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BIOG'S 90'S +
JAM PACT:  Jam tribute act formed 2004 by Ross Cunningham (drums), Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals) & John Mackie (vocals/guitar), all ex-The Cool Jerks. Noticing that Jam cover versions went down particularly well, they put together a set of the Mod trio's best songs and began gigging around Scotland into 2007. 

JOCKSTASH:  Act from 2001.

JOJOCOKE:  Bo'ness based blues and rock act formed in 2000 by Colin Baxter (guitar/vocals/sax), Chris Coyle (bass/vocals), John McGregor (drums) & John Murray (vocals guitar). They play classic rock, or in their own words "the songs most other bands wouldn't touch. Songs like 'No One Knows' (Queens Of The Stone Age), 'Freebird' (Lynyrd Skynyrd) or 'Money' (Pink Floyd)". The band have continued to play until 2006, including a onthly residency at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh.


Chris JUDGE:  A former member of boy band Skam, Grangemouth based Judge released his debut solo single, a version of "Hey Jude", in 1997. A second single was released in 1998 on the Contempo label, at the same time as he appeared on Barrymore's "My Kind Of People". In 2000 Judge appeared at "T In The Park" as part of Lulu's backing band, and then returned to solo work the following year under the name CJ, with a single version of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing". Judge then retreated to cabaret around the district, returning to note again when he supported Lena Martell at a church benefit in 2006. Later in the year he was one of the judges at the Falkirk Herald Voice Of The Year competition, a competition which he has continued to work closely with. 2008 saw him working on the Children In Need "We Have A Dream" single which reached number 1 in Scotland. Judge is now a soloist with the Gospel Truth Choir, and sang backing on B.A. Robertson's Father's Day single, "The Living Years" in 2009, which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London. He also sang backing on a couple of future releases by John Fratelli. Chris also runs his own voice coaching company, Voice Jam.
"Hey Jude" (CD single, 1997)
"I Can Love You Like That" (CD single, Contempo Records, 1998)
"Sexual Healing" (CD single, 2001).

The JUKE JOINT BOOGIE BLUES BAND:  Blues act formed in 1998 by ex-members of The Smokehouse Blues Band Sandy Black (vocals/harmonica/sax), Bruce Tait (bass) & Steve Williams (saxophone), along with ex-Best Dressed Blues Band member Tony Wilson (drums), and David Bateman (guitar, ex-Athens). In 2000 they released a CD album entitled "Movin' On!", and were then joined by Ian Moffat (guitar, ex-Smokehouse Blues Band). They continued to play live until 2001, when Black formed Itchy Feet as well as continuing to play in the band. 2004 saw Wilson being replaced by Simon Harmer (drums), and the following year Black left to concentrate on his blues duo Black & Kay, whilst the others changed their name to Black Cat Bones.
"Movin' On" (CD album, 2000).
JULY DAYS:  2003 band with Billy Kay (bass, ex-Time For A Change) & Andy Douglas (guitar, ex-Time For A Change). Whilst Kay later joined Mr Nice, the two were re-united in Ross Fairweather & The Billy Shears.

KALAMAZOO:  Three piece act formed by Andy Taylor (vocals guitar), Justin Davidson (drums) & Calum Neil (bass/vocals) in 1996, who started playing live the following year. In 1997 they played at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. Having their own studio (Homegrown, run by Taylor) has allowed the band to record several CD releases since 1999. Taylor also helped out The Harbour Road Angels in 2002. May 2004 saw the band being featured on Vic Galloway's BBC radio show. The band were still playing in 2005, including a date at the "Way To Blue" festival in October. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's. In 2010 Taylor & Neil formed Thee Zu.
"Heaven Mental Fantasy" (CD single, 1999)
"Distraction" (CD mini-album, 2000)
"23" (CD album, 2001)
"Bloodletting" (CD mini-album, 2004)


Brian KELLY:  Singer songwriter from 1999 - 2000 who featured local bass player Jamie Rodgers (also of Orange) in his act. He was managed by Matt Davis (Lulu's Tour manager) and enjoyed some success on national T.V. as well as releasing an album called "Down and Out". Kelly later moved to London.
"Down & Out" (CD album, 2000).

