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MacFLOYD:  Pink Floyd tribute formed in the 1990's that featured ex-Fool No More guitarist Matt Morrow. In 1995 David Walker (drums, Numb) helped out for a few gigs. The line-up beacme Billy (vocals/guitar), Alister (bass, also Saggy Trousers), Dee (saxophone/guitar/keyboards/vocals, also Saggy Trousers), Will (guitar/vocals, also with Insomnia), Stevie (keyboards), Ian (drums), Sammi (vocals) & Michelle (vocals).
WEBSITE:  http://www.macfloyd.co.uk
Mairi-Claire MacNEIL:  Hebrides born Falkirk based singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald "Voice Of 2008" competition.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/mairi-claire

MAD FOR SADNESS:  Named after an Arab strap album the band was formed in summer 2008 by Ross Anderson (guitar/vocals, ex-Idiotcut), Steven Jack (drums/vocals, ex-Idiotcut), Scott Aitken (keyboards/ vocals, ex-Ever The Optimist), Ross MacIntosh (bass/vocals, ex-Idiotcut). However, unlike Arab Strap, they specialized in infectious pop, and recorded their first demo at Urban Studios in July. 2009 saw Anderson, Jack & MacIntosh re-form their previous band Idiotcut, whilst Aitken formed It's A Girl.
WEBSITE: http://www.myspace.com/madforsadness

The MAIN ATTRACTION:  Formed by Garry "Munkey" Kyle (vocals/guitar), Ablett (guitar) & Phil (drums). In 2006 they recruited Michael McKean (bass), and they played their first live date that summer in a driveway. Kyle & McKean later formed Haze On A Hilltop.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/themainattracrtion
MALINKY:  Edinburgh folk act formed 1998 by Banknock-born vocalist Karine Polwart, along with Steve Byrne (vocals/guitar/bouzouki), Mark Dunlop (whistle/bodhran) & Kit Patterson (violin/guitar/mandolin). They won the "Open Stage" competition at 1999's Celtic Connections, which led to a deal with Greentrax Records. Polwart was also a member of MacAlias & The Battlefield Band. Their debut album, "Last Leaves" was released in 2000 then Patterson was replaced by Leo McCann (whistle) & John Bews (vocals/violin) for their second album. Polwart's blooming solo career led her to leave the band for good in 2005.
"Last Leaves" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2000)
"Three Ravens" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2002)

MARK 11:  Three piece act formed in 2006 by Craig Turnbull (vocals/guitar), Craig Alston (bass/vocals) and Darren Taylor (drums). Turnbull and Alston soon formed Lost & Found.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/markiionline
MARLOW:  4-piece formed 2006 by Chris Quinn (vocals/guitar), Craig Telfer (bass/vocals), Chris Leslie (guitar), & Kenny Munro (drums). After recording a demo at Exit Studios the band played a few dates around Scotlnad. However Munro living in Aberdeen made things difficult for them to rehearse, so in May they recruited Mark Cameron (drums, ex-Invisibles), playing at an all-dayer at Pennies, Falkirk. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's, before playing at Big In Falkirk in May.  2009 began with a date at an Unsigned festival at Falkirk Town Hall in April. By 2010 Camerson had been replaced by Sandy Smith (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://myspace.com/marlow_music

Alan MARTIN & Stewart DOUGLAS:  Seventeen year old acoustic duo who performed regularly at the Acoustic Kitchen songwriter nights in 2004 - 2005. Martin, who was heavily influenced by Damien Rice, was also a member of local rock act Plan B. He spent summer 2006 singing with the National Youth Choir Of Scotland, including dates at the BBC Proms in London, and the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

Brett MARVIN & THE THUNDERBOLTS:  London based band, sometimes also known as Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs. The latter had a hit in the 1970's with "Seaside Shuffle". Their line-up includes local bass player Dougie Strathie (ex-Offramp) with Jim Pitts (saxophone harmonica/ guitar/slide mandolin/banjo/vocals), Graham Hine (slide guitar/mandolin/vocals, ex-Offramp), Keith Trussell (guitar/zobstick/ironing board/ vocals/percussion), John Randall (drums/washboard/percussion), Taffy Davies (keyboard/piano/clarinet/ mandolin/vocals, ex-Offramp) & Pete Gibson (oil drums trombone/vocals/percussion). The original keyboard player in the band was Jona Lewie of "Stop The Calvery" and "Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties" fame.In 2006 Strathie also joined local act Roseland.
WEBSITE:  http://freespace.virgin.net/e.randall/
Sarah-Marie MAXWELL:  Laurieston based singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald "Voice Of 2008" competition that year, whilst only 15 years old.
Alana McAULEY:  Wedding singer, made the final of the 2006 Falkirk Herald Voice of the Year competition.

Alisha McKAY:  Denny singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald's "Voice Of 2008" competition.

Eve McKAY:  Polmont singer who gigged at Big In Falkirk (2006) after graduating in Popular Music from Napier University. Later that year she reached the final of the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2006" competition.
Georgina McKENZIE:  Solo vocalist who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

Robyn McLEAN:  Solo vocalist who won the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

Alana McLERNON:  Former singer with Falling Behind Fred, She went solo in 2007, reaching the final of the Council run "Battle Of The Bands". Marc Stirling (bass, of I Am Stud) & Scott Young (drums, of Ice Cold & Alex) helped McLernon out live in 2008. In spring she worked with a backing band of Young (drums), Alex Anderson (bass, also of Strawberry Fields) & Emma George (guitar, ex-Cadenza). After travelling to Belarus with the charity Buskit, McLernon moved to Bristol in summer 2008 to study music. Personal reasons meant that she had to leave college, and upon returning to the area attained third spot in the Falkirk Herald "Voice of 2009" competition. In April McLernon played the Unsigned Festival at Falkirk Town Hall, Big In Falkirk in May, then at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer. In May McLernon guested on recordings by The Last Saloon. 2010 saw McLernon make a return to the Grangemouth Festival.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/alanamclernonmusic
The MEDIA WHORES:  Four piece act put together in 2008 by Craig Anderson (vocals/guitar, ex-Red Panda), Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals, ex-Cool Jerks, also with Bladdered), Jim MacKellar (guitar / vocals, ex-Fire Exit) & Joe Jackonelli (drums/vocals, ex-Fire Exit). 2009 saw the band play a regular run of dates, including a support with 999 and live dates continued into 2010.  2011 saw the band release their debut album, "Starfishing", whilst continuing to play live, including a date with Spear Of Destiny.
RELEASES: "Starfishing" (CD album, 2011) 

Paul MEIKLEHAM:  Solo vocalist who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

Malcolm MIDDLETON:  Middleton (vocals/guitar/bass/drums/etc.) cut his teeth in local acts like Pigtube, Angelbaby, Oral Groove & The Laughing Stock before forming the successful Arab Strap in 1995. During 2002, a quiet time for Arab Strap, he found time to write, record and release his own solo debut album, "5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine", which was a much more commercial (if that word could be used) affair than he had previously been involved in. Scattered solo dates over the next two years, and a limited edition 7 inch single ("Ryanair Song") for Nowhere Fast Records, were all that was heard of Middleton until the follow up album, "Into The Woods" was released in 2005. This album featured guest performances from Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite and Barry Burns (piano), The Delgados’ Paul Savage (drums) and his fellow Arab Strap collaborator Aidan Moffat. Middleton also recruited a band for live work which included former Delgados members Alan Barr (keyboards), Stewart Henderson (bass) and Paul Savage (drums). The second single to be taken from the album was intended at be a double a-side ("Break My Heart" / "A New Heart"), released in September 2005, but complications led to it being an internet only release. He toured Europe at that time, followed by a short UK tour (including a "Way To Blue" Festival date supporting Teenage Fanclub at Falkirk Town Hall). 2005 ended with the album being voted 8th best album of the year in Mojo Magazine.

The split of Arab Strap at the end of 2006 allowed Middleton to go solo and work on his third album, "A Brighter Beat"- released in February 2007. Recorded at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom studio in Glasgow with co-producer Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Dirty Pretty Things), the album features the talents of numerous luminaries from the Glasgow scene. Barry Burns (Mogwai), Jenny Reeve (Reindeer Section), Paul Savage (Delgados) and Mick Cooke (Belle & Sebastian) appear alongside numerous string and brass players. The title track of the album was released at the same time, and was playlisted on BBC 6Music.  February 2007 also saw Middleton tour the UK solo, supporting Badly Drawn Boy, followed by a full band headline UK tour in March. These were interspersed with dates supporting old friends Bright Eyes. April & May saw Middleton complete a European tour, before returning home for a date at T In The Park in July. Around this time he released another single, "Fight Like The Night", and played a few other UK festivals. Towards the end of the summer Middleton returned to the studio to record what was intended to be an acoustic mini-album. The year was rounded off with a short full band UK tour, and a date at the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival.  
December 2007 saw Middleton make an odd bid for the Christmas charts with the release of the festive sounding (not) internet single "We're All Going To Die", supported by a campaign on Radio 1, led by Zane Lowe. In December Middleton also supported The Verve at the SECC, Glasgow. Whilst the single did not top the charts, it did enter at number 31, making Middleton the first local act to hit the top forty for over ten years.

