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A lot of bands start a label to release their own single, however, to get onto this page they have to have released something by someone else as well:


Bella Union was started by Robin Guthrie & Simon Raymonde of The Cocteau Twins. They celebrated their 100th release in 2005.

Simon Raymonde, "Blame Someone Else" (BELLACD1)
Simon Raymonde, "It's A Family Thing" (BELLACD2)
Dirty Three, "Ocean Songs" (BELLACD3)
Nanaco, "Luminus Love in 23" (BELLACD4)
Nanaco, "Lick your footsteps to clean my room" (BELLACD5/BELLA512)
Dirty Three, "Ufkuko" (BELLACD6)
Françoiz Breut, "Ma Colere" (BELLACD7)
Sing-Sing, "Feels like Summer" (BELLACD8)
Françoiz Breut, "Françoiz Breut" (BELLACD9)
Sneakster, "Pseudo Nouveau" (BELLACD10)
Sneakster, "Splinters" (BELLACD11/BELLAV11)
Sneakster//Robin Guthrie, "Fifty-Fifty" (BELLACD12)
Russell Mills/Undark, "Pearl and Umbra" (BELLACD13)
The Cocteau Twins, "BBC Sessions" (Double CD album, BELLACD14, 1999)
Various Artists, "2nd Bella Union Compilation" (BELLACD15)
Dirty Three, "Whatever You Love, You Are" (BELLACD16)
The Czars, "Before...But Longer" (BELLACD17)
The Czars, "Val" (BELLACD18)
Yu-Ra, "Kumo EP" (BELLACD19)
The Wave Room, "Love Medicine" (CD album, BELLACD20, 2000)
Russell Mills/Undark One, "Strange Familiar" (BELLACD21)
Violet Indiana, "Choke" (CD EP, BELLACD22, 2000)
Lift To Experience, "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads" (BELLACD23)
Violet Indiana, "Roulette" (CD album, BELLACD24, 2001 )
Françoiz Breut, "Vingt à Trente Mille Jours" (BELLACD25)
Violet Indiana, "Killer Eyes" (CD EP, BELLACD26, 2001)
Devics, "My Beautiful Sinking Ship" (BELLACD27)
Violet Indiana, "Special EP" (CD EP, BELLACD28, 2001)
The Czars, "The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People" (BELLACD29)
Various Artists, "2nd Bella Union Compilation" (BELLACD30)
Departure Lounge, "King Kong Frown" (BELLACD31)
Departure Lounge, "Too Late To Die Young" (BELLACD32)
Lift To Experience, "These Are The Days" (BELLACD33)
The Czars, "Side Effect" (BELLACD34)
Kid Loco, "Kill Your Darlings" (BELLACD35)
Departure Lounge, "What You Have is Good" (BELLACD36)
Al Brooker, "Quixotic" (BELLACD37)
Kid Loco, "A Little Bit of Soul" (BELLAV38)
Aeriel, "So Warm" (BELLACD39)
Garlic, "The Murky World of Seats" (BELLACD40)
The Czars, "X would rather listen to Y" (BELLACD41)
Devics, "Red Morning" (BELLAV42)
Jetscreamer, "Starhead" (BELLACD43)
Dirty Three, "She Has No Strings Apollo" (BELLACD44)
Various Artists, "At Least You Can Die With A Smile On Your Face" (BELLACD45)
Faraway Places, "Unfocus On It" (BELLACD46)
Devics, "The Stars At Saint Andrea" (BELLACD47)
Robin Guthrie, "Imperial" (BELLACD48)
Devics, "In Your Room" (BELLACD49)
Garlic, "Jam Sabatical" (BELLACD50)
Josh Martinez, "Buck Up Princess" (BELLACD51)
Laura Veirs, "Carbon Glacier" (BELLACD52)
Devics, "Don't Take It Away" (BELLACD53)
Trespassers William, "Vapour Trail" (BELLACD54)
Explosions In the Sky, "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place" (BELLACD55)
Trespassers William, "Different Stars" (BELLACD56)
Bikini Atoll, "Moratoria" (BELLACD57)
Bikini Atoll, "Desolation Highway/Then Amplify" (BELLACD58)
Mandarin, "Fast Future Present" (BELLACD59)
Midlake, "Bamnan and Slivercork" (BELLACD60)
Mandarin, "Shadow your Shadow" (BELLACD61)
Laura Veirs, "The Cloud Room" (BELLACD62)
Josh Martinez, "Hard Fall" (BELLACD63)
Trespassers William, "Lie in the Sound" (BELLACD64)
Midlake, "Kingfish Pies" (BELLACD65)
Violet Indiana, "Russian Doll" (BELLACD66)
Violet Indiana, "Beyond the Furr" (BELLACD67)
Lisa Dewey, "Mellow Day" (CD single, BELLACD68)
