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BIOG'S to '89
The AVOIDED:  The Avoided were a Grangemouth punk band formed in 1980 featuring Alex Burnett (bass), Gary Glen (drums), Grant McDowall (vocals), David Steel (guitar) & Mini (guitar). They managed to play a couple of dates locally before splitting. Whilst McDowell and Steele were later re-united in Dead Neighbours, Steele went via The Grim Biscuits. Glen, meanwhile, later turned up in The Rainpals.

BACKLASH:  Backlash were a Dollar Acadamy band formed by Bonnybridge guitarist Willie Moffat in 1984. They never played live, and Moffat moved onto Excess the following year.

The BATTLEFIELD BAND:  Legendary Scottish folk act formed in 1969 by Falkirk born Brian McNeill (vocals/fiddle/mandolin/bouzouki/citterna/concertina), along with John Gahagan (whistle/concertina), Jamie McMenemy (vocals/citern/ guitarra) & Alan Reid (vocals/ organ/guitar). The act played around folk clubs in Scotland until 1977 when they released their debut eponymous album on Topic Records.  Gahagan left and was replaced by Pat Kilbride (vocals/bodhran/guitar/cittern) for the follow up, "At The Front" the following year. By the time 1979's "Stand Easy" was released Kilbride & McMenemy had been replaced by Jenny Clark (vocals) & Duncan McGillivray (pipes). Clark was replaced by husband and wife duo Jim Barnes (guitar) & Sylvia Barnes (dulcimer/bodhran) for 1980's "Home Is Where The Van Is", but their stay was brief and soon after the line-up expanded to include Martin Colledge (banjo/guitar), Ged Foley (guitar/ mandolin) & Robin Morton (bodhran). These new members were replaced by Dougie Pincock (pipes/flute/saxophone/percussion) for 1982's "There Is A Buzz" album, then McNeill left for a solo career.

The band had various line-ups until 2001 when they were joined by Banknock-born Karine Polwart (vocals). Polwart was a member of Edinburgh based folk acts Malinky and MacAlias, and she joined Mike Katz (bagpipes/bass/guitar), John McCusker (fiddle/piano/whistle/accordian/cittern/mandolin, ex-Parcel Of Rogues), Iain MacDonald (bagpipes/flute/whistle/vocals, ex-Ossian), Alan Reid (vocals/organ/guitar) & Alastair Russell (guitar/vocals) in The Battlefield Band. This line-up released "Happy Daze" in 2001, and then added Alasdair White (fiddle/whistle/bouzouki) the following year for "Time & Tide". After this Polwart left for a solo career.
With McNeill:
"The Battlefield Band" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1977)
"At The Front (Battlefield Band 2)" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1978)
"Stand Easy" (vinyl album, Topic Records, 1979)
"Preview" (12 inch vinyl, Temple Records, 1980)
"Home Is Where The Van Is" (vinyl/cassette album, Temple Records, 1980)
"The Story So Far" (vinyl/cassette album, Temple Records, 1982)
"There's A Buzz" (vinyl/cassette album, Temple Records, 1982)
With Polwart:
"Happy Daze" (cd album, Temple Records, 2001)
"Time & Tide" (cd album, Temple Records, 2002).

BLACKOUT:  Local act formed as Phorax, who changed their name to Blackout in 1980 with Sandy Black (vocals), Dougie Herd (guitar), Chris Maitland (bass), Toni Tkocz (guitar) & Ian Wallace (drums). Constant gigging allowed them to build up a local following before Maitland & Tkocz left to form Passim. Bass player Donald Bowie joined briefly before leaving to join Mother's Ruin, and later that year they returned to full strength with the recruitement of Alan Burns (bass) and the legendary Shad (keyboards, ex-Dirty Duck). This line-up continued until 1986, releasing a single, "Is There Anything?" in 1984, which they sold from an ice cream van. During this time the members also moonlighted in other groups, with Black in Brahn Seer, Burns & Wallace in The Breakfast Boyz, Burns & Wallace with Mikifin, Wallace also with Time And A Half and Starfleet Command, and Shad with his own act, Shad & The Pineapples.

The band split and Burns & Wallace formed the short-lived Lesson One but later re-united with Herd in The Cotton Train. Black played harmonica with The Smokehouse Blues Band but also fronted his own act The Palmers, and Shad joined Ayrshire blues act The Rhymes.
"Is There Anything?" (7 inch vinyl, 1984).

The BLEND:  Local act who played at the Whitecross Festival in 1984.

BONAR COLEANOS:  Camelon based band from 1983 - 1984.