In March 2008 Middleton released a new album, "Sleight Of Heart", which was originally meant to be an acoustic mini-album, promoting it with a UK tour. The album featured Burns (piano), Savage (drums), Steve Jones (bass) and former Arab Strap member Jenny Reeve (violin/vocals), and contained covers of tracks by Madonna & King Creosote. He then toured Europe in April, to co-incide with a limited edition vinyl single, "Blue Plastic Bags", and Australia & Japan in May. Middleton played guitar on a couple of dates with the band Sophia in the summer, just as he released a limited edition acoustic album, "Live At The Bush Hall", recorded in late 2005. October saw Middleton back out playing live again, including a date supporting hot new things Glasvegas, whilst in December he staged his own miserable Christmas party at a working man's club in Govan. Christmas found him playing London dates, with James Yorkston and Richard Dawkins!  2009  began with an appearance at a Parisian festival, followed by an appearance at The Fence Festival in Fife. Middleton's new single, "Red Travellin' Socks", was released in May, followed by a new album, "Waxing Gibbous" in June. Summer was spent touring the UK along with The Pictish Trail, before undertaking a European tour in September/October. This was accompanied by a new single, "Zero".   2010 saw Middleton ending his solo career to all extents and purposes, by releasing two live albums. He announced that all future work would be under the name of Human Don't Be Angry, however a split single, "The Whole World's Gone To Fuck" was released on De-Fence records in November, followed by a UK tour in December. 
"5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2002)
"Ryanair Song" (7 inch single, Nowhere Fast Records, 2004)
"Lonliness Shines"/"No Modest Bear" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground Records, 2005)
"Into The Woods" (CD/vinyl album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2005)
"Break My Heart"/"A New Heart" (internet single, 2005)
" A Brighter Beat" (7 inch/download single, Full Time Hobby Records, 2007)
"A Brigher Beat" (CD album, Full Time Hobby Records, 2007)
"Fuck It, I Love You" (Internet single, 2007)
"Fight Like The Night" (Internet single, 2007)
"We're All Going To Die" (Internet single, 2007, UK #31)
"Sleight Of Heart" (Album, Full Time Hobby Records, 2008)
"Blue Plastic Bags" (7 inch single, 2008)
"Live At The Bush Hall" (CD album, 2008)
"Red Travellin' Shoes" (7 inch/internet single, 2009) 
"Waxing Gibbous" (CD internet album, 2009)
"Zero" (CD / internet single, 2009) 
"Long Dark Night" (live album, 2010)
"Live In Zurich" (live album, 2010)
"The Whole World's Gone To Fuck" (10 inch single, De-Fence Records, 2011) 
GUEST APPEARANCE: "The Ballad Of The Books" (CD album, various artists featuring Middleton, 2007) 
WEBSITE: http://www.malcolmmiddleton.co.uk  & http://www.myspace.com/malcolmmiddleton
MIDLIFE CRISIS:  Rock/pop covers act formed in 2003 by Tom Thomson (vocals/guitar), Alex Smith (vocals/guitar), Alan Gallagher (vocals/guitar), Duncan Watson (guitar/Mandolin/bass), Stan (drums) & Dougie Crichton (bass, ex-Bottleneck Blues Band). In October 2005 they played as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. Thomson, Watson, Crichton & stan all left over the following years, leaving Smith, Gallagher, Stuart Smith (vocals/bass) & Sam Alston (drums) to continue playing into 2010.
Ross MILLER:  Solo vocalist who reached second place in The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

MILOPHOBIA:  Edinburgh based four piece featuring Bo'ness vocalist Chris Allison (ex-Butch & The Bandits), formed in 2009. They released their eponymous debut CD that year. Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, however they split up soon afterwards.
RELEASES:  "Milophobia" (CD, 2009)
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/milophobia

MIXMASTER GENERAL:  Instrumental duo from Falkirk who formed in 2005. The band consists of Jamie Forrester (drums, ex-Music Of Kid Audio) and William Barrington (guitar), and they view themselves as an alternative rock band. In December 2004 they won a "Battle Of The Bands" organised by Falkirk College.
WEBSITE:  http://www.musicofkidaudio.com
Aiden MOFFAT & The BEST OFs:  Band formed by ex-Arab Strap frontman, Aidan Moffat, upon the demise of that act. The act made their debut with author Ian Rankin in the Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York in spring 2007, and their UK debut supporting Slint in August. Meanwhile, a collaboration with artist Dave Shrigley appeared on a German compilation album in the summer. The band released their debut album, "I Can Hear Your Heart" on Chemikal Underground in January 2008, with Moffat playing a couple of support slots to Mogwai in May. That month also saw an album of Moffat rarities from 1995 released, entitled "The Angry Buddhists". Another side project was a series of vinyl singles with Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, which began in summer 2008, under the name of Aloha Hawaii. The Best-Of's played a few dates towards the end of 2008, including a support in Glasgow to Shellac, and a festival in Holland. Moffat released his debut solo album, "How To Get To Heaven From Scotland" in February 2009, along with a free single, "Big Blonde". After a couple of dates in the UK, the band completed a short tour of Japan in May. That summer, Moffat was struck down with Swine Flu, and had to cancel some dates. A new single was released in September 2009, an orchestral version of Lullaby For Unborn Child backed with a children’s story written and read by Moffat called The Lavender Blue Dress2010 began with a live date with Bill Wells at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, and in March Moffat appeared on the BBC Radio Three literature & poetry show, "The Verb". A couple of live dates followed in spring (one of which was supporting The Bluebells), after which Moffat began work on a collaborative album with Bill Wells. October saw the release of a ten track mini-album, designed to fit onto two sides of a 7 inch single, entitled "Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers", which was followed by three dates in the Highlands in November. 2011 saw the collaborative album with Bill Wells, "Everythings Getting Older", released to great critical acclaim, followed by a cover version of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer". 2012 saw a strange 7 inch release by Moffat & Wells, featuring a medley of "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Jennifer Rush & Huey Lewis.
"I Can Hear Your Heart" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2008)
"The Angry Buddhists" (CD album, AMC Records, 2008)
"How To Get To Heaven From Scotland" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2009)

"Big Blonde" (single, 2009)
"Lullaby For An Unborn Child" (Internet/7 inch single, 2009)
"Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers" (vinyl mini-album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2010)
With Bill Wells: "Everything's Getting Older" (CD/internet album)
With Bill Wells: "Cruel Summer" (single, 2011)
With Bill Wells: "The Power & The Glory Of Love" (7 inch single, 2012).
WEBSITE:  http://www.aidanmoffat.co.uk/index.php/site/nav

MONKEY FROG:  Duo from 2006 featuring Grant Ritchie (guitar) & Marc Twynholm (guitar, ex-Cato's Cat). They released their debut album, "Monkey Picked Tea" later that year.
RELEASES:  "Monkley Picked Tea" (CD album, 2006).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/monkeyfrogtheband 
MORPHEUS RISING:  York based act formed in 2008 by Falkirk lad Graeme Tennick (vocals, ex-ZBD). The rest of the band was Pete Harwood (guitar), Daymo Sweeting (guitar), Andy Smith (bass) & Paul Gibbons (drums). That year they released a single, "An Ordinary Man", with proceeds going to Help For Heroes, a charity which helps woulnded service personel.
RELEASES:  "An Ordinary Man" (Internet single, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.morpheusrising.co.uk
Euan MORTON:  Euan Morton was born on the 13th August 1977 in Falkirk, and is an actor and singer, perhaps most famous for his role as Boy George in the musical "Taboo". Morton started acting in his local children's theatre, but since graduating from Mountview Conservatory for the Performing Arts, Euan has worked extensively in the UK and America. He was cast as Boy George in the West End musical Taboo which was so successful that Rosie O'Donnell took it to the United States where it enjoyed over 100 performances on Broadway. Morton received an Olivier Award nomination for the role of Boy George and also earned Tony, Drama Desk-, Outer Critics Circle- and Drama League Award nominations, as well as the Theatre World Award (for Outstanding Broadway Debut). Off-Broadway, Euan appeared in the title role of Tony Kushner's adaptation of Brundibar at The New Victory Theatre, and won the 2006 Obie Award for his appearance in Measure For Pleasure at The Public Theater. He played the title role in the musical Caligula: An Ancient Glam Epic at the inaugural New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2004. Regionally, Euan played the title role in The Who's Tommy at the Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor, NY. Recently, he appeared in the Roundabout Theatre Company's new off-Broadway play "Howard Katz" by Patrick Marber along with Alfred Molina. In March 2006 released his debut solo album "NewClear", and has appeared in concert in New York City at Town Hall, The Zipper Theatre, Joe's Pub, Metropolitan Room and Birdland, as well as at The Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA.
RELEASES:  "Newclear" (CD album, 2006).

