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BIOG'S 90'S +
ABIGAILS'S TRUTH:  Four piece act formed in 1999 by brothers Jake Gillespie (bass) & Scott Gillespie (guitar) as The Room. This name was short lived, however, and they once again changed, to Stone Ocean.

ACTIVE:  Girlgroup formed in 1998 by fourteen year old Susan Hall, Claire Marshall & Charmaine McIntosh, with dreams of being the next Spice Girls. One was enough, please. Bet they are embarrassed about it now.

ADAMS FALL:  Formed 1995 by ex-Missing Link members Carol Brown (keyboards) & Mark Ramsay (guitar), and named after a Chris McCarron song. Brown later joined Strawberry, whilst Ramsay formed Waash!

ALASKA:  Formed early in 1997 by Tony McMahon (bass/vocals, ex-Silver), Mick MacPherson (vocals/guitar, ex-Ovens), Stuart Marr (guitar, ex-Silver) & Steve Wallace (drums, ex-Twister). Marr soon left, and was replaced by Robbie Lesuik (guitar/vocals, ex-Blue Jays). The band rehearsed their own material, and then recorded a demo tape called "Red 5" at Bonnybridge Community Centre in spring, followed by another ("The Death Of Pop Music Has Been Greatly Exaggerated") at the end of the year. A few live dates were played throughout the year, however early in 1998 the band folded. Lesuik went on to join Heskey, whilst Wallace formed Pistolstar.

ALTERATION:  4-piece Grangemouth rock act formed in 1999, who gigged non-stop throughout the following year. In 2000 they reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands", and continued live work until 2001.

ANTHEM:  Local rock act formed in 1995 by Pete McBride (bass) & Alan Wright (drums), both ex-No Dice, and someone from Aramanth.

APATHY:  Apathy were formed around 1998 by Geesh (Drums), Andy Hush (Guitar), Jonesy (Keyboards) and Stewart Condie (Vocals), but after procrastination disbanded in 2000. Geesh, Hush and Jonesy reformed some time later to play covers, and eventually a bassist was recruited in virtual beginner Nick Hurren. Stewart filled the vocal role whilst the band searched for a more permanent arrangement, however during 2001 Condie & Jonesy left, with Condie later turning up in Peyote. Geesh, Hurren & Hush then recruited vocalist and guitarist John and changed their name to Black Dahlia.

ARAB STRAP:  The most successful local act of the 1990's, Arab Strap were formed in late 1995 by Aiden Moffat and Malcolm Middleton. Moffat had previously played in Someone's Daughter, The Angry Buddhists & Bay, whilst Middleton had played in a string of smalltime local acts, including The Laughing Stock and Rabid Lettuce. The two, drawn together by a shared love of Smog and The Palace Brothers, started writing and recording. Naming the band Arab Strap after a sex device, the duo sent only two demo tapes out, and were picked up by Glasgwegian independant label, Chemikal Underground.  The first release was a single in September 1996 entitled "The First Big Weekend" which told of the bands antics over the weekend that saw Scotland dismissed from Euro '96. The song received much airplay in Britain and became an anthem for part-time "E" casualties. This was followed up a few weeks later by the bands debut album, "The Week Never Starts Round Here", a dark and claustrophobic affair. It offered few chinks of light, Arab Strap preferred the rancour and pain of a failed relationship, the sweat and the smell of dirty sex. They spoke about shit jobs and shit wages, set to brooding music. Some live shows were played towards the end of the year, with ex-Cyanide Dolls members David Gow (drums) and Gary Miller (bass) filling out the sound.  March 1997 saw the band release their second single ("The Clearing"), helped by members of Belle & Sebastian, and tour the UK as support to Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. Two months later a tour with Mogwai coincided with their debut single being used as backing for the latest Guinness advert (albeit with someone else doing Moffat's voiceover). This connection with Mogwai led to Moffat contributing vocals to Mogwai's album ("Mogwai Young Team") later in the year.

By now the band were media darlings, and their next single "The Girls Of Summer" managed to crack the top 75. A re-mix of a David Holmes track ("Don't Die Just Yet"), featuring Moffat on vocals, reached the top forty at the end of the year. The year was rounded off with a headline UK tour in December. Spring 1998 saw the band hit the top fifty with "Here We Go / "Trippy" a double a-side, and the recruitment of co-vocalist Adele Bethel. Their second album was called "Philophobia", which translated as a "fear of love", and featured nude paintings of Moffat and his then girlfriend on the front and back covers. At this time Falkirk's Provest Fowler said of the band "These people are a disgrace to Falkirk". Result! The band embarked on another UK tour, which carried on into their first European tour. A US tour in October coincided with the Spice Girls and All Saints debating the merits of Moffat and their new single "(Afternoon) Soaps" on television, a bizarre moment in the history of the Falkirk music scene.

1999 saw the band put their toe into the commercial circus, signing to Go Beat! in the UK. The move proved to be a mistake, with the label wanting more sellable product, and the band refusing to compromise. To a certain extent the whole affair halted the growing momentum of the band, and they never got back to the stage where they might have had a hit single. The first release on Go Beat! was a stop-gap live album, "Mad For Sadness", recorded at their London Queen Elizabeth Hall gig the year before, released in May. This was followed by their third album proper, "Elephant Shoe". A headline UK tour was followed by an extensive European tour supporting The Tindersticks. They also managed to re-mix tracks for Mogwai and Dot Allison this year.

2000 was a relatively quiet year for the band, with only a Scandanavian tour in Spring and some European festival appearances during the summer to show for their efforts. However, the year did see them part from Go Beat! and take stock of their situation.

Towards the end of the year Arab Strap recorded their fourth album, "The Red Thread", which was released on their old label, Chemikal Underground, in February 2001. The band then set about touring the world, with the UK in February, Australia and Japan in March, and America in April. May saw another short UK tour followed by a more extensive European tour (supported by Bright Eyes). During this year Moffat also managed to join and appear on the debut album by Scottish supergroup
The Reindeer Section. 2002 was a very quiet year for the band, with both Moffat and Middleton concentrating on solo projects, however they did manage to play some acoustic dates with the addition of Eva violinist, Jenny Reeve, and cello player Stacey Sievewright, and a short Australian tour in October. Aiden formed a mini-supergroup, The Sick Anchors, who released a single, and also contributed to the second Reindeer Section album. Meanwhile Bethel and Gow went off to form their own act, Sons & Daughters.