KID AVERAGE:  Falkirk based punk band formed in 2004 by Anthony Macpherson (vocals), Michael Weir (guitar), George Struthers (guitar), Adam Morley (bass) & Grant Robertson (drums). In 2005 they supported Raising Kain at Falkirk Town Hall.

LADY MIDNIGHT:  Band from 2002, mentioned in Martin Strong's books.

LEGIONNAIRE:  Band formed by ex-Grease Monkeys Fraser Sanaghan (guitar/vocals) & David Watson (drums/vocals) in 2004, who recruited Seoridh Fraser (vocals/bass) to complete their line-up. Sanaghan's training at SAE Glasgow came in handy, allowing the band to record a decent sounding demo. At the end of 2005 they advertised for a vocalist, and then started playing live again in early 2006. In June 2006 the band announced that they had split, however all three went on to form lions.chase.tigers the following year.

LETHARGY:  Kilsyth electronic act from 2002.

LIEUTENANT STARDUST:  Good time 70's covers band, formed by Craig Cowan (guitar, ex-Run Riot) & Peter Stardust (vocals) on a return train journey after watching Status Quo & Suzi Quatro in 1992. The original line-up was Cowan (as Jimi Rocket), Stardust, Mr X, Les Vegas & Dak Wizzard, and they played their first date in November 1992. When Mr X left the band continued as a four piece until the introduction of Chuck DeBurdsff. In late 1995 David Walker (drums, also with Numb, under the name Boaby Holder) filled in for Wizzard who had broken his collar bone. Vegas & Wizzard also made appearances playing bass for Spiderbaby & Waash!, whilst Vegas, Wizzard & DeBurdsff also play with NU2. An ever changing line-up over the years have played with alarming regularity ever since, despite a lay off in 2001, and later idiots with Cowan are Willie Green (Boaby Rash) (drums, ex-Little Green Apples), Bill (Peter Stardust) (vocals), Chad Fever (bass) & Sylvester Kant (guitar). Kant left in 2005 and was replaced by Dickie Decibel, whilst Cowan left in 2006, turning up as solo performer, Jimi Rocket ijn 2009. The band continued on into 2009, when Chad Fever left to be replaced by the returning Les Vegas (bass). A date was played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer, which co-incided with the band releasing a track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club in their European campaign. The band continued their live assault into 2010, including a date at the Grangemouth Festival in May. Meanwhile Green also began playing drums with The International Pop Assassins. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
"We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009).

LITTLE GREEN APPLES:  Act formed in 1997 by Willie Green (drums, ex-Groovetunnel), Frazer "Beany" Law (guitar), Russel Dickson (vocals) & Paul Barton (bass, ex-Brand). The band won the Newmarket Bar "Battle Of The Bands" in 1997, and travelled to the Leadmill in Sheffield to take part in a nationwide "Bandnation" competition, which they also won. The prize for this was to spend a week in a recording studio of their choice, so they went to Fish's (ex-Marillion) studio in Haddington to record a 4 track CD. Despite this the band seemed to fade away, with only a few dates in 1998. At the end of that year they advertised for a second guitarist, and then continued to play live until 2000. Meanwhile, Green was also playing with Cooper and Canova, and later joined Lieutenant Stardust. When he left, he was replaced by John Ogilvie (drums) and a second guitarist Stuart Nelson (ex-Uncle Jack), before the band split for good. Barton moved to London and now works as an A&R man for ZZT.

LITTLE JOE CROW:  Rock act formed in Bo'ness by Neil & Keith Thompson (drums), who started playing live in 1996, and continued into 1997, when they advertised for a guitarist. One must have been found to allow them to play live in 1998, however by the end of that year they advertised once again, this time for a vocalist. In 1999 they shortened their name to LJC, but continued to play live in 2000 as Little Joe Crow, and then played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001. Pat (bass, ex-Dag Mora) was a member before forming Genetik Blueprint. Thompson then joined Plan B.

