizzard & DeBurdsff also played with NU2. An ever changing line-up over the years have played with alarming regularity ever since, despite a lay off in 2001, and later idiots with Cowan are Willie Green (Boaby Rash) (drums, ex-Little Green Apples), Bill (Peter Stardust) (vocals), Chad Fever (bass) & Sylvester Kant (guitar). Kant left in 2005 and was replaced by Dickie Decibel, whilst Cowan left in 2006, turning up as solo performer, Jimi Rocket ijn 2009. The band continued on into 2009, when Chad Fever left to be replaced by the returning Les Vegas (bass). They played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer, which co-incided with the band releasing a track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club in their European campaign.The band continued their live assault into 2010, including a gig at the Grangemouth Festival in May. Meanwhile Green also began playing drums with The International Pop Assassins. They played into 2012, with performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
RELEASES: "We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.ltstardust.co.uk/
lion.chase.tigers:  Formed 2007 by Seoridh Fraser (bass/vocals, ex-Legionnaire), Ian Thomson (vocals/ guitar, ex-Zero Is One), David Watson (drums/vocals, ex-Legionnaire) & Fraser Sanaghan (guitar/vocals, ex-Legionnaire).The band have a wide range of influences, including Aereogramme, Pink Floyd, Brand New, The Flaming Lips, Jeff Buckley, Union Of Knives, Aphex Twin, Weezer, Sixstarhotel, Explosions in the Sky & Hope of the States. They began playing live in September, undertaking a busy schedule until the end of that year. 2008 began with more live work, which continued into 2009.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/lionschasetigers
LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING:  Young Denny based band formed in 2003 by Richard Gallagher (bass), James "Midget" Scott (vocals), Alan Pringle (guitar) & Andrew Brodie (drums). They appeared in the Falkirk Herald that year asking for a drum kit for Brodie. In early 2006 Gallagher, Scott & Pringle decided to "re-group" the band and begin acting serious about writing material. They recruited Glen Gardiner (drums, ex-Adeave) and began playing regularly at jam nights at Grubowski's in Larbert & the Tavern in Grangemouth. In August 2007 the band played an all-dayer at Pennies, Falkirk. Gardiner also played with Soundcradle. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's, whilst Scott entered the Falkirk Herald run "Voice of 2008". Summer saw them play at the Tolbooth, Stirling. In 2009 the band began working on their second single, continueing to gig into 2010.
RELEASES:  "Play Dead/Stay Alive" (Single).
WEBSITE:  www.myspace.com/officiallcbd
LOST CITY LIGHTS:  Glasgow band formed in early 2008 and featuring Falkirk musicians Mark Sinclair (guitar, ex-Croma) and John Paul Fox (guitar). The rest of the band was Scott McWatt (vocals), Paul Pettit (bass) & Paul McKendrick (drums). 2009 saw the band release their debut single, "We Own The Night", as well as support Funeral For A Friend. This was followed up by a second single, "Radio Superman" in 2010.
RELEASES:  "We Own The Night" (single, 2009) & "Radio Superman " (single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://myspace.com/lostcitylights
Daniel LOUIS:  Larbert singer, born in 1999, who won the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2012" competition.

LOVE OVER GOLD:  A change of name (2007) from The Electric Mafia with members: George Fyfe (drums), Ross Imlach (bass), Euan Steel (vocals/guitar) & Bobby Osborne (guitar/vocals). Steel left after a couple of rehearsals, and the other three played Big In Falkirk in May 2009. In February 2010 the band reached the final of the council run Rock Project Battle Of The Bands. Osborne later formed Kung Fu Academy.
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