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SAMARA WOLF:  Three piece formed in 2009 by Dale Anderson (guitar/vocals), John Fallon (bass, ex-Nirvana), Steven Dick (drums), who changed their name to Sound Society later that year. 

The SALTSHAKERS:  4-piece blues act formed Spring/Summer 2006 by Alex Bruce (drums, ex-Blue Dubh), Chris Gallagher (guitar/vocals, ex-Blue Dubh), Robbie Lesuik (bass/keyboards/vocals, ex-Grubowski's Allstars) & Falkirk Herald journalist James Trimble (guitar/vocals). Lesuik also played with Y'all Is Fantasy Island and solo as Aldrin On Moon. The band continued to play into 2007, despite Gallagher being replaced by Bruce Tait (bass, ex-Black Cat Bones) and Lesuik switching to guitar. Lesuik also played with R4 from 2008. Bruce & Tait then formed The Bluesbrokers later that year.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thesaltshakersband
SCARLET:  Four piece act formed in 2006 / 07 by Nicky (vocals), Stuart Laing (guitar / vocals), Chris McKerral (vocals / bass) & Lowson (drums). In 2007 Nicky & Lowson were replaced by Ryan Neish (drums), Steven Gow (screams) & Ellis Aitken (keyboards). In August 2007 they played at an all-dayer at Pennies, Falkirk, and then continued to play into 2008. Neish & Laing also played in the band Keg, whilst Neish also played with Icon 66. Neish & Laing later formed This Way Down.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/1scarletband
SCANDAL (2007):  Band from 2007 formed by Lucy, Claire, Mhairi, Rachel, Hannah & A.J.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/scandalll
The SCARLET DOGS:  Band from 2003 - 2004, who re-appeared in 2006.

SCHILTRUM:  Acoustic duo formed in 1995 by Gibby McNaught as Claymore, changing their name in 1996 to Schiltrum. The duo were still playing in 2006.

SENSORYSAVAGE:  Electronic act from 2008 featuring local William Westwater (vocals), along with London based Cameron Campbell & Terry Macleay. The band released their debut EP, "Velocity", on Mandrake Records in July of that year.
RELEASES:  "Velocity" (EP, Mandrake Records, 2008).
SENTINAL:  Larbert High School based band from 2007 featuring Andrew Dalziel, Craig Turnbull (guitar, also with The Valentines), Craig Alston (keyboards / bass, also with The Valentines), Alan McLaughlin (vocals, ex-Lost & Found) and Paul Stewart. Dalziel then went on to form Replay, whilst Stewart may have joined Genetik Blueprint.

Leigh SHADE:  Vocalist who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald Voice of the Year competition in November 2006 at the age of 14. Three years late, Slade once again reached the final.
SHATTERED:  Shatterhand were formed in early 1998, by Brian Hastings (drums), Ramsay Hunter (bass, ex-Filigree Son), Dave McIntosh (guitar, ex-Filigree Son) & Stuart McIntosh (vocals, ex-Godsend) in an effort to get all the surplus energy and anger out of their collective system. They set about writing a bunch of songs to see what would happen, but after four rehearsals the chance came to play a couple of shows with Vanilla Pod. More shows followed throughout Scotland with the likes of Diesel Boy & The UK Subs, which were followed by the "Act Your Rage" demo in 1999. Further dates and a second single led to a bit of a reputation for "extreme" live shows and fired-up outpourings, so to capatalise on this the band recorded their debut album "Wreckage". Hunter left at this point and was replaced by Monty, just in time for a tour with Turtlehead & Beauty School Dropout. This was quickly followed by another single and a second album "Planting Seeds". Another English tour followed with The Siknotes.

