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BIOG'S 90'S +
The EARTH DWELLERS:  Local act from 1993 featuring George Falconer (drums, ex-In Colour), Robert McMullen (vocals, ex-Rocks), Cal Marshall (keyboards), Peter Watson (guitar) & Drew Welsh (bass) who contributed a track to the One Records compilation that year. Falconer, Marshall & Watson also helped out with Hope, whilst Falconer & Marshall were also in The Jazz Prophets. Watson later worked with Workingman's Deed.

The ELECTRIC CRAYONS:  Act formed in 1991 as Dazed & Confused by Chris Curran (bass), Tony Harvey (guitar) & Massimo Pozzo (drums). The band continued to play live into 1992, after which they split.

ELEMENTAL:  Funk/soul act formed in 1994 by Colin Dixon (guitar), Kathleen Fairgrieve (vocals), David Mitchell (drums), Alan Smith (bass) & Mike Stein (keyboards). The band continued to play live into 1995.

EVISCERATION:   Kincardine based act from 1993, formed as Voyance by Dave McDonald (guitar/bass), Martin Ray (drums/vocals) & Pete Ray (guitar/bass).

EXCEED:  Rock band from Denny formed in late 1990 by a name change from Monitor Lizard. As Monitor Lizard their line-up had been Callum Daymeat, Greig Duncan, Gerard D'Ambrosia & Ronnie Horner (drums). The name change was short lived, however, and by May 1991 they were called Monitor Lizard again.

The FEDERAL KINGS:  Act formed in 1994 by Rab Horne (bass), Kevin Moran (drums), Kenny Seivwright (guitar) & Kenny Wilson (vocals/harmonica).

FILIGREE SON:   Falkirk indie/rock act formed in 1990 by Godsend members Dave McIntosh (vocals/guitar), Ramsay Hunter (bass) & Stephen Murphey (drums), along with Dave Pearson (guitar). Hunter was soon replaced by Alan Findlayson (bass), and went on to play with Shatterhand. The band played live between 1990 and 1994, and contributed a track to the "One Records" compilation album. McIntosh also spent some time playing with Big Blue Funky Whale, and after the band split in 1994 formed Shatterhand.

FILTHY MESS:  Act from 1992.

FINAL SOLUTION:  Final Solution were formed from the ashes of The Field in June 1986 by Russell McEwan (drums/vocals), Gordon Robertson (keyboards) & Stephen Smith (vocals/guitar/bass), by adding ex-Chainsaw Dance vocalist Alan Benzie on guitar & bass. Initially heavily influenced by Joy Division, the band played locally and in Glasgow, where two of the members attended art school. The band were deliberatly belligerent, a mixture of arrogance and paranoia infusing interviews with local fanzines. Despite this, they were well thought of musically. In 1988 they supported The Shamen at the QMU, Glasgow. A year later McEwan was "excommunicated" from the band, and turned up playing drums for Glaswegian act Macrocosmica. By then the band were occasionally known as FS, and had developed a more dance based sound. In 1991 the remaining members became Re:search.

FINE:  Act formed in 1991 by ex-Unchained musicians Martin Ayre (guitar), Mark Ogilvie (vocals/bass) & David Dowell (drums), with the addition of Gavin Mills (guitar). The band were more rock and less metal than their previous line-up, and came second in the Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands" in 1992. That year they also played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in June, after which Dowell left to join Whumff. In 1993 JIm Dunbar (vocals, ex- Aramanth) & his nephew Dave Scott (drums) joined the act, and they continued to play live into 1994, including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued into 1995. In 1997 several members of Fine formed The Fool Story, whilst Ogilvie joined Brand, Dunbar joined MacSabbath, and Scott formed Stillife.

The FIRST RAYS:  Act from 1990.

FOAM:  Formed 1994 by ex-Dark musicians Ross Ballainy (guitar), Andy Hume (bass/vocals), Gav MacVicar (drums), Stuart Woodland (guitar) and Kevin Byrne (vocals). Byrne had first met the band at Jinty McGinty's, Falkirk in 1994, and had harrassed the band until they let him sing. Byrne also played drums with Sister during this time. The band supported The Supernaturals at an all day festival at the Martell in December, and then continued playing live into 1997, building up a following through supports with The Trashcan Sinatras, The Complete Stone Roses and Whiteout. Creation Records showed some interest in them, but this came to nothing, and they split that year. Foam gave out tubs of creamola foam at live dates. Byrne went on to play drums for Nicotine Junkies, whilst Hume & Woodland formed Rococco. MacVicar joined Dazed.