The LOBSTERS:  Denny Irish folk & country influenced band formed by John Murphy (guitar/vocals), Jock the Box (accordion/vocals, ex-Fool No More), Dave McEwan (guitar/vocals, ex-Throb), Stevie (bass/vocals, ex-Throb) & John McTeague (guitar/vocals). They played live in 1996 & 1997, and then again in 2000. Jock The Box was also in Box Of Bananas during this time, whilst McEwan formed Angels Heap.

LOCOsea:  Formed 2000 by Ross McCrossan (bass), Kenny Cassells (ex-Shine), Colin & Steph Russell in 2000, and played locally for the next five years, including a support to Annie Christian a the Martell in 2000, and a sell-out date at Falkirk Lesser Town Hall in 2003. In 2001 they embarked on a French tour. They recorded three tracks in early 2004 ("Something Better", "Battle Of You & Me" & "Blind Faith") for what was to be their debut single. At this time they were working with a borrowed drummer, Rich Carlin (from Dead Or American), however by the summer he had been replaced by permanent member Matt Paton. This final line-up was short lived, as they split in October 2004. Cassells went on to form Stand Alone early in 2005, whilst the others formed The Definitions.

 LOKUS:  Band from 2000-01.

LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING:  Young Denny based band formed in 2003 by Richard Gallagher (bass), James "Midget" Scott (vocals), Alan Pringle (guitar) & Andrew Brodie (drums). They appeared in the Falkirk Herald that year asking for a drum kit for Brodie. In early 2006 Gallagher, Scott & Pringle decided to "re-group" the band and begin acting serious about writing material. They recruited Glen Gardiner (drums, ex-Adeave) and began playing regularly at jam nights at Grubowski's in Larbert & the Tavern in Grangemouth. In August 2007 the band played an all-dayer at Pennies, Falkirk. Gardiner also played with Soundcradle. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's, whilst Scott entered the Falkirk Herald run "Voice of 2008". Summer saw them play at the Tolbooth, Stirling.  In 2009 the band began working on their second single, continueing to gig into 2010.
"Play Dead/Stay Alive" (Single)

LUCKY PIERRE/L.PIERRE:  Lucky Pierre is Arab Strap vocalist Aiden Moffat working solo. A couple of singles were released in 2000 on his own Lucky label, after which he signed to Melodic, and delivered his debut album in 2002. Christmas 2002 saw him release a secret single, with no promotion or information provided. In fact it was only word of mouth that it was even a Lucky Pierre release.  2005 saw the release of a second album, "Touchpool".  With the demise of Arab Strap in 2006, Moffat was able to concentrate once again on Lucky Pierre (by now called L. Pierre), and released his third album, "Dip", featuring a more stripped down sound made by Alan Barr (cello), Stevie Jones (double bass) and Allan Wylie (trumpet), complementing Moffat on drums, keyboards, percussion and harmonium.  2007 also saw Moffat contribute to a music/ literature album entitled "The Ballad Of The Books", which he did under his own name. Moffat then formed a new band called The Best Ofs.
"Pierre's Final Thought" (7 inch single, Lucky Records, 2000)
"Blank For Your Own Message" (12 inch single, Lucky Records, 2000)
"Angles On Your Body" (7 inch single, Melodic Records, 2002)
"Hypnogogia" (CD album, Melodic Records, 2002)
"Darth Bastard"/"Humbug" (7 inch single, Melodic Records, 2002)
"Touchpool" (CD album, Melodic Records, 2005)
"Dip" (CD album, Melodic Records, 2007)
"The Ballad Of The Books" (CD album, various artists featuring Aiden Moffat, 2007)

LUCKY STRIKES:  Punk band formed late-2004 by Ando (vocals/guitar, and the son of John Anderson of local band Boo Radley), Kenny Johnston (guitar/vocals), Antonio (bass) & Graham (drums). The band started by playing various parties, but have now played a few pub gigs, including supporting locally popular metalheads SPM at Jack's Bar in Falkirk, Battle of the Bands, and various gigs in Bo'ness and Dunfermline. Their sound combines the melody of pop punk outfits like Greenday and New Found Glory, the raw energy of The Sex Pistols and The M.C.5, with a lyrical inventiveness not often seen in punk. In October 2005 they released their debut self-titled EP. In 2006 the band took time out, replacing Antonio with Dave (bass). Early in 2007 the band parted company with Ando, and continued as a three piece. The band returned in 2007 with a gig at an all dayer at Pennies, Falkirk.
"Lucky Strikes" (CD EP, 2005)

 LYRE:  Bo'ness based act from 2002.