The band returned to England in 2002 to promote their next mini-album "Bone Palace Ballet" after which Monty left and was replaced by Alloa bass player Mike Crawford. An Irish tour with The Dangerfields followed, along with extensive Scottish dates.  Dave McIntosh also spent some time playing with Turtlehead and Barefoot, which may explain the delay before the fourth album "Random Acts Of Defiance", which was released in February 2005 and has been the best received and quickest selling yet. The rest of the year was spent putting together their own digital studio. A welcome return was made by the band in 2008, with some scattered dates, followed by a summer date in 2009 at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. At this time, drummer Hastings was also playing with Debrasco. The band continued to gig into 2010, with a compilation album, "Complacency Is Not An Option" released in November, promoted by a short UK tour.
"Act Your Rage" (cassette single, 1999)
"A Mess Of Emotions" (CD single, Mythical Records, 1999)
"Wreckage" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2000)
"Make A Difference" (CD single, Mythical Records, 2001)
"Planting Seeds" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2001)
"Bone Palace Ballet" (CD mini album, Mythical Records, 2002)
"Random Acts Of Defiance" (CD album, Mythical Records, 2005)
"Complacency Is Not An Option" (CD album, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.shatterhand.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/shatterhand
The SHERMANS:  Stirling based act formed in 2005 by Denny vocalist Shaun Aitcheson with Kenny (bass), Graham (guitar), Nick (guitar) & Dave (drums). After a year of local dates, they broke into the Glasgow scene with a support to The Complete Stone Roses at the Barrowlands in October 2006. More nationwide support slots with this act followed in 2007, as well as a date at the Loch Lomond Festival that summer. Autumn saw the band release their debut single, "Calling It Wrong" on Edinburgh label, Platform Records, and it reached number 23 on the Independant charts. The band continued to play into 2008, and then completed a short German tour in April 2009. Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, and after more dates ended the year with a Hogmany date at Stirling Castle.
RELEASES:  "Calling It Wrong" (CD single, Platform Records, 2007).
WEBSITE:  http://www.vivalashermans.co.uk/
SHINOBI STORM:  Local metal act formed in 2006 by Sean Cairns (vocals, also with Barry Price), Gordon (drums), Scott Crawford (guitar), Stephen Oliver (bass) & David Miller (guitar), who began playing live in early 2007. Gordon was soon replaced by Jamie Mckenzie (drums), whilst Oliver & Cairns may have left in 2008. The band reformed in 2009 with a line-up of Mckenzie (now on guitar), Crawford & Oliver.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/shinobistorm
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SHURIKEN:  Three piece Denny act formed in 2006 by Pam (bass), Emma (guitar) & Shivi (vocals), who began looking for a drummer in 2007.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thebandshuriken

SHUT UP HOOKER:  Four piece punk band formed in January 2007 by Steven Litts (vocals/guitar), Vicky Qualters (guitar), Jamie Douglas (bass) & Louise Bell (drums). After making their debut at the Dobbie Hall in April, the band managed one more date before replacing Qualters with Adam (guitar) in October 2007. Litts then went on to form The Urban Tonkerers.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/shutuphooker01
SICKLECELL: 2007 rock trio with Steph Craw (vocals/guitar), David Keith (guitar) & Andrew Muir (bass).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/sicklecellhq

The SIGNALS:  Falkirk based band formed in 1983 by ex-Piledriver members Donald Campbell (bass), Douglas Grant (drums) & Bill Hay (guitar), with the addition of vocalist Neil Sutherland (vocals). They became popular around the region through constant gigging, and were joined in 1985 by Sutherland's sister, Rona, on saxophone. The band released their debut home recorded cassette album, "Familiar Scenes", later this year. This was followed by a second effort, "Days To Come", in 1987. Not long after this, Rona left. Gigs were sporadic, due to one of the members being a "virtual recluse", and by 1997 they were a six piece with backing vocals (according to the Falkirk Herald, but not the band!), who continued to play live until 1998. The band's final date was in December 1999. The band got back together for a charity date in 2007, and continued playing into 2009, including a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. These dates were continued into 2011 (including an annual return to the Grangemouth Festival).
RELEASES:  "Familiar Scenes" (Cassette album, 1985) & "Days To Come" (Cassette album, 1987).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thesignals83
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SLABHEAD STALKER:  Act formed in 2008 by Daniel Shannon (vocals), Scott Grainger (guitar), Sean Rooney (bass) & Douglas Allan (drums). The band continued into 2009, playing a two day festival in Bo'ness in July.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/slabheedstalker