FOOL NO MORE:   Act formed in 1991 by ex-Dragonfly guitarist Andy Halliday, Matt Morrow (guitar), Lex Anderson (vocals/harmonica), Ian Wallace (drums, ex-Cotton Train), Billy Baikie (bass) & occassional member Jock The Box (accordian). Baikie later joined Whumff, Morrow went on to play with Pink Floyd tribute act, MacFloyd, Wallace joined The Rocklin' Blue Houndogs and was replaced by John Ogilvie (drums, ex-Cato's Cat) & Jock The Box joined The Lobsters.

FRANK'S WILD YEARS:   Local act formed by in 1994 by Lindsay Greig (keyboards, ex-All This & Heaven Too), Alex Irvine (guitar/vocals, ex-Pastis 51), Chris McCarron (vocals/bass, ex-Missing Link) & Richard McCarron (drums/vocals, ex-Missing Link). At the end of that year the band supported The River Detectives at a date in Alloa. The band continued to play live into 1995, then changed their name to Strawberry before releasing their debut single.

FREERISE:  Indie rock act formed in 1993 by Scott Brown (vocals/guitar), Martin Johnstone (drums), Mark Kilbride (guitar) & Graeme McCourt (bass). The band contributed an acoustic track to the "One Records" compilation in 1993, whilst playing live around the area. In 1994 Kilbride was replaced by ex-Slowdown guitarist Mo, and the band continued to play live including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. More dates were played in 1995, as the band released their debut "Honey" EP on Buzz Factory Records. 1996 saw the band play their final dates.
"Honey" (CD EP, Buzz Factory Records, 1995).

FULL TILT:  Band formed in 1994 who changed their name to Shaker.
GENOCIDE LOVE:  1993 act with Gary McFadden (guitar/vocals), Dan Stirling (drums) & Alan Wright (bass).

The GIFT:  Larbert High based band formed in 1994, who continued to play into 1995.

The GODSEND:  Arguably the top local "alternative" band at the end of the 1980's, The Godsend were formed by Grangemouth brothers Stuart McIntosh (vocals/guitar) and Dave McIntosh (keyboards/vocals). After their debut at Grangemouth Town Hall in December 1986, the duo recruited Ramsay Hunter (bass) and Stephen Murphy (drums/vocals) from the recently split Silencers early in the New Year. That Summer they undertook a small tour of central Scotland with continued sporadic gigging throughout the rest of the year. Early in 1988 they released their debut cassette single, "False Emotions", which demonstrated that they had gone beyond their Goth roots to embrace melody. The single sold well at gigs throughout 1988, including a headline performance at the Grangemouth Rock Festival. Encouraged the band recorded a follow up ("Mirror Haze") early in 1989. That year Murphy also played with another local act - The Bed In The Sea. A final single, "The Ritual", was released in 1990, after which the band sort of faded away, with Dave McIntosh starting his own act, Filigree Sun, as well as playing with Big Blue Funky Whale. Hunter & Murphy joined him in Filigree Sun before Murphey moved south of the border (to be a store manager for Tesco!). In the late 1990's the McIntosh brothers and Hunter were re-united in top local punk act, Shatterhand.
"False Emotions" (cassette single, 1988)
"The Mirror Haze" (cassette single, 1989)
"The Ritual" (cassette single, 1990).

The GRASSHARPS:  Indie/rock/blues act formed in 1989 by ex-Spacecats members Dougie Cameron (guitar), Ian Deering (bass) & Murray Stevenson (vocals/guitar), with the addition of ex-Prize Turkeys guitarist Gareth Finn and ex-Influx drummer Gary Walker. Deering left in May 1990, later turning up in The Concorde Jams, after which the band fell apart. Cameron, Finn & Walker later formed Dougstar.

HOPE:  Grangemouth based acoustic outfit formed by ex-Gun Crazy frontman Norman Phillips in 1989. He continued solo until 1993 when, with the help of three members of The Earth Dwellers & The Jazz Prophets, George Falconer (drums), Cal Marshall (keyboards) & Peter Watson (bass), he contributed two tracks to the One Records compilation album. The act played live in 1994, and then disappeared.