MacALIAS:  A joint project of solo performer Gill Bowman (vocals/guitar) and Banknock vocalist (member of Malinky) Karine Polwart, who met at a song workshop run by Edinburgh's Adult Learning Project. The act released one album, "Highwired", in 2000 to critical acclaim. Also appearing on the album were Duncan Chisholm (violin), Jim McDermott (drums, of The Kevin McDermott Orchestra), Colin McFarlane (guitar/ mandolin), Davie Paton (bass), Fraser Spiers (harmonica, also a solo performer) & David Vernon (accordian). Gill Bowman is the mother of Aberfeldy frontman Riley Briggs!
"Highwired" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2000),

MALINKY:  Edinburgh folk act formed in 1998 by Banknock born vocalist Karine Polwart, along with Steve Byrne (vocals guitar/bouzouki), Mark Dunlop (whistle bodhran) & Kit Patterson (violin guitar/mandolin). The act won the "Open Stage" competition at 1999's Celtic Connections, which led to a deal with Greentrax Records. Polwart, meanwhile, was also a member of MacAlias & The Battlefield Band. Their debut album, "Last Leaves" was released in 2000, after which Patterson was replaced by Leo McCann (whistle) & John Bews (vocals/violin) for their second album. Polwart's blooming solo career led her to leave the band for good in 2005.
"Last Leaves" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2000)
"Three Ravens" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 2002).

Alan MARTIN & Stewart DOUGLAS:  Seventeen year old acoustic duo, who performed regularly at the Acoustic Kitchen songwriter nights in 2004 - 2005. Martin, who was heavily influenced by Damien Rice, was also a member of local rock act Plan B. He spent summer 2006 singing with the National Youth Choir Of Scotland, including dates at the BBC Proms in London, and the Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

Brett MARVIN & The THUNDERBIRDS:  London band sometimes known as Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs. Under that name they had a hit back in the 1970's with "Seaside Shuffle". Their line-up included local bass player Dougie Strathie (ex-Offramp), along with Jim Pitts (sax/harmonica/guitar/slide mandolin/banjo/ vocals), Graham Hine (slide guitar mandolin/vocals, ex-Offramp), Keith Trussell (guitar/zobstick/ironing board/vocals/percussion), John Randall (drums/ washboard/percussion), Taffy Davies (keyboard/piano clarinet/mandolin/vocals, ex-Offramp) & Pete Gibson (oil drum/trombone vocals/percussion). The original keyboard player in the band was Jona Lewie (of "Stop The Calvery" and "Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties" fame). In 2006 Strathie also joined local act Roseland.

MARY JANE:  Reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" in 2002, and featured ex-members of Arthur, including Bryan Dignan (guitar). They continued to play live until 2003, after which Arthur reformed

Alan McINTYRE:  65-year old gospel artist who released an album, "The Old Rugged Cross" in 2001, backed by Jackie Locke (keyboards).
"The Old Rugged Cross" (CD/cassette album, 2001).