Lisa Dewey, "Busk" (CD album, BELLACD69)
Bikini Atoll, "Cheap Trick" (BELLACD70)
The Autumns, "The Autumns" (BELLACD78)
The Czars, "Paint The Moon" (BELLACD79)
The Czars, "Goodbye" (BELLACD80)
Dustin O’Halloran, "Piano Solos" (BELLACD81)
Josh Martinez, "Nightmare" (12 inch single, BELLAV82, 2005)
The Dears, "We Can have It" (BELLACD83V)
Laura Veirs, "Riptide" (BELLACD84)
Midlake, "Balloon Maker" (7 inch/CD single, BELLACD85, 2005)
The Dears, "Lost in the Plot" (BELLACD86/BELLAV86)
The Dears, "No Cities Left" (vinyl / CD double album, BELLACD87, 2005)
Laura Veirs, "The Triumphs & Travails of Orphan Mae" (BELLACD88)
Various Artists, "Beneath the Surface Vol 1" (CD album, BELLACCD89)
The Autumns, "Every Sunday Sky" (BELLACD90)
The Art Of Fighting, "Your Easy Part" (CD single, BELLACD91, 2005)
The Art Of Fighting, "Second Story" (CD single, BELLACD92, 2005)
Decoder Ring, "Sumersault" (CD album, BELLACD93, 2005)
Decoder Ring, "Sumersault" (CD single, BELLACD94, 2005)
The Chicharones, "Pork Rind Disco" (12 inch single, BELLAV95, 2005)
The Chicharones, "When Pigs Fly" (CD album, BELLACD96, 2005)
Bikini Atoll, "Liar's Exit" (CD album, BELLACD97, 2005)
Bikini Atoll, "Eve's Rib" (7 inch vinyl / CD single, BELLACD98, 2005)
The Devics, "Push The Heart" (CD album, BELLACD99, 2005)
The Dears, "22: The Death Of All The Romance" (7 inch vinyl / CD single, BELLACD100, 2005)
The Dirty Three, "Cinder" (CD album, BELLACD103)
The Chicharones, "Surf Rock" (CD single, BELLACD104)
Various Artists, "Beneath The Surface" (CD album, BELLACD105)
My Latest Novel, "Sister Sneaker, Sister Sloul" (CD album, BELLACD106)
Francois Bruet, "Une Saisson Volee" (CD album, BELLACD107)
The Dirty Three, "Great Waves" (CD album, BELLACD108)
Mazarin, "We're Already There" (CD album, BELLACD109, 2006)
Mazarin, "Another One Goes By" (CD single, BELLACD110, 2006)
The Czars, "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry" (CD album, BELLACD111, 2006)
My Latest Novel, "Wolves" (CD/vinyl album, BELLACD112, 2006)
My Latest Novel, "The Reputation Of Ross Francis" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD113, 2006)
The Howling Bells, "Howling Bells" (CD album, BELLACD114, 2006)
The Howling Bells, "Wishing Stone" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD115, 2006)
The Howling Bells, "Blessed Night" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD116, 2006)
Midlake, "The Trials Of Van Occupanther" (CD/vinyl album, BELLACD117, 2006)
Midlake, "Young Bride" (CD single, BELLACD118, 2006)
The Dirty Three, "Doris" (BELLAV 118a),
Fionn Regan, "The End Of History" (CD album, BELLACD 119)
Midlake, "Roscoe" (CD single, BELLACD 120)
The Dears, "Gang Of Losers" (CD/vinyl album, BELLACD 121)
The Dears, "Ticket To Imortality" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD 122)
The Howling Bells, "Setting Sun" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD 123)
My Latest Novel, "When We Were Wolves" (CD single, BELLACD 125)
Robert Gomez, "Brand New Towns" (CD album, BELLACD 126)
Dustin O'Halloran, "Piano Solos 1 & 2" (CD album, BELLACD 127)
Midlake, "Head Home" (vinyl single, BELLAV 128)
Robert Gomez, "Closer Still" (CD EP, BELLACD 129)
The Dears, "Whites Only Party" (CD/vinyl single, BELLACD 130 / BELLAV 130)
The Dirty Three, "The Dirty Three" (CD album, BELLACD 131)
The Dirty Three, "Horse Stories" (CD album, BELLACD 132)
Fionn Regan, "Be Good Or Be Gone" (Vinyl single, BELLAV 133)
Various Artists, "Beneath The Surface Volume 3" (CD album, BELLACD 134)
Explosions In The Sky, "All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone" (CD/vinyl album, BELLACD 135/BELLAV 135)

