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ABSENT TAM:  Five piece Grangemouth act formed in June 2007 by Jen Bell (vocals), Tam Boyle (drums, ex-Smokehouse Blues Band), Dougie Cowan (guitar), Alan Penman (guitar) & Ray Quigley (bass). Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. The band continued to play into 2010, and then in 2011 played at the Grangemouth Music Festival. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.

The ACID WONDERLAND EXPERIENCE:  Act fromed in 2006, finally settling on a name and line-up of Wallace Pate (vocals/guitar/sitar/keyboards/harmonica/drums), Rory Bennett (bass) & Chris MacDonald (drums) in 2008. Pate then went on to form The Dead Leaves. 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/acidwonderlandexperience
A CATASTROPHE OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS:  Solo project of former Enchantica member Malphas (vocals/ guitar/keyboards), formed in the mid-2000's.
ACQUITTED:  Christian rock act formed in 2002 by David Seel (vocals/guitar, ex-Brand), Barry Dougall (drums, ex-Brand), Andrew Taylor (guitar) & Colin McBurney (bass), who reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" that year. The following year saw the release of their debut EP, "Secure", and a mission to become "as successful as God would allow". Acquitted played live until 2005.
RELEASE:  "Secure" (CD EP, 2003).

ADEAVE:  Graeme High School band formed 2004 by Adam Donaldson (vocals), Mark Drummond (guitar), Glen Gardiner (drums, ex-Fightback) & Kevin Clough (bass, ex-Slaughterhook). That year they released a demo EP "The Living Room Sessions". In 2005 Gardiner was replaced by Steven Jack (drums), and the band added Alex Marshall (guitar). Gardiner later turned up in Looks Can Be Deceiving. This line-up released another demo, "No Reason" in February of that year. Jack later joined / formed Idiotcut, whilst Donaldson formed Dave La Manchot.
"The Living Room Sessions" (CD EP, 2004)
"No Reason" (CD demo, 2005).

AIR 4:  Band from 2008 featuring Mark Sneddon (guitar/vocals), Alistair Snedden (drums), Joe Gray (bass) & Matthew Hannah (guitar/vocals, also with The Rising).

Helen AITKEN:  Falkirk based singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald "Voice Of 2008" competition that year, whilst only 17 years old. The following year, Aitken once again reached the final.
AKOLAYD:  Grangemouth based four piece formed in May 2004 by Alan Gilchrist (guitar/vocals, possibly ex-Five Park Drive) , Thomas McClung (drums), Suzy McMilan (bass) & Mark Page (vocals/guitar). The band continued to gig until 2006, when they recorded a demo at Homegrown Studios in Larbert. 2007 saw the band replace guitarist Alan Gilchrist with Bob Casement (guitar/vocals), and begin playing live again, despite a short break by drummer, McClung. Gilchrist, meanwhile formed Las Tuesday. At the end of the year it was announced that McClung had been replaced permanently by Ryan Yule (drums, ex-Break Nekk Speed), however Yule was replaced in early 2008 by Keith Thompson (drums, ex-Plan B). Summer 2009 saw the band playing at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, which they returned to the following year. In 2010 Thompson & McMilan formed Stand 3.
WEBSITE:  http://www.akolayd.co.uk

ALDRIN ON MOON:  Alter ego of Robbie Lesuik (2006-07) who also played with Y'all Is Fantasy Island and The Saltshakers at the time. He thought of his music as "the aural equivalent of that smell you get when you have run Scalextric cars for a bit too long". In 2012 Lesuik joined Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/aldrinonnmoon
allsystemsGO:  2007 act with Scott Aitken (vocals), Andrew Laurenson (bass/vocals), Gordon Miller (guitar/vocals), Dobbie & Graeme Simpson (drums, ex-Lost & Found), who changed their name to Ever The Optimist at the end of the year.

ALOHA HAWAII:  Side project of Aidan Moffat and Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, which began in summer 2008. In September they released the first of a proposed series of vinyl single, "Towns On The Moon".
RELEASES:  "Towns On The Moon" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 2008).
ANCHOR PARTY:  Four piece act formed in spring 2007 by Scott Clark (vocals / guitar), Paul (guitar), Burjojo (bass) & Alex Queen (drums).

Sheena ANDERSON:  Linlithgow based vocalist who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald Voice of the Year competition in November 2006.
ANGELS HEAP:  Duo with Dave McEwan (guitar/vocals, ex-Lobsters) & Cameron Nisbet (guitar, ex-Throb), who played covers around the pubs in 2000 - 2004. In 2003 they appeared as part of the "Way To Blue" festival. The act re-emerged playing live in 2006 and 2007.

APOLLO 14:  5-piece from April 2006 with Simon Amos (guitar), Nic Rice (guitar/vocals), Laura Amos (bass), Shaun Johnston (piano/vocals) & Conor Stevens (drums). Ross Heron (drums) replaced Stevens, however the band split in early 2007 with Simon Amos, Johnston & Heron going on to form Red December.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com /apollo14music
ARAB STRAP:  The most successful local act of the 1990's, Arab Strap were formed in late 1995 by  Aiden Moffat and Malcolm Middleton. Moffat had previously played in Someone's Daughter, The Angry Buddhists & Bay, whilst Middleton had played in a string of smalltime local acts, including The Laughing Stock and Rabid Lettuce. The two, drawn together by a shared love of Smog and The Palace Brothers, started writing and recording. Naming the band Arab Strap after a sex device, the duo sent only two demo tapes out, and were picked up by Glasgwegian independant label, Chemikal Underground.  The first release was a single in September 1996 entitled "The First Big Weekend" which told of the bands antics over the weekend that saw Scotland dismissed from Euro '96. The song received much airplay in Britain and became an anthem for part-time "E" casualties. This was followed up a few weeks later by the bands debut album, "The Week Never Starts Round Here", a dark and claustrophobic affair. It offered few chinks of light, Arab Strap preferred the rancour and pain of a failed relationship, the sweat and the smell of dirty sex. They spoke about shit jobs and shit wages, set to brooding music. Some live shows were played towards the end of the year, with ex-Cyanide Dolls members David Gow (drums) and Gary Miller (bass) filling out the sound.  March 1997 saw the band release their second single ("The Clearing"), helped by members of Belle & Sebastian, and tour the UK as support to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. Two months later a tour with Mogwai coincided with their debut single being used as backing for the latest Guinness advert (albeit with someone else doing Moffat's voiceover). This connection with Mogwai led to Moffat contributing vocals to Mogwai's album ("Mogwai Young Team") later in the year.

By now the band were media darlings, and their next single "The Girls Of Summer" managed to crack the top 75. A re-mix of a David Holmes track ("Don't Die Just Yet"), featuring Moffat on vocals, reached the top forty at the end of the year. The year was rounded off with a headline UK tour in December. Spring 1998 saw the band hit the top fifty with "Here We Go/"Trippy" a double a-side, and the recruitment of co-vocalist Adele Bethel. Their second album was called "Philophobia", which translated as a "fear of love", and featured nude paintings of Moffat and his then girlfriend on the front and back covers. At this time Falkirk's Provest Fowler said of the band "These people are a disgrace to Falkirk". Result! The band embarked on another UK tour, which carried on into their first European tour. A US tour in October coincided with the Spice Girls and All Saints debating the merits of Moffat and their new single "(Afternoon) Soaps" on television, a bizarre moment in the history of the Falkirk music scene.