A career spanning 46 years has established Brian McNeill as one of the most acclaimed forces in Scottish music. Brian was born in 1950 in Falkirk and has been described as ‘Scotland’s most meaningful contemporary songwriter’ (The Scotsman); add to that his work and influence as performer, composer, producer, teacher, musical director, band leader, novelist and interpreter of Scotland’s past, present and future and you have a man who has never stood still. He has performed around the globe, both as a soloist and with some of the era’s most influential bands, including Battlefield Band, which he founded in 1969. He left the band in 1990 to concentrate on solo projects. Brian performs and teaches regularly at many of the world’s major festivals and is a core member of  the UK fiddle phenomenon, Feast of Fiddles. He is the longest running booked artist at Cambridge Folk Festival.
Brian is a multi instrumentalist – chiefly fiddle, bouzouki, mandocello, guitars and concertina – and the importance of his songwriting has long been recognised with such songs as The Yew Tree, The Lads O' The Fair, The Snows of France and Holland,  Strong  Women Rule Us All With Their Tears, Any Mick'll  Do and No Gods and Precious Few Heroes.
Brian was especially proud when two lines from The Lads O' The Fair were carved into a viewpoint above his home town of Falkirk, as part of the renovation of the Policy Bing  - an old pit spoil heap - by Falkirk Council and local charities.  His connection with his home town continued with The Falkirk Music Pot project, for which he was commissioned to write, produce, direct and perform music for Falkirk’s 2014 Creative Place Award. The year long project involved local schools, music groups and individuals and culminated in a double CD on Greentrax.
Brian’s audio visual shows, The Back O' The North Wind, about Scottish emigration to America, and the sequel, The Baltic Tae Byzantium, exploring the influence of the Scots in Europe, have won wide critical acclaim. His continuing connection with America's Lone Star State led to him being created an honorary Texan by the then Governor George W Bush.
Brian is increasingly in demand for his production skills and his credits include albums by The Paul McKenna Band, Lorne MacDougall, Rua Macmillan, Eric Bogle and John Munro, Drones and Bellows and The John Wright Band.
Brian is a voracious reader of crime fiction and also writes crime and mystery fiction involving his hero, busker Alex Fraser and his heroine, private sleuth Sammy Knox. His third novel ‘… In The Grass’ was published last year and has just been published in German, along with some of his short stories.
For six years Brian was Head of Scottish Music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.
www.brianmcneill.co.uk/     Photograph courtesy of Daniel Coston.
"Monksgate" (vinyl album, Escalibur Records, 1978)
"Unstrung Hero" (vinyl album, Temple Records, 1985)
"The Busker & The Devil's Only Daughter" (CD/cassette album, Temple Records, 1990)
"The Back O' The North Wind" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1991)
"No Gods" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Brian McNeill & Alan Reid, "Sidetracks" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1981)
Brian McNeill & Tom McDonagh, "Horses For Courses" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1994)
Brian McNeill & Iain Mackintosh, "Stage By Stage" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Guest performances:
Heather Heywood, "Some Kind Of Love" (vinyl/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1978)
Dick Gaughan, "Handful Of Earth" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1981)
Iain MacKintosh, "Gentle Persuasion" (CD/vinyl album, Greentrax Records, 1988)
Horse, "The Same Sky" (CD/cassette/vinyl album, Capitol Records, 1990) 
Robin Laing, "Walking In Time" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1994)
Tony McManus, "Tony McManus" (CD/cassette album, Greentrax Records, 1995)
Jock Duncan, "Ye Shine Whar Ye Stan!" (CD/cassette album, Springthyme Records, 1997)
Danny Kyle, "Danny Kyle" (CD album, Iona Records, 1998)
Tequila Mockingbird, "Agora Mesmo" (CD album, Tequila Mockingbird Records, 2001)
Wolfstone, "Live - Not Enough Shouting" (CD album, Once Bitten Records, 2001).

Malcolm MIDDLETON:  Middleton (vocals/guitar/bass/drums/etc.) cut his teeth in local acts like Pigtube, Angelbaby, Oral Groove & The Laughing Stock before forming the successful Arab Strap in 1995. During 2002, a quiet time for Arab Strap, he found time to write, record and release his own solo debut album, "5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine", which was a much more commercial (if that word could be used) affair than he had previously been involved in. Scattered solo dates over the next two years, and a limited edition 7 inch single ("Ryanair Song") for Nowhere Fast Records, were all that was heard of Middleton until the follow up album, "Into The Woods" was released in 2005. This album featured guest performances from Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite and Barry Burns (piano), The Delgados’ Paul Savage (drums) and his fellow Arab Strap collaborator Aidan Moffat. Middleton also recruited a band for live work which included former Delgados members Alan Barr (keyboards), Stewart Henderson (bass) and Paul Savage (drums). The second single to be taken from the album was intended at be a double a-side ("Break My Heart" / "A New Heart"), released in September 2005, but complications led to it being an internet only release. He toured Europe at that time, followed by a short UK tour (including a "Way To Blue" Festival date supporting Teenage Fanclub at Falkirk Town Hall). 2005 ended with the album being voted 8th best album of the year in Mojo Magazine.