MOSCA:  Act formed by Jason Taylor (ex-Bay). In 2007 they released an album, "Winterland". Taylor later joined The International Pop Assassins.
RELEASES:  "Winterland" (CD album, Herb Recordings, 2007).
MOYA:  Moya are a Grangemouth band who started off as a jam session in March 2004 in a tiny room built onto the back of a garage, involving Les Allan (drums, ex-Jeffries Fridge), Peter Gilbert (guitar/vocals), Dwayne Mallice (vocals/guitar) & Colin "Twiggy" O'Neill (bass), attempting to play versions of tunes by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Stereophonics. The name only appeared after a few months of playing together, with a number of forgetable names suggested and ignored. Allen came up with "Moya", apparently meaning "Great Nation". With Allan & O'Neill learning new instruments, and Gilbert making the switch from rhythm guitar to lead, the songs took a few months to come together. In October 2004 Moya headed for the recording studio for the first time. The result being the first four track CD demo, "Losing My Way". Next step after recording the disc was to get the music heard, and to get out and play live. After starting live work at Grubowski's, Larbert in December 2004, the band released their debut CD, "Losing My Way", in 2005. That summer saw the band refrain from live work whilst Twiggy recovered from a collapsed lung, however by the end of the year, and into 2006, Moya returned to the stage. Summer saw them complete their second EP, "Breaking Point", and then receive some airplay on Central FM. At the end of 2006 Mallice & Twiggy left the band, as Allen & Gilbert recruited new vocalist, Mark Tierney, and Alloa bass player Stevie McCulloch (ex-Jeffries Fridge). Tierney then proved unreliable and was sacked, allowing Peter to take over vocals. The band then recruited Macedonian born Darko Aroski (guitar), and plan to record a new CD later in the year. 2008 began with a couple of dates, and ended with the act releasing their third single, "Down But Not Out". Early in 2009 McCulloch left due to work commitments, however the band played at Big In Falkirk in May, and the Homecoming Festival in Grangemouth that summer.October saw them debut with new bass player, Adam Dunbar (ex-Slaughterhook?). The band returned to play the festival in 2010, before Aroski left. Gilbert later formed Blind Daze.
"Losing My Way" (CD single, 2005)
"Breaking Point" (CD single, 2006)
"Down But Not Out" (CD single, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/moyarock

MR NICE:  Falkirk band formed by Daniel Adam (drums), Ross Fairweather (vocals/guitar, ex-Shine), Billy Kay (bass, ex-July Days) & Andy Pratt (guitar), who gigged furiously since 2003, so much so that frontman Fairweather gave up his job to concentrate on music. Mr Nice ran a regular sunday night gig at Rialto's in Falkirk for a couple of years. The band were a powerful force live, so much so that the public often wanted them to play cover versions, which is a shame because they had some great songs of their own. In 2004 they reached the finals of the heats for "Big In Falkirk", whilst playing over sixty live dates that year, including one as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. 2005 saw this live schedule continue, as they promoted their debut self-titled EP. In summer the band travelled to London to hold rock music workshops with schoolchildren, as well as playing a few dates in the capital. Kay also played with Five Park Drive during this time, and was joined by Adam early in 2006, whilst Fairweather continued a busy solo career. With all this outside activity it was inevitable that the band split in March 2006. By the end of the year Pratt was helping out The International Pop Assassins. The band reformed for two charity gigs in 2013.
RELEASES:  "Mr Nice" (CD EP, 2005).
WEBSITE:  http://www.mr-nice.co.uk
Colin James MURPHY:  Formerly of Music Of Kid Audio, Murphy went solo in late 2000's, playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer 2009 and May 2010, before releasing a video single, "Love Life & Light". Early in 2011 Murphy recruited musicians to form Sleeper Train.
RELEASES:  "Love, Life & Light" (video single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/colinjamesmurphy

MUSIC OF KID AUDIO (MOKA):  Busy Falkirk band formed in 2002 by Jamie Forrester (drums), Andrew Hutchinson (bass), Derek Mackinnon (guitar), Colin James Murphy (vocals) & Fraser Scott (guitar). They reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" that year. MOKA have formed their own label, Pedestrian Music, and released a single, "Open Your Eyes". Live, the band have performed in Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens in 2003 (on digital TV), and at Big In Falkirk in 2004. In June 2005 they took part in the Emergenza Battle Of The Bands at Glasgow Academy, and appear to have split not long after, with Forrester going on to form Mixmaster General, whilst Murphy went solo.
RELEASES:  "Open Your Eyes" (CD single, Pedestrian Music, 2004)
MYRA HINDLEY & THE BABYSITTERS:  Tastefully named punk band with Jim (guitar/vocals), Gillian (bass), Junior (guitar) & Jamie (drums). The band first got together in May 2005, and have played a few gigs since.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/myrahindleyandthebabysitters
The MYSTICISMS:  Act formed in 2008 by Adam Donaldson (ex-Dave La Manchot), Lim & Conroy. In 2009 they had a track featured on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club on their European campaign, before Donaldson went solo.
RELEASES:  "We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.bebo.com/Mysticisms
NICOLETTE:  Glasgow born singer of Afro-European descent raised in Falkirk, Nigeria, France & Switzerland, Nicolette finally settled in Wales after completing a degree in French, and hooked up with dance act Shut Up & Dance, who produced her debut singles and album in the early 1990's. This led to her being asked to sing with Massive Attack on their second album, "Protection" in 1994, which in turn led to a deal with Talkin' Loud, and the release of her second album in 1996. Featuring an impressive list of collaborators, including Plaid, Alec Empire, Dego and 4-Hero, the album became an instant success on the underground scene and contributed to German imprint K7! re-releasing Now Is Early and getting the singer to record her own DJ Kicks Sessions, once again supported by Plaid. Her third album, "Life Loves Us", marked another change of direction for Nicolette. Although retaining some of the atmospheric fundamentals of its predecessors, this album was definitely more upbeat and openly positive. Entirely produced by Nicolette and released on her own Early Records label, the album was the fruit of four years gestation and featured twelve tracks plus numerous interludes inserted in between acting as snapshots of life.
"O Sinene" (12 inch vinyl single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1991)
"Single Minded People" (12 inch vinyl single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1991)
"Wicked Mathematics" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1992)
"Now Is Early" (CD/cassette/vinyl album, Shut Up & Dance Records, 1992)
"No Government" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1995, UK charts # 67)
"We Will Never Know" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Beautiful Day" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Let No-One Live Free In Your Head" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Nightmare" (12 inch vinyl/cassette/CD single, Talkin' Loud Records, 1996)
"Life Loves Us" (CD album, Early Recordfs, 2005).
Massive Attack, "Protection" (CD/cassette album, 1994).

NO LOVE LOST:  Act formed in 1991 by John Buchanan (bass), John Eaglesham (guitar, ex-That Purple Bus), Jim Ridley (vocals) & Andy Russell (drums), who continued to play live into 1994. In 2007 the band got back together, and continued to play into 2008.

NO NEED FOR IDOLS:  Five piece St Mungo's High School band formed in 2009 by Oliver Kitchen (vocals), David Stewart (guitar/vocals), Conor Matheson (guitar/vocals), Callum Waddell (bass) & Adam Kerry (drums). In February 2010 the band reached the final of the Council run Rock Project Battle of the Bands. Stewart was then replaced by Ben MacDonald (guitar) in 2011. The band then recorded and released their debut single, "What's Become Of Me". Kitchen went on to form The Kooshtie.
RELEASES:  "What's Become Of Me" (Internet/CD cingle, 2011).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/noneedforidols

The NORTH COUNTRY RAMBLERS:  Formed by former Mr Nice/Five Park Drive drummer Dan Adam on vocals/banjo/guitar in 2006. He played into 2007 whilst also playing with The Doledrums. Other members were Billy Kay (bass, also ex-Mr Nice/Five Park Drive), Harry Stevenson (vocals/guitar/mandolin, also with Ice Cold & Alex), Davy Horne (vocals/guitar, also with Ice Cold & Alex & The Ray Summers Band). The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's.
NO 13 BABY:  Duo featuring john McLay (guitar/vocals, ex-Wade) & Wilson Gill (guitar/vocals, ex-Wade). They sometimes operate under the name The Braes Folk Collective.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/no13babyband
NOTSODIVA:  3-piece girl group formed in 2008 by Sarah Alexander (vocals), Larent Gordon (vocals) & Nikki Berrie (vocals). In 2009 they reached the area finals of UK Live & Unsigned at the Concert Halls, Glasgow.