BRAHN SEER:  Grangemouth based folk/prog rock act, formed in 1983 and fronted by ex-solo performer Dave Roxburgh (vocals/guitar), along with Ian Mathers (drums), Jim Moir (guitar) & Dave Smart (bass). Towards the end of that year Blackout frontman Sandy Black helped out, but was replaced soon afterwards by John Bates (ex-Dirty Duck). Continued live work was not hampered by the departure of Smart in 1984, with his replacement Ian Middleton staying with the band until they split in 1985. Mathers later formed The Palmers, Moir joined Shad & The Pineapples, whilst Middleton turned up almost ten years later in The Jazz Prophets. The band featured several ex-members of the Shad T. Rack Band, however we are unsure which ones.

The BREAKFAST BOYZ:  Instantly popular act formed in 1984 by Justin Skelton (guitar/ vocals, ex-Mikifin), David Hendry (keyboards, ex-Mikifin), Alan Burn (bass, alsoBlackout) & Ian Wallace (drums, also with Blackout). In 1985 Phil Ford (vocals), Ally Gibb (Saxophone, ex-Pastis 51) & John Boone (drums) joined, and stayed with them until they split in 1986. Burns, Wallace & Hendry then formed Lesson One, whilst Skelton formed Boxing Clever, and Gibb turned up in The Bottleneck Blues Band. Sadly, Phil Ford was to die in 2001.

The BUMPERS:  Formed as The Funky Bumpers, this act dropped the "funky" from their name in 1983. In their line-up included Gus Boyd (bass) & Neil Warden (guitar).

The BURNS BAR CEILIDH BAND:  Based around the Burns Bar (now Firkins) Falkirk during the 1980's (?), with Joe Cowan (banjo/bodhran), Jimmy Anderson (pipes), Stewart Johnston (guitar/bouzouki/vocals), Gordon Hotchkiss (concertina/vocals) & Billy McGuire (acordian, ex-Auld Howf Band). The band was put together for the Inter-Celtic Festival in Lorient, Brittany. With the support of the owner John Perrins, who had moved to Falkirk having run the session pub, the Victoria Bar in Glasgow, the band members were also responsible for the resurrection of the Falkirk Folk Club in the Burns Bar. The driving force behind its success was Jimmy Anderson who was first to introduce the bagpipes into folk music with the Glasgow band The Clutha. Jimmy went on to be a renowned Pipe maker. Gordon presented the Saturday night folk programme on Radio Clyde “Hotchkiss Hotchpotch” for which the band recorded a session and the theme tune. He now concentrates on photography (www.gthphoto.co.uk).  Cowan later was a member of White Heather Tubes.
CHAIN REACTION:  Grangemouth High School based act formed in 1983.

CHAPTER FOUR:  Folk act formed early 1970's by Tommy Quinn, Peter Davie, Robin Duncan & Ian Scott. They continued to play for the next 34 years until Quinn's death in 2009.

CHEWY RACOON:  Falkirk based pop act formed in 1984 by Davy Scott (vocals/guitar) who by-passed the local scene and signed directly to Cumbernauld label - Shift. Based around Scott & Kenny Thompson (bass), their debut single was released in 1985, and Scott secured a publishing deal with Virgin. The band then provided the soundtrack to the movie "The Girl In The Picture". A later member Chris Keenan (bass) joined Scott in Hearts & Minds the following year.
"Don't Touch Me" (7 inch vinyl, Shift Records, 1985)

CITIZANS BUREAUX:  Local act formed in 1979 by Robert Brown (vocals), Tam Graham (drums), David Horsburgh (guitar), John Haggerty (bass) & Ian Robertson (keyboards). After playing the local scene for most of that year, the band finished with a gig at the Maniqui. The following year Graham & Horsburgh quit (with the latter turning up years later in Talon) and were replaced by John Fitzpatrick (guitar, ex-Flyer), & Mike Fitzpatrick (drums). That line-up did not last long, with the new members being replaced by Pete Culbert (drums) & ex-Rejects guitarist, Graeme Scotland. Haggerty joined Prymal Urge. In 1981 the band added guitarist Eric Milligan, before splitting, fraustrated with the local music scene. Brown & Robertson went on to form Ninja, whilst Scotland turned up 25 years later in Dutch. A reformed version of the band appeared in the late 1990's, featuring Brown, Robertson, Pat "Paddy" Johnson (drums, ex-Aramanth) & Dougal Rae (guitar/vocals, ex-Aramanth). Johnson then went on to play with The Deed.