The split of Arab Strap at the end of 2006 allowed Middleton to go solo and work on his third album, "A Brighter Beat"- released in February 2007. Recorded at Mogwai’s Castle Of Doom studio in Glasgow with co-producer Tony Doogan (Mogwai, Belle & Sebastian, Dirty Pretty Things), the album features the talents of numerous luminaries from the Glasgow scene. Barry Burns (Mogwai), Jenny Reeve (Reindeer Section), Paul Savage (Delgados) and Mick Cooke (Belle & Sebastian) appear alongside numerous string and brass players. The title track of the album was released at the same time, and was playlisted on BBC 6Music.  February 2007 also saw Middleton tour the UK solo, supporting Badly Drawn Boy, followed by a full band headline UK tour in March. These were interspersed with dates supporting old friends Bright Eyes. April & May saw Middleton complete a European tour, before returning home for a date at T In The Park in July. Around this time he released another single, "Fight Like The Night", and played a few other UK festivals. Towards the end of the summer Middleton returned to the studio to record what was intended to be an acoustic mini-album. The year was rounded off with a short full band UK tour, and a date at the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival.  
December 2007 saw Middleton make an odd bid for the Christmas charts with the release of the festive sounding (not) internet single "We're All Going To Die", supported by a campaign on Radio 1, led by Zane Lowe. In December Middleton also supported The Verve at the SECC, Glasgow. Whilst the single did not top the charts, it did enter at number 31, making Middleton the first local act to hit the top forty for over ten years.

In March 2008 Middleton released a new album, "Sleight Of Heart", which was originally meant to be an acoustic mini-album, promoting it with a UK tour. The album featured Burns (piano), Savage (drums), Steve Jones (bass) and former Arab Strap member Jenny Reeve (violin/vocals), and contained covers of tracks by Madonna & King Creosote. He then toured Europe in April, to co-incide with a limited edition vinyl single, "Blue Plastic Bags", and Australia & Japan in May. Middleton played guitar on a couple of dates with the band Sophia in the summer, just as he released a limited edition acoustic album, "Live At The Bush Hall", recorded in late 2005. October saw Middleton back out playing live again, including a date supporting hot new things Glasvegas, whilst in December he staged his own miserable Christmas party at a working man's club in Govan. Christmas found him playing London dates, with James Yorkston and Richard Dawkins!  2009 began with an appearance at a Parisian festival, followed by an appearance at The Fence Festival in Fife. Middleton's new single, "Red Travellin' Socks", was released in May, followed by a new album, "Waxing Gibbous" in June. Summer was spent touring the UK along with The Pictish Trail, before undertaking a European tour in September / October. This was accompanied by a new single, "Zero".   2010 saw Middleton ending his solo career to all extents and purposes, by releasing two live albums. He announced that all future work would be under the name of Human Don't Be Angry, however a split single, "The Whole World's Gone To Fuck" was released on De-Fence records in November, followed by a UK tour in December.
"5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2002)
"Ryanair Song" (7 inch single, Nowhere Fast Records, 2004)
"Lonliness Shines"/"No Modest Bear" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground Records, 2005)
"Into The Woods" (CD/vinyl album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2005)
"Break My Heart"/"A New Heart" (internet single, 2005)
" A Brighter Beat" (7 inch/download single, Full Time Hobby Records, 2007)
"A Brigher Beat" (CD album, Full Time Hobby Records, 2007)
"Fuck It, I Love You" (Internet single, 2007)
"Fight Like The Night" (Internet single, 2007)
"We're All Going To Die" (Internet single, 2007, UK #31)
"Sleight Of Heart" (Album, Full Time Hobby Records, 2008)
"Blue Plastic Bags" (7 inch single, 2008)
"Live At The Bush Hall" (CD album, 2008)
"Red Travellin' Shoes" (7 inch/internet single, 2009)
"Waxing Gibbous" (CD internet album, 2009)
"Zero" (CD / internet single, 2009)
"Long Dark Night" (live album, 2010)
"Live In Zurich" (live album, 2010)
"The Whole World's Gone To Fuck" (10 inch single, De-Fence Records, 2011)
"The Ballad Of The Books" (CD album, various artists featuring Middleton, 2007)