The HUNDRED:  Act from 1992 - 1993, formed by Bill Baird.

IDIOSYNCRACY:  Band formed at Falkirk High School in 1994 by Andrew Dougall (vocals), Ian Whittington (drums), David Seel (guitar), Brian Marjoribanks (keyboard/vocals) & Paul Barton (bass). They were occasionally joined by Kenny Bain (saxophone), and were mainly a covers band with a residency in the Beefeater pub in Camelon (the last Friday of every month!) Their biggest gig was at the Howgate Centre on a Saturday afternoon! A line up change occurred after a couple of years with Marjoribanks, Bain and Whittington leaving the band. Barry Dougall (drums) joined and the band continued as a four piece, starting to write their own material. After the demise of Idiosyncracy Dougall, Seel and Barton went onto to form Brand.  The band were to make a comeback in 2010.

INDIAN ANGEL:  Band that appeared in 1990 as a big haired metal band, with the unlikly names of Steevi Vincent (vocals), Vins Healey (drums, real name: Robert Francis), Lee Kinney (guitar) & Kerri Paul (bass, ex-Sacrosanct, real name: Paul Bourne). The band were voted tenth best unsigned act in Kerrang! magazine at the end of 1991. Francis & Bourne would later form punk band Turtlehead.

The JAZZ PROPHETS:  Jazz tinged act featuring George Falconer (percusion), John Longbotham (saxophone, ex-Widening Gyre), Cal Marshall (keyboards) & Ian Middleton (bass, ex-Brahn Seer). They recorded two tracks for One Records 1993 compilation. Falconer & Marshall also helped out Hope & The Earth Dwellers.

JOHN'S REGRET:  Denny based act from 1992.

The JONESBOYS:  Polmont band formed in 1991 by Alan Campbell (drums), Mark Hannaway (vocals/guitar) & John McCourt (bass). The band released their "How To Beat The Offside Trap" cassette single later that year and played live till 1992, after which they disappeared, with Hannaway later turning up in Combat Rock.
"How To Beat The Offside Trap" (cassette single, 1991).

KNIFEDGE:  Bo'ness based act formed in early 1990 by Mark Sneddon (guitar), Flex (drums), Stu (bass) & Davy Ward (vocals). The band started playing live in 1991, but soon lost their bass player. In 1992 Sneddon went on to form Scaramanga, and was re-united with Ward in The Kool Kats.

The KOOL KATS:  Rockabilly act formed by Mark Sneddon (vocals/guitar, ex-Scaramanga) and Davy Ward (vocals, ex-Knifedge).
LAUDER'S BIG BAND:  Jazz combo played regularly at Lauders Bar, Glasgow from 1990 till at least 2005  with local trumpeter Peter Dyer (ex-Vern Roper Big Band). Dyer then formed The High Society Jazz Band.
LEVITATION:  Indie act formed 1989 by Laurieston born Terry Bickers (vocals/guitar, ex-House Of Love), Christian Hayes (guitar, ex-Cardiacs), Bob White (keyboards), Joe Allen (bass) & Dave Francollini (drums, ex-Something Pretty Beautiful). After signing to Ultimate Records, they delivered a couple of singles in 1991, follwed by an aclaimed debut album in 1992. Switching to Rough Trade, the band delivered their second album, "Need For Not" in 1992, by which time Allen had been replaced by Laurence O'Keefe (ex-Jazz Butcher). Bickers announced that he was leaving the following year, just after their final single for new label Chrysalis.
"Nadine" (7 inch vinyl/12 inch vinyl/CD EP, Ultimate Records, 1991)
"After Ever Be" (7 inch vinyl/12 inch vinyl/CD EP, Ultimate Records, 1991)
"Squirrel" (7 inch vinyl single, Rough Trade, 1991)
"The Cotterie Album (vinyl/CD album, Ultimate Records, 1992)
"World Around" (CD EP, Rough Trade, 1992)
"Need Not For" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, Rough Trade, 1992, UK charts # 45)
"Even When Your Eyes Are Open" (12 inch vinyl/CD EP, Chrysalis Records, 1993).