2003 saw a return to form for Arab Strap with the release of the"Monday At The Hug And Pint" album. This was followed by an extensive US tour supporting Bright Eyes, playing to teenagers who had heard of the main b
and through their promotion on "The OC". Touring this year was with their new "acoustic" line up, and later in the year they embarked on a September to November European tour, ending the year with a headline tour of North America. 
After a year off for solo work, during which Middleton also guested with Viva Stereo, February 2005 saw the band donate a song to a CD raising funds for the Scottish Association for Mental Health. The band also recorded an original soundtrack for the animated short film "Rogue Farm", and played an acoustic request show, the highlights of which were released as a limited edition album on their website in April. After this Middleton released his second solo album. However, the band had been busy in the studio, and released their new album, "The Last Romance" in October. This was followed by a November UK tour.

2006 proved to be a busy year, starting with the release of the single "Speed Date", accompanied by a video directed by former Skids frontman, Richard Jobson. The duo then recruited Michael (bass), Scott (drums) and Stevie (guitar / piano) and proceeded to tour Europe (February), Ireland (May), with some summer European festival dates.
 They rounded off their tenth year with a compilation album, "Ten Years Of Tears".
This event persuaded them to call it a day, and after a European tour in October - December, Arab Strap played their final date at the ABC, Glasgow. Moffat then concentrated on his own project, L. Pierre, then formed The Best Ofs, whilst Middleton went solo. One time member Seivewright later joined The Poems, whilst Reeve helped out Middleton on his solo releases. 2008 saw a posthumous release for the band's soundtrack for the animated short film "Rogue Farm". The duo got together for a one-off live date in November 2011, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Nice'n'Sleazies in Glasgow.
"The First Big Weekend" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 1996)
"The Week Never Starts Round Here" (vinyl/CD album, Chemikal Underground, 1996)
"The Clearing" (12 inch vinyl / CD single, Chemikal Underground, 1997)
"The Girls Of Summer" (12 inch vinyl EP/ CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 1997, UK charts #74)
"The Smell Of Outdoor Cooking" (7 inch vinyl single, 1997)
"Live: Packs Of Three" (7 inch vinyl single, 1998)
"Here We Go / Trippy" (10 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #48)
"Philophobia" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #37)
"(Afternoon) Soaps" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 1998, UK charts #74)
"Singles" (Japanese only CD album, Bandai, 1999)
"Mad For Sadness" (live vinyl / CD album, Go Beat, 1999)
"Cherubs" (12 inch vinyl EP/CD EP, Go Beat, 1999)
"Elephant Shoe" (vinyl/CD album, Go Beat, 1999)
"Fukd I.D." (12 inch vinyl EP/CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 2000)
"To All A Good Night" (single, Chemikal Underground, 2000)
"Love Detective" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 2001, UK charts #66)
"The Red Thread" (vinyl/CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2001)
"Turbulance" (12 inch vinyl/CD single, Chemikal Underground, 2001)
"The Shy Retirer" (CD EP, Chemikal Underground, 2003)
"Monday At The Hug And Pint" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2003)
"The Acoustic Request Show" (CD album, 2005)
"Dream Sequence" (7 inch vinyl single, Chemikal Underground, 2005)
"The Last Romance" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2005)
"Speed Date" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground, 2006)
"There Is No End" (7 inch single, Chemikal Underground, 2006)
"Ten Years Of Tears" (CD album, Chemikal Underground, 2006)
"Music From Rogue Farm" (Internet album, Chemikal Underground, 2008)

A ROSE FOR EMILY:  Formed 1989 by ex-These Consuming Passions members David Bennie (vocals/guitar) & Michael Ryan (keyboards), adding brother Charles Bennie (drums) & Joseph Murphy (bass). The band played regularly into 1990, and in November replaced bass player Murphy with another ex-Consuming Passion John McKenna. The band supported Hazel O'Connor on a Scottish tour in 1991, then Murphy left later that year to be replaced by Warren Mann (bass). This allowed the band to continue playing live until 1993, when they split in April. Mann then joined Cage, and Bennie later played some solo dates in 1997. The band appear to have played at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth in 1997, but that may have been a one-off date. Charles Bennie later joined his brother in Giveway.

ARTHUR:  Local act formed in 1996 by Gordon Lyon (vocals), Gordon White (bass), Brian Dignan (guitar) & Ian Buchanan (drums). The band took their name from what Ringo Starr called his haircut when asked in a press conferance. The band supported China Crisis at the Falkirk Family Day in Callander Park that summer, and played at an all day festival at the Martell in December, then continued to play live into 1997 when they won the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". More dates were played in 1998, including a couple at Liverpool's Cavern venue. The band continued to play until 2000, after which Buchanan joined Rococco. Some members (including Dignan) then formed Mary Jane.  The band reformed in 2004 and have been playing live since then, though Dignan & White also play with Projekt. In 2006 Dignan and White also played in the Grubowski's house band - Bad Piggy. 2008 saw Lyon form R4.

The ASSASSINS:  The Assassins began life back in early 1996 as The Baby Faced Assassins, and included Paul McAllister (drums/vocals), Paul Miller (guitar/vocals) & Glenn Nicol (keyboards bass). Specialising in punk and new wave cover versions, the band decided at the end of that year to take things a bit more seriously and become The Assassins, recruiting Alan Stead (vocals). This line-up made their debut at the Edinburgh Punk Festival, before heading for the studio in May 1998 and recording nine songs which became their debut album, "On The Level". In February 1999, Gus MacRury (bass) joined, however the band was back to a four piece that summer when Nicol departed. In early 2001, Billy Dunn (bass) joined, allowing MacRury to switch to guitar. Dunn had been around the block a bit, playing for the likes of Swine Flu and the legendary Exploited. In April 2002, the band headed once again for the studio, this time recording the "Long Time Away" EP.
"On The Level" (album, 1998)
"Long Time Away" (CD EP, 2002)

The BABY FACED ASSASINS:  The Baby Faced Assassins began life back in early 1996, and included Paul McAllister (drums/vocals), Paul Miller (guitar/vocals) & Glenn Nicol (keyboards/bass). Specialising in punk and new wave cover versions, the band decided at the end of that year to take things a bit more seriously and became The Assassins.