SLAUGHTERHOOK:  Band formed in 2003 by Alan Costello (vocals/guitar, ex-Sinning Saints) Dave Miller (guitar, ex-Sinning Saints), Kevin Clough (bass, ex-Sinning Saints), Lewis Barker (guitar) & Ali Calder (drums). In 2004, Slaughterhook played their first gig at the Falkirk Town Hall with Alan Martin on vocals, to an audience of approximately 150 people. Since that date, they have played numerous amounts of gigs. Since then Calder, Barker & Clough (to Adeave) have been replaced by Bryan Russell (drums), Adam Dunbar (vocals/guitar) and Gareth Brown (bass). In 2007 the band reached the final of the Falkirk College Battle Of The Bands, and recorded a new demo. Russell was then replaced (possibly) with a drum machine, and the band released their debut single, "Made From Girders" in 2008. Dunbar may then have joined Moya.
RELEASES:  "Made From Girders" (Internet EP, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/slaughterhook  

Kayleigh SMITH:  Falkirk based singer who reached the final of The Falkirk Herald "Voice Of 2008" competition that year.
Paul SMITH:  Erstwhile frontman with local rockers Weird, Smith has also released solo albums, the first of which was in 1998, and was called 'God's in The Kitchen'. It was by his own admission a rough 12 track album, recorded on an old tascam four track, and was just Smith and an acoustic guitar. Generaly, no-one has really heard it. In 1999 he recorded "Monkey's On A Stage", another 12 track album in the same vein as the first, also recorded on the old tascam four track.
A third, more focused album called "A Twist And A Turn" was released in 2000, once again recorded on four track. In 2002 Smith recorded "The Armour is Broken", his most focused album to date, and the first recorded on a digital eight track. 2004 saw Smith attempt at a follow up, however the recording sessions were sporadic and it was decided to scrap the record. The recorded songs were used to make "The Mallaig EP". Once the writers block had subsided and the ideas came back, Smith recorded "Fortune Favours the Brave" in 2005. This album saw some keyboards and piano added for the first time. There is a plan to take the best songs off the first three albums to create a compilation.2005 also saw Smith producing tracks for Kevin Byrne. Another solo album, entitled "Creeping Ash" was released in 2009.
"God's In The Kitchen" (CD album, 1998)
"Monkey's On A Stage" (CD album, 1999)
"A Twist And A Turn" (CD album, 2000)
"The Armour is Broken" (CD album, 2002)
"The Malliag EP" (CD EP, 2004)
"Fortune Favours The Brave" (CD album, 2005)
"Creeping Ash" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2009) 
SONS & DAUGHTERS:  Gothic country act formed by former Arab Strap members Adele Bethel (vocals, guitar, piano) & Falkirk born David Gow (drums), along with Ailidh Lennon (bass, mandolin, piano) & Scott Paterson (vocals, guitar, ex-March Of Dimes). After signing to New York label Ba Da Bing, the band released their debut mini-album, "Love The Cup" in November 2003. Close association with Franz Ferdinand led to a deal with Domino Records in May 2004, and the album was re-released during the summer. The band supported Franz Ferdinand on their US tour in July, and became "artist in residence" on XFM for a week. October saw them supporting The Delgados on their UK tour, whilst their debut single, "Johnny Cash" taken from the album reached number 68 in the UK charts. The band then set off on a US & European tour with Clinic until the end of the year. In early 2005 Sons & Daughters began recording their first proper album, produced half by Edwyn Collins, and half in Conny Plank's old studio near Cologne. Upon completion, they headed out on a UK tour supporting Idlewild, before touring themselves to promote the album, "The Repulsion Box". Meanwhile, their second single, "Dance Me In" reached the UK top 40. A second single, "Taste The Last Girl" was released late summer, followed by extensive US tours with The Decemberists & Bright Eyes. The successful year ended with a short headline European tour, a short Australian tour, and a hometown gig in Glasgow. 2006 began with an Optimo re-mix of "Dance Me In" being released on 12" vinyl, which was followed up by a support slot on Morrissey's UK tour.