LIEUTENANT STARDUST:  Good time 70's covers band, formed by Craig Cowan (guitar, ex-Run Riot) & Peter Stardust (vocals) on a return train journey after watching Status Quo & Suzi Quatro in 1992. The original line-up was Cowan (as Jimi Rocket), Stardust, Mr X, Les Vegas & Dak Wizzard, and they played their first date in November 1992. When Mr X left the band continued as a four piece until the introduction of Chuck DeBurdsff. In late 1995 David Walker (drums, also with Numb, under the name Boaby Holder) filled in for Wizzard who had broken his collar bone. Vegas & Wizzard also made appearances playing bass for Spiderbaby & Waash!, whilst Vegas, Wizzard & DeBurdsff also play with NU2. An ever changing line-up over the years have played with alarming regularity ever since, despite a lay off in 2001, and later idiots with Cowan are Willie Green (Boaby Rash) (drums, ex-Little Green Apples), Bill (Peter Stardust) (vocals), Chad Fever (bass) & Sylvester Kant (guitar). Kant left in 2005 and was replaced by Dickie Decibel, whilst Cowan left in 2006, turning up as solo performer, Jimi Rocket ijn 2009. The band continued on into 2009, when Chad Fever left to be replaced by the returning Les Vegas (bass). A date was played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer, which co-incided with the band releasing a track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club in their European campaign.  The band continued their live assault into 2010, including a date at the Grangemouth Festival in May. Meanwhile Green also began playing drums with The International Pop Assassins. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
"We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009)


LOADED:  Bo'ness based indie/goth act formed in 1991 by Peter Baird (guitar), Graeme Beglin (drums), Douglas Grant (guitar), Mark Johnstone (vocals) & Lee Robertson (bass). Grant took over lead vocals later in the year when Johnstone quit, however soon afterwards Beglin, Grant & Roberston formed Afterjones. Another act called Loaded appeared in 2001, but I don't know if they were in any way connected.

LOADED INDEPENDANCE:  Band formed by Barry in 1993.

LOST IN SPACE:  Band formed in 1994.

LOUDWIG:  Act formed in 1994 featuring Louise Reid on vocals, and Paul. In 1996 Reid left to go solo.

LOWLIFE:  Lowlife were formed in late 1985 by Stuart Everest (guitar), Will Heggie (bass), Craig Lorenston (vocals) & Grant McDowall (drums), all of whom had built up a local following under the name Dead Neighbours. Taking their name from a PIL song, they signed to Brian Guthrie's "Nightshift" label, then released their debut mini-album, "Rain", that year. This was soon followed by the first album proper, "Permanent Sleep" the following year. Lowlife were predominately a studio band, taking two to three months recording each album. Touring was very rare, however the few times they did it was with bands like Johnny Thunders and the Go-Betweens and it was only to promote a release. In 1990 Everest & McDowall were replaced by Hugh Dougie (guitar) & Calum MacLean (programming / guitar / bass), and the band released their fifth album, "San Antorium".

By 1994 MacLean had gone, and they were joined byJennifer Bachen (backing vocals) & Jason Taylor (vocals / guitar, also with Bay), who helped them put together their last album, "Gush".
Nowadays Heggie & McDowell are busy with large families and day jobs. Heggie works as a Process Operative & McDowell is a detective with the Scotland Police. Lorenston is a scaffolder, and Everest is around the Falkirk area working in the audio/visual field.
"Rain" (vinyl mini-album, Nightshift Records, 1985)
"Permanent Sleep" (vinyl / CD album, Nighshift Records, 1986)
"Vain Delights" (12 inch single, Nightshift Records, 1986)
"Swirl, It Swings" (12 inch single, Nightshift Records, 1987)
"Eternity Road" (7 / 12 inch single, Nightshift records, 1987)
"Diminuendo" (vinyl / CD album, Nightshift Records, 1987)
"The Black Sessions & Demos" (cassette album, Nightshift Records, 1988)
"Godhead" (CD / vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1989)
"From A Whisper To A Scream" (CD / vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1990)
"San Antorium" (CD / vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1991)
"Gush" (CD album, Nighshift Records, 1995)

MacSABBATH:  Local Black Sabbath tribute act formed by former Fine vocalist Jim Dunbar.
MADE OF STONE:  Bonnybridge based act formed in 1990 by Mark McAllister (vocals), Neil McGregor (bass), Stuart McGregor (guitar) & Scott Wallace (drums) who were influenced by, you've guessed it, The Stone Roses. The band won "Best Newcomers" in the Falkirk Herald awards at the start of 1991. Several members including Mark McAllister & Stuart McGregor later formed Contribution Boom.