The COCTEAU TWINS:  Grangemouth act formed in 1981 by former Liberators Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie. Guthrie's position as DJ at the International Hotel in Grangemouth allowed him to spot Liz Fraser, who the duo recruited as vocalist. Taking their name from an obscure song by Simple Minds, the Cocteau Twins won a session on John Peel's BBC Radio show, which in turn led to a recording contract with the 4AD label in London. The Cocteau Twins developed a unique sound, based around Heggie's rythmic bass and Guthrie's swirling guitar. The fact that Fraser's vocals were like another instrument, with deliberatly obscured lyrics sealing their instant reputation as an influential and critically aclaimed act.

The band released their debut album, "Garlands", in 1982, and began playing live dates with the likes of The Birthday Party and Modern English. Later in the year they produced an EP entitled "Lullabies" which once again sent critics into frenzies of ecstacy. This was followed early the following year by another EP, "Peppermint Pig", produced by Alan Rankin of The Associates. The use of an outside producer left the band with a bad taste in their mouths, and they vowed to do it themselves from now on. Subsequent touring led to Heggie leaving the band, with rumours of Guthrie & Frasers romantic relationship being too much for him. He subsequently returned to Grangemouth and joined Dead Neighbours. The duo embarked on a European tour supporting OMD, but left before the end after arguments over the sound. 
The next album, "Head Over Heels" was a classic of the 1980's, and feauring fellow Falkirk musician, Ally Gibb (of Pastis 51) on saxophone. Recorded back in Grangemouth, the band soon returned to London, where their neighbours signed a petition to evict them due to the noise. The band responded by playing their first American dates.

1983 also saw them bec
oming involved with another act, This Mortal Coil, which was the brainchild of 4AD owner Ivo. The duo recorded a version of Tim Buckley's "Song To The Siren" which soon began picking up airplay and almost made it into the top forty.  In late 1983 the band recruited a new bass player, Simon Raymonde, who had previously played in Drowning Craze, and the first fruits were the single "Pearly Dewdrops Drops", which entered the charts in 1984, finally reaching #29. The band, peverse as ever, turned down a slot on "Top Of The Pops". The next project was the third album, "Treasure" in October 1984, which remains one of their most popular releases, although the band claim to hate it. The band then set out on a short world tour early in 1985, making a first visit to Japan where the band were mobbed by thousands of fans at airports and hotels. The crowds thought that Fraser was singing in Japanese!

This was the start of a particularly prolific period for the band, and the follow up EP, "Aikea-Guinea" was released just six months later. Guthrie & Fraser also found time to guest on "The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories", an album by label mates, The Wolfgang Press. The next two EP's were released soon after, entitled "Tiny Dynamite" & "Echoes In A Shallow Bay", recorded in their own London studio. The Cocteau Twins signed an international distribution agreement in 1985, and to mark the occasion, and to give Americans some exposure to what the band had previously recorded, 4AD released a compilation album entitled "The Pink Opaque" in November. The album's ten tracks drew from material released from 1982 to 1984, and included songs from "Garlands", "Head Over Heels", "Sunburst and Snowblind", "The Spangle Maker", and "Treasure", as well as the previously unreleased track, "Millimillenary".

In early 1986 the band recorded and released a primarily acoustic album entitled "Victorialand". Raymonde did not appear on the album as he was at work on the second This Mortal Coil LP, "Filigree and Shadow". However, the album did feature Dif Juz member Richard Thomas on saxophone and tablas. Guthrie & Fraser returned the favour by appearing on the Dif Juz album, "Extractions", later that year, on which Guthrie was also engineer and producer. 1986 also saw the band complete a European tour. 
The band then started work on a collaborative project with Harold Budd, which was released as the album "The Moon & The Melodies". Keen to avoid this being seen as a Cocteau Twins project, the band members listed their names on the cover.  The band returned to their own name later in 1986 for the single "Love's Easy Tears", after which they took time off to finish building their studio, as well as guesting with bands such as Felt, The Wolfgang Press & AR Kane. This silence was broken with the release of a new album, "Blue Bell Knoll", in October 1988. The album was the first on their new label, Capitol, a move which led to accusations of "selling out". Despite the major label, the band refused to tour or do any promotion, which did not stop the album raching number 14 in the UK. In place of any promotion the band returned to their private lives, with Raymonde getting married and having a son, and Fraser & Guthrie having a baby girl, Lucy Belle, in September 1989.
The band leased studio space in Twickenham and christened their new home "September Sound" in honor of the month in which their children were born. Guthrie found himself in demand as a producer, working with such bands as Lush, Chapterhouse, The Veldt and Shellyan Orphan, and Fraser made a guest vocal appearance on the song "Candleland" by ex-Echo and the Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch.