The rest of the year was quiet, however 2007 began with a date in April in New York. The band did however contribute a track to a literature / music album. The songs was based on a poem by AL Kennedy and was recorded Andy Miller who produced "Love The Cup". The next few months were spent recording their third album in London with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, with the occasional date supporting Iggy & The Stoogies, and in September, at the Connect Festival in Inverary. The band then released a limited edition 7 inch single in October, before touring the Uk in December. They released their new album, "This Gift" in January 2008, and then toured the UK (including five dates with editors) & Europe in February. This was followed by a US tour in March / April, then a tour of Italy & Spain in May. The band had another crack at the charts with the single, "This Gift", in April. Summer saw the band playing some festivals, including Glastonbury & T In The Park, as well as supporting The Raconteurs in Edinburgh. September was the turn of Northern America for a short tour, with temporary bass player Graeme Smilie, who sat in with the band whilst Lennon took maternity leave. 2009 began with a date at a French festival, and then was quiet until supporting The Pixies in Glasgow in October. The year ended with a Hogmany date at Mono in Glasgow.
In 2010 the band played at The Wickerman Festival in July, and then managed just one more date before the end of the year. 2011 saw the band re-emerge properly, with the release of their new album, "Mirror Mirror". A single, "Rose Red" was released later in the year to co-incide with a UK tour. The band started 2012 with a short Australian tour.
"Love The Cup" (CD mini-album, Ba Da Bing Records, 2003)
"Love The Cup" (CD mini-album, Domino Records, 2004)
"Johnny Cash" (CD/7 inch single, Domino Records, 2004, UK charts #68)
"Dance Me In" (CD/7 inch single, Domino Records, 2005, UK charts #40)
"The Repulsion Box" (CD album, Domino Records, 2005, UK charts #70)
"Taste The Last Girl" (CD/7 inch vinyl single, Domino Records, 2005, Uk charts #75)
"Dance Me In (Optimo Mix)" (12 inch single, Domino Records, 2006)
"Gilt Complex" (7 inch single, Domino Records, 2007)
"Darling" (CD/7 inch single, Domino Records, 2008, UK charts #86)
"This Gift" (CD/vinyl/internet album, Domino Records, 2008, UK charts #66)
"This Gift" (7 inch vinyl/internet single, Domino Records, 2008)
"Mirror Mirror" (CD/internet album, 2011)
"Rose Red" (single, 2011).
WEBSITE:  http://www.sonsanddaughtersloveyou.com
SOUL KITCHEN:  Formed by DJ's Scott Mochar & Scott Wilson, who signed to Elation records in 2006. Wilson had been DJ-ing since 1992 (residency at Bar Comma), Mochar since 1999 (at Behind The Wall), but the two joined forces in late 2005, writng and recording their debut single, "Just Friends" for release in September 2006. The following month they played to over 20,000 people at a charity Oxfam event in Kent.
RELEASES:  "Just Friends" (single, Elation Records, 2006)
The SOUL PARADE:  Trio influenced by Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Syd Barrett & Robert Johnson, who were formed in 2009 by Terry McDermott (vocals/bass), Greg Aitken (guitar) & Ali Calder (drums). In early 2010 Aitken was also playing with The Doledrums, however he soon left The Soul Parade to join them full time.

SOULSTAR:  Bo'ness band formed in 2003 by local buskers Stephen Bogle