NU2:  U2 tribute formed 1999 by ex-Spiderbaby members Mark Ramsay (guitar) & Alan Barker (vocals), with Adam & Larry doubles Leonard Hoggan (drums) & John Maxwell (bass, ex-Sacrosanct). Three of the members also played with Glam covers act, Lieutenant Stardust. The band are now building up a solid name for themselves on the tribute circuit. In 2003 they appeared as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. The band continued to play, even raising money for Bairns Aid in 2006, right through into 2008, when the band split.
WEBSITE:  http://www.nu2.info
OFF THE RAILS:  Fortmed in 2008 with Andy Winning (guitar/vocals), Greig Taylor (drums), Fudge (bass) & Robin Bell (vocals).

ON REQUEST:  Grangemouth High School band formed in 2008.
ON THE FLY:  Gavin Brown (aka On The Fly) was a member of Citrus Soul and helped out Viva Stereo at gigs and recordings during the early 2000's. He works solo as On The Fly and is "signed" to Fife collective Fence Records. On The Fly had a regular residency at Rialto, Falkirk from 2002 till 2005 and promoted  acts there. November 2004 he did some re-mixes of Malcolm Middleton solo material for a compilation album. February 2005 saw Brown recording with King Creosote for a BBC Radio session. Brown is based locally and works at Falkirk College. Early 2006 saw him touring the UK as a drummer with King Creosote, a task which he repeated in October. In 2007 Brown continued to tour with King Creosote, supporting K.T. Tunstall & Squeeze on tour, as well as appearing on "Later With Jools Holland". In 2008 Brown returned solo, with a festival performance that summer.
"Maican Jam" (CD EP, Fence Records, 2003)
With MC Quake, "Battle Royale" (CD EP, Fence Records, 2004)
With Reporter "10x10:01" (single, De-Fence Records, 2006)
"On The Fly" (De-Fence Records, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.onthefly.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/onthefly
ORCHESTRA MACAROON:  Formed in2005 by Colin Blakey (ex-Waterboys/We Free Kings/Clan) & Stu (also Straiph).
WEBSITE:  http://www.orchestramacaroon.com/dronezone/index.php
OUT OF THE SWIM:  Local act formed in 2005 as Projekt, who soon changed their name to Out Of The Swim,. They comprised Graham Marjoribanks (piano), Dixon Telfer (bass), David Dowell (drums), Brian Dignan (guitar, also with Arthur), James Taylor (guitar, also with Kalamazoo), Susan Appleby (cello), Gordon White (vocals, also with Arthur) & Louise Hamilton (vocals). In 2006 they released their debut album, "Plean International Airport". Telfer also played in Instant Forest.
2009 saw the band re-emerge.
RELEASES:  "Plean International Airport" (CD album, 2006).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/outoftheswim
The OYSTER BAND:  English folk band originally formed in and around Canterbury in a squat near the university by John Jones (vocals/squeezeboxes), Alan Prosser (guitars/mandolin/vocals, ex-Fiddler's Dram)Falkirk born Ian Telfer (fiddle/concertina, ex-Fiddler's Dram), Ian Kearey & Russell Lax (drums) during the mid-1980's. At that time folk-rock, whatever that was, had long since withered and died and the Oyster Band, angry and loud yet still eminently tuneful, were way out on a limb. They became the first act to sign to new label, Cooking Vinyl, and released their debut album, "Step Outside" in 1986.

At every turn since, they've steadfastly followed their own instincts, gloriously disregarding irrelevancies such as image, make-believe musical boundaries and media flavours of the month. Their own writing took a leap on 1987's "Wide Blue Yonder", which included the classic, if seriously strange, "Oxford Girl", as well as an electrifying cover of Billy Bragg's "Between The Wars", and had a guest appearance from Kathryn Tickell on Northumbrian pipes some years before Sting had the same idea. lan Kearey left to be replaced on bass (and occasional cello) by Chopper (ex-3 Mustaphas 3), who came to play a defining role on their next album "Ride", and indeed their sound ever since. "Ride", including a cheeky version of New Order's "Love Vigilantes", left the public in no doubt of the band's unconditional commitment to its own path.

A largely live album, "Little Rock To Leipzig", rounded off the 1980s, and they entered the new decade veering off at an unexpected tangent, collaborating with the high priestess of English folk song, June Tabor, on their most successful album thus far, "Freedom & Rain". They toured with Tabor too, a tense, fascinating amalgam between two highly independent and sharply contrasting spirits and styles which merged into an uneasy dream ticket for English music. "Imagine if Aerosmith and Madonna announced they were to tour together........!!" said Rolling Stone magazine, excitably. It was a refreshing diversion, but one that distracted the Oysters from the sense of purpose that had driven them for so long... and it confused their followers. 
"Deserters" in 1992 saw that sense of purpose dramatically re-emerge, new drummer Lee (ex-Kirsty MacColl) joining to complete the current line-up and provide a harder edge still to a darker style of songwriting. The contrast between "Deserters" and the relatively jaunty "Freedom And Rain" again confounded the critics.

But by this time the goalposts had shifted again. Bands like The Levellers had been building a fervent following with an alternative indie approach that embraced many of the values pioneered by The Oyster Band. There was also an unexpected upsurge of young musicians taking their own inspiration from folk song and traditional instrumentation; and with their spectacular 1993 album "Holy Bandits" striking a glorious balance between their own traditions and a very modern kind of rock, the Oysters suddenly found themselves talked of as godfathers of a new English style of roots rock. After years being regarded by the music industry as on a par with inter-planetary aliens, it came as a shock to them to discover they were now 'leaders of a movement'.  
If anybody imagined this would mellow the band they were wrong. After a compilation album ("Trawler") on which they rather novelly (and to Cooking Vinyl's initial horror) decided to  re-record most of the old tracks to enable Chopper and Lee to put their own stamp on them, they came back in 1995 with "The Shouting End Of Life", probably the most aggressive and political album of their career. It was an album of acute extremes, from the trailblazing title track to their raging treatment of Leon Rosselson's socialist national anthem "The World Turned Upside Down".
In 1997 they teamed up again with friend/producer Alan Scott for "Deep Dark Ocean". It came, unpredictably, with a smile on its face, warm and melodic and, revealing an unexpected talent for quirky pop music, surprised in an election year by ignoring politics altogether (except in the sleevenotes: "Yes, we voted Labour but we didn't inhale").

"Here I Stand", co-produced with Alaric Neville, released during the last summer of the 20th Century, created another landmark with the formation of their own label Running Man. Happily, sales proved the Oysters' following were not fazed by the album's provocative (read "risky") mix of austerity, improvisation, tradition and outright pop; which proved surprisingly radio-friendly and promises well for the label's future.
But while marking time with an interesting remix of one of the "Here I Stand" songs, "Ways Of Holding On", featuring Swedish ice-princess Emma Hardelin from the band Garmarna, The Oyster Band have been talking to their former label. Autumn 2000 saw the release of an ultimate "Best Of" compilation, titled "Granite Years". Covering the period 1986 to 1997, it weighed somewhat toward the later albums, partly because Cooking Vinyl had already licensed out a compilation from the early albums under the title "Pearls From The Oysters" (one the band had successfully avoided using for a great many years!), and partly because they reckoned the band's writing had improved with time.  The band continue to perform around the world in 2006.
"Step Outside" (vinyl/cassette album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Hal-An-Tow" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986) 
"The Old Dance" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1986)
"Rose Of England" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Wide Blue Yonder" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"Ballad Of A Spycatcher" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1987)
"The Early Days Of A Better Nation" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1988)
"I Fought The Law" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Ride" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"The Lost And Found" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"New York Girls" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Love Vigilantes" (7 inch/10 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1989)
"Little Rock To Leipzig" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)
"Granite Years" (7 inch/12 inch vinyl/CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Deserters" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Fiddle Or A Gun" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"All That Way For This" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1992)
"Gone West" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Celtic Junkies" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Holy Bandits" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1993)
"Cry Cry" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"20th of April" (CD single, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Spain only)
"Trawler" (CD album, 1994, Cooking Vinyl Records, Australia / Canada / Germany only)
"Oxford Girl" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1994)
"The Shouting End Of Life" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"Long Dark Street" (CD single, 1995, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Everywhere I Go" (CD single, 1996, Cooking Vinyl Records, Germany only)
"Alive & Shouting" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1995)
"One Green Hill" (12 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1996)
"Sail On By" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Deep Dark Ocean" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Tubthumping" (7 inch vinyl single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1997)
"Pearls From The Oysters - The Early Years, 30 Tracks From 86-90" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"Alive & Acoustic" (CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1998)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1999)
"Here I Stand" (CD album, Running Man Records, 1999)
"Street Of Dreams" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"This Is The Voice" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"On The Edge" (CD single, 1999, Running Man Records, Germany only)
"Granite Years" (double CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 2000)
"Ways Of Holding On (Waiting For The Sun)" (CD single, Running Man Records, 2000)
"The Soul's Electric" (CD single, 2002, Running Man Records, Germany/Spain only)
"Rise Above" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2002)
"Rise Above" (CD single, 2003, Running Man Records, Spain only)
"25" (CD EP, 2003)
"The Big Sessions: Volume 1" (CD album, Running Man Records, 2004)
The Oyster Band with June Tabor:
"Freedom & Rain" (vinyl/CD album, Cooking Vinyl Records, 1990)
WEBSITE:  http://www.oysterband.co.uk
PABLO ESCOBAR:  Glasgow based band formed in 2005 as The States by Sammy McCotter (guitar) and featuring Falkirk drummer David Dowell (of Bad Piggy). In 2006 they changed their name to Pablo Escobar, and described themselves as a mix between The Beach Boys and The Beastie Boys. The rest of the band is made up of Ian & Derek McCotter
WEBSITE:  http://www.pabloescobar.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/pabloescobarrus
The PEARLFISHERS:  Glasgow band formed 1989 by ex-Hearts & Minds vocalist/guitarist/ keyboard player (a Falkirk lad) Davy Scott. He recruited Australian Jim Gash (drums) from his former act, and added Brian McAlpine (keyboards) & Mil Stricevic (bass, ex-Big Sur). With the help of the Princes Trust Scott was able to set up his own label, My Dark Star, and release three EP's in the early 1990's. These singles were playlisted all over Scotland, and led to sessions on Radio Clyde & BBC Radio 1, all of which helped the band build up a strong following north of the border.