Bella Union series 7:
Gwei-Lo, "Gwei-Lo" (BELLACD701)
Rothko, "In the Pulse of an Artery" (BELLACD702)
Bonnevill, "Pelican" (BELLACD703)
Departure Lounge, "Jetlag Dreams" (BELLACD704)
Jack Dangers, "Variaciones Espectrales" (BELLACD705)

Bella Union AKA:
The Venue, "Mmhm!" (BELLACDAKA01)
Laura Veirs, "Troubled by the Fire" (BELLACDAKA02)


Operated from an office above Firkins, Hubba Bubba was a dance label owned by Utah Saints manager John MacLennan.

Pressure, "Amour" (12 inch vinyl/CD EP, HUB 006, 1993)
OHM, "Why Don't Cha" (12 inch vinyl single, HUB 008, 1993)
BBR Street Gang, "Loyal To You" (12 inch vinyl single, HUB 009, 1993)
Dub Commission, "Concorde" (12 inch vinyl single, HUB 010, 1993)
OHM, "Tribal Tone" (12 inch vinyl single, HUB 011, 1993)
Zero B, "Dat Funky Thing" (12 inch vinyl single, HUB 012, 1993)
Cotillion, "Soft Drinks" (12 inch vinyl EP, HUB 013, 1993)
BBR Street Gang, "United House" (12 inch vinyl EP, HUB 014, 1993)
Harrison Crump, "Sounds Of Life" (12 inch vinyl EP, HUB 015, 1994)
Santuri, "The Truth" (12 inch vinyl EP, HUB 016, 1994)
Bamboo, "Coney Island" (12 vinyl single, 1994)


Run by Craig Hayworth, originally for releasing records by his band The Declined, Misguided now also has Neil Braidwood (of Spitroast/Lost Cause) & Sharon McGregor on board, and runs local gigs at Jacks Bar and Firkins. The label believes fully in running gigs in the good community fashion instead of the now so common exploitation that other promoters do (pay to play, sell tickets etc, do not apply with these DIY guys, "just come along and enjoy your night" is the attitude). Misguided Records is also the official label of artists Spitroast, The Declined, Distorted Mind, Lost Cause, Buzzbomb, Days Forward, Try Hards & State Of Affairs. It also hosts one of the fastest growing online communities for punk and metal gigs at

The label began to take more shape at the start of the summer 2005 with an idea to release a series of Split 7" Records, with each band paying an equal amount towards the pressing and getting an equal amount of records to sell. The first being Misguided Split Series Vol.1 - A 4 track EP Featuring The Declined + State Of Affairs planned for September 2005. Spitroast and The Try Hards are also to release their respective self funded album and EP within the year. The bands record and press their own CD/record and put it out themselves under the Misguided banner after getting a catalogue number. The idea is that anyone can be a part of it. Misguided Split Series Vol.2, featuring Buzzbomb, Spitroast, The Try Hards and an as yet un-named fourth band is planned for the beginning of 2006.