MIDLIFE CRISIS:  Rock/pop covers act formed in 2003 by Tom Thomson (vocals/guitar), Alex Smith (vocals /guitar), Alan Gallagher (vocals/guitar), Duncan Watson (guitar/Mandolin/bass), Stan (drums) & Dougie Crichton (bass, ex-Bottleneck Blues Band). In October 2005 they played as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. Thomson, Watson, Crichton & stan all left over the following years, leaving Smith, Gallagher, Stuart Smith (vocals/bass) & Sam Alston (drums) to continue playing into 2010.

MOJA:  Falkirk act from 2002 who reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" in that year.

The MONSTARZ OF ROC:  Act formed in 2002 by Fife Elvis impersonator Linton Osbourne (vocals), Gary Campbell (guitar), Calum McLean (guitar), Billy Baikie (bass, ex-Whumff) and David Dowell (drums, ex-Cooper). The Monstarz Of Roc were a costume show paying tribute to AC/DC, Led Zepplin, The Who and others, under aliases of Frank Pagenstien (guitar), Angus Auld (guitar), the Reaper (bass), the Kount (vocals) and Muppit (drums). Whilst they played concert venues throughout the UK, the Monstarz took second place for a while when they all worked on an Elvis show - Raw Elvis, never to play as the Monstarz again. A live CD of the Monstarz at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen is available, but never had a release. During this time Osbourne, Campbell, McLean & Dowell also played as The Boogie Chillin' Band.
MR MOJ:  Band from 2003 by Stevie Thomson (vocals/guitar), Colin Dickson (bass) & Scott Greig (drums). By 2006 they had changed their name to The Krimson.

MOYA:  Moya are a Grangemouth band who started off as a jam session in March 2004 in a tiny room built onto the back of a garage, involving Les Allan (drums, ex-Jeffries Fridge), Peter Gilbert (guitar/vocals), Dwayne Mallice (vocals/guitar) & Colin "Twiggy" O'Neill (bass), attempting to play versions of tunes by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and The Stereophonics. The name only appeared after a few months of playing together, with a number of forgetable names suggested and ignored. Allen came up with "Moya", apparently meaning "Great Nation". With Allan & O'Neill learning new instruments, and Gilbert making the switch from rhythm guitar to lead, the songs took a few months to come together.  In October 2004 Moya headed for the recording studio for the first time. The result being the first four track CD demo, "Losing My Way". Next step after recording the disc was to get the music heard, and to get out and play live. After starting live work at Grubowski's, Larbert in December 2004, the band released their debut CD, "Losing My Way", in 2005. That summer saw the band refrain from live work whilst Twiggy recovered from a collapsed lung, however by the end of the year, and into 2006, Moya returned to the stage. Summer saw them complete their second EP, "Breaking Point", and then receive some airplay on Central FM.  At the end of 2006 Mallice & Twiggy left the band, as Allen & Gilbert recruited new vocalist, Mark Tierney, and Alloa bass player Stevie McCulloch (ex-Jeffries Fridge). Tierney then proved unreliable and was sacked, allowing Peter to take over vocals. The band then recruited Macedonian born Darko Aroski (guitar), and plan to record a new CD later in the year.  2008 began with a couple of dates, and ended with the act releasing their third single, "Down But Not Out".  Early in 2009 McCulloch left due to work commitments, however the band played at Big In Falkirk in May, and the Homecoming Festival in Grangemouth that summer.October saw them debut with new bass player, Adam Dunbar (ex-Slaughterhook?). The band returned to play the festival in 2010, before Aroski left. Gilbert later formed Blind Daze.
"Losing My Way" (CD single, 2005)
"Breaking Point" (CD single, 2006)
"Down But Not Out" (CD single, 2008)