The first half of 1992 was spent playing an astonishing range of gigs, including the "Drum Beat" benefit at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, a hugely successful spot on the main stage of the first Scottish Fleadh, support slots at Edinburgh's Usher Hall and the Aberdeen Capitol with Capercaillie, a headline at the SECC during Mayfest, and an open-air gig at Leith Links in Edinburgh with Deacon Blue.
May 1992 saw the start of sessions for the group's debut album at their own studio and at Glasgow's CaVa, featuring guest contributions from Capercaillie's Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw, and Deacon Blue's Graeme Kelling and Jim Prime. The sessions, which continued throughout the year, were only interrupted by    the filming of ITV's 'The Gig' at the Tunnel Club in Glasgow (broadcast twice nationally), and an acoustic tour in December 1992.  Almost a year after the session started the final mixing at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh was completed. The Pearlfishers approached Scottish record label Iona who immediately agreed to license the release of the album and the preceding single. "Saint Francis Songs" emerged as the first choice single, followed by the album, "Za Za's Garden" in August 1993. A second single from the album was released in April 1994, entitled "Living In A Foreign Country".  
From there the band started working with Scotland-loving German label Marina, who signed The Pearlfishers and were responsible for the next album, "The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" in 1997. The album was licensed for mainland Europe by Sony, who memorably flew a posse of French and German journalists over to Glasgow to see them gig at CaVa Studio. The line-up for this album was Scott, McAlpine & Wilf Taylor (drums), with help from Charlie McKerron (violin). By then Scott was working at East Kilbride Arts Centre, and co-produced (with Bill Wells)    an album for Andy Shanks & Jim Russell.

Jim Gash re-joined the band for the next album, "The Young Picnickers" in 1999, along with Deepak Bahl (bass), Amy Geddes (violin), Derek Star (drums) & Gabriel Telerman (guitar). Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub guested on backing vocals. In 1999 Scott, Gash & McAlpine also helped Robin Laing on his "Imaginary Lines" album, whilst Scott produced an album for Tannas.  2000 saw Scott producing The Gentle Waves, as well as a Brian Wilson tribute album for Marina.  The next album, two years later had guest spots from Johnny Cameron, Lindsay Cooper, Alison Lucas, Mick Slaven, Colin Steele & Wendy Wetherby. 2001 also saw the release of "Tiny Waves Mighty Sea", an album by Future Pilot A.K.A. produced by and featuring Scott.  2002 saw The Pearlfishers play at Big In Falkirk in Callendar Park, along with Bob Geldof & Snow Patrol. That year also saw Scott work with Amy Allison, The Bill Wells Trio, Ricky Ross, Space Kelly & John Miller.  2003 saw the band release the ambitious "Sky Meadows" album, taking their music to the outskirts and the byways in October with a short tour ("The Tallpop Sinfonia Tour") of provincial theatres and arts centres throughout central Scotland. The core band was augmented by a string quartet and brass and woodwind trio, enabling the sounds and textures of the album to be faithfully rendered.  2004 saw Scott working with ex-Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell, The BMX Bandits, Amy Rigby Ally Kerr & the legendary Kim Fowley. In 2005 Davy Scott helped to record an album of piping songs for 71 year old David Hamilton, entitled "Tunes From The Glen", as well as working in the studio with Ricky Ross, Amy Allison & Tom Clelland. The band played at the "Way To Blue" Festival in Falkirk in October.  2006 began well, with Scott completing a solo mini-tour of Japan supporting The B.M.X. Bandits (of whom he was also a member by this time), and producing material by Ally Kerr, David Heavenorr & Richard Anderson & YeonGene. By the end of the year he had begun work on the next album, co-produced by Norman Blake (of Teenage Fanclub). 

The next album, "Up With The Larks" was released in September 2007, and featured Scott, Jim Gash, Deepak Bahl, Norman Blake, Stuart Kidd, Derek Star, Margaret, Michael & Shaun Daly and the Tallpop Sinfonia. The album would go on to be the Daily Record's "Scottish Album Of The Year". Scott completed a solo European tour with Norman Blake in October, and then began 2008 with a date at Celtic Connections.
2009 was quiet for the band, however they did release an expanded version of their Christmas album, "A Sunflower At Christmas".  2010 saw a temporary line-up of Scott, Gash, Finlay McDonald & Jim McCulloch (all members of The BMX Bandits) play a tribute gig for Alex Chilton.  2011 saw Scott part-producing the album by Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells, "Everything's Getting Older".  Influenced most obviously by Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Webb, there are also traces of The Byrds, Burt Bacharach and even the much maligned Gilbert O'Sullivan in The Pearlfishers mix.
"Sacred" (CD/2 inch EP, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Hurt" (CD/12 inch ED, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Woodenwire" (cassette EP, My Dark Star, 1992)
"Saint Francis Songs" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Za's Za's Garden" (CD/cassette album, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Living In A Foreign Country" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1994)
"The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" (CD album, Marina Records, 1997)
"Even On A Sunday Afternoon" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1997)
"Banana Sandwich" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1998)
"The Young Picnickers" (CD album, Marina Records, 1999)
"Across The Milky Way" (CD album, Marina Records, 2001)
"Sky Meadows" (CD/vinyl album, Marina Records, 2003)
"A Sunflower At Christmas" (CD album, Marina Records, 2004)
"Up With The Larks" (CD album, Marina Records, 2007)
"The Umbrellas Of Shibuya" (7 inch single, Marina Records, 2007)
"A Sunflower At Christmas (Expanded version) " (CD album, Marina Records, 2009)
Andy Shanks & Jim Russell, "Diamonds In The Night" (CD/cassette album, Culburnie Records, 1997)
Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA, "Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA" (CD album, Domino, 1998, engineer)
Various Artists, "Songs For Marshmallow Lovers" (CD album, Marina, 1998)
Duglas T. Stewart, "Frankenstein" (CD album, Vinyl Japan Records, 1998)
Robin Laing, "Imaginary Lines" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 1999)
Tannas, "Suilean Dubh" (CD album, Lochshore Records, 1999)
Various Artists, "Caroline Now! - the songs of Brian Wilson" (CD album, Marina, 2000)
The Gentle Waves, "E.P." (CD EP, Jeepster Records, 2000, engineer)
John Herrald, "Roll On, John" (CD album, Spit And Polish, 2000, engineer/co-producer)
Future Pilot A.K.A. "Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea" (CD album, Geographic Records, 2001)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Incorrect Practice" (album, Geographic, 2001, engineer/co-producer)
Tom Clelland, "Little Stories" (album, Spit And Polish, 2001)
Various Artists, "You Don't Need Darkness..." (album, Geographic/Trattoria, 2001)
Amy Allison, "No Frills Friend" (album, Diesel Only, 2002)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Also In White" (album, Geographic, 2002, engineer and mix)
Space Kelly, "Space Kelly Fanclub" (album, Syft Japan, 2002)
Ricky Ross, "This Is The Life" (album, Papillon, 2002)
John Miller, "Those Old Country Songs" (album, Shoeshine, 2002) 
Isobel Campbell, "Amorino"(album, Snow Storm Records, 2004)
Ally Kerr, "Calling Out To You" (album, Neon Tetra, 2004)
The BMX Bandits, "Down At The Hop"(album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer/musician, 2004)
Kim Fowley, "Fantasy World" (album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Blues Du Jour" (album, Geographic Records, 2004, engineer)
Amy Rigby, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" (album, Signature Sounds, 2004)
Amy Allison, Everything And Nothing Too" (album, Spit & Polish Records, 2005)
David Hamilton, "Tunes From The Glen" (album, 2005, featuring Davy Scott on guitar & piano)
Tom Clelland, "Life Goes On" (album, Whistleberry Records, 2005)
Ricky Ross, "Pale Rider" (album, P3, 2005, producer/musician)
YeonGene, "Me & My Burt" (CD album, Beatball Records, 2006, producer)
The B.M.X. Bandits, 
"Bee Stings" (CD album, Poppydisc, 2007, musician)
The B.M.X. Bandits, "Take Me To Heaven" (Internet single, 2007, musician) 