Afterwards the band set about recording what was to become their most successful album, "Heaven Or Las Vegas", which was preceeded by a single, "Iceblink Luck" in August 1990. Fraser's vocals were recorded while she held her baby in her arms, and the songs were more coherant and commercial than previously. The band then set out on their most extensive and elaborate tour to date, including their first headline US tour. For the tour two new guitarists were brought in: Mitsuo Tate and Ben Blakeman, allowing the band to reproduce the layered studio sound. As the tour ended in Las Vegas the band were released from their contract with 4AD. Inside the band things hit rock bottom, with Guthrie abusing drugs and alcohol, and his and Frasers relationship being increasingly strained.

The next couple of years were quiet for the band, with only an uncharacteristic version of "Frosty The Snowman" finding it's way onto a Capitol Records christmas compilation album. Part of the hiatus in proceedings was Guthrie's recovery from drink and drug addiction, which was to inform the content and sound of the next album, "Four Calendar Cafe". This album saw a change in the band's sound, with the emphasis more on songs, and Fraser's lyrics clear. The band had also signed a new record deal in the UK with Fontana (whilst Capitol continued to release them in the USA). In Autumn 1993 the band began a world tour to support the album, with addition musicians Benny DiMassa (drums) & David Palfreeman (percussion). The tour ended in 1994 and Guthrie and Fraser split, with Fraser having a nervous breakdown.
The following year saw the band working with other acts again, notably Medicine on the soundtrack to "The Crow", and Fraser on The Future Sound Of London's single "Lifeforms" and Fuel's "Timeless" EP. Moose and The Bathers also benefited from her vocals. Guthrie meanwhile appeared on the second Veldt album, "Afrodisiac". I
n spring 1995 the band returned with two EP's, "Twinlights" & "Otherness". During this time Fraser had met and fallen in love with the doomed Jeff Buckley, and the end of that relationship informed the content of the two EP's.

The following year saw the band's last proper album being released, "Milk & Kisses". The album was written in a rented house in Brittany (home of Guthrie's new wife, Florence), and was recorded by the band in the same room at the same time for once. A number of television and live radio performances in the UK were followed by an extensive European and North American tour in late spring and early summer.

The Cocteaus had established their own independent record label, Bella Union, while continuing to work as a group and run September Sound as a commercial recording studio. However, while recording, in 1998, what was to have been their last album, the Cocteau Twins finally called it quits. That year saw Fraser being voted 60th best vocalist ever in Mojo magazine.