BAY:  Falkirk indie band formed in 1994 by Aiden Moffat (drums, ex-Someone's Daughter) & Jason Taylor (vocals/guitar/bass, ex-Happymen), both also worked with The Angry Buddhists. Moffat worked in Sleeves Records & Taylor in Music City across the road. They signed with local Anoise Annoys label to release an EP of sparse songs, "Happy Being Different" in 1994. This was followed in 1995 by a double album, "Alison Rae", for which they recruited Ross Miller (keyboards) & Ronnie Young (guitar, ex-Bed In The Sea). In early 1995 they featured live on B.B.C. Scotland with an American bass player from The Chubbies, before Taylor lost interest and Moffat formed Arab Strap. Taylor at that time was also a member of Lowlife, Miller joined Clockwork Pig, and Young later helped out The International Pop Assassins. Taylor later formed Mosca.
"Happy Being Different" (CD EP, Anoise Annoys, 1994)
"Alison Rae" (CD double album, Anoise Annoys, 1995)

David BENNIE:  Former member of A Rose For Emily, Bennie played solo dates between 1997 and 1999. He then formed Giveway. 

BLADDERED:  Punk rock/new wave covers band, formed in 1994 by Dougie Mackie (bass/vocals, ex-Europe After The Rain), Liam Wilson (drums, ex-Stealer), Guy Gibson (guitar), Ali Bell (vocals, ex-Tunnelvision) & Scott Steele (vocals/guitar). The following year they advertised for a drummer, and recruited Davy Paterson (drums, ex-Fat Davy & The Denny Brass), which allowed them to continue playing right into 2005, often supporting touring punk and tribute acts. In 1998 they released an EP called "Moochie Pogo", and the Mackie brothers played a one-off gig with Those Meddling Kids. When Gibson passed away he was replaced by Gus Rae (guitar, also of Fat Davy & The Denny Brass). Mackie also played with Clash tribute act Combat Rock, Fat Davy & The Denny Brass, and The Cool Jerks, Fire Exit 77 & Jam Pact.  Paterson was also a member of Brighawk.  Bladdered recorded the Falkirk Football Club song which is played before games and at half-time.  The band played a one-off at the Martell in December 2006 at Dougie Mackie's 40th Birthday, and then played a couple of dates in 2007 as well, and their annual Christmas date in 2009.  In April 2014 Paterson went missing from home, the subsequent police search tragically found his body.
"Moochie Pogo" (CD EP, 1998)

The BLAZERS:  Band who played live in 1996, and supported The Supernaturals at an all day festival at the Martell in December.

The BLUE JAYS:  Blues/covers act formed in 1995 by former Delta Hurricanes guitarist/vocalist Stuart Blackwood, alongside ex-Twister member Robbie Lesuik (bass) and Alex Bruce (drums). They played around the local pubs and the Isle Of Arran until 1997 before splitting, with Blackwood going on to form Heskey, Lesuik forming Alaska, and Bruce joining The Bottleneck Blues Band.

BLUE PLANET:  Band formed in 1997 by Euan & Simon, who continued to play live into 1998.

BONA FIDE:  Bo'ness based act from 1997.

The BOTTLENECK BLUES BAND:  Formed by Davie Hair (sax/harmonica, ex-Nothin' But The Blues) during 1999 to play Chicago style electric blues. The original band line-up included Bob Laidlaw (bass, ex Nothin’ But the Blues), Mark Lyon (guitar, ex-Smokehouse Blues Band), Ali Gibb (vocals/sax, ex-Breakfast Boyz), Stuart Winton (guitar) and Alex Bruce (drums, ex-Bluejays). Bruce left and joined Itchy Feet, and was replaced by Rich Davidson (ex-Pegusus) in early-2000. Later that year Lyon and Laidlaw left the band, which necessitated a re-shuffle, with Gibb playing guitar (in addition to saxophone & vocals), and ex-Scaramanga bass player Dougie Crichton standing in until a permanent bass player was found (at which point Crichton joined Midlife Crisis). The bass slot was filled by Karl Altendorf in early 2001, and the band continued to play local gigs with that line up until 2002, when Davie Hair left to move to Aberdeen, where he joined Souled Asylum, a 15 piece soul band. The Bottleneck Blues Band continued as a four piece until 2004 when it was decided to call it a day.

BOVINE:  Local rock act formed in 1996 by Steven Tosh (drums), David King (vocals/guitar) & Adam Stafford (bass/vocals), who played one date at the Martell before Stafford left to form Y'all Fantasy Island. A year later he was replaced by Andy Hill (guitar/vocals) and, in October 1998, Craig Hayworth (bass). This line-up recorded a three track demo at Mainframe Studios, Grangemouth in May 1999, and again in June, and released a three track CD EP with the tracks "Tell A Lie", "Angry Red Member" & "Go" early in 2000. Tosh left the band for five months in July 2000, and although a couple of people were auditioned, no one replaced him. He returned towards the end of that year. Bovine continued and played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001. That year they also supported both TV Smith & The Selecter locally and reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands". Late in 2001 the band recorded three tracks in Riverside Studios, Busby, which they released the following year as the "Worried & Wasted" EP. This recording session also yielded their debut mini-album, "Something In The Water" in January 2003 on Shatterhand's Mythical Records.  2002 also saw them playing at the Punkstravaganze Festival at the Martell.  In July 2003 Hayworth left to form The Declined, and King switched to bass. Adam Stamford then began working with the band again in a songwriting capacity, before rejoining them on second guitar. They released a new CD EP entitled "No Horizon" in 2004, with tracks being played on Jim Gellatley's Beat 106 show. The band continued to gig regularly until 2005 , and re-emerged late in the year with a new line-up of King, Hill, Tosh and original member, Adam Stafford (guitar, also with The Chuck Norris Machine, Y'all Fantasy Island & solo). The band began work on their new album, provisionally entitled "Fishtank Theory" in an abandoned house, with Tommy Blair producing, which they planned to release in 2006, however with a change of direction they also changed their name to Waroffice. Tosh, King & Hill also played in punk covers band The Rabid Dogs, whilst King & Hill were also in The Chuck Norris Machine.
"Tell A Lie" (CD EP, 2000)
"Worried & Wasted" (CD EP, 2002)
"Something In The Water" (CD mini-album, Mythical Records, 2003)
"No Horizon" (CD EP, 2004)

BRAND:  Acoustic covers band formed 1996 by ex-Idiosyncracy members Andrew Dougall (vocals/guitar), David Seel (guitar), Paul Barton (bass) and ocassionally used Barry Dougall (drums, also ex-Idiosyncracy) for gigs.  They also wrote their own material, . When Barton left in 1997 to form Little Green Apples, he was replaced by Mark Ogilivie (bass, ex-Fine). David Seel and Barry Dougall later formed Acquitted.
BREED:  Denny High based act who started playing live in 1994, and continued into the following year. Their frontman, Barry Honeyman, later formed Bullitt For Pablo.