1999 saw the band put their toe into the commercial circus, signing to Go Beat! in the UK. The move proved to be a mistake, with the label wanting more sellable product, and the band refusing to compromise. To a certain extent the whole affair halted the growing momentum of the band, and they never got back to the stage where they might have had a hit single. The first release on Go Beat! was a stop-gap live album, "Mad For Sadness", recorded at their London Queen Elizabeth Hall gig the year before, released in May. This was followed by their third album proper, "Elephant Shoe". A headline UK tour was followed by an extensive European tour supporting  The Tindersticks. They also managed to re-mix tracks for Mogwai and Dot Allison this year.  2000 was a relatively quiet year for the band, with only a Scandanavian tour in Spring and some European festival appearances during the summer to show for their efforts. However, the year did see them part from Go Beat! and take stock of their situation.

Towards the end of the year Arab Strap recorded their fourth album, "The Red Thread", which was released on their old label, Chemikal Underground, in February 2001. The band then set about touring the world, with the UK in February, Australia and Japan in March, and America in April. May saw another short UK tour followed by a more extensive European tour (supported by Bright Eyes). During this year Moffat also managed to join and appear on the debut album by Scottish supergroup The Reindeer Section. 2002 was a very quiet year for the band, with both Moffat and Middleton concentrating on solo projects, however they did manage to play some acoustic dates with the addition of Eva violinist, Jenny Reeve, and cello player Stacey Sievewright, and a short Australian tour in October. Aiden formed a mini-supergroup, The Sick Anchors, who released a single, and also contributed to the second Reindeer Section album. Meanwhile Bethel and Gow went off to form their own act, Sons & Daughters.

2003 saw a return to form for Arab Strap with the release of the"Monday At The Hug And Pint" album. This was followed by an extensive US tour supporting Bright Eyes, playing to teenagers who had heard of the main band through their promotion on "The OC". Touring this year was with their new "acoustic" line up, and later in the year they embarked on a September to November European tour, ending the year with a headline tour of North America. 
After a year off for solo work, during which Middleton also guested with Viva Stereo, February 2005 saw the band donate a song to a CD raising funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. The band also recorded an original soundtrack for the animated short film "Rogue Farm", and played an acoustic request show, the highlights of which were released as a limited edition album on their website in April. After this Middleton released his second solo album. However, the band had been busy in the studio, and released their new album, "The Last Romance" in October. This was followed by a November UK tour.

2006 proved to be a busy year, starting with the release of the single "Speed Date", accompanied by a video directed by former Skids frontman, Richard Jobson. The duo then recruited Michael (bass), Scott (drums) and Stevie (guitar/piano) and proceeded to tour Europe (February), Ireland (May), with some summer European festival dates. They rounded off their tenth year with a compilation album, "Ten Years Of Tears".
 This event persuaded them to call it a day, and after a European tour in October - December, Arab Strap played their final date at the ABC, Glasgow. Moffat then concentrated on his own project, L. Pierre, then formed The Best Ofs, whilst Middleton went solo. One time member Seivewright later joined The Poems, whilst Reeve helped out Middleton on his solo releases. 2008 saw a posthumous release for the band's soundtrack for the animated short film "Rogue Farm". The duo got together for a one-off live date in November 2011, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nice'n'Sleazies in Glasgow. 
"The First Big Weekend" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 1996)
"The Week Never Starts Round Here" (vinyl/CD album, Chemikal Underground, 1996)
"The Clearing" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 1997)
"The Girls Of Summer" (12 inch vinyl EP/CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 1997, UK charts #74)
"The Smell Of Outdoor Cooking" (7 inch vinyl single, 1997)
"Live: Packs Of Three" (7 inch vinyl single, 1998)
"Here We Go /Trippy" (10 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #48)
"Philophobia" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #37)
"(Afternoon) Soaps" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #74)
"Singles" (Japanese only CD album, Bandai, 1999)
"Mad For Sadness" (live vinyl/CD album, Go Beat, 1999)
"Cherubs" (12 inch vinyl EP/CD EP, Go Beat, 1999)
"Elephant Shoe" (vinyl/CD album, Go Beat, 1999)
"Fukd I.D." (12 inch vinyl EP/CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 2000)
"To All A Good Night" (single, Chemikal Underground, 2000)
"Love Detective" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 2001, UK charts #66)
"The Red Thread" (vinyl/CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2001)
"Turbulance" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 2001)
"The Shy Retirer" (CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 2003)
"Monday At The Hug And Pint" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2003)
"The Acoustic Request Show" (CD album, 2005)
"Dream Sequence" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 2005)
"The Last Romance" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2005)
"Speed Date" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground, 2006)
"There Is No End" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground, 2006) 
"Ten Years Of Tears" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2006)
"Music From Rogue Farm" (Internet album, Chemikal Underground, 2008) 
WEBSITE:  http://www.arabstrap.co.uk

ARTHUR:  Local act formed in 1996 by Gordon Lyon (vocals), Gordon White (bass), Brian Dignan (guitar) & Ian Buchanan (drums). The band took their name from what Ringo Starr called his haircut when asked in a press conferance. The band supported China Crisis at the Falkirk Family Day in Callander Park that summer, and played at an all day festival at the Martell in December, then continued to play live into 1997 when they won the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". More dates were played in 1998, including a couple at Liverpool's Cavern venue. The band continued to play until 2000, after which Buchanan joined Rococco. Some members (including Dignan) then formed Mary Jane. The band reformed in 2004 and have been playing live since then, though Dignan & White also play with Projekt. In 2006 Dignan and White also played in the Grubowski's house band, Bad Piggy.  2008 saw Lyon form R4.
ATOMIZED:  Side project of Russel McEwan (of Black Sun) formed in 2009, who along with Lea Cummings (vocals, of Kylie Minoise) released an EP of "raped versions of pop classics by Madonna, Visage, Howard Jones, Haircut 100, & Culture Club" in Spring 2009.
RELEASES:  "Hits Of The Eighties" (CD EP, Kovoroxsound Records, 2009).
The ATTIC:  Bo'ness band from 2008 featuring Matthew (guitar/keyboards/vocals), Andy (bass/vocals), Mark (guitar) & Joe (drums). By 2009 they had added Alan to the line-up.
BAD PIGGY:  Grubowski's house band put together in 2006 by David Dowell (drums, ex-Grubowski's Allstars), Bryan Dignan (guitar, also with Arthur) & Gordon White (bass, also with Arthur). Later in the year they took their act to other venues as well, whilst Dowell also played with Pablo Escobar. In November the trio changed their name to Dignan, Dowell & Whyte.

Anna BAKER:  Falkirk based singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald "Voice Of 2008" competition that year, but had to withdraw.
Dru BAKER:  Solo jazz saxophonist who may previosly have played with Heskey. In 2009 his backing line-up included Bert Craig (drums, ex-Willie Logan, also with The Donald Christie Trio), Cameron Buchanan (guitar) & Jimmy Taylor (bass/vocals).

David BATEMAN:  Vocalsit/guitarist went solo 2007 when playing with Poles Apart. In September he released his debut single, "Photograph" via i-Tunes & Napster, before supporting The Complete Stone Roses at the Glasgow Academy on two dates in December. 2008 started off with an A&R showcase at the Tolbooth, Stirling, and a support to ex-Seahorses frontman, Chris Helme, and Bateman continued giiging throughout the year, including a support to Sergeant in Stirling in September, and a date at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh in November.  Summer 2009 saw him playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival.  Bateman continued to play into 2010, including a date in Vienna, and at the Grangemouth Festival in May.  In August 2011, he played at the Dennycassim Festival. 2012 saw Bateman guesting with The White Vinyl Collective. 
RELEASES:  "Photograph" (Internet single, 2007)
WEBSITES: http://www.myspace.com/davidbatemanmusic & http://www.david-bateman.co.uk
Lindsay BAUCHOP:  Solo vocalist who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

BE A FAMILIAR:  Seven piece band featuring Polmont vocalist Maria Higgins, who played at T In The Park in 2008, in what was only their eighth gig. The band also played at the Rock Ness festival the same year, and performed an acoustic set for Radio 1. The band also played in Ireland, Germany & Austria that year.