In 1999, Bella Union, in cooperation with the BBC, released a two-disc set of BBC radio session recordings, compiled from the band's numerous live studio appearances from 1982 to 1996. Raymonde released solo recordings under his own name, whilst Guthrie formed a new act, Violet Indiana. Fraser re-located to Bristol with her new partner, Damon Reece (of Spiritualized), where she hooked up with Massive Attack on their "Mezzanine" album and "Teardrop" single. She also sang on an album by Craig Armstrong, as well as lending her voice to songs on the soundtracks to the movies "The Winter Guest" & "In Dreams".  A Cocteau Twins retrospective, "Stars & Topsoil" was released by 4AD in 2000, whilst the following year Fraser gave birth to her second child, Lily.  
Fraser also added vocals to two tracks from the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy soundtrack in 2001 and 2002. 2006 saw her feature on an unreleased track on the Massive Attack best of album, "Collected", and also appear with the band at the Coachella Festival in California. A reported collaboration with Scott Walker never materialised, however she did tour with Massive Attack on their "Greatest Hits" tour later that year.  In 2008 The Cocteau Twins won an "Inspiration" award from Q Magazine, and also ruled out any re-union.
"Garlands" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1982)
"Lullabies" (12 inch single, 4AD, 1982)
"Peppermint Pig" (7 inch vinyl EP, 4AD, 1983)
"Head Over Heels" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1983, UK charts #51)
"Sunburst & Snowblind" (12 inch single, 4AD, 1983)
"Pearly Dewdrops Drops" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1984, UK charts #29)
"Treasure" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1984, UK charts #29)
"Aikea-Guinea" (7 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #41)
"Tiny Dynamite" (12 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #52)
"Echoes In A Shallow Bay" (12 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #65)
"The Pink Opaque" (vinyl/cassette album, 1985, USA only)
"Victorialand" (vinyl/cassette album, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #10)
"Love's Easy Tears" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #53)
"Blue Bell Knoll" (vinyl/cassette/dat album, 4AD, 1988. UK charts #15)
"Carolyn's Fingers" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1988)
"Iceblink Luck" (7 inch/cassette single, 4AD, 1990, UK charts #38)
"Heaven Or Las Vegas" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, 4AD, 1990, UK charts #7, US charts #99)
"Evangeline" (7 inch/cassette single, Fontana, 1993, UK charts #34)
"Four Calendar Cafe" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, Fontana, 1993, UK charts #13, US charts #78)
"Winter Wonderland" (CD single, Fontana, 1993. UK charts #58)
"Bluebeard" (7 inch cassette single, Fontana, 1994, UK charts #33)
"Twinlights" (7 inch/CD EP, Fontana, 1995, UK charts #59)
"Otherness" (12 inch/CD EP, Fontana, 1995, UK charts #59)
"Milk & Kisses" (cassette/CD album, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #17, US charts #99)
"Tishbite" (12 inch single, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #34)
"Violaine" (12 inch single, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #56)
"The BBC Sessions" (double CD album, Bella Union, 1999)
"Stars & Topsoil" (CD album, 4AD, 2000)
"Lullabies to Violaine" (CD album, 4AD, 2005)
As Harold Budd, Liz Fraser, Robin Guthrie & Simon Raymonde:
"The Moon & The Melodies" (vinyl/cassette album, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #46)
Guest appearances:
The Wolfgang Press: "The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1985, featuring Liz Fraser & Robin Guthrie)
Dif Juz: "Extractions" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1986, featuring Liz Fraser, produced by Robin Guthrie)
The Wolfgang Press: "Standing Up Straight" (album, 4AD, 1986, featuring Liz Fraser)
AR Kane: "Lollita" (single, 4AD, 1986, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Harold Budd: "The White Arcades) (album, 1988, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Ian McCulloch, "Candleland" (album, 1989, featuring Liz Fraser)
Lush, "Scar" (e.p., 4AD, 1989, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Chapterhouse, "Whirlpool" (album, 1989, one track produced by Robin Guthrie)
The Future Sound Of London, "Lifeforms" (single, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
Fuel, "Timeless" (EP, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
The Bathers, "Sunpowder" (CD album, Marina Records, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
The Veldt, "Afrodisiac" (album, 1994, featuring Robin Guthrie)
Simon Raymonde, "Blame Someone Else" (album, Bella Union, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser & Robin Guthrie)
Massive Attack, "Mezzanine" (album, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Massive Attack, "Teardrop" (single, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Craig Armstrong, "The Space Between Us" (CD/cassette/minidisc album, Melankolic Records, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Craig Armstrong, "This Love" (CD/cassette single, Melankolic Records, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Massive Attack, "Collected" (CD album, 2006, featuring Liz Fraser)
Mahogany, "Conectivity" (CD album, 2006, featuring Robin Guthrie)

COLENSO PARADE:  Irish band formed in 1984 by Oscar (vocals), Linda Clandinning (keyboards), Jackie Forgie (guitar), Neil Lawson (bass) & Robert Wakeman (drums). After releaseing their debut single on their own Goliath label, the band re-located to London and replaced Forgie with London based, Laurieston born guitarist Terry Bickers. A second single led to a deal with Fire Records, who released their debut album, "Glentorran" in 1986. Bickers then left to join The House Of Love, and the band carried on for one more single before splitting.
"Down By The Border" (12 inch vinyl single, Goliath Records, 1985)
"Hallelujah Chorus" (12 inch vinyl EP, Fire Records, 1986)
"Glentorran" (vinyl album, Fire Records, 1986).

COMPLEX:  Band formed in 1981 by Jim Corbett (vocals/guitar), Alan Sheldon/Sheddan (guitar) & "Big Man" Paterson (bass) & Jim Silcock (drums). When Sheddan & Silcock left, they were replaced by Ali Blair (guitar, also with Mikifin) & Dave Paterson (drums, also with Mikifin). This line-up played a couple of dates in 1982 before changing their name to Inferiority Complex. Silcock later joined The Gallery.

COMPLEX MOVE:  Grangemouth punk act, played more often in Edinburgh, formed in 1982 by Keith Johnstone (keyboards/drums), Gordon McIntosh (guitar), Allan Nibloe (bass) & David Philip (vocals). Nibloe later went on to produce the movie "The Football Factory".