WEBSITES:  http://www.pearlfishers.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/thepearlfishers

PERFECTLY CHILLED:  Four piece Falkirk band formed early in 2008 by Steve Maxwell (vocals/guitar), Keith Maxwell (bass, ex-Rhythmic Impulse), Davey Behan (drums) & Allan Boyles (guitar). The band continued to gig to January 2009 before splitting, before reforming with Davie Humble (guitar) replacing Boyles. In 2009 Maxwell and Humble formed Stand 3.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/perfectlychilled4scotland
PEYOTE:  Formed in 2008 by Neil Braidwood (vocals, ex-Lost Cause), Stuart Williamson (guitar) & Stewart Condie (bass, ex-Apathy). They soon changed their name to Liberty Cap
WEBSITE:  http://www.bebo.com/peyotemusic

PLAN B:  Graeme High School band formed in 2004 and fronted by solo performer Alan Martin (vocals), with Gordon Neill (drums), Ross Wylie (guitar), Ian Hutchison (guitar) & Jonathan Nugent (bass). They played at Falkirk Town Hall as part of the Tryst Festival in 2005. Later that year Neill & Nugent were replaced by Craig Callahan (bass) and Ross Walker (drums). Walker later joined Faigan. Keith Thompson (drums, ex-Little Joe Crow) was also one a member, before joining Akolayd. In late 2008 Hutchison joined The Debut.
WEBSITE:  http://www.planbuk.tk
The POEMS:  Glasgow "supergroup" formed in 2005 by Bobby Paterson (ex-Love & Money) & Robert "Bobby Bluebell" Hodgkins (guitar, ex-Bluebells). They recruited Adrian Barry (bass, ex-High Fidelity) and Banknock born and raised Kerry Polwart (vocals) who had previously played with her folk star sister Karine Polwart. These four split the recording costs of their debut album, "Young America", helped by Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian), Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Justin Currie (Del Amitri) & Stuart Nisbit (Proclaimers). For live work the band recruited Stacey Seivewright (cello, ex-Arab Strap), Maria Leahy & Michael Bryans. After releasing their album in America first, the band picked up slots on the soundtracks to "Grey's Anatomy" & "The Ghost Whisperer". In the UK, the album was preceeded by a single, "I Am A Believer".
"I Am A Believer" (CD single, X-Phonics, 2007)
"Young America" (CD album, X-Phonics, 2008)
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thepoemsmusic
POLES APART:  Covers band formed in 2005 by Alloa siblings Craig Stolarek (vocals/guitar) & Gemma Stolarek (drums). They were soon joined by Denny based David Bateman (vocals/guitar), & Christopher Gavin (bass). Bateman left the band and went solo in 2007.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/polesapart
Rebecca POLLOCK:  Singer songwriter from Bothkennar, who reached the finals of the Open Mic UK competition in 2009 when aged just 17.
Karine POLWART:  Banknock born Karine Polwart first picked up a guitar before she reached double figures. It may have taken another 20 years before she became a professional musician, but a long and varied apprenticeship has allowed her to develop her own style, and at her own pace. Studying Politics at Dundee, followed by more studies in Canada led to a degree in Philosophy. Returning to Scotland, Polwart formed Edinburgh folk act Malinky, and was a member of The Battlefield Band between 2001 and 2002.  Her debut solo album, "Faultlines" was released in January 2004, and featured her brother (and ex-member of Why Bradley) Stephen Polwart on guitar. Despite an increasingly busy touring and recording diary, Polwart still works as a music tutor in community projects across Scotland.  2005 saw Polwart visit Oman for some dates. She then went on to collect three prizes at the BBC Folk Awards (best album, best song, best emerging artist) and play a long string of dates around the UK, with a backing band containing Mattie Foulds (drums), Corrina Hewat (harp/vocals), Kevin McGuire (bass/vocals), Aiden O'Rourke (violin), Steven Polwart (guitar/vocals, ex-Why Bradley) & Inge Thomson (accordion/vocals). Sessions were completed for BBC Radio Two and BBC Radio Four at about this time as well, and Polwart sang on some (as yet) unreleased Future Pilot AKA tracks. May 2005 saw her marry drummer Mattie Foulds, and the end of the year saw the release of a limited edition EP entitled "Pulling Through". The five track CD was on sale at her gigs throughout November, and was the first recording that she had made for her own imprint "Hegri Music" ("Hegri" is the Shetland word for heron - her favourite creature). The EP featured her regular band, as well as violin from Greg Lawson and her younger sister Kerry Polwart (later of The Poems) on glockenspiel.
A successful year was rounded off with a couple of nominations at the Scots Trad Music Awards 2005 for "Best Folk Band" and "Best Composer".

2006 saw her begin with some dates at Glasgow's Celtic Connections festival in January, followed by a short English tour and a nomination for Folk Singer Of The Year at the BBC2 Folk Awards. This was quickly followed by Polwarts second album, "Scibbled In Chalk" in April, which was licensed to Glasgow label Shoeshine Records. The album saw her raise her profile further, with live sessions on prime time BBC Radio. This was followed by an extensive UK tour throughout May, June & July, and a feature on BBC2's "Culture Show". July saw the band supporting Joe Jackson on his European tour, around the same time as Polwart guested on the debut solo album by Roddy Woomble. In August, Polwart played a couple of dates supporting The Beautiful South.  In October Cockburnspath Primary School in Berwickshire and Castlefield Primary School In East Kilbride adopted her song "I'm Gonna Do It All" as their new school anthem!
2007 began with some dates at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, as well as at the European Parliament in Brussels. The band then received another BBC Folk Awards nomination for the song "Daisy", which was also playlisted on Radio 2. After a couple of months doing preparation work for her third album, Polwart took most of the year off to have her first child, who was born in May.  Polwart was back on the road again for an acoustic UK tour in November/December, and she released a quiet acoustic album of Scottish traditional songs called "Fairest Floo'er" at this time.  2008 started busy, with an extensive UK tour in March/April, to promote her next album, "This Earthly Spell". Live dates continued throughout the year, and she finished off with nominations for best album and folksinger at the BBC Folk Awards. She began 2009 with four dates at the Celtic Connections festival, including a Jamaican Burns night with the legendary Sly & Robbie.  2010 saw Polwart release a couple of EP's, "Build Your Own Cathedral" and "Evergreen", the second in conjunction with the folk band LAU, whilst taking time out to have her second child. That summer, Polwart released the "Side Show" album with her "indie pop meets carnival rock" project, The Burns Unit.

"Faultlines" (CD album, Neon Records, 2004, UK charts #163)
"Pulling Through" (CD EP,Hegri Music, 2005)
"Scribbled In Chalk" (CD album, Shoeshine Records, 2006, UK Charts #111)
"I'm Gonna' Do It All" (CD single, Shoeshine Records, 2006)
"The Pulling Through EP" (CD EP, 2006) 
"Fairest Floo-er" (CD album, 2007)
"This Earthly Spell" (CD album, 2008, UK charts #94)
"Build Your Own Cathedral" (CD EP, 2010)
WITH LAU: "Evergreen" (CD EP, 2010) 
Cathy Ryan, "Somewhere On The Road" (CD album, Seannachie Records, 2001) 
Corrina Hewat, "My Favourite Place" (CD album, Foot Stompin' Records, 2003) 
Dean Owens, "My Town" (CD album, Vertical Records, 2004)
Roddy Woomble, "Silence Is My Secret" (CD album, Pure Records, 2006)
"The Ballad Of The Books" (CD album, various artists featuring Polwart, 2007)
LAU, "Arclight" (CD album, 2009)
Kris Drever, "Mark The Hard Earth" (CD album, 2009) 
WEBSITES:  http://www.karinepolwart.com & http://www.myspace.com/karinepolwart
POPCORN SUPERHET:  The alter-ego of Bo'ness based musician Alan McCormack, who has been making solo music since 2007. In 2008 he released his debut EP, "Rage Rage".
RELEASES:  "Rage Rage" (CD EP, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/popcornsuperhet
Tony PORCO:  Former saxophone player in Nassau, Porco turned up at songwriters night "Acoustic Kitchen" in 2005 playing his own compositions on keyboards.