The BE BE SEE:  London based act formed by Falkirk born and bred musician Kevin O'Donnell (vocals/guitar, ex-Pretty Kamikaze). They signed to EMI Records in 2007, and released one single, "Disney Eyes" that year.
RELEASES:  "Disney Eyes" (single, EMI Records, 2007).
BENIGN MYTH:  Rock/funk/metal act formed in October 2003, by Mogli (bass), Chris (drums) and Bob (guitar). For about eight months they were an instrumental band looking for a vocalist. They tried out a few people, but no-one was suited to their style (they were looking for someone like Zack de la Roche from Rage Against The Machine - "crazy, fast & determined"). They eventually found their man in Ricky. Taking their influences from Rage Against The Machine, One Minute Silence, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Incubus, Benign Myth used all of these together to create their own unique styleThey recorded their debut demo in early 2005 and released these recordings in July, completing a short Scottish tour with Canadian band Zeroscape. The end of the year saw them lose vocalist Ricky, and begin a fruitless search for a replacement.
WEBSITE:  http://www.Benign-Myth.tk
The BEST OFS:  Band formed by ex-Arab Strap frontman, Aidan Moffat, upon the demise of that act. The act made their debut with author Ian Rankin in the Barnes & Noble bookstore in New York in spring 2007, and their UK debut supporting Slint in August. Meanwhile, a collaboration with artist Dave Shrigley appeared on a German compilation album in the summer. The band released their debut album, "I Can Hear Your Heart" on Chemikal Underground in January 2008, with Moffat playing a couple of support slots to Mogwai in May. That month also saw an album of Moffat rarities from 1995 released, entitled "The Angry Buddhists". Another side project was a series of vinyl singles with Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai, which began in summer 2008, under the name of Aloha Hawaii.

The Best-Of's played a few dates towards the end of 2008, including a support in Glasgow to Shellac, and a festival in Holland.  Moffat released his debut solo album, "How To Get To Heaven From Scotland" in February 2009, along with a free single, "Big Blonde". After a couple of dates in the UK, the band completed a short tour of Japan in May. That summer, Moffat was struck down with Swine Flu, and had to cancel some dates. A new single was released in September 2009, an orchestral version of Lullaby For Unborn Child backed with a children’s story written and read by Moffat called The Lavender Blue Dress.
2010 began with a live date with Bill Wells at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, and in March Moffat appeared on the BBC Radio Three literature & poetry show, "The Verb". A couple of live dates followed in spring (one of which was supporting The Bluebells), after which Moffat began work on a collaborative album with Bill Wells. October saw the release of a ten track mini-album, designed to fit onto two sides of a 7 inch single, entitled "Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers", which was followed by three dates in the Highlands in November.  2011 saw the collaborative album with Bill Wells, "Everythings Getting Older", released to great critical acclaim, followed by a cover version of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer".   2012 saw a strange 7 inch release by Moffat & Wells, featuring a medley of "The Power Of Love" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Jennifer Rush & Huey Lewis.
"I Can Hear Your Heart" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2008)
"The Angry Buddhists" (CD album, AMC Records, 2008)
"How To Get To Heaven From Scotland" (CD album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2009)

"Big Blonde" (single, 2009)
"Lullaby For An Unborn Child" (Internet/7 inch single, 2009)
"Ten Short Songs For Modern Lovers" (vinyl mini-album, Chemikal Underground Records, 2010)
With Bill Wells: "Everything's Getting Older" (CD/internet album)
With Bill Wells: "Cruel Summer" (single, 2011)
With Bill Wells: "The Power & The Glory Of Love" (7 inch single, 2012)
BLACK & KAY:  Blues duo formed in 2005 by Sandy Black (harmonica/vocals/guitar, ex-Juke Joint Boogie Blues Band, also with Blue Dubh) & Ian Kay (guitar, also with The Hugh Trowser Band).
BLACK SUN:  Industrial act formed by Falkirk born Russel McEwan (vocals/drums, ex-Macrocosmica), along with Kevin Hare (guitar/vocals) & Graeme Leggate (bass). The act had released five records before a 12 inch single, "Paralyser", in October 2008. Spring 2009 saw the band playing at the South By Soutwest Festival in Texas, and the Roadburn Festival in Holland. At this time McEwan also started a side project called Atomized. The act released a vinyl single, "Code Black" in February 2009. In summer 2009, McEwan joined Jarbo (ex-Swans) onstage at Supersonic 2009. Towards the end of the year, they recorded their sixth album, "Twilight Of The Gods", for release in 2010. Summer saw the band complete a short tour of Ireland, followed by the release of the album in September. Autumn saw some dates around the UK.  2011 saw a variation of the act, entitled The Black Sun Drum Corp play live, including a sate at the Wickerman Festival.  McEwan, a big Joy Division fan, appeared as an extra in the movie "Control".
"Fleshmarket" (Over Records)
"Circus Of The Fallen" (Over Records)
"Rip Yourself Open" (EP, Black Sun Records)
"Sacred Eternal Eclipse" (Distortion Project Records)
"Hour Of The Wolf" (Maximum Volume Records)
"Paralyser" (12 inch single, At War With False Noise Records, 2008)
"Code Black" (7 inch vinyl single, At War With False Noise Records, 2009)
"Twilight Of The Gods" (CD album, At vWar With False Gods Records, 2010) 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/legionofblacksun
The BLACKWOOD BROTHERS:  Very young (around 5!) trio featuring Lewis, Harrison & Arran Blackwood, who started busking in Falkirk High Street in summer 2009. They then took their act to Glasgow, where they were noticed by Real Radio, and featured on the breakfast show, before appearing on STV's "The Hour" programme. The three brothers are the sons of local musician Stuart Blackwood (of Soundcradle).
BLADDERED:  Punk rock/new wave covers band formed in 1994 by Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals, ex-Europe After The Rain), Liam Wilson (drums, ex-Stealer), Guy Gibson (guitar), Ali Bell (vocals, ex-Tunnelvision) & Scott Steele (vocals/guitar). The following year they recruited Davy Paterson (drums, ex-Fat Davy & The Denny Brass), which allowed them to continue playing right into 2005, often supporting touring punk and tribute acts. In 1998 they released an EP called "Moochie Pogo", and the Mackie brothers played a one-off gig with Those Meddling Kids. When Gibson passed away he was replaced by Gus Rae (guitar, also of Fat Davy & The Denny Brass). Mackie also played with Clash tribute act Combat Rock, Fat Davy & The Denny Brass, and more recently The Cool Jerks, Fire Exit 77 & Jam Pact, whilst Paterson is also a member of Brighawk. Bladdered also recorded the Falkirk Football Club song which is played before games and at half-time. The band played a one off at the Martell in December 2006 at Dougie Mackie's 40th Birthday, and then played a couple of dates in 2007 as well, and their annual Christmas date in 2009.  In April 2014 Paterson went missing from home, and the subsequent police search tragically found his body.
RELEASES:  "Moochie Pogo" (CD EP, 1998).
WEBSITE: http://www.bladdered.net   &  http://www.myspace.com/falkirkbladdered
The BLANK EXPRESSIONS:  Two piece act from 2006, formed by Falkirk musician Ally Turner (vocals/guitar) & Glaswegians Ian Kay (guitar), James McDonald (vocals) & Tommy Bell (drums). The band continued to play live into 2007, when they recruited bass player, Thomas Fawcett.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/theblankexpressions