CRACKED ACTOR:  Grangemouth band from the early-1980's featuring Dougie Smith (vocals) and Joe Higgins (Guitar). Smith later went on to form The Delta Hurricanes.
CUCKOO:  Local "comedy showband" who changed their name from Sheer Lunacy when singer Lee Owen left. The line-up from 1981 contained Andy Hogg (bass), William McCairney (keyboards), Charlie Morrison (drums) & Angus Ramsey (guitar). The band once supported Showaddywaddy!
DEAD NEIGHBOURS:  Grangemouth based "psychobilly" act, formed in 1982 by Ronnie Buchanan (guitar), Craig Lorenston (vocals) & Grant McDowall (drums) from the remains of The Grim Biscuits, along with ex-Avoided bass player David Steele, who started making roads into success in 1983, supporting The Alarm on their UK tour. After building a strong local following with their theatrical stage shows (fake blood etc.) they released their debut cassette single, "Hell's Own" on Brian Guthrie's Sharko II label in June 1983. The band began to play live around Scotland, and received some record company interest which unfortunatly did not come to anything. In October 1983 the band went out on another national tour with The Alarm, before ending the year with supports to King Kurt and The Damned.  1984 started well, with supports to Spear Of Destiny & X-Mal Deutschland, and the recording of their second album, "Harmony In Hell", which was released in June. By the end of the year they had replaced Steele with ex-Cocteau Twins bass player, Will Heggie. His recruitment led to a cleaner more commercial sound which was witnessed on their next album, "Strangedays, Strangeways" in 1985. Summer 1985 saw new guitarist Stuart Everest (ex-Liberators) replace Buchanan, as the band set off on tour with Johnny Thunders. Soon afterwards they decided that the music had changed enough to merit a new name, Lowlife.
"Hell's Own" (cassette EP, Sharko II)
"Harmony In Hell" (vinyl album, Sharko II)
"Strangedays, Strangeways" (vinyl album, Sharko II)
"Wild Women Versus Rubber Fish" (vinyl compilation album, Europe only).


DEATH:  Two piece act formed in May 1979 by Scott Simpson (guitar) & Eddie McKenzie (drums / vocals). They split the following year, with McKenzie later forming Lightning.

The DEFT JERKS:  The Deft Jerks were formed in 1977 by ex-Much Hoole members Zander Caven (guitar) & Andrew McKean (bass), along with Stuart Cuthill (vocals, ex-Enemies Of The White House) & Richard Davidson (drums, under the name Renal Dropsey). This line-up played a moving gig on the back of a lorry at an "Anti-Nazi League" march in Edinburgh, which culminated in Craigmillar Park. After building up a following as one of the premier (and only) new wave bands locally, they replaced Cavan with new guitarist Dougie Aitken at the end of 1978. In late 1979 Davidson was replaced by the unlikely named George Square on drums, who was actually called George Falconer, whilst Aitken was replaced by Jerry McGinley. By the end of the year MacKean had left to form The Neon Barbs, and was replaced by Harry Motto on bass. The band threatened to move to London, fed up with the local scene in 1980, but split instead. Falconer (who had also played with The Freeze & Thrush) later turned up in The Rocks. A short lived reformation took place in 1983, with Cuthill and Motto (who had meanwhile played in Ninja) being joined by Roy Jack (violin), Derek Lenatham (guitar, ex-Thrush), Brendan Scanian & Billy Taylor. Charlie Hay (guitar) was also a member at some point, and later turned up in Acoustic Soup.

DIRTY DUCK:  Grangemouth High School based band from 1982 - 1983 featuring John Bates (vocals), Alan Shields (Bass, ex-Two Helens), Rena Menzies (guitar), Ross Findlay (guitar) and Kenny Duncan (drums). A later member was Shad (keyboards, ex-Shad T. Rack Band). Shad later turned up in Blackout, whilst Bates joined Brahn Seer and Shields went to Spank!.

DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS:  Denny based band formed by former Esprit De Corps bass player Steve McCabe in 1984. He soon reverted back to a version of the old name, Esprit.

The DRAKES:  Band formed in 1983 by ex-This Way Up drummer Dugald Craig.

ESPRIT:  Denny band formed in 1984 by former Esprit De Corps and Don't Talk To Strangers bass player Steve McCabe with Pat Canavan (keyboards), Alan Dougan (drums), Jackie Dougan (vocals) & Jim Morrison (guitar). The band took demo tapes to London, but failed to gain a record contract. In 1985 Canavan was replaced by Richard McLaren, and soon after all but Jackie Dougan changed their name to Slice Of Life.

ESPRIT DE CORPS:  Denny based band, in the style of U2 and The Skids, formed in 1981 by Gordon Irvine (drums, ex-Makaris Park), Steve McCabe (bass) & James Murphy (vocals/guitar). The band split in 1982, then reformed due to "popular demand", before finally calling it a day in 1983. McCabe then formed Don't Talk To Strangers, whilst Murphy formed In Colour.