MAGIC BUS:  Funk/rock act who made their debut in 1994, when they won the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". Soon afterwards they changed their name to Alien Frog Chocolate, and then Bingo Fury. The band reverted to Magic Bus by 1996 when they released their debut single, "Superglue".
"Superglue" (CD single, 1996).

MAGIC ROUNDABOUT:  Act formed in 1991.

The MATTER BABIES:  Grangemouth based band formed in 1989 by Elfin Waiflike (vocals), Dog Bite (guitar), Millicent (bass) & Rose (drums), who signed to Brian Guthrie's Nighshift label and released their only album "Skinny Dipping" the following year.
"Skinny Dipping" (vinyl mini-album, Nightshift Records, 1990).

Brian McNEILL:  A career spanning 46 years has established Brian McNeill as one of the most acclaimed forces in Scottish music. Brian was born in 1950 in Falkirk and has been described as ‘Scotland’s most meaningful contemporary songwriter’ (The Scotsman); add to that his work and influence as performer, composer, producer, teacher, musical director, band leader, novelist and interpreter of Scotland’s past, present and future and you have a man who has never stood still. He has performed around the globe, both as a soloist and with some of the era’s most influential bands, including Battlefield Band, which he founded in 1969. He left the band in 1990 to concentrate on solo projects. Brian performs and teaches regularly at many of the world’s major festivals and is a core member of  the UK fiddle phenomenon, Feast of Fiddles. He is the longest running booked artist at Cambridge Folk Festival.
Brian is a multi instrumentalist – chiefly fiddle, bouzouki, mandocello, guitars and concertina – and the importance of his songwriting has long been recognised with such songs as The Yew Tree, The Lads O' The Fair, The Snows of France and Holland,  Strong  Women Rule Us All With Their Tears, Any Mick'll  Do and No Gods and Precious Few Heroes.
Brian was especially proud when two lines from The Lads O' The Fair were carved into a viewpoint above his home town of Falkirk, as part of the renovation of the Policy Bing  - an old pit spoil heap - by Falkirk Council and local charities.  His connection with his home town continued with The Falkirk Music Pot project, for which he was commissioned to write, produce, direct and perform music for Falkirk’s 2014 Creative Place Award. The year long project involved local schools, music groups and individuals and culminated in a double CD on Greentrax.
Brian’s audio visual shows, The Back O' The North Wind, about Scottish emigration to America, and the sequel, The Baltic Tae Byzantium, exploring the influence of the Scots in Europe, have won wide critical acclaim. His continuing connection with America's Lone Star State led to him being created an honorary Texan by the then Governor George W Bush.
Brian is increasingly in demand for his production skills and his credits include albums by The Paul McKenna Band, Lorne MacDougall, Rua Macmillan, Eric Bogle and John Munro, Drones and Bellows and The John Wright Band.
Brian is a voracious reader of crime fiction and also writes crime and mystery fiction involving his hero, busker Alex Fraser and his heroine, private sleuth Sammy Knox. His third novel ‘… In The Grass’ was published last year and has just been published in German, along with some of his short stories.
For six years Brian was Head of Scottish Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
www.brianmcneill.co.uk/     Photograph courtesy of Daniel Coston.
"Monksgate" (vinyl album, Escalibur Records, 1978)
"Unstrung Hero" (vinyl album, Temple Records, 1985)
"The Busker & The Devil's Only Daughter" (CD/cassette album, Temple Records, 1990)
"The Back O' The North Wind" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1991)
"No Gods" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Brian McNeill & Alan Reid, "Sidetracks" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1981)
Brian McNeill & Tom McDonagh, "Horses For Courses" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1994)
Brian McNeill & Iain Mackintosh, "Stage By Stage" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Guest performances:
Heather Heywood, "Some Kind Of Love" (vinyl/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1978)
Dick Gaughan, "Handful Of Earth" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1981)
Iain MacKintosh, "Gentle Persuasion" (CD/vinyl album, Greentrax Records, 1988)
Horse, "The Same Sky" (CD/cassette/vinyl album, Capitol Records, 1990) 
Robin Laing, "Walking In Time" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1994)
Tony McManus, "Tony McManus" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Jock Duncan, "Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!" (CD/cassette album, Springthyme Records, 1997)
Danny Kyle, "Danny Kyle" (CD album, Iona Records, 1998)
Tequila Mockingbird, "Agora Mesmo" (CD album, Tequila Mockingbird Records, 2001)
Wolfstone, "Live - Not Enough Shouting" (CD album, Once Bitten Records, 2001).