BRIGHAWK:  Bonnybridge based Hawkwind tribute act formed in July 1998 to play a support to Bladdered. The line-up featured Danny Coyle (vocals, ex-Fat Davey & The Denny Brass), Paul Mann (guitar/vocals, ex-Nepenthe), Ray Easton (drums, ex-Fat Davey & The Denny Brass), Vince Fitzpatrick (guitar), Warrie Mann (keyboards, ex-Cage) & Alan Feighan (bass). After summer rehearsals they recruited Tam Winters (keyboards, ex-Nepenthe) for a date in Tobermory. This line-up continued until 1999 when Fitzpatrick left, and then in late- 2001 Easton left to be replaced by Davey Paterson of Bladdered. They continued to play live occasionally for the next few years, recording a four track CD in June 2005. The only word from the band in 2006 was a performance at the Martell in December, however Coyle also worked solo under the name of Danorakfelspar.

BUCK NAKED:  Local act who were featured on a Brigbeat Studios compilation CD, "A Night On The Tiles" in 1996, which led to an acoustic performance on Central FM. The band supported The Supernaturals at an all day festival at the Martell in December, and continued to play live into the following year.

BUG:  Act who played live in 1996.

The BURT/MacDONALD QUARTET:  Jazz act formed by ex-solo George Burt (guitar) & Raymond MacDonald (saxophone) in the 1990's, along with George Lyle (bass) & Allan Pendreigh (drums). The four piece were augmented by Nicola MacDonald (vocals/melodica/whistle). Raymond MacDonald had previously helped out in Glaswegian acts Mount Vernon Arts Lab & Future Pilot AKA, as well as being a member of The Hung Drawn Quartet. Lyall ws a member of the Green Room Trio, and Pendreigh had played with the likes of Art Themen. The act delivered two albums in 1998 and 2000, and also helped out Lol Coxhill on a couple of early 2000's albums. Burt later formed The Urban Tonkerers.
"Oh Hello" (CD album, 1998)
"Big Brothers" (CD album, BMA Records, 2000)
With Lol Coxhill:
"Tsunami" (CD album, FMR, 2001)
"Coxhill Street" (CD album, FMR, 2002)

BUZZBOMB:  Bathgate/Falkirk punk band formed in 1997 by Fuzz (vocals), Billy Ross (bass/vocals), Stu (guitar/vocals) & Tony (drums). Regular gigging helped them build a following through supports to the likes of The U.K. Subs, The Vibrators & 999, as well as an appearance at the Punkstravanganza Festival at the Martell in 2002. Vocalist Fuzz left in 2005, with Billy & Stu taking over. The end of that year saw the band sign with new Glaswegian label Room 21, with some tracks to be contributed to a compilation album in 2006. February 2006 saw the band complete a short Scottish tour with Even In Blackouts, then play a date at a high security prison. May saw the band supporting Goldblade at the Tavern, Grangemouth, whilst they finished the year supporting punk legends, The Vibrators. 2007 saw the band continue live work, whilst Stu put together a new side project with members of 3 Steps Down & I Stand Alone. Drummer Tony left the band in the summer to pursue his musical ventures with Ion Charge. He was replaced by Brett (ex-Z/28), and the band continued to gig. In April 2008 they supported Sham 69 in Glasgow, before releasing their debut album, "Eight The Hard Way". Around this time, drummer Brett ran the London Marathon. The band continued into 2011.
"All American Zero" (CD single)
"Eight The Hard Way" (Album, 2008)

CAGE:  Metal/funk act formed in 1994 by Phil Harley (guitar), Warrie Mann (ex-A Rose For Emily) & Chris (vocals). The band released a seven inch single in 1994 called "Song X", and continued to play live until 1996. Harley later formed The Caine Rooms, whilst Mann joined Brighawk.
"Song X" (7 inch single, 1994)
"You Dirty Rat" (CD single, Scratch Records, 1995).

CAL:  Local singer songwriter, born Michael Callaghan in 1963, who turned to performing in 1991 when recovering from a serious back injury. He decided to further develop his musical talents by attending Perth College, and was a student there for three years, attaining an HND in "Rock Music Performance". He also won the "Outstanding Adult Learner Award 1993" and won the "Sound Control Music Trophy 1993 - 1994".
He supported Fish at the Martell in late 1995, before auditioning for the job of frontman with Runrig (he was unsuccessful!). After a year of working in a factory Cal returned to further education where he attended Edinburgh Jewel and Esk Valley College in 1996 - 1997 and achieved his Advanced Diploma in "Film And Television Music". Cal is one of the busiest pub performers, with 2 - 3 gigs a week, and to date has released four self-financed albums.  2004 saw him release his fourth album, "Calling You", on his own Cal Music label, and complete German and Polish tours. He has continued his gigging schedule in 2005, complete with a support to Midge Ure at Stirling's Albert Hall. He also entered Cava Studio, Glasgow, and recorded a double A-side single, "Scotland, A Part Of Me" & "The Rose Among The Heather", which was released in spring 2006. This single featured Grubowski's Allstars drummer David Dowell.

2006 saw Cal continue his furious gigging, including a couple more supports to Midge Ure. In 2007 he supported former Runrig frontman Donnie Munro on a Danish tour. He also recruited a band for some live dates of Mikey Grant (keyboards), Kenny McLean (bass) & Adam Thompson (drums). The year ended on a high with Cal winning the "Festival4stars" National Songwriting Competition.
Cal kept up his non-stop live schedule throughout 2008, once again taking part in the "Festival4stars" singwriting competition, however this time in the International category. In August / September he undertook a series of dates in Canada. Cal continued to play into 2009, including some dates with Sandi Thom in February. August & September saw him complete a short Canadian tour.  Work continued, and by 2012 he was being backed by David Lindsay (drums), Graham Brown (bass) & Ross Munro (keyboards). This line-up played at T In The Park that year.
"One Of One" (cassette album, 1996)
"Vintage Years" (cassette album, 1998)
"(Scotland) A Part Of Me" (CD album, 2000)
"Calling You" (CD album, Cal Music, 2004)
"The Rose Among The Heather" (CD single, 2006)

CANOVA:  Grangemouth band formed in 1998 by Scott Canova (vocals), Gary Grace (guitar), Slimboyhun (bass) & Willie Green (drums, also with Cooper & Little Green Apples). Sounding a bit like a cross between Radiohead & The Doors, they continued to play until 2000, a total of five times before Grace lost interest.