EUROPE AFTER THE RAIN:  Denny band from the early 1980's featuring Dougie Mackie (bass) and Craig Anderson (vocals). Mackie went on to form Bladdered, whilst Anderson formed Kyro Gasbah.

EUROPEAN LINE:  Grangemouth & Bo'ness based "futuristic" act from 1982.

EXPOSURE:  Cumbernauld based new wave band formed in 1979 by Robert Wells (guitar), Stuart Lawrie (vocals), Paul McMahon (bass) & Craig Ferguson (drums, under the name Adam Eternal!). The band lost Wells and recruited two Falkirk musicians, Gordon Clark (keyboards) & Jim Laird (guitar) in 1980, just after releasing only single, "Style & Fashion". The band split not long after, with Laird going on to play with a late version of Two Helens, and Ferguson making it big as as the stand-up comedian, Bing Hitler, before embarking on a semi-successful Hollywood career (he wrote and starred in "The Big Tease"). Recently he has apparently been seen stepping out with Sharon Stone, and is a popular late-night chat show host in the USA.
"Style & Fashion"-"Video Eyes" (7 inch single, Angular Music, 1980).

EYES IN THE DARK:  Local act formed in 1980 by Alaric Searle (vocals/harpsichord), Donald Cross (guitar/piano), Kevin Murray (bass) & Dougie Smillie (drums). The band had a track featured on the compilation album "No Cause For Alarm" that year. Also members ast some point were Justin Skelton (guitar) and Craig Sharp (guitar/saxophone). Once they split, Skelton went on to form Ice Blue, whilst Murray & Smillie moved to london to "flip burgers".

The FAIRY CAKES:  Edinburgh based band from the early 1980's featuring Falkirk vocalist John Marsh and future Spank! keyboard player Raymond Bienek.
FARCE:  Local punk act from 1984 - 1985.

FAST AND FURIOUS:  Duo formed in 1982 by Davy Waugh (vocals) & Richard Dow (guitar) after Thrush.

FIDDLER'S DRAM:  English folk act formed by Alan Prosser (guitars/mandolin/vocals) & Falkirk born Ian Telfer (fiddle/ concertina, ex-New Celeste). Fiddler's Dram attempted a serious career until they were ruined by novelty hit "Day Trip To Bangor". This was the kind of success a band does not easily recover from, and Fiddler's Dram did one more tour then gratefully took the money (and the gold discs) and ran. In Prosser & Telfer's case it was into what was then an aspiring folk dance outfit, The Oyster Band. 
"To See Them Play" (vinyl album, 1978)
"Day Trip To Bangor" (7 inch vinyl single, Dingles Records, 1979, UK charts #3)
"Beer Cart Lane" (7 inch vinyl single, 1980)
"Fiddler's Dram" (vinyl album, 1980)
"Black Hole" (7 inch vinyl single, 1981)
"Little Ray Of Sunshine" (7 inch vinyl single, 1981).

FIFTH ESTATE:  Gramgemouth act formed 1983 by Alan Robertson (vocals/guitar, ex-Marbanx Distributors). Alan Leckie (keyboards) of Rhythm Method helped the first lin-up, but was soon replaced by someone called Jim. The band split later that year when Robertson moved to Glasgow and joined Johnny Panic.

FIZZY PINK:  Graeme High School act formed in 1984 by Alan Martin (drums/guitar) & Sandy Sneddon (vocals/guitar). Both members went on to form Oats & The Sackcloth.

FLEXIBLE RESPONSE:  Grangemouth act formed in 1981 by Chicken George (bass), David Thomson (drums) & John Young (guitar). In 1981 they featured on an EP "Mint Sauce For The Masses" (Playlist, Edinburgh label).

The FORGOTTEN:  Grangemouth punk band formed in 1980 by Kenneth Forbes (bass), Lyndon Henderson (guitar), Gavin Mills (drums) & Billy Stevenson (vocals). Mills later formed Red Sky.

FOUR MINUTES:  Larbert punk covers band formed in 1982 by Ian Clubb (vocals), Alan Smith (bass), Garry Davis (guitar) & Dave Paterson (drums). The following year Dave (who may also have been a member of Mikifin) was replaced by Neil Buchanan (ex-Social Abuse), and the band split in 1984. AnotherSmith went on to play guitar and sing in Crystal Head Radio & The Gallery.  The band reformed in December 1999 with Clubb, Davis & Paterson joined by Dougie Mackie (bass, also of Bladdered). After one date at the Martell, Paterson left to later play with Bladdered, Fat Davey & The Stennie Brass, Brighawk & The Harbour Road Angels) and the band was re-named Rabid Dogs, due to them mostly being a Slaughter and the Dogs tribute act.