MISSING LINK:  Falkirk band playing pop/rock who were formed in 1991 by a name change from Outspoken. The line-up at the time was Carol Brown (keyboards), Chris McCarron (vocals/guitar), Richard McCarron (drums), Lorna Marjoriebanks (vocals), Grant Paterson (bass) & Mark Ramsay (guitar). They gigged regularly around the area, producing a three track demo at the end of 1992. Early in 1993 Paterson left, and was soon to join The Diesel Kings. At that point Chris McCarron switched to bass, and the band continued to play until 1994. Once the band split the McCarron brothers formed Frank's Wild Years, Marjoriebanks later tried to form Heading South, whilst Brown & Ramsay formed Adams Fall.
"Edge Of A Knife" (cassette single, 1992).

MONITOR LIZARD:  Denny rock band formed in 1989 by Callum Daymeat, Greig Duncan, Gerard D'Ambrosia & ex-Ad Finem drummer Ronnie Horner. The band continued to play live into 1990, when they won the Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands". At the end of that year, however they changed their name to Exceed. By May 1991 they were called Monitor Lizard again. The band continued to play live, adding a second guitarist Jim McMillan in October 1992. Alex Pollock (guitar, ex-No Dice) joined the band in 1996, though we are unsure who he replaced, and the band continued into 1997. The following year they changed their name to Exit.

NEPENTHE:  Formed in 1992 by ex-Noise Annoyz members Paul Mann (guitar) & Tam Winters (bass), along with Colin (drums), Steve Marshall (guitar) & Ross Roughhead (vocals). They continued to play heavy rock until 1995, and three years Mann & Winters formed Brighawk.

NEXUS SIX:  Grangemouth based act formed in early 1990 by Finlay Marshall.

NICOLETTE:  Glasgow born singer of Afro-European descent raised in Falkirk, Nigeria, France & Switzerland, Nicolette finally settled in Wales after completing a degree in French, and hooked up with dance act Shut Up & Dance, who produced her debut singles and album in the early 1990's. This led to her being asked to sing with Massive Attack on their second album, "Protection" in 1994, which in turn led to a deal with Talkin' Loud, and the release of her second album in 1996. Featuring an impressive list of collaborators, including Plaid, Alec Empire, Dego and 4-Hero, the album became an instant success on the underground scene and contributed to German imprint K7! re-releasing Now Is Early and getting the singer to record her own DJ Kicks Sessions, again accompanied by Plaid.  Her third album, "Life Loves Us", marked once again a change of direction for Nicolette. Although retaining some of the atmospheric fundamentals of its predecessors, this album was definitely more upbeat and openly positive. Entirely produced by Nicolette and released on her own Early Records label, the album was the fruit of four years gestation and featured twelve tracks plus numerous interludes inserted in between acting as snapshots of life.
"O Sinene" (12 inch vinyl single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1991)
"Single Minded People" (12 inch vinyl single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1991)
"Wicked Mathematics" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1992)
"Now Is Early" (CD/cassette/vinyl album, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1992)
"No Government" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1995, UK charts # 67)
"We Will Never Know" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Beautiful Day" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Let No-One Live Free In Your Head" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Nightmare" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Life Loves Us" (CD album, Early Recordfs, 2005)
Massive Attack, "Protection" (CD/cassette album, 1994).

NO DICE:   Local rock act formed by ex-Danger rhythm section Pete McBride (bass) & Alan Wright (drums), alongside former Chaser guitarist Alex Pollock in 1991. Later that year they were joined by Craig Duncan (guitar), and continued to play live into 1992. McBride & Wright later formed Anthem, whilst Pollock joined Monitor Lizard. A verson of the band played live again in 2002.  A new line-up of Pollock, Alex Key (guitar/vocals), Gregor McGregor (vocals, ex-Exit), Mike Carruthers (keyboards), Ger Dambrosio (bass) & Chris Kerr (drums).

NO LOVE LOST:  Act formed in 1991 by John Buchanan (bass), John Eaglesham (guitar, ex-That Purple Bus), Jim Ridley (vocals) & Andy Russell (drums), who continued to play live into 1994. In 2007 the band got back together, and continued to play into 2008.