In addition to the releases side of Misguided Records, to fill a much needed gap in the Falkirk live music scene two nights were created: Smashed (a weekly Thursday night pub gig at Firkins Bar ran by Craig Hayworth) & Re-Instated (a fortnightly Friday night small club gig ran by Sharon McGregor and Neil Braidwood). Smashed has now stopped after Firkins decided they did not want live music anymore, and Braidwood will no longer be running the live shows at Re-Instated due to work commitments but is continuing with the MR Forum Online Community. Hayworth is now running Re-Instated alongside McGregor.  A fanzine type publication is planned for the near future.

The Declined, "No One Home" (CD single, MIS001 CD, 2004)
The Declined, "Sixes & Sevens" (CD EP, MIS002 CD, 2004)
State Of Affairs/ he Declined "Scream" (7 inch vinyl, Misguided Split Series : Volume 1, MIS003VL, 2005)
The Try Hards, "Crimes Against Music Volume 1" (CD EP, MIS004CD, 2005)
Spitroast, "Anti-Social Bombscare" (CD album, MIS005 CD, 2006)
Spitroast/Buzzbomb/Try Hards (7 inch vinyl EP, Misguided Split Series Vol 2, MIS006 VL, 2006)


Label started by Stuart & Dave McIntosh of Shatterhand to release their singles and albums, Mythical have also had a release by Bovine, and a couple of compilations.

Shatterhand, "A Mess Of Emotions" (CD single, CD-001, 1999)
Shatterhand, "Wreckage" (CD album, MR2K-002CD, 2000)
Shatterhand, "Make A Difference" (CD single, MR2K-003CD, 2001)
Shatterhand, "Planting Seeds" (CD album, MR2K-004CD, 2001)
Shatterhand, "Bone Palace Ballet" (CD mini album, MR2K-008CD, 2002)
Bovine, "Something In The Water" (CD mini-album, 2003)
Shatterhand, "Random Acts Of Defiance" (CD album, MR2K-011CD, 2005)
Various Artists, "Hey Suburbia" (Compilation CD featuring Consumed, Vanilla Pod, One Car Pile Up, Joe Ninety, Shatterhand, Mixtwitch, Douglas & Turtlehead)
Various Artists, "No Sympathy Night" (Compilation CD (19 tracks from 19 bands from around the uk))


Nightshift was started by Brian Guthrie in the mid-1980's mainly to release albums by Lowlife, however other acts were signed to the label from time to time. Guthrie also started another label in the 1990's called Anoise Annoys, however this may just have been a distribution wing. Also in the 1980's he ran a label for local bands called Sharko 2.

Nightshift Releases:
Lowlife, "Rain" (vinyl album, LOLIF 1, 1985)
Lowlife, "Permanent Sleep" (vinyl album, LOLIF 2, 1986)
Lowlife, "Vain Delights" (12 inch single, LOLIF 3, 1986)
Lowlife, "Diminuendo" (vinyl album, LOLIF 4, 1987)
Lowlife, "Eternity Road" (7/12 inch single, LOLIF 5, 1987)
Lowlife, "Swirl, It Swings" (12 inch single, LOLIF 6, 1987)
Lowlife, "The Black Sessions & Demos" (cassette album, LOLIFE DEMO 1, 1988)
Lowlife, "Godhead" (CD/vinyl album, LOLIF 8, 1989)
Lowlife, "From A Whisper To A Scream" (CD/vinyl album, LOLIF 7, 1990)
Thanes, ""Better Look Behind You" (mini-album, NISHI 211, 1990)
The Matter Babies, "Skinny Dipping" (mini-album, NISHI 212, 1990)
Lowlife, "San Antorium" (CD album, LOLIFE 9, 1991)
Hexology, "Hexology" CD album, 1992)
Lowlife, "Gush" (CD album, LOLIF 10, 1995)

Sharko 2 Releases:
The Liberators, "Scream & Shout" (cassette single, 1981)
Two Helens, "Reflections In Red" (vinyl album, 1986)
Two Helens, "Silver & Gold" (7 inch vinyl, 1987)
This Scarlet Train, "Fimbrai" (vinyl mini-album, 1987)