The CHARM:  Kincardine based act from 1993 featuring Blaine (bass) & Cammie (guitar), who started playing live in 1995. In 1996 they advertised for a drummer, which allowed them to play at an all-dayer at the Martell in December 1996. The band continued to play live until 1999, after which Blaine & Cammie formed Goodson

CHARON:  4-piece Bonnybridge act from 1994, who continued to play live until they split in February 1995.

The CIRCLE:  Denny based act formed by Steven Hodgeson & Shaun Aitchison, who started playing live in 1997, releasing their debut single "Hatstand". Towards the end of the year they appeared on Central FM. The band then continued to play live until 2001. Drummer Johnny Rough later played with Five Park Drive.
"Hatstand" (single, 1997).

CITRUS SOUL:  1995-1997 – Larbert/Stenhousemuir act featuring ex-Belt members Mark Donaldson (vocals), Stewart Menzies (bass) & Gavin Brown (drums) with ), Derek O’Neill from Blantyre (guitar).  They were an Indie band influenced by The Stone Roses, Verve, Oasis, Happy Mondays etc. and became one of the most acclaimed local bands during the “Britpop” era and command a large fanatical following. During 1996 they won the Martell “Battle of the Bands” and supported The Supernaturals at the same venue.  Despite such promise they split in 1997.
Gavin Brown then formed electronic-act Onthefly, joined the Fence Collective & was the live drummer for King Creosote and Viva Stereo.  He appeared with King Creosote on Later with Jools Holland as well as playing all over the world.  Brown also formed his own record label De-fence from his Stenhousemuir flat releasing records by James Yorkston, Viva Stereo and Alasdair Gray amongst many others on a unique 10x10 series  
Derek O’Neill (keyboards) went onto play with Paul Quinn (ex-Teenage Fanclub) in Primary 5 and then re-joined Gavin Brown in his Onthefly live band. O’Neill also joined King Creosote, playing with them at Glastonbury in 2015. He helped produce and mix Viva Stereo’s final album ‘Endure the Dark’ in 2012 before joining the band for live gigs and played keyboards at their last gig at the ABC2, Glasgow.
CLAN ALBA:  Folk supergroup formed in 1995 for one album, featuring local musician and member of the Battlefield Band, Brian McNeill. The rest of the group was made up by Dick Gaughan, Mary MacMaster, Fred Morrison, Patsy Seddon, Davy Steele, Mike Travis & Dave Tulloch.
"Clan Alba" (double CD album, Clan Alba Records, 1995).
CLAYMORE:  Acoustic duo formed in 1995 by Gibby McNaught. They changed their name in 1996 to Schiltrum.

CLOCKWORK PIG:  Edinburgh act formed in 1997 with local keyboard player and ex-member of Bay Ross Miller. They reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" that year, and supported Ian Hunter at the same venue.

The COCTEAU TWINS:    Grangemouth act formed in 1981 by former Liberators Robin Guthrie and Will Heggie. Guthrie's position as DJ at the International Hotel in Grangemouth allowed him to spot Liz Fraser, who the duo recruited as vocalist. Taking their name from an obscure song by Simple Minds, the Cocteau Twins won a session on John Peel's BBC Radio show, which in turn led to a recording contract with the 4AD label in London.

The Cocteau Twins developed a unique sound, based around Heggie's rythmic bass and Guthrie's swirling guitar. The fact that Fraser's vocals were like another instrument, with deliberatly obscured lyrics sealing their instant reputation as an influential and critically aclaimed act.

The band released their debut album, "Garlands", in 1982, and began playing live dates with the likes of The Birthday Party and Modern English. Later in the year they produced an EP entitled "Lullabies" which once again sent critics into frenzies of ecstacy. This was followed early the following year by another EP, "Peppermint Pig", produced by Alan Rankin of The Associates. The use of an outside producer left the band with a bad taste in their mouths, and they vowed to do it themselves from now on. Subsequent touring led to Heggie leaving the band, with rumours of Guthrie & Frasers romantic relationship being too much for him. He subsequently returned to Grangemouth and joined Dead Neighbours. The duo embarked on a European tour supporting OMD, but left before the end after arguments over the sound.

The next album, "Head Over Heels" was a classic of the 1980's, and feauring fellow Falkirk musician, Ally Gibb (of Pastis 51) on saxophone. Recorded back in Grangemouth, the band soon returned to London, where their neighbours signed a petition to evict them due to the noise. The band responded by playing their  first American dates.
1983 also saw them becoming involved with another act, This Mortal Coil, which was the brainchild of 4AD owner Ivo. The duo recorded a version of Tim Buckley's "Song To The Siren" which soon began picking up airplay and almost made it into the top forty.

In late 1983 the band recruited a new bass player, Simon Raymonde, who had previously played in Drowning Craze, and the first fruits were the single "Pearly Dewdrops Drops", which entered the charts in 1984, finally reaching #29. The band, peverse as ever, turned down a slot on "Top Of The Pops". The next project was the third album, "Treasure" in October 1984, which remains one of their most popular releases, although the band claim to hate it. The band then set out on a short world tour early in 1985, making a first visit to Japan where the band were mobbed by thousands of fans at airports and hotels. The crowds thought that Fraser was singing in Japanese!

This was the start of a particularly prolific period for the band, and the follow up EP, "Aikea-Guinea" was released just six months later. Guthrie & Fraser also found time to guest on "The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories", an album by label mates, The Wolfgang Press. The next two EP's were released soon after, entitled "Tiny Dynamite" & "Echoes In A Shallow Bay", recorded in their own London studio.
The Cocteau Twins signed an international distribution agreement in 1985, and to mark the occasion, and to give Americans some exposure to what the band had previously recorded, 4AD released a compilation album entitled "The Pink Opaque" in November. The album's ten tracks drew from material released from 1982 to 1984, and included songs from "Garlands", "Head Over Heels", "Sunburst and Snowblind", "The Spangle Maker", and "Treasure", as well as the previously unreleased track, "Millimillenary".

In early 1986 the band recorded and released a primarily acoustic album entitled "Victorialand". Raymonde did not appear on the album as he was at work on the second This Mortal Coil LP, "Filigree and Shadow". However, the album did feature Dif Juz member Richard Thomas on saxophone and tablas. Guthrie & Fraser returned the favour by appearing on the Dif Juz album, "Extractions", later that year, on which Guthrie was also engineer and producer. 1986 also saw the band complete a European tour.