FRUITARIAN'S LUNCH:  Two-piece act fromed in 1980 by Robert Stuart (vocals, ex-Dutch) & Steve Curran (keyboards, ex-Mother Earth). They split the following.

The FUNKY BUMPERS:  Act formed by Gus Boyd (bass, ex-Caspian) & Neil Warden (guitar) in 1983. They shortened their name to The Bumpers later that year.  In 2005 there was a club band formed with the same name, featuring Kirk Richardson (drums/vocals), Keith Jenner (guitar/vocals), Tony Graham (keyboards/vocals) and Jamie Rodger (bass, ex-Whumff). They play hotels all over Scotland, and are top class professional players.

The GLENCAIRNS:  Club act from the 1980's featuring Jackie Brown (trumpet), Chrissy Goodwillie (accordion) & Alex Brown (drums).
The GREEN TELESCOPES:  Legendary psychedelic/garage pop group from Edinburgh featuring Falkirk-born Colin Blakey from late 1981 to late 1982. Whilst Blakey went on to form We Free Kings, frontman Lenny Helsing formed The Thanes.
The GRIM BISCUITS:  Grangemouth punk band formed in 1981 by Ronnie Buchanan (guitar), Alan Dougall (bass, may be ex-Mark Eton Sound), Craig Lorenston (vocals), Grant McDowall (drums, ex-Avoided) & Roy Watson (guitar). The following year Buchanan, Lorenston & McDowell formed Dead Neighbours.

The HAPPY TRAILS:  Local act formed in 1979 by Jim Bloomfield (bass/vocals), John Divers (guitar/vocals, ex-Dalton Boys), Wild Man Jarvieson (drums), Alex Smith (vocals) & Billy Whitelaw (pedal steel/guitar). The following year they lost Jarvieson and changed their name to National Service.

ICE BLUE:  Larbert based band formed in 1981 by Alisdair Blair (bass), David McCarroll (drums), Michael Schofield (vocals) & Justin Skelton (guitar/vocals, ex-Eyes In The Dark). Skelton wrote all the songs for the band, and they started off rehearsing on Sunday afternoons in a community centre in Larbert, off Muirhalll Road. Blair's main asset, apparently, was his ability to drive his mum's car to lug the gear around and he also fed into Skelton's Jimi Hendrix fantasies about turning guitar players into bass players. McCarroll was dropped quite quickly as he couldn't play in time in front of an audience (nerves got the better of him) and he was replacced by Dave Paterson (drums). Thre band recorded two tracks in a studio, "Gone Too Far" and "Wild Women", both written by Skelton, before changing their name to Mikifin.

IN COLOUR:  1980's band with George Falconer (drums, ex-Rocks), Mick McNally (bass, ex-Rocks), John Delaney (guitar, ex-Makaris Park) & James Murphy (vocals/guitar, ex-Esprit De Corps). The band did a showcase at the opening of Rainbow Rocks in Stirling where the dry ice machine in the dressing had leaked and they all collapsed and were taken to hospital. Falconer then went on to play with The Earth Dwellers. McNally died in August 2008.
INFERIORITY COMPLEX:  Started out as Complex, before changing their name in 1982. Inferiority Complex were based around Jim Corbett (vocals/guitar), "Big Man" Paterson (bass), Jim Schofield (drums) & Alan (?) Cruikshanks. Schofield was later replaced by Pete Pacetti (drums, ex-Social Abuse). They continued to play until 1985, after which Paterson joined The Gallery. Frontman Jim Corbett later formed The Invisible Sheep, whilst Pacetti turned up in Captain Trips.

JOHNNY PANIC:  Short lived Glasgow act from 1984, featuring Bo'ness born musician Alan Robertson (vocals/guitar, ex-Fifth Estate). Frontwomen Dierdre & Louise Rutkowski (vocals) went on to form Sunset Gun and were managed by Elliot Davies, later manager of Wet Wet Wet. Louise Rutkowski later sang with This Mortal Coil and had a semi-successful solo career. Robertson returned to the local area and formed The Sunrise Set in 1986.

KABUKI:  Act formed in 1983 by Stephen Smith (vocals/guitar), John Shanks (drums) & Paul Lees (guitar). Later that year Smith joined Venture 2.

KEE WEST:  Band formed in 1981 and featuring ex-La Vistas guitarist, Bob Marshall. Marshall was soon to return to a reformed La Vistas line-up.

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