BLUE DUBH:  Blues act formed in January 2005 by ex-Itchy Feet members Alex Bruce (drums) & Sandy Black (vocals, also with Black & Kay), along with Charles Tibbles (bass), Alan Osborn (guitar / vocals) & Chris Gallagher (guitar/vocals). In their first year they played at the Dundee Blues Bonanza in July and the Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival in August. In 2006 Bruce & Gallagher left to form The Saltshakers and were replaced by Brian Smith (drums) & Nelson Liddle (guitar/trumpet/vocals). The band continued to play live into 2007, before re-emerging in 2010. Tibbles went on to join The Tonkerers.
WEBSITE:  http://www.bluedubh.co.uk
The BLUESBROKERS:  Blues act formed late 2008 by Seamus Trint (aka: James Trimble, vocals/guitar), Bruce Tait (vocals/bass, ex-Saltshakers) & Alex Bruce (drums, ex-Saltshakers). Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, before splitting. Tait & Trimble then went on to form Bad Luck'n'Trouble.
The B.M.X. BANDITS:  Legendary and influential Glasgow band formed in the 1980's by Duglas T. Stewart (vocals). Their 2006 line-up featured Falkirk's David Scott (also The Pearlfishers), with Rachel Mackenzie (vocals), Stuart Kidd (bass/guitar/drums), Brian McEwan (bass/keyboards/guitar), Jamie Cameron (guitar) & Gabriel Telerman (guitar). In 2007 they released a new album, "Bee Stings", and a single. In 2009 Kidd, McEwan & Cameron helped Lewis Wilson record his debut album. By 2010 the line-up was Stewart, Scott, Rachel Allison (vocals, nee: Rachel MacKenzie), Jim McCulloch (guitar, ex-Soup Dragons), Finlay McDonald & Jim Gash (drums, ex-Pearlfishers). THe band continued playing sporadic shows into 2011.
"My Chain" (CD album, Rev Ola Records, 2006)
"Bee Stings" (CD album, Poppydisc, 2007)
"Take Me To Heaven" (Internet single, 2007)
WEBSITES: http://www.myspace.com/bmxbanditsgroup
BOOGIE DOWN:  Grangemouth band from 2009, who re-located to Newcastle to study, featuring Steve Morton (vocals), Colin Glen (guitar) & Chris Blair (bass, ex-Bravado).

BOOGIE HOOK-UP:  6-piece formed 2007 by David Murphy (guitar/vocals, ex-Retro Gnome), Niall Anderson (bass, ex-Retro Gnome), Andrew Denholm (drums, ex-Retro Gnome), Donald Anderson (guitar), Nicola Denholm (vocals) & Susanne Bell (keyboards/saxophone/vocals). In 2008 Anderson moved to iceland, and the band recruited Lewis Cannon (guitar, ex-Undercurrent), who was replaced by Gareth Lloyd (guitar).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/boogiehookup
BOVINE:  Local rock act formed in 1996 by Steven Tosh (drums), David King (vocals/guitar) & Adam Stafford (bass vocals), who played one date at the Martell before Stafford left to form Y'all Fantasy Island. A year later he was replaced by Andy Hill (guitar/vocals) and, in October 1998, Craig Hayworth (bass). This line-up recorded a three track demo at Mainframe Studios, Grangemouth in May 1999, and again in June, and released a three track CD EP with the tracks "Tell A Lie", "Angry Red Member" & "Go" early in 2000. Tosh left the band for five months in July 2000, and although a couple of people were auditioned, no one replaced him. He returned towards the end of that year. Bovine continued and played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001. That year they also supported both TV Smith & The Selecter locally and reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands".

Late in 2001 the band recorded three tracks in Riverside Studios, Busby, which they released the following year as the "Worried & Wasted" EP. This recording session also yielded their debut mini-album, "Something In The Water" in January 2003 on Shatterhand's Mythical Records. 2002 also saw them playing at the Punkstravaganze Festival at the Martell. In July 2003 Hayworth left to form The Declined, and King switched to bass. Adam Stamford then began working with the band again in a songwriting capacity, before rejoining them on second guitar. They released a new CD EP entitled "No Horizon" in 2004, with tracks being played on Jim Gellatley's Beat 106 show. The band continued to gig regularly until 2005 , and re-emerged late in the year with a new line-up of King, Hill, Tosh and original member, Adam Stafford (guitar, also with The Chuck Norris Machine, Y'all Fantasy Island & solo). The band began work on their new album, provisionally entitled "Fishtank Theory" in an abandoned house, with Tommy Blair producing, which they planned to release in 2006, however with a change of direction they also changed their name to Waroffice. Tosh, King & Hill also played in punk covers band The Rabid Dogs, whilst King & Hill were also in The Chuck Norris Machine.
"Tell A Lie" (CD EP, 2000)
"Worried & Wasted" (CD EP, 2002)
"Something In The Water" (CD mini-album, Mythical Records, 2003) 
"No Horizon" (CD EP, 2004)
WEBSITES:  http://www.bovine.freeservers.com  & http://www.angelfire.com/nv/bovine
BOX O'BANANAS:  Formed in 1991 by Stevie Gillies (guitar/bagpipes/vocals), Jock the Box (accordion/ vocals) & Alistair Morrow (drums). The band played as a duo, a three piece and occasionally a four piece featuring a fiddler (Eilidh Campbell or Dougie Ballantine). Jock & Stevie were involved with The Lobsters at this point however, they also formed another band called Ceilidh Minogue. Morrow was replaced by John McAvoy in 1992, and the "Banana" album was recorded in 1998. McAvoy was the replaced by Iain Wallace (drums, ex-Throb) in 2000. Jock ventured to Nigeria for a show and Stevie performed rwo or three times per year in Bahrain with his other band Rusty Nail, who were formed way back in 1982 after a chance meeting of two musicians at an International Folk Festival in Edegem, Belgium. The original Rusty Nail members were Stevie Gillies (acoustic/ electric guitars, bagpipes & vocals), Gregor Lowrey (midi accordion & vocals) and Iain McKenzie (2nd accordion, drums, spoons & vocals). Rusty Nail are still performing today and use various drummers such as Ashley MacMillan (ex-Ironhorse, Stiltskin & The Willie Logan Band), Lee Agnew (ex- Ironhorse, currently with Nazareth), Alistair Morrow (Ceilidh Minogue & The Fat Sams Jazz Band) and Duncan Findlay (guitar).  Ashley MacMillan came into Box O'Bananas, replacing Wallace, around 2003 and has been a key player ever since. The band continued to play live into 2006, including a date with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band. 2007 saw more live dates by the band, including some on the island of Jersey, and some in California (USA, not up the braes!). Summer saw dates at the Wickerman Festival in the Borders, and supporting the Stranglers at the Campbeltown Festival. The Bananas had been playing for around 16 years when they decided to call it a day in August 2008. The 2008 gigs take them up to around August so catch them where you can.
RELEASES:  "Bananas" (CD album, 1998)
WEBSITE:  http://www.boxobananas.com/