The band then started work on a collaborative project with Harold Budd, which was released as the album "The Moon & The Melodies". Keen to avoid this being seen as a Cocteau Twins project, the band members listed their names on the cover.

The band returned to their own name later in 1986 for the single "Love's Easy Tears", after which they took time off to finish building their studio, as well as guesting with bands such as Felt, The Wolfgang Press & AR Kane. This silence was broken with the release of a new album, "Blue Bell Knoll", in October 1988. The album was the first on their new label, Capitol, a move which led to accusations of "selling out". Despite the major label, the band refused to tour or do any promotion, which did not stop the album raching number 14 in the UK. In place of any promotion the band returned to their private lives, with Raymonde getting married and having a son, and Fraser & Guthrie having a baby girl, Lucy Belle, in September 1989.
The band leased studio space in Twickenham and christened their new home "September Sound" in honor of the month in which their children were born. Guthrie found himself in demand as a producer, working with such bands as Lush, Chapterhouse, The Veldt and Shellyan Orphan, and Fraser made a guest vocal appearance on the song "Candleland" by ex-Echo and the Bunnymen singer Ian McCulloch.

Afterwards the band set about recording what was to become their most successful album, "Heaven Or Las Vegas", which was preceeded by a single, "Iceblink Luck" in August 1990. Fraser's vocals were recorded while she held her baby in her arms, and the songs were more coherant and commercial than previously. The band then set out on their most extensive and elaborate tour to date, including their first headline US tour. For the tour two new guitarists were brought in: Mitsuo Tate and Ben Blakeman, allowing the band to reproduce the layered studio sound. As the tour ended in Las Vegas the band were released from their contract with 4AD. Inside the band things hit rock bottom, with Guthrie abusing drugs and alcohol, and his and Frasers relationship being increasingly strained.

The next couple of years were quiet for the band, with only an uncharacteristic version of "Frosty The Snowman" finding it's way onto a Capitol Records christmas compilation album. Part of the hiatus in proceedings was Guthrie's recovery from drink and drug addiction, which was to inform the content and sound of the next album, "Four Calendar Cafe". This album saw a change in the band's sound, with the emphasis more on songs, and Fraser's lyrics clear. The band had also signed a new record deal in the UK with Fontana (whilst Capitol continued to release them in the USA). In Autumn 1993 the band began a world tour to support the album, with addition musicians Benny DiMassa (drums) & David Palfreeman (percussion). When the tour ended in 1994 Guthrie and Fraser split, with Fraser having a nervous breakdown.

The following year saw the band working with other acts again, notably Medicine on the soundtrack to "The Crow", and Fraser on The Future Sound Of London's single "Lifeforms" and Fuel's "Timeless" EP. Moose and The Bathers also benefited from her vocals. Guthrie meanwhile appeared on the second Veldt album, "Afrodisiac".

In spring 1995 the band returned with two EP's, "Twinlights" & "Otherness". During this time Fraser had met and fallen in love with the doomed Jeff Buckley, and the end of that relationship informed the content of the two EP's.

The following year saw the band's last proper album being released, "Milk & Kisses". The album was written in a rented house in Brittany (home of Guthrie's new wife, Florence), and was recorded by the band in the same room at the same time for once. A number of television and live radio performances in the UK were followed by an extensive European and North American tour in late spring and early summer.
The Cocteaus had established their own independent record label, Bella Union, while continuing to work as a group and run September Sound as a commercial recording studio. However, while recording, in 1998, what was to have been their last album, the Cocteau Twins finally called it quits. That year saw Fraser being voted 60th best vocalist ever in Mojo magazine.

In 1999, Bella Union, in cooperation with the BBC, released a two-disc set of BBC radio session recordings, compiled from the band's numerous live studio appearances from 1982 to 1996. Raymonde released solo recordings under his own name, whilst Guthrie formed a new act, Violet Indiana. Fraser re-located to Bristol with her new partner, Damon Reece (of Spiritualized), where she hooked up with Massive Attack on their "Mezzanine" album and "Teardrop" single. She also sang on an album by Craig Armstrong, as well as lending her voice to songs on the soundtracks to the movies "The Winter Guest" & "In Dreams".
A Cocteau Twins retrospective, "Stars & Topsoil" was released by 4AD in 2000, whilst the following year Fraser gave birth to her second child, Lily.  
Fraser also added vocals to two tracks from the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy soundtrack in 2001 and 2002. 2006 saw her feature on an unreleased track on the Massive Attack best of album, "Collected", and also appear with the band at the Coachella Festival in California. A reported collaboration with Scott Walker never materialised, however she did tour with Massive Attack on their "Greatest Hits" tour later that year.In 2008 The Cocteau Twins won an "Inspiration" award from Q Magazine, and also ruled out any re-union.
"Garlands" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1982)
"Lullabies" (12 inch single, 4AD, 1982)
"Peppermint Pig" (7 inch vinyl EP, 4AD, 1983)
"Head Over Heels" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1983, UK charts #51)
"Sunburst & Snowblind" (12 inch single, 4AD, 1983)
"Pearly Dewdrops Drops" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1984, UK charts #29)
"Treasure" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1984, UK charts #29)
"Aikea-Guinea" (7 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #41)
"Tiny Dynamite" (12 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #52)
"Echoes In A Shallow Bay" (12 inch EP, 4AD, 1985, UK charts #65)
"The Pink Opaque" (vinyl/cassette album, 1985, USA only)
"Victorialand" (vinyl / cassette album, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #10)
"Love's Easy Tears" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #53)
"Blue Bell Knoll" (vinyl/cassette dat album, 4AD, 1988. UK charts #15)
"Carolyn's Fingers" (7 inch single, 4AD, 1988)
"Iceblink Luck" (7 inch/cassette single, 4AD, 1990, UK charts #38)
"Heaven Or Las Vegas" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, 4AD, 1990, UK charts #7, US charts #99)
"Evangeline" (7 inch/cassette single, Fontana, 1993, UK charts #34)
"Four Calendar Cafe" (vinyl/cassette/CD album, Fontana, 1993, UK charts #13, US charts #78)
"Winter Wonderland" (CD single, Fontana, 1993. UK charts #58)
"Bluebeard" (7 inch/cassette single, Fontana, 1994, UK charts #33)
"Twinlights" (7 inch/CD EP, Fontana, 1995, UK charts #59)
"Otherness" (12 inch/CD EP, Fontana, 1995, UK charts #59)
"Milk & Kisses" (cassette/CD album, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #17, US charts #99)
"Tishbite" (12 inch single, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #34)
"Violaine" (12 inch single, Fontana, 1996, UK charts #56)
"The BBC Sessions" (double CD album, Bella Union, 1999)
"Stars & Topsoil" (CD album, 4AD, 2000)
"Lullabies to Violaine" (CD album, 4AD, 2005)
As Harold Budd, Liz Fraser, Robin Guthrie & Simon Raymonde:
"The Moon & The Melodies" (vinyl/cassette album, 4AD, 1986, UK charts #46)
Guest appearances:
The Wolfgang Press: "The Legendary Wolfgang Press and Other Tall Stories" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1985, featuring Liz Fraser & Robin Guthrie)
Dif Juz: "Extractions" (vinyl album, 4AD, 1986, featuring Liz Fraser, produced by Robin Guthrie)
The Wolfgang Press: "Standing Up Straight" (album, 4AD, 1986, featuring Liz Fraser)
AR Kane: "Lollita" (single, 4AD, 1986, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Harold Budd: "The White Arcades) (album, 1988, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Ian McCulloch, "Candleland" (album, 1989, featuring Liz Fraser)
Lush, "Scar" (e.p., 4AD, 1989, produced by Robin Guthrie)
Chapterhouse, "Whirlpool" (album, 1989, one track produced by Robin Guthrie)
The Future Sound Of London, "Lifeforms" (single, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
Fuel, "Timeless" (EP, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
The Bathers, "Sunpowder" (CD album, Marina Records, 1994, featuring Liz Fraser)
The Veldt, "Afrodisiac" (album, 1994, featuring Robin Guthrie)
Simon Raymonde, "Blame Someone Else" (album, Bella Union, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser & Robin Guthrie)
Massive Attack, "Mezzanine" (album, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Massive Attack, "Teardrop" (single, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Craig Armstrong, "The Space Between Us" (CD/cassette/minidisc album, Melankolic Records, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Craig Armstrong, "This Love" (CD/cassette single, Melankolic Records, 1998, featuring Liz Fraser)
Massive Attack, "Collected" (CD album, 2006, featuring Liz Fraser)
Mahogany, "Conectivity" (CD album, 2006, featuring Robin Guthrie) 