Anoise Annoys releases:
Bay, "Happy Being Different" (CD EP, ANANCD 2, 1994)
Bay, "Alison Rae" (CD double album, ANANCD 6, 1995)


Label started in 1994 by Eddie McKenzie & David Rourke of The Diesel Kings to release their debut single. Three years later McKenzie relaunched the label with Japanese act The Asian Babes, and his own International Pop Assassins. Another unrelated Glasgow label called Seminal started in 2004, releasing the aclaimed debut album by ex-Big Dish frontman, Stephen Lindsay. McKenzie has continued with the Falkirk label and has released several artists, including singer/songwriter Jill Hepburn, and retrospective albums by One Over The Eight & The Diesel Kings. The label releases the annual self-penned Christmas single/card by local family the Simpsons (who may or may not be McKenzie under another name).

The Diesel Kings, "Matadors & Scavengers" (CD EP, CUM 001, 1994)
The Asian Babes, "Fish Net Trash" (7 inch single, CUM 002, 1997)
The International Pop Assassins, "Lo-Fi Elvis On Acid", CUM 003, 1998)
Fat Elvis, Internet Fanzine (CUM 004, 1998)
The International Pop Assassins, "When She Rains" (Internet single, CUM 005, 1999)
The Diesel Kings, "Songs Of The Open Road" (CD album, CUM 006, 2002)
One Over The Eight, "Here's Some We Made Earlier" (CD album, CUM 007, 2002)
The Simpsons, "Merry Christmas Everyone" (CD single, CUM 008, 2003)
The International Pop Assassins, "Spring" (CD single, CUM 009, 2004)
The International Pop Assassins, "Summer" (CD single, CUM 010, 2004)
Various Artists, "A Seminal Sampler" (CD EP, CUM 011, 2004)
The Simpsons, "This Time Of Year" (CD single, CUM 012, 2004)
Jill Hepburn, "Groovy Enough For Two" (CD EP, CUM 013, 2005)
The International Pop Assassins, "Fall" (CD single, CUM 014, 2005)
The International Pop Assassins, "Three Miles" (CD album, CUM 015, 2006)
The Simpsons, "I Can't Wait For Christmas Day" (CD single, CUM 016, 2005)
The International Pop Assassins, "Underneath Skin Pages" (CD single, CUM 018, 2006)
The Simpsons, "Christmas To Excess" (CD single, CUM 019, 2006)
The International Pop Assassins, "PS" (CD album, CUM 020, 2007)
The International Pop Assassins, "Songs From The Acoustic Kitchen" (CD single, CUM 021, 2007)
The International Pop Assassins, "Howl" (CD single, CUM 022, 2008)
The Simpsons, "All I Want For Christmas" (CD single, CUM 023, 2007)


Zoom was an Edinburgh based label started in 1977 by ex-Falkirk resident Bruce Findlay. The label folded when Simple Minds became too big for Findlay to manage as well as run a label.

The Valves, "Robot Love" (7 inch single, ZUM 1, 1977)
PVC2, "Put You In The Picture" (7 inch single, ZUM 2, 1977)
The Valves, "Tarzan Of The King's Road" (7 inch single, ZUM 3, 1977)
The Zones, "Stuck With You" (7 inch single, ZUM 4, 1978)
Mike Heron, "Sold On Your Love" (7 inch single, ZUM 5, 1978)
The Questions, "Some Other Guy" (7 inch single, ZUM 6, 1978)
Nightshift, "Love Is Blind" (7 inch single, ZUM 7, 1978)
The Questions, "Can't Get Over You" (7 inch single, ZUM 8, 1979)
Nightshift, "Jet Set" (7 inch single, ZUM 9, 1979)
Simple Minds, "Life In A Day" (7 inch single, ZUM 10, 1979)
Simple Minds, "Life In A Day" (vinyl album, ZULP 1, 1979)
Simple Minds, "Chelsea Girl" (7 inch single, ZUM 11, 1979)
London Zoo, "Receiving End" (7 inch single, ZUM 12, 1980)
The Cheetahs, "(I Don't Wanna Be) Radio Active" (7 inch single, ZUM 14, 1980).

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