MR NICE:  Falkirk band formed by Daniel Adam (drums), Ross Fairweather (vocals/guitar, ex-Shine), Billy Kay (bass, ex-July Days) & Andy Pratt (guitar), who gigged furiously since 2003, so much so that frontman Fairweather gave up his job to concentrate on music. Mr Nice ran a regular sunday night gig at Rialto's in Falkirk for a couple of years. The band were a powerful force live, so much so that the public often wanted them to play cover versions, which is a shame because they had some great songs of their own. In 2004 they reached the finals of the heats for "Big In Falkirk", whilst playing over sixty live dates that year, including one as part of the "Way To Blue" festival.  2005 saw this live schedule continue, as they promoted their debut self-titled EP. In summer the band travelled to London to hold rock music workshops with schoolchildren, as well as playing a few dates in the capital. Kay also played with Five Park Drive during this time, and was joined by Adam early in 2006, whilst Fairweather continued a busy solo career. With all this outside activity it was inevitable that the band split in March 2006. By the end of the year Pratt was helping out The International Pop Assassins.  The band reformed for two charity gigs in 2013. 
"Mr Nice" (CD EP, 2005)

MUSIC OF KID AUDIO (MOKA):  Busy Falkirk band formed in 2002 by Jamie Forrester (drums), Andrew Hutchinson (bass), Derek Mackinnon (guitar), Colin James Murphy (vocals) & Fraser Scott (guitar). They reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" that year. MOKA have formed their own label, Pedestrian Music, and released a single, "Open Your Eyes". Live, the band have performed in Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens in 2003 (on digital TV), and at Big In Falkirk in 2004. In June 2005 they took part in the Emergenza Battle Of The Bands at Glasgow Academy, and appear to have split not long after, with Forrester going on to form Mixmaster General, whilst Murphy went solo.
"Open Your Eyes" (CD single, Pedestrian Music, 2004).

MY LITTLE UNDERGROUND:  Falkirk punk act from 2002 - 2003.

NAGS & STAGS:  Duo from 1999 of Simon Stuart & Steven Wilson. They continued to play live until 2001.

NASSAU:  Grangemouth based funk band formed in 1979 by Alistair Buchanan (drums, ex-Siren), Margaret Buchanan (vocals), Robert Buchanan (saxophone, ex-Siren), Sandy Cruickshanks (guitar / saxophone), Tony Porco (saxophone), Hugh (bass) & Kevin (guitar). By the following year Hugh & Kevin had been replaced by John Fairley (guitar) & Jim Toye (bass), and the band played locally. 1982 saw another reshuffle, with the three Buchanans and Fairley being joined by Kevin Harkness (guitar), Eddie Meechan (trumpet) & Richie Newlands (bass, ex-Speakeasy) The band split in 1982, with Robert Buchanan later having a successful cabaret career under the name Stevie Walker, and Newlands joining Punch. Tony Porco turned up in 2005 playing his own compositions on keyboards at Acoustic Kitchen.
NAUSEA:  Act from 2001.

NEGATIVE ZERO:  Rock act formed in 2004 by vocalist Johnny Stubberfield. In 2006 he left due to the usual "musical differences" and formed a new act called Tranquil Decay.

NO DICE:  Rock act formed by ex-Danger rhythm section Pete McBride (bass) & Alan Wright (drums) with former Chaser guitarist Alex Pollock in 1991. Later that year they were joined by Craig Duncan (guitar), and continued to play live into 1992. McBride & Wright later formed Anthem, whilst Pollock joined Monitor Lizard. A verson of the band played live again in 2002.  A new line-up of Pollock, Alex Key (guitar / vocals), Gregor McGregor (vocals, ex-Exit), Mike Carruthers (keyboards), Ger Dambrosio (bass) & Chris Kerr (drums). 

NON JOVI:  Bon Jovi tribute act from 2001 - 2003 who featured local keyboard player Shad (ex-Rhymes).

NU2:  U2 tribute act formed 1999 by ex-Spiderbaby members Mark Ramsay (guitar) & Alan Barker (vocals), along with Adam & Larry doubles Leonard Hoggan (drums) & John Maxwell (bass, ex-Sacrosanct). Three of them also played with Glam covers act, Lieutenant Stardust. The band are now building up a solid name for themselves on the tribute circuit. In 2003 they appeared as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. The band continued to play, even raising money for Bairns Aid in 2006, right through into 2008, when the band split.

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