COIL:  Band who played live in 1997.

COOLIN' TOWERS:  Grangemouth act from 1994 featuring Michael & Stuart. In May the band recruited a second guitarist, and made an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. Later in the year they supported Saidflorence at the Martell, Falkirk. The band continued to play live into 1995. A band called Cooling Towers emerged live in 2008, however we are unsure if they are connected.

COMBAT ROCK:  Clash tribute act from 1998 with Mark Hannaway (vocals/guitar, ex-Jonesboys), Dougie Mackie (bass, also Bladdered & Fat Davy & The Denny Brass) and his brother John Mackie (guitar/vocals, also Fat Davy & The Denny Brass). The brothers continued until 2001, when they supported Stiff Little Fingers in Glasgow, and played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth. The brothers later formed The Cool Jerks.

CONFUSION:  Stenhousemuir act playing live in 1996 with James (vocals/guitar), Paul (drums) & Stevie Traynor (bass). Before Stevie and Paul joined, James released a cassette demo with a different line-up.

CONTRIBUTION BOOM:  Act formed in 1991 by ex-Made Of Stone members Mark McAllister (vocals) & Stuart McGregor (guitar), who continued to play live until 1994, including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. Final gigs were played in 1996. McAllister later joined Sound Society. 

COOPER:  Band formed by Matt Friel (vocals), Craig Henderson (guitar), Puff (bass) and Little Green Apples member Willie Green (drums) in 1998 who continued to play live until 2001. In 2000 Puff & Green left when they showed a lack of desire to play their own material, and was replaced by David Dowell (drums, ex-Raw Elvis & Mudshark) & Jamie Rodger (bass, ex-Orange). Cooper played Grangemouth's 2001 "The Lark In The Park".  2001 was a year of heavy gigging and were heavily influenced by Queen covering about 8 or 9 of their songs. They split in January 2002 for "the usual reasons". Henderson later played in the Grubowski's Allstars, whilst a version of Cooper hosted Grubowski's jam sessions in 2003. Meanwhile, Friel had been forming Escape, who started to play live the following year. Rodgers joined 7past5, whilst Dowell later joined him in Whumff. In the meantime, Walker formed The Monstarz Of Roc.

CRITICAL BUT STABLE:  Band who played live in 1996.

CRYSTAL HEAD RADIO:  Band who existed around 1985, formed by ex-Four Minutes member Alan Smith (vocals/guitar). When they split he formed The Gallery. The band re-surfaced in 1993, and were included in the Falkirk Herald top ten of that year. Fronted by Robert Stevenson, the band received airplay on BBC Radio Scotland's "Usual Suspects" and "Beat Patrol" in 1994 for their demo "Ariel's Aerial". Later that year they made an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued to play live into 1995.
"Ariel's Aerial" (cassette single, 1994)

The CYANIDE DOLLS:  Band from 1985, formed by ex-Four Minutes member Alan Smith (vocals/guitar). When they split he formed The Gallery. The band re-surfaced in 1993, and were included in the Falkirk Herald top ten of that year. Fronted by Robert Stevenson, the band received airplay on BBC Radio Scotland's "Usual Suspects" and "Beat Patrol" in 1994 for their demo "Ariel's Aerial". Later that year they made an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued to play live into 1995.
"Ariel's Aerial" (cassette single, 1994).

The DAGMARS:  Band formed in 1998.

DAG MORA:  Dag Mora were formed in 1996 as Hallowed Ground, taking on their new name at the end of 1997. They then continued to play live into 1999, when they added a new bass player and planned a European tour. Pat was either the first or the second bass player, however he went onto play with Little Joe Crow.

DAZED:  Band who played live in 1997 and 1998, splitting in July of that year. In 1999 they re-emerged on the live scene. At one point their drummer was ex-Foam musician Gav MacVicar, but he soon moved on to Orange, whilst bass player Dave Watson joined One Luv.

The DEED:  Grateful Dead tribute act from the late 1990's featuring Pat "Paddy Johnson (drums, ex-Citizan's Bureaux). Johnson then went on to join Les Conners.
DEEP END:  Act who played live in 1996.