Alan BRAND:  Perth born, Falkirk based acoustic songwriter, writting mostly instrumental pieces, who performed regularly at the Acoustic Kitchen songwriter nights in 2004 - 2005.
BRADY:  Alter-ego of Spitroast frontman Neil Braidwood, who in 2006 (whilst his main band was on a sabatical) issued his own solo album "Life Through A Pint Glass".
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/bradyonline
BRAVADO:  Formed in Grangemouth school during 2003 by Chris Blair (bass), Chris McAuley (vocals/guitar), Chris Paton (drums) & Lewis Wilson (guitar). Bravado tried recording at home with unsatisfactory results, however a trip to Homegrown Studios led to the release of their self-titled debut EP in 2005.
Wilson may have also been in a band called Aurora, whilst Paton later joined Higher Ground. Wilson then joined Goodson. Blair moved to Newcastle where he formed Boogie Down.
"Bravado" (CD E.P., February 2005).
BREACHING COPYRIGHT: 4-piece formed by Shaun Johnston (guitar/keyboards/vocals, ex-Red December), Ross Mercer (bass/vocals), Sean Castell (drums, ex-The End Of Never) & Simon Amos (guitar, ex-Red December). They describe themselves as "the indie driven guitar, splashes of electro, a drop of rock, an ounce of screamo, finger licking bass, and anal penetrating drums, works together to piece a formula of musical genius". The band continued into 2009 with a date at the Unsigned Festival in Falkirk Town Hall in April, then Big In Falkirk in May. By October the line-up had changed to Mercer, Amos, Martin Eadie (guitar) & Ross Heron (drums, ex-Red December). This line-up self-recorded and released an EP, "A Year Gone By". Castell moved on to form The Darwins, whilst Johnston later formed This Way Down. The band continued gigging into 2010, whilst recording their debut album, "Buy It, Steal It, Own It".
"A Year Gone By" (CD EP, 2009)
"Buy It, Steal It, Own It" (CD album, 2010)
BRIGHAWK:  Bonnybridge based Hawkwind tribute act formed in July 1998 to play a support to Bladdered. The line-up featured Danny Coyle (vocals, ex-Fat Davey & The Denny Brass), Paul Mann (guitar/vocals, ex-Nepenthe), Ray Easton (drums, ex-Fat Davey & The Denny Brass), Vince Fitzpatrick (guitar), Warrie Mann (keyboards, ex-Cage) & Alan Feighan (bass). After summer rehearsals they recruited Tam Winters (keyboards, ex-Nepenthe) for a date in Tobermory. This line-up continued until 1999 when Fitzpatrick left, and then in late- 2001 Easton left to be replaced by Davey Paterson of Bladdered. They continued to play live occasionally for the next few years, recording a four track CD in June 2005.  The only word from the band in 2006 was a performance at the Martell in December, however Coyle has also been working solo under then name of Danorakfelspar.
WEBSITE:  http://www.geocities.com/brighawk

The BROKEN:  Bo'ness based act featuring James Mawdsley (vocals/bass), Kyle Martoin (guitar) and Kyle Grieve (drums/vocals). In 2009 the band who played at Big In Falkirk that year, and a two day festival in Bo'ness in July. In 2011 the band returned.
Barbara BRYCELAND:  Club veteran whose break came in 2007 when she made it through to the "boot camp" stages of the X-Factor. Bryceland continued to play live locally, before making the finals of BBC talent show "The Voice" in 2012, after being chosen by Tom Jones.

Melissa BUCHANAN:  Denny based vocalist who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald Voice of the Year competition in November 2006 whilst aged 17.
BULLITT FOR PABLO:  Band formed in June 2006 by Barry Honeyman (vocals, ex-Breed) and Chris McKeown (guitar/vocals) after searching long and hard for a highly skilled drum machine, before locating Calum McNinch (drums) and Nick Cheetham (bass). Orignally called Zephyr, the band were looking to develop a new sound incorporating their classic rock and grunge influences, with an upbeat and energising combination of pounding beats, intuitive lyrics and classic blues rock riffs. The band continued to play into 2008.

BUTCH & The BANDITS:  Bo'ness based cover band from 2007, featuring Chris Allison (vocals), Iain Webster (guitar/vocals), Chris Williamson (guitar/vocals), Steven Martin (bass/vocals, ex-Fearless Dave) & Jack Purdie (drums, ex-Bone Idol). The band played into 2008, when Webster left, followed by Allison (who joined Milophobia). They did manage some dates in 2009 and 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/butchandthebandits
BUZZBOMB:  Bathgate/Falkirk punk band formed in 1997 by Fuzz (vocals), Billy Ross (bass/vocals), Stu (guitar/vocals) & Tony (drums). Regular gigging helped them build a following through supports to the likes of The U.K. Subs, The Vibrators & 999, as well as an appearance at the Punkstravanganza Festival at the Martell in 2002. Vocalist Fuzz left in 2005, with Billy & Stu taking over. The end of that year saw the band sign with new Glaswegian label Room 21, with some tracks to be contributed to a compilation album in 2006. February 2006 saw the band complete a short Scottish tour with Even In Blackouts, then play a date at a high security prison. May saw the band supporting Goldblade at the Tavern, Grangemouth, whilst they finished the year supporting punk legends, The Vibrators. 2007 saw the band continue live work, whilst Stu put together a new side project with members of 3 Steps Down & I Stand Alone. Drummer Tony left the band in the summer to pursue his musical ventures with Ion Charge. He was replaced by Brett (ex-Z/28), and the band continued to gig. In April 2008 they supported Sham 69 in Glasgow, before releasing their debut album, "Eight The Hard Way". Around this time, drummer Brett ran the London Marathon.
The band continued into 2011. 
"All American Zero" (CD single)
"Eight The Hard Way" (Album, 2008).
Kevin BYRNE:  Former frontman with Foam and drummer with Sister, The Nicotine Junkies, Chiliryder & The Seventeenth, Byrne began writing and recording his own material in 2005, with the help of Paul Smith (of Weird). The results of this were the release of his debut EP, "Lucida Lucida", in early 2006 on HMR.
RELEASES:  "Lucida Lucida" (CD EP, HMR Records, 2006)
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/kevinbyrne1978
CABAL:  Formed in 2003 by Michael Schofield (vocals/guitar), Pete Baillie (drums/vocals) & Gordon Mathers (bass/vocals) -all ex-Burn. Initially the band had a couple of lead guitarists before making the decision to go as a three piece in 2004. Playing an eclectic mix of covers from the 1960's to the present, including tracks by The Who, U2, The Stone Roses, The Killers, The Small Faces, Talking Heads, The Clash, and many others, as well as some original material, the band have gigged regularly into 2007. Whilst working on their debut CD, Schofield left in August 2007. The other two members of the band plan to continue working together.
WEBSITE:  http://www.freewebs.com/cabalrocks/

CADENZA:  Female rock trio formed 2006 by Emma George (vocals/guitar, ex-Hoax), Kathryn Sharp (bass/ vocals, ex-Hoax) & Michelle Boardman (drums). In February 2007 they reached the final of the Falkirk Council run "Rock The Talk" Battle Of The Bands, with a gig held at Glasgow's Barrowlands. In May 2007 they played at "Big In Falkirk" in Callendar Park. In spring 2008 George was playing in Alana McLernon's backing band.
CAL:  Local singer songwriter, born Michael Callaghan in 1963, who turned to performing in 1991 when recovering from a serious back injury. He decided to further develop his musical talents by attending Perth College, and was a student there for three years, attaining an HND in "Rock Music Performance". He also won the "Outstanding Adult Learner Award 1993" and won the "Sound Control Music Trophy 1993 - 1994". 
He supported Fish at the Martell in late 1995, before auditioning for the job of frontman with Runrig (he was unsuccessful!). After a year of working in a factory Cal returned to further education where he attended Edinburgh Jewel and Esk Valley College in 1996 - 1997 and achieved his Advanced Diploma in "Film And Television Music".  Cal is one of the busiest pub performers, with 2 - 3 gigs a week, and to date has released four self-financed albums. 2004 saw him release his fourth album, "Calling You", on his own Cal Music label, and complete German and Polish tours. He has continued his gigging schedule in 2005, complete with a support to Midge Ure at Stirling's Albert Hall. He also entered Cava Studio, Glasgow, and recorded a double A-side single, "Scotland, A Part Of Me" & "The Rose Among The Heather", which was released in spring 2006. This single featured Grubowski's Allstars drummer David Dowell.