POZESSED IMAGES:  Bo'ness based band formed by Gogz, Bri and Hammy, who played between 1984 and 1985. In 2005 they reformed for a charity night in Bo'ness, and then decided to keep going.
Barry PRICE:  Polmont based solo performer, born in 1985, who was a runner-up in the Miller Music Unsigned competition on Beat 106 in late 2004. This led to exposure on the station ("One of Scotlands finest new singer-songwriters...simply stunning!" said Jim Gellatly), as well as coverage in the Daily Record ("One of the hottest new acts to emerge from our shores"), and on Radio Royal & Central FM. Price then worked with local Runrig member Brian Hurren, and played live around Scotland. In October 2005 Price played a date at the "Way To Blue" festival in Falkirk, around the same time as he released his debut EP entitled "24 Hours". 2006 saw Price playing more dates, and also releasing a video of the track "'Only One Who's Crying" on his MySpace site. In April he played at Big In Falkirk, and then signed a management deal with Edinburgh based Hot Rock Management. Over the summer he put together a backing band of Bryan Hamilton (drums, also with Ghost), Fraser Christie (guitar), Tam McCracken (guitar), James McCabe (keyboards) & Sean Cairns (bass, also with Shinobi Storm), and continued to play dates across Scotland, including a support to The Cosmic Rough Riders, and an appearance at "Big In Falkirk". Summer saw McCracken & Cairns leaving the line-up, with Graeme Mack (bass) joining. This prompted the act to go out under a band name, as Echofela, from August 2007.
RELEASES:  "24 Hours" (CD EP, 2005)
WEBSITES:  http://www.barrypricemusic.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/barryprice
PROJEKT:  Local act formed in 2005 by Graham Marjoribanks (piano), Dixon Telfer (bass), David Dowell (drums, also with The Grubowski's Allstars), Brian Dignan (guitar, also with Arthur), James Taylor (guitar, also with Kalamazoo?), Susan Appleby (cello), Gordon White (vocals, also with Arthur) & Louise (vocals).

PUFF UPROAR & The SHIMMERING SOUND AFFAIR:  15-piece street band formed in 2008, and featuring Larbert percussionist Susan Applebe, as well as Rory Clark (french horn), Elaine Craig (saxophone, and Falkirk Council arts development officer), Paul Eames (trumpet), Ben Grant (saxophone), Jasmine Piper (clarinet), Robyn Jenkins (saxophone),Marcos Dias (saxophone), Andy Walker (percussion), Rachel Walker (percussion), Susanne Bell (percussion), Nancy Killin (percussion), Jo Killin (percussion), Wendy killin (percussion) & Charlotte Yelnik (percussion). After a date at Big In Falkirk that year, the band went on to play at several Glasgow street festivals. 2009 saw them return to Big In Falkirk.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/falkirkfiestafusion
The PUNCHLINE IS MURDER:  Formed in Glasgow January 2004, 'The Punchline Is Murder...' have gone through several line up changes before settling on a 5-piece set-up of Alan (guitar), Ally Morrison (drums), George Allan (bass), Mark Fry (vocals) & Ric McGinty (guitar).  A wide range of metal metalcore/hardcore influences with some more death metal parts thrown in saw the band create a brutal, unique blend of metal melodies, hardcore breakdowns, blastbeat drums and gutteral vocals. "The Punchline" also pride them-selves as an energetic and electrifying live band having played many shows around Scotland including gigs with bands of the caliber or Walls of Jericho, Cursed, 7 Stone Lighter and Torqamada. They made their debut at Jacks Bar, Falkirk, in April 2004. Original member Dave (bass) left soon afterwards to concentrate on his own band (STML) and was replaced by former 13 Broken Fingers member George Allan. Soon afterwards the band recorded their debut single, "20 Tons of Explosives and a Wake Up Call" at Seagate Studios in Dundee. Original guitarist Craig left not long after this, and the band continued as a four piece for a while. Towards the end of the year some tracks were played on Kerrang! Radio, and then they recorded a second EP in February 2005. A few months later original drummer Alan was replaced by Ally Morrison. This line-up recorded a third EP called "We Are Legion". The band called it a day in December 2006.
"20 Tons of Explosives and a Wake Up Call" (CD EP, 2004)
"Anger Be Now Your Song" (CD EP, 2005)
"We Are Legion" (CD EP, 2005).
WEBSITE:  http://www.thepunchlineismurder.co.uk
PURE MALT:  Four piece folk act from Grangemouth, Bathgate & West Calder who played in 2007. Their line-up was Gordon McDiarmid, Tam McDiarmid, Chas McLeod & Tam Clark (possibly ex-solo?).
QUIXOTE:  Cumbernauld/Falkirk act formed in 2005 by Malcolm & Ian Moore. After road testing their songs at songwriters night "Acoustic Kitchen" the duo recruited a drummer and started to play live. Moore had previously helped out The Banned in the studio.

R4:  Covers band formed in 2008 by Gordon Lyon (vocals, ex-Arthur), Darren Watson (guitar/vocals), Robbie Lesiuk (bass/vocals, also with The Saltshakers) & Iain Buchanan (drums, ex-Tenbobslider). They continued a busy live schedule right through 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://r4theband.co.uk
The RABID DOGS:  Falkirk punk covers band formed by ex-Four Minutes members Ian Clubb (vocals), Dougie Mackie (bass, also Bladdered) & Garry Davis (guitar) with Steven Tosh (drums, of Bovine) in 2000. Early 2001 saw David King (guitar, also of Bovine) joining. Later that year Mackie left and was replaced by Alan Smith (ex-Brochen Spectre). 2001 - 2003 saw a busy period for the band, and during this time the band supported Menace, The UK Subs and The Damned, and gained a great reputation for turning any gig they played into the best party in town. Sadly Davis died in 2003, and the band were unsure whether to continue. However, it was agreed that they keep the band going in honor of their friend, and got Andy Hill (also of Bovine!) in to help. They play their own Rabid Dogs style set of punk covers live as often as they can.
WEBSITE:  http://www.rabiddogs.co.uk

RAGING BULL:  2007 covers band  -Vince (guitar), Stevie (vocals), Brian (guitar), Chris (bass) & Jim (drums).

The RAMALAMADINGDONGS:  4-piece formed in July 2006 by Dawn (vocals), Sarah (guitar/vocals), Vicky (guitar), Carly (bass) & Louise (drums/backing vocals). Not long after forming Dawn left the band, and was replaced by Scott (guitar/vocals) The band continued into 2007, when Carly left the band.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/theramalamadingdongs
Adele RANKINE:  Local actress/singer, born circa 1980, whose big break came after she appeared on Channel 4's search for a stage star, "Musicality". This led to appearances in Panto and backing vocals for Dean Park. Rankine then toured most of 2007 as Kylie tribute act, "It's Kylie".
R.A.N.N.:  Local act formed in 2007 by the brother of Ross Kerry (of The Valentines).