NOISE ANNOYS:  Bonnybridge punk act formed in 1983 by Tam Winter (bass), John Eaglesham (guitar), Tony McGrandles (vocals) & Brian McAllister (drums). The band played locally until 1985 when McGrandles left to join the Navy. Winters switched to vocals and guitar, and Danny Coyle joined on bass. After a few more dates, Eaglesham left in early 1986 to join That Purple Bus, and was replaced by Paul Mann (guitar).  This line-up played extensively locally, and moved from Ramones style punk to a more alternative punk/metal sound until November 1987 when Coyle left (later turning up in Fat Davey & The Denny Brass). Winter switched to bass (again) and Tony McGrandles re-joined on vocals, allowing live work continue until 1991 when McAllister left. In 1992 Mann & Winter formed Nepenthe.
"When The Box Is Open" (cassette single, 1989).

NUMB:  Clydebank based band originally called Clyde who asked ex-Whumff drummer David Dowell to join in 1994. With their new name they started writing and recording material, pursuing a deal with anyone who'd listen, and gigging extensively throughout Scotland and England. The line-up was completed by Pat Biggins (vocals), Alan Johnston (bass), Wullie McGonagle (guitar), and they lasted until 1997, though Dowell left in late-1995 to join Mudshark.

Eddie O'CONNOR:  Ex-member of Punch, and son of Eddie Connors, O'Connor enjoyed a solo career during the 1990's. 2005 saw him prepare for the release of his debut solo album.
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ORAL GROOVE:  Alternative act formed in 1993 by ex-Angelbaby members Paul Coleman (vocals), Malcolm Middleton (guitar) & Heebie (drums), along with second vocalist Scott Bell. Middleton later turned up in The Laughing Stock.

OUTCAST:  Denny act started playing live in 1994, and were still around in 1996. After a year off they returned to live work in 1998, then again in 2000 when they reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". That year also saw them support Annie Christian at the Martell. They continued to play live until 2001.

OUTSPOKEN:  Local rock/pop act formed in 1991 by ex-One Day Soon members Carol Brown (keyboards), Richard McCarron (drums) & Lorna Marjoriebanks (vocals), along with Chris McCarron (vocals/guitar, ex-Diesel Kings), Grant Paterson (bass) & Mark Ramsay (guitar). They played one date before changing their name to Missing Link.

The OYSTER BAND:  English folk band originally formed in and around Canterbury in a squat near the university by John Jones (vocals/squeezeboxes), Alan Prosser (guitars/mandolin/vocals, ex-Fiddler's Dram), Falkirk born Ian Telfer (fiddle/concertina, ex-Fiddler's Dram), Ian Kearey & Russell Lax (drums) during the mid-1980's. At that time folk-rock, whatever that was, had long since withered and died and the Oyster Band, angry and loud yet still eminently tuneful, were way out on a limb. They became the first act to sign to new label, Cooking Vinyl, and released their debut album, "Step Outside" in 1986.

At every turn since, they've steadfastly followed their own instincts, gloriously disregarding irrelevancies such as image, make-believe musical boundaries and media flavours of the month. Their own writing took a leap on 1987's "Wide Blue Yonder", which included the classic, if seriously strange, "Oxford Girl", as well as an electrifying cover of Billy Bragg's "Between The Wars", and had a guest appearance from Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian pipes some years before Sting had the same idea. lan Kearey left to be replaced on bass (and occasional cello) by Chopper (ex-3 Mustaphas 3), who came to play a defining role on their next album "Ride", and indeed their sound ever since. "Ride", including a cheeky version of New Order's "Love Vigilantes", left the public in no doubt of the band's unconditional commitment to its own path.

A largely live album, "Little Rock To Leipzig", rounded off the 1980s, and they entered the new decade veering off at an unexpected tangent, collaborating with the high priestess of English folk song, June Tabor, on their most successful album thus far, "Freedom & Rain". They toured with Tabor too, a tense, fascinating amalgam between two highly independent and sharply contrasting spirits and styles which merged into an uneasy dream ticket for English music. "Imagine if Aerosmith and Madonna announced they were to tour together........!!" said Rolling Stone magazine, excitably. It was a refreshing diversion, but one that distracted the Oysters from the sense of purpose that had driven them for so long... and it confused their followers. 
"Deserters" in 1992 saw that sense of purpose dramatically re-emerge, new drummer Lee (ex-Kirsty MacColl) joining to complete the current line-up and provide a harder edge still to a darker style of songwriting. The contrast between "Deserters" and the relatively jaunty "Freedom And Rain" again confounded the critics.