2006 saw Cal continue his furious gigging, including a couple more supports to Midge Ure. In 2007 he supported former Runrig frontman Donnie Munro on a Danish tour. He also recruited a band for some live dates of Mikey Grant (keyboards), Kenny McLean (bass) & Adam Thompson (drums). The year ended on a high with Cal winning the "Festival4stars" National Songwriting Competition. Cal kept up his non-stop live schedule throughout 2008, once again taking part in the "Festival4stars" singwriting competition, however this time in the International category. In August/September he undertook a series of dates in Canada. Cal continued to play into 2009, including some dates with Sandi Thom in February. August & September saw him complete a short Canadian tour. Work continued, and by 2012 he was being backed by David Lindsay (drums), Graham Brown (bass) & Ross Munro (keyboards). This line-up played at T In The Park that year. 
"One Of One" (cassette album, 1996)
"Vintage Years" (cassette album, 1998)
"(Scotland) A Part Of Me" (CD album, 2000)
"Calling You" (CD album, Cal Music, 2004)
"The Rose Among The Heather" (CD single, 2006)
WEBSITE:  http://www.calmusic.co.uk

CAPTAIN HOWDIE:  Three piece acoustic act from 2006 fronted by Louise Hendry.
The CARNIVAL:  Falkirk act who began life as The Full Picture before changing their name to The Carnival in 2004. The line-up was Jake Gillespie (bass), Scott Gillespie (vocals/guitar), John McGregor (drums) & Crawford Sibbald (guitar). They were followed by a film crew during 2005 as part of a documentary about a band starting up. They released their debut single "Children Of The Legends" in 2005, followed quickly by a self-titled EP. In Autumn they recorded a live video for their single, "Suicide Trend". The band made a return to live work in 2007.
"Children Of The Legends" (CD EP, 2005)
"The Carnival" (CD EP, 2005)
"The Colours That Made You" (CD album, 2005)
WEBSITE:  http://www.thecarnivalrock.com

CASINO:  Five piece formed in 2009 by Ross Fairweather (vocals/guitar), Ross Kerry (drums, ex-Domestic Supermen), Ross Telfer (vocals/guitar), Paul Christie (guitar) & Scott McGregor (bass, ex-Domestic Supermen). Kerry then returned to his old band, The Valentines. 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/casinomusic1
CATCH 22:  Act formed at St. Moden's School, Stirling, in 2007, and featuring at least one member from Denny. The line-up consisted of David McCabe (vocals), Mike Wilson (guitar), Chris Cairns (guitar), Shaun Cruse (bass) & Ryan Cruse (drums). The band were managed by schoolfriend, Christopher Hall, and continued into 2008. In April they released their debut single, "That's The Way". Later the band were joined by James Cunningham (guitar) & Gerard Delainey (keyboards). Ryan Cruse went on to form The Pseudos, whilst McCabe formed Unit 7. 
RELEASES:  "That's The Way" (single, 2008)
WEBSITE:  http://www.bebo.com/catch22-1 & http://www.myspace.com/catch22xp

CEASEFIRE:  Using the Centralscene website Marc Stirling (bass/vocals, ex-Soundchamber) formed the band by recruiting Chris Jones (guitar/vocals, ex-Taking On Water), Graeme Duff (drums, ex-Taking On Water) & Martin (guitar, ex-Zero Is One). After a few rehearsals Martin left to concentrate on college work, and a few months later the three piece debuted in September 2006. Stirling then went on to form Synergy.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/ceasefireecosse
CENTURY PARK:  Bo'ness band formed 2009.

The CHRISTIE TRIO:  Grangemouth born Christian vocal trio formed by siblings Heather, Alan & Ruth Christie. The trio began their singing career in the church choir, before releasing their debut album in 2003, which reached number 3 in the European Gospel Music charts.
RELEASES:  "Undying Love" (CD album, 2003).
The Donald CHRISTIE TRIO:  Three piece jazz act from 2009 featuring Donald Christie (piano), Bert Craig (also with Dru Baker) & John Sinton (bass).

The CHUCK NORRIS MACHINE:  Instrumental experimental act from 2004 with Paul Tonner (ex-Pistolstar), Jonathan McColl (drums, also with Y'all Fantasy Island), Gregor Douglas, Dave King (guitar, also with Bovine), Andy Hill (guitar, also with Bovine), Tommy Blair (guitar, also with Y'all Fantasy Island) & Adam Stafford (solo act, also under the name Y'all Fantasy Island). They made their live debut the following summer at Grubowski's, Larbert, from where they were then banned. At the end of that year Stafford also began playing with Bovine. The band have recorded two albums - both of which are up for release next year on Methods For Making Unicorns Records.
The CITISINS:  5 Falkirk songwriters combining their skills to make an eclectic, lively sound. With influences as varied as The Smiths, The Rapture, Kings Of Leon, Manu Chao, & The Cribs, whilst combining this with a dance music sensibility, and love of a good beat, the five are David McCreadie (vocals), Darren Murray (guitar/vocals), Neil Lawson (guitar/vocals), Andy Hume (bass, ex-Tenbobslider) and Craig Sharp (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thecitisins

CIVIL LIBERTIES:  Graeme High School band formed in 2007 by Greg Shearer (bass/vocals), Sam Robinson (guitar) & Edam Hammond (drums/keyboards). In early 2008 they reached the final of the Council run Battle Of The Bands. Hammond also played with The Inhuman Masacre, whilst Shearer also played with The Cutouts. Sometine in 2009 the band called it a day. 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/yourcivilliberties
The COMPLETE STONE ROSES:  Scottish tribute act formed in the 1998. A re-vamp of their line-up in 2005 led to Grangemouth bass player David Nelson (ex-Skinflats) taking the role of "Mani". He joined Martin Kelly, Brian McGhee & Chris Campbell on a 30 date UK tour that summer, and continued playing with a new line-up in 2006. Regular tours continued into 2011, with changing members joining Nelson.  Nelson also started playing with Fire It Up in 2010. 
WEBSITE:  http://www.stoneroses.net/TCSR.html
COMMUNICATOR:  Act formed in 2008 by Dan Wright (vocals/guitar), Kenny Cassells (guitar/vocals, ex-Wanton Mission Failure), Calum Hendrie (bass, ex-Deadly Romantics) & Al Strachan (drums). The band entered the studio in October to record their debut E.P., before undertaking a short joint tour with Moya. Live dates were continued into 2009. The debut EP, "The Celebrated" was released in Spring 2009, with dates to promote it. Summer saw the band replace Strachan with Ritchie Carlin (drums, ex-Dead Or American), who was then replaced by Craig Boyle (drums) in November.  Live dates continued into 2010, with Darren Kirkbride (bass) repacing Hendrie in February, and Craig Scott (drums, ex-Shine) replacing Boyle. The band released a single, "Riot" in August 2010., before splitting in October. Cassells and Scott then formed Wake Via Satellite, with Cassells also joining West Avenue. 
"The Celebrated" (EP, 2009)
"Riot" (Internet single, 2010) 
CONUNDRUM:  Grangemouth High School band formed in 2008.