DEFECT:  Band formed around 1997 by Iain McMurtrie (guitar, ex-Toy) along with Jonathan McCreath (guitar), Peter Flett (drums) & Chris Campbell (vocals & bass). After a few months of rehearsal the band added Steven Fleming (bass). The band rehearsed and played gigs throughout Central Scotland over the next two years. In 1997 the band recorded their "Deliverance" EP.  In 1998 McCreath was replaced by Reni Hill (guitar). The band continued to gig and saw another line up change later in the year with Fleming being replaced by Gavin Hynes (bass). Fleming would later go on to play guitar for Fiorina.  In 1999 the band recorded their "Nihilism" EP and made it to the finals for T In The Park auditions but failed to win a place on the stage. Shortly after McMurtrie left (to later form Loose Lips Sink Ships), and the band recruited Paul Livingston (guitar, ex-Diablo Terrano). The band changed their name to TV-K.
"Deliverance" (CD single, 1997)
"Nihilism" (CD single, 1999).

The DELTA HURRICANES:  Act formed in November 1991 by Alex Bain (guitar), David Johnston (bass), Brian Kelly (guitar/vocals), Douglas Smith (vocals/harmonica, ex-Cracked Actor) & Stuart Thompson (drums). Specialising in blues the band gigged regularly throughout the next year. In July 1992 Kelly left and was replaced by Borderline frontman Stuart Blackwood (vocals/guitar), and it was this line-up that released a cassette album and played dates in Europe towards the end of the year. In 1993 Bain, Blackwood & Smith were joined by ex-Bordeline members Keith Parsons (bass) & Gordon Samuels (drums), and this line-up played into 1995. Blackwood later formed The Blue Jays, whilst Smith turned up in Bad Luck'n'Trouble.
"Blowin' Up A Storm" (cassette album, 1992).

DIABLO TERRANO:  Bo'ness based band formed in 1998 by Paul Livingstone (guitar), Steven Bernard (guitar), Allan Savage (bass), David Boyd (drums) & Mark Temperly (vocals). he band released a ten track album, "Infinite Resolution", and continued to play live into 1999. Livingston later joined Defect.
"Infinite Resolution" (CD album, 1999).

The DIESEL KINGS:  Falkirk folk/rock crossover who were formed as Shotgun Religion in late 1987 by Ross Cunningham (bass/vocals), Emma Hunter (violin/vocals), Eddie McKenzie (vocals/guitar), David Rourke (drums/vocals).    Changing their name to The Diesel Kings in April 1989, the band played extensively throughout that year, building up a strong local following. This was helped by a tape recorded by Cocteau Twins / Prefab Sprout producer Jon Turner at Edinburgh's Palladium Studios in June. With Hunter suffering a serious shoulder complaint, forcing her to give up violin, the band were helped out by ex-Run Riot frontman Chris McCarron (keyboards/guitar) in early 1990. Cunningham left in March, and was briefly replaced by ex-Influx bass player Kenny McColl for a Soup Dragons support, however when the date fell through the band fell apart.

Whilst McColl moved to Hamburg and McCarron formed his own act, Outspoken, McKenzie and Rourke started looking for a new line-up. A brief return by Cunningham later in the year (after which he formed his own act Someone's Daughter) and a brief spell with Glaswegian violinist Julie Boyle in 1991 did not bear any fruit, and the duo relocated to Glasgow. December 1991 saw them finally recruit a band, with Kenny McColl (bass, and back from Hamburg), Maria Elena Mateo (keyboards / vocals) & Becky Wood (violin / vocals) joining. Six months rehearsal led to a nine track home made cassette album, "Special", in the summer (named after McColl's habit of calling wrong notes "special" notes). The band played some dates at the end of summer, after which McColl moved to London, and then New York, where he worked under the name Subverse and continues as one of the people behind The Tartan Specials. His replacement on bass was former We Free KIngs drummer Greg Drysdale, who helped out until the end of the year. A heavy live schedule was rounded off with a tour as backing musicians for an acoustic version of Goodbye Mr MacKenzie in December 1992.

Drysdale left at the end of the year, to return to drums with The Cole Porters, and was replaced by Andy Wood, bass player with Glasgow band, Auntie Rose, and future husband of Diesel Kings violinist Brooks. The band played constantly over the next six months with acts like The McClusky Brothers, Travis, The Lost Soul Band, The Humpff Family & The Skoubhie Dubh Orchestra, culminating in a successful London Mean Fiddler date in June 1993.  A
fter this a permanent bass player was found in the shape of ex-Missing Link member Grant Paterson, whilst Andy Wood later joined Zuba. This allowed the band to continue touring for the next year with Martin Stephenson & The Kevin McDermott Orchestra, and again with The Lost Soul Band & The Humpff Family. As well as these supports, and a constant string of headline dates, the band also played constantly with a stripped down acoustic line-up in bars and pubs around the country.

1994 began in the same busy way, playing with The Pearlfishers, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and Ian Acher (of Snow Patrol), whilst recording sessions and live concerts for Northsound & BBC Radio Scotland. September 1994 saw the band release of debut self-financed single, "Matadors & Scavengers", on their own Seminal Records label, which was promoted with more radio (and TV) work and a string of dates across Scotland (some with The Supernaturals & Thrum). Exposure on Radio 1 (the Steve Wright show!) led to a Europe-wide deal with Polygram offshoot, Music Of Life, and the release of "Purple Rain etc." in 1995.
In May 1995 the band played a final couple of sold out dates on the one night in Glasgow (at King Tuts & Mayfest) before retreating into full time rehearsals over the summer. This was a particularly fruitful time for the band creatively, with over 100 songs written in the next four months, however a shift in musical direction and the need to get out of their contract led to the band changing their name to The Sublimes in October 1995, minus violinist Wood.  In 2002 Seminal Records released a belated album of Diesel Kings tracks, recorded live in rehearsal.
"Special" (cassette album, 1992)
"Matadors & Scavengers" (CD EP, Seminal Records, 1994)
"Purple Rain etc" (CD single, Music Of Life, 1995)
"Songs Of The Open Road" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2002)

DOUBLE ZERO:  Band who played live in 1997, and then again in 1999 - 2000.

DOUGSTAR:  Formed in 1996 by Dougie Cameron (guitar), Gareth Finn (vocals/guitar) & Gary Walker (drums/vocals) - all ex-Grassharps.

DR McJAZZ:  Local jazz act from 1997, who first appeared at a residency at the Maharatta in Grangemouth in 1970. They featured Bob Busby (clarinet).

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