But by this time the goalposts had shifted again. Bands like The Levellers had been building a fervent following with an alternative indie approach that embraced many of the values pioneered by The Oyster Band. There was also an unexpected upsurge of young musicians taking their own inspiration from folk song and traditional instrumentation; and with their spectacular 1993 album "Holy Bandits" striking a glorious balance between their own traditions and a very modern kind of rock, the Oysters suddenly found themselves talked of as godfathers of a new English style of roots rock. After years being regarded by the music industry as on a par with inter-planetary aliens, it came as a shock to them to discover they were now 'leaders of a movement'.  
If anybody imagined this would mellow the band they were wrong. After a compilation album ("Trawler") on which they rather novelly (and to Cooking Vinyl's initial horror) decided to re-record most of the old tracks to enable Chopper and Lee to put their own stamp on them, they came back in 1995 with "The Shouting End Of Life", probably the most aggressive and political album of their career. It was an album of acute extremes, from the trailblazing title track to their raging treatment of Leon Rosselson's socialist national anthem "The World Turned Upside Down".
In 1997 they teamed up again with friend/producer Alan Scott for "Deep Dark Ocean". It came, unpredictably, with a smile on its face, warm and melodic and, revealing an unexpected talent for quirky pop music, surprised in an election year by ignoring politics altogether (except in the sleevenotes: "Yes, we voted Labour but we didn't inhale").

"Here I Stand", co-produced with Alaric Neville, released during the last summer of the 20th Century, created another landmark with the formation of their own label Running Man. Happily, sales proved the Oysters' following were not fazed by the album's provocative (read "risky") mix of austerity, improvisation, tradition and outright pop; which proved surprisingly radio-friendly and promises well for the label's future.
But while marking time with an interesting remix of one of the "Here I Stand" songs, "Ways Of Holding On", featuring Swedish ice-princess Emma Hardelin from the band Garmarna, The Oyster Band have been talking to their former label. Autumn 2000 saw the release of an ultimate "Best Of" compilation, titled "Granite Years". Covering the period 1986 to 1997, it weighed somewhat toward the later albums, partly because Cooking Vinyl had already licensed out a compilation from the early albums under the title "Pearls From The Oysters" (one the band had successfully avoided using for a great many years!), and partly because they reckoned the band's writing had improved with time.  The band continue to perform around the world in 2006.
"Step Outside" (vinyl/cassette album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Hal-An-Tow" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"The Old Dance" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Rose Of England" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Wide Blue Yonder" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Ballad Of A Spycatcher" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"The Early Days Of A Better Nation" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1988)
"I Fought The Law" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Ride" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"The Lost And Found" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"New York Girls" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Love Vigilantes" (7 inch/10 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Little Rock To Leipzig" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)
"Granite Years" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl/CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Deserters" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Fiddle Or A Gun" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"All That Way For This" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Gone West" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Celtic Junkies" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Holy Bandits" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Cry Cry" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"20th of April" (CD single, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Spain only)
"Trawler" (CD album, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Australia / Canada / Germany only)
"Oxford Girl" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"The Shouting End Of Life" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"Long Dark Street" (CD single, 1995, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Everywhere I Go" (CD single, 1996, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Alive & Shouting" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"One Green Hill" (12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1996)
"Sail On By" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Deep Dark Ocean" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Tubthumping" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Pearls From The Oysters - The Early Years, 30 Tracks From 86-90" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"Alive & Acoustic" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1999)
"Here I Stand" (CD album, Running Man Records, 1999)
"Street Of Dreams" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"On The Edge" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany only)
"Granite Years" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 2000)
"Ways Of Holding On (Waiting For The Sun)" (CD single, Running Man Records, 2000)
"The Soul's Electric" (CD single, 2002, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"Rise Above" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2002)
"Rise Above" (CD single, 2003, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"25" (CD EP, 2003)
"The Big Sessions: Volume 1" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2004)
The Oyster Band with June Tabor:
"Freedom & Rain" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)

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