The COOL JERKS:  Live act specialising in New Wave and Punk covers, formed in 2002 by Ross Cunningham (drums, ex- and still helping out with - The International Pop Assassins), Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals, ex-Combat Rock, also with Bladdered) & John Mackie (vocals/guitar, ex-Combat Rock). The band played regularly around Scotland until 2005, when they also began to play as Jam Pact, a Jam tribute act. At the end of a busy year they played at a Joe Strummer tribute concert at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow.  Summer 2006 saw Cunningham leave the band to start up his own DJ business, being replaced by Kenny MacInnes (drums, also with Twin Lizzy), however Cunningham rejoined in December in time for a second Strummer tribute in Glasgow. A busy live schedule continued into 2007, including a support to Eddie & The Hot Rods in Glasgow, however the band split in April, with John Mackie & Ross Cunningham rejoining with MacInnes to form The Vesparados, whilst Dougie Mackie formed The Media Whores in 2008.
WEBSITE:  http://www.thecooljerks.net
The COP KILLAZ:  Trio formed 2007 by Ross B. (guitar/vocals), Ray Mc. (bass/vocals) & Ryan N. (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/youngpunx

CORIOLIS:  Glasgow band from 2007 - 2008 featuring local Gavin Morrison (drums, ex-Higher Ground).
The CRAWS:  5-piece formed in 2008 as The Lucky Dogs by Stephen Myles (guitar harmonica), Alex Paterson (vocals), John Barrie (drums), Alan Stewart (guitar, also Dutch) & Stephen McIlwaine (Bass). A change of name to The Craws (October 2008) saw the band record an EP of self-penned material and debuted at the Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow in August 2009. Gigs continued into 2011, including a date at the Grangemouth Music Festival. At the end of the year, the band entered the CHEM 19 Studio in Hamilton to record their debut album, "From Graceland to the Barrowland", which was released the following year.
RELEASE:  "From Graceland To The Barrowland" (CD album, 2012) 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thecrawsband
CREATED FROM SILENCE:  Four piece acoustic rock act formed in late 2008 by local singer/songwriter Colin Taylor (vocals/guitar, ex-solo). The rest of the band consisted of Will Marshall (keyboards), Rowan Petch (bass) & Sandy Harley (drums). In summer 2009 the band played at the Wickerman Festival alongside The Human League, The Zutons, The Magic Numbers & Idlewild, and have featured on BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson, Westsound FM, Central FM, and played on Jim Gellatly's New Music. In 2011 the band split. WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/createdfromsilence
CROMA:  Four piece act formed by David Smith (vocals), Craig Seton (guitar), Mark Sinclair (guitar) & Michael Wilson (drums). They played an all-dayer at Pennies, Falkirk, in August 2007. Sinclair later joined Lost City Lights.  The band re-emerged in 2009 with a line-up of Smith, Wilson, Craig Wilson (guitar) & Mikey McLean (bass) with dates at the Unsigned Festival in Falkirk Town Hall in April and Big In Falkirk in May. Early in 2010 Smith, Mclean & Michael Wilson formed Toy Fires. 
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.co.uk/cromamusic
Martin CROSSLEY:  Prior to going solo accoustic performer Crossley was a member of Tibor & Chiliryder. In 2004 he set up the "Acoustic Kitchen" songwriter nights, where he showcased his sensitive material.

Neil CROSSLEY:  Eccentric solo keyboardist/vocalist made a name for himself locally by playing drunkenly at the Acoustic Kitchen songwriter nights in 2004-05.

The CUTOUTS:  5-piece formed Summer 2007 by Lily (vocals), Murray (guitar), Ewan (guitar), Nicky (drums) & Shauni (bass), originally as Frame By Frame. Shaun left in September to be replaced by Greg Shearer (bass, also Civil Liberties). They changed their name to The Cutouts within a couple of months, and reached the final of the Council run Battle Of The Bands in early 2008. May saw the band playing a date at Big In Falkirk.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/cutoutyournonsense
DACO SEPALI:  Local band formed in early 2003 by Conroy (vocals), Dave Meek (guitar), Paul (bass) & Sean (drums). In late 2003 they re-located to Glasgow, and continue to gig into 2005, describing themselves as a cross between Kasabian and The Beta Band. The band planned to release their debut single in 2006, just after they had recruited rhythm guitarist, Pete. December saw the band announce that they had split.
WEBSITES:  http://www.DacoSepali.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/themightydacosepali

DAFT PSYCHADELLIC IGLOOS:  Created in March of 2007 "on a very drunken night playing poker and armed with a microphone on an mp3 player", Daft Psychadellic Igloos (who can't spell!) are a Bo'ness based band comprising Stephen "Kermit", Andrew Brown, Minty, Lewis & Stewart.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/daftpsychadellicigloos

Andrew DALZIEL:  Former member of Replay, Larbert High based Dalziel went solo in 2008, playing all the instruments on his own recordings. In 2009 he formed The Echoes.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/andrewdalziel
DANORAKFELSPAR:  Danny Coyle of Brighawk working solo.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/danorakfelspar

The DARWINS:  4-piece formed late 2008 by Kirsty Wood (vocals, ex-solo), Craig McKay (guitar), Sean Castell (drums, ex-Breaching Copyright) & Andy Sillars (guitar). The band debuted live in November 2009.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/darwinstheorymusic

The DEAD LEAVES:  5-piece formed at St Mungo's High in January 2009 with Wallace Pate (guitar/vocals, ex-Acid Wonderland Experience), Alex Abate (drums), Kieran Dick (bass), Ryan Hurcombe (vocals) & Jack Moran (guitar). In 2010 they recorded their debut single with help from Scottish Arts Council Youth Music Initiative, before Hurcombe & Dick left. Pate, Abate & Moran then formed Electric Alice.
RELEASES:  "Johnny Cash Is Jesus" (CD single, 2010) 
The DEADLY ROMANTICS:  Canadian rock act fronted by Bruce Hotchkies, who re-located to Falkirk in 2007 and recruited new members Calum Hendrie (bass), Gary Mark (guitar) & Phil Dodgson (drums). After a live date in Clydebank, they supported Zodiac Mindwarp in Glasgow, summer 2008. Hendrie then went on to play with Communicator. Whilst Hotchkies later founded the Scottish Music Awards.
WEBSITES:  http://www.myspace.com/deadlyromantics & http://www.deadlyromantics.com

DEATH BY TRIAL:  Act started at the beginning of 2005 in memory of a friend who died, with a line-up of Anthony (vocals), Bob (bass/vocals), Sven (guitar/vocals), Cally (guitar) & Colin (drums/"banter"). The band were influenced by Alexisonfire, i hatemyself, Avenged Sevenfold, old Metallica, Pantera, Sikth, The Dillinger Escape Plan & Tom Morello, a blend of Hardcore, Metal and Screamo. The band continued gigging onto 2007, when Sven left in August. Jamie Sturrock (from the band Ghost) helped out Death By Trial at this point, however in early 2008 they announced their split. Anthony went on to sing with The Black Lodge, whilst Colin joined Glasgow band Lost Persona.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/deathby
DEBRASCO:  Act from 2009 featuring Shatterhand drummer Brian Hastings.