RAVEN & The ACIDHEADS:  Grangemouth/Falkirk based four piece formed by Raven (vocals/guitar), Nicola (vocals/guitar), Cherie (percussion) & Rehana.
The RAY SUMMERS:  Act formed in 2008 by Andy Ure (vocals, ex-Strands), Andrew Douglas (guitar, also with Ross Fairweather & The Billy Shears), Davey Horne (keyboards/guitar, ex-Ice Cold & Alex, alsoThe North Country Ramblers), Chris Jackson (guitar, ex-Strands), Billy Kay (bass, also with Ross Fairweather & The Billy Shears) & Lee Burgoyne (drums, also with Ross Fairweather & The Billy Shears). The band were named in honour of a band that Kay's father used to be in. After three months of rehearsal they played their debut date at Nice 'n' Sleazys, Glasgow, supporting The Right Ons, after which they were managed by Diane Stephenson. In summer 2008 the band advertised in the Falkirk Herald for a couple of go-go dancers to compliment their live show, before parting company with manager, Stephenson. In her place were recruited King Tut's promoter Craig McGee & former manager of The Law, Paul Grieve. Their impact was felt immediatly, with the band playing the Wickerman Festival and supporting Sergeant at the Garage, Glasgow.
The band then supported The Automatic & Alphabeat in Glasgow, and began a heavy gigging schedule in the autumn, including a date at Alan McGee's "Death Disco" clubnight in London. The year continued with a date at the Carling Academy, Glasgow, supporting The Alabama 3, and a headline at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut.
At about this time the band also featured on a full page advert in the NME for the website Popmorphic. The year ended triumphantly with a date at Glasgow's George Square on New Year's Eve in front of 16,000 people, an event that was also covered on STV. The other acts on the bill were Idlewild & Paolo Nutini.
2009 started at the same pace, with the band invited back to "Death Disco" every eight weeks, and being named one of the tips for the year in the News Of The World.
Spring saw them extensively touring the UK in support of their debut single, "Tales From Vicar Street", including a date supporting The Bluetones in Glasgow and a performance on the main stage at Big In Falkirk. Around this time they completed a session for Vic Galloway on BBC Radio One, and supported The Pigeon Detectives in Glasgow. Summer 2009 saw the band release their second single, "The Shepherd", with a launch date at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. The single reached number 8 in the Scottish charts, and the band also played at T In The Park that summer, without Billy Kay who was in England at the time. His place for the date was taken by Stevie Black (of The Doledrums). The constant gigging continued until the end of the year, by which time the band released their third single, "Zagora Road". The year ended with more live dates, including a support to The Saw Doctors at the Glasgow Barrowlands.

Live work continued into 2010, whilst being nominated for Best Live Act at the Alternative Scottish Music Awards. February saw them supporting Kassidy on their Scottish tour, after which they went into the studio for a couple of months to record their debut album, only emerging to headline King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. May saw the band re-emegre with dates in Manchester and London, rounded off with a support to The Charlatans in Glasgow. Whilst the band put the finishing touches to their album over the summer, they found time to play the T In The Park and Rockness festivals. In August they released their new single, "Heshka Rashka" with a support slot in Edinburgh to Doves. Late in the year, Horne started to play solo dates under the name Dr Foghorne & The Golden Pipes, whilst March 2011 saw Kay help out Glasgow act Kassidy on their UK tour supporting Primal Scream.  2011 started quietly for the band as they prepared for the release of their debut album in April, "Russian Tearooms". This was followed by an extensive Scottish and English tour in April and May, kicking off at a date in Behind The Wall, Falkirk. The band played a few final dates at the end of August, including a headline at the Dennycassim Festival, before going into a period of hibernation. By this time, Horne had gone solo and recruited Kay, Burgoyne & Douglas to back him. Jackson, meanwhile, formed his own act, The White Vinyl Collective, along with Kay.
"Tales From Vicar Street" (Internet single, 2009)
"The Shepherd" (Internet Single, 2009, Scottish Chart #8)
"Zagora Road" (Internet Single, 2009)
"Heshka Rashka" (Internet single, 2010)
"Russian Tearoom" (CD / Internet album, 2011).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/theraysummers

RED DECEMBER:  Four piece rock/techno/experimental act formed in April 2007 by Ross Myles (bass), Ross Heron (drums, ex-Apollo 14), Simon Amos (guitar, ex-Apollo 14) & Shaun Johnston (piano, ex-Apollo 14). In 2008 Amos & Johnston formed Breaching Copyright, whom Heron later joined.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/reddecembermusic

The RED HOT CILLI PIPERS:  Piping band from 2006 featuring local man Stuart Cassells. In 2007 they won BBC TV talent show "When Will I Be Famous?", and then finished the year with a date at Edinburgh's Hogmany Celebrations. The Pipers continued tgo play into 2008.
RED PANDA:  Act formed in 2006 by ex-Monofreak vocalist Craig Anderson. Anderson also entered the Falkirk Herald "Voice of the Year" competition that year. In 2008 Anderson put together The Media Whores.

REHAB:  Band featuring future Let's Be Frank guitarist Gareth Dick.
Craig RENNIE:  Falkirk Herald journalist/solo singer/songwriterreleased his debut album, "Under", in 2006.
RELEASES:  "Under" (CD album, 2006)

REPLAY:  Larbert High School act from 2007 featuring Andrew Dalziel (ex-Sentinal), David Smith & Dean McLachlan. Dalziel then went solo.
The RESTLESS NATIVES:  Acoustic rock'n'roll act formed in 2005 by Declined members Tom Chalmers (drums/vocals) & Craig Hayworth (bass/vocals), along with Sharon McGregor (vocals/guitar, ex-Banned) & Stevie Calder (guitar/vocals, ex-Spy 5). They completed a short Scottish tour in Spring 2006. May saw the band supporting Goldblade at the Tavern, Grangemouth. The band decided to call it a day in May 2007. Calder then formed a duo called Lamen's Terms.
RELEASES:  "Stranded" (CD single, 2006)
WEBSITES:  http://www.myspace.com/therestlessnatives
RETRO GNOME:  Act formed in 2007 by ex-Heskey members David Murphy (guitar/vocals), Andy Denolm (drums) & Niall Anderson (bass), along with a female vocalist and saxophone player. The band soon changed their name to Boogie Hook-Up.

Margaret RITCHIE:  Female singer/songwriter who started composing in 1996, at the age of 40. In March 2004 she teamed up with Coatbridge musician Wallace Mair, and came in the top 7% of 4000 entries into the UK Songwiting Contest 2005. The duo then signed a publishing deal with Kent based Cringe Music. 2007 saw Ritchie achieving more success in the UK Songwriting Contest, with three songs in the semi-finals. Ritchie wrote the lyrics for these songs, with the music split between Mair, and Australian based writer Wayne Clark. Previously, Ritchie had released an album entitled "Something We Can Do".
RELEASES:  "Something We Can Do" (CD album)
WEBSITE:  http://www.RnMmusicproductions-wallace.com
The RISING:  Bo'ness act from 2008 featuring Jamie Bloy (guitar), Matthew Hannah (guitar, also with Air 4), Andy Blair (bass) & Elliot Manson (drums), who played at Big In Falkirk in May of that year. In 2010, Hannah & Manson also played with Fire It Up. 

Jimi ROCKET:  Former member of Lieutenant Stardust, Rocket emerged as a solo act in 2009 with a couple of support slots, as well as a track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP to support falkirk Football Club on their European campaign.
RELEASES:  "We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009)
ROSELAND:  Band formed in 1992 by ex-Big Heart musicians Stephen Myles (guitar), Alex Paterson (vocals) & Alan Stewart (guitar), along with Donald Konkol (bass) & John Barrie (drums, ex-Liberators). They also played in an acoustic version, as The Roseland Trio. In 1994 they lost their bass player, but still managed an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued to play live into 1995, with Myles & Stewart later forming Sunhouse. In 2005 the original line-up of Myles, Paterson, Stewart, Konkol & Barrie reformed, before losing Konkol and advertsing for a new bass player. London based, Laurieston born bass player Doug Strathie then joined the band, whilst also playing with Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts, but left in summer 2006 before the band could perform live. By the end of the year they had once again called it a day, with Stewart returning to his first band, Dutch. Paterson, Myles & Barrie were then re-united with Stewart in The Lucky Dogs.
ROSEWOOD:  Formed from a 3-piece acoustic set-up of Boylan (vocals), Cello (guitar) & Chris O'Donnell (guitar). They performed at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall as well as support for The Collective.The band then recruited Paul Corrigan (drums) & Grant McNab (bass). Corrigan then left in January 2007, and was replaced by Ross MacDonald (drums). After a date at the Renfrew Ferry, Boylan also left the band. MacDonald was then replaced by Dave Henderson (drums), whilst Dez Burleigh (vocals) also joined.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/rosewoodhq
ROUGHMUTE:  Four piece Punk/Ska/Hardcore band from the Falkirk/Glasgow area formed in 2006 by Treble (vocals), Stuart Morrison (guitar/vocals, ex-12 Pointless Days), Richard Waugh (bass/vocals, ex-12 Pointless Days) & Cree Armor Hoggan (drums). Roughmute were named after a local dump between Camelon & Bonnybridge.  2007 saw them release their debut EP entitled "Feels Like Eating A Jellyfish", before gigging into 2008. May saw Hoggan leave the band, and the search for a replacement begin. The end of the year saw Simondo Bizzaro (guitar, ex-UK Subs) join the band, with live dates continued into 2009. By this time new drummer, Jim Belt, had joined. The band then released a self-titled album, early in 2009., before continuing into 2010.
"Feels Like Eating A Jellyfish" (CD EP, 2007)
"Roughmute" (CD album, 2009).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/roughmute
RUNRIG:  Long running Gaelic / celtic rockers who recruited Shieldhill keyboard player Brian Hurren for a European tour in 2001, and then became a permanant member soon after. Hurren released his debut solo album in 2011.

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