The DEBUT:  4-piece formely known as Stop The Sunrise, formed by Emma Philbin (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Law (guitar), Thomas McGregor (bass) & Gavin Scott (drums). In February 2007 they won the final of the Falkirk Council run "Rock The Talk" Battle Of The Bands, with a gig held at Glasgow's Barrowlands. Early in 2007 Scott was replaced by Blair Ross (drums), and the band began a busy live schedule, including a performance at "Big In Falkirk" in Callendar Park (where they played a punk version of the Human League's "Don't You Want Me" in tribute to the headline act). The year improved when the band reached the final of the Emergenza Battle Of The Bands at the Glasgow Carling Academy. The band to gig into 2008, including another date at Big In Falkirk. Summer saw drummer Ross leave the band, however they also recruited Ian Hutchison (guitar, ex-Plan B). Towards the end of the year The Debut decoded to change their name, but as yet have not announced to what...?
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thedebutonline
The DECLINED:  Falkirk punk band formed September 2003 by  Tom Chalmers (drums/vocals), Alan Glen (guitar/vocals) & Steven "Mario" Wisniewski (vocals/guitar) all ex-Off The Wall with Craig Hayworth (bass/vocals, ex-Bovine). Their first gig was at the Martell in Bainsford in December 2003, and recorded a 7 track CD EP in January 2004, which was released in September of that year. From February 2004 - June 2005 the band played 53 gigs and quickly gained recognition within the underground punk scene for being a hard working band.  In January 2004 the band had also recorded three new songs for a couple of split 7" EP's. In May 2004 The Declined won The Macmillan Cancer Nurses Charity Battle of the Bands at Jacks Bar, Falkirk, and donated the £400 prize money back to the Nurses at Forth Valley primary care. Hayworth also played three tours in summer 2004, filling in on bass for the Dangerfields from Belfast.  A Good For Nothing Records Split 7" with The Planeteers and Swordface was released in June 2005, and a split 7" with State Of Affairs was released in September 2005, to mark the bands second anniversary. A number of their songs have also appeared on various compilation CD's, both in Scotland and in America throughout 2005.  In July 2005 the band decided to call it a day due to Glen moving overseas, and Wisniewski wishing to return to his first love of playing bass, which he subsequently did with Lost Cause. The band did a final three date tour of Aberdeen, Perth and Falkirk, finishing up dressed appropriately in funeral attire at "The Death of the Declined" gig at Jacks Bar.   Chalmers & Hayworth formed The Restless Natives, an "acoustic rock'n'roll band" in 2005, whilst Hayworth & Wisniewski considered forming a pop/punk/ska/rock band with David Blair of 12 Pointless Days, however nothing came of this.
"No One Home" (CD Single, Misguided Records, February 2004)
"Sixes And Sevens" (CD EP, Misguided Records, September 2004)
"Good For Nothing" (Split 7 inch single, Good For Nothing Records, March 2005)
"Scream" (Split 7 inch single with State of Affairs, Misguided Records, July 2005)
WEBSITES:  http://www.thedeclined.4t.com & http://www.myspace.com/thedeclined
The DEFINITIONS:  Formed early 2005 by ex-Locosea members Ross McCrossan (bass), Colin, Steph Russell & Matt Paton (drums). McCrossan then joined Stand Alone, whilst Russell formed Wanton Mission Failure.
DELAY:  Female rock act from Bo'ness in 2009.

DIGNAN, DOWELL & WHYTE:  Grubowski's house band formed in 2006 as Bad Piggy by David Dowell (drums), Bryan Dignan (guitar, also Arthur) & Gordon White (bass, alsoArthur). They changed their name in November to Dignan, Dowell & Whyte, and provided backing for the Falkirk Herald Voice Of The Year final. Live work continued into 2007 and the band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's.
DIRTY TRICKS:  Dirty Tricks were a UK rock act formed in 1974, containing Denny vocalist Kenny Stewart (ex-Renia) & Stirling guitarist Johnny Binnie (ex-Aegis). The rest of the band was Terry Horbury (bass) & John Lee (drums). The band debuted live at London's Marquee Club as openers to Ducks Deluxe in January 1975, signing to Polydor not long after. Their debut album was released that year, and they promoted it with support tours in the UK to both Argent and Budgie. In June of 1975 Australian drummer John Lee (ex-Dingoes, Blackfeather & Ariel) joined the fold. The band's second album in 1976 was produced by Tony Visconti, and was promoted by support tours with The Streetwalkers in the UK, and Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Patti Smith & Bob Segar in the US. They were the first British band ever to play CBGB's in New York. Lee would quit following the third album 'Hit And Run' (again produced by Visconti) and was superseded by Andy Bierne, however the group split not long after. Interestingly, this final incarnation of the band rehearsed with Ozzy Osbourne as the first Blizzard of Ozz before the Osbourne had to leave the UK due to tax issues. He fled to America, met Randy Rhoads, and the rest, as they say, is history. But we're left to wonder, what might have been?  Upon splitting, Binnie joined Rogue Male, then was later reunited with Horbury in Paddy Goes To Holyhead. However, all four members were re-united in tribute act Stairway To Zeppelin. In 2009 Stewart, Binnie, Horbury & Bierne re-united to record a new album, "Up At The Nine Count". Horbury & Bierne cound not then commit the time to the band, and were replaced by Richard Marcanjelo (drums, ex-Robert Plant/Manfred mann's Earth Band) & Fingerthumbs (bass) 
"Nightmen" (vinyl album, Polydor Records, 1975)
"Dirty Tricks" (vinyl album Polydor Records, 1976)
"Hit & Run" (vinyl album, Polydor Records, 1977)
"Up At The Nine Count" (Internet album, 2009
DISTORTED MIND:  Local punk act who played gigs in 2005, including supporting Uncle Brian at Jack's Bar. Their drummer Hoogz also played with Lost Cause in 2005

The DISTORTION:  Five piece act from 2007 formed by Grant Gardiner (vocals), Mark McKeich (drums), Louise Brownlie (bass), Graham Bell (guitar) & Martin McPherson (guitar).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thedistortiononline
The DOLEDRUMS:  Five piece band formed in 2006 by Craig Burke (vocals / guitar), Dan Adam (bass, ex-Five Park Drive), Derek Beattie (guitar) & Johnny Watson (guitar) & Craig Maxwell (drums). The band ended the year with some airplay on Central FM, some recordings made at Homegrown Studios, and some live dates. 2007 saw more dates being played, before Watson left for Australia. The band continued to play after this, whilst Adam also fronted his own act, The North Country Ramblers. By this time Adam had switched to guitar, and the band had recruited Stevie Black (bass, ex-Five Park Drive). This line-up continued to play into 2008, when they entered the studio to record their debut single. In September the band supported former Seahorses frontman Chris Helme at the Metro, Falkirk. The debut single, "Free The EP", was released early in 2009, and the band embarked on a series of dates across the UK to promote it, including one at Alan McGee's "Death Disco" in London. The single was also played by Mark Lamaar on his BBC Radio 2 show. October saw the band support Paolo Nutini in Edinburgh. Early 2010 saw Adams leave (he was later to help out The Last Saloon), to be replaced by temprary stand-in Greg Aitken (guitar, also with The Soul Parade). By summer, Aitken had joined as a permanent member. In 2011 Beattie & Black joined The Stompdown Riders, with Black & Burke also being members of The White Vinyl Collective.
RELEASES:  "Free The EP" (EP, 2009)
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/midweekdreamer
Susan DONALDSON:  Solo vocalist who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald Voice of 2009 competition.

DRAINPIPE:  Band who formed in early 2007 with a line-up of John (drums), Scott (bass) and Sean (guitar), recruiting vocalist Ashleigh. Drainpipe then entered their local School Battle Of The Bands and gained a new guitarist, Callum. Ashleigh was then replaced by Sean's older sister, Kerri (vocals). The band continued into 2011, with a line-up of Kerri, Sean, Matt (bass), Sean & Drew (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/drainpipeband
DUTCH:  Formed 1977 by Colin Jackson (guitar, ex-Last Heroes) & Robert Stuart (vocals, ex-Last Heroes), with Chris Elder (drums, also ex-Last Heroes), Donald Logie (bass) & Alan Stewart (guitar). When Stuart left later Jackson took on vocals. Stewart later formed The Ellingtons while Jackson moved to London for 15 years doing the "West End thing". Elder joined Mother Earth, whilst Stuart turned up in Fruitarian's Lunch.
Jackson, Stuart, Logie & Stewart reformed for a one off charity gig in 2005 with Alex Aikman (drums).
The following year, Stuart, Logie & Stewart (ex-Roseland) once again got together, this time with Murray Starkey (drums, no relation) and Graeme Scotland (guitar / keyboards, ex-Citizans Bureaux), and began to play their brand of 1970's rock from 2007 into 2009. Stewart, meanwhile, continued to play with The Lucky Dogs, and then The Craws during this time.  Jackson meanwhile, went out solo as Jay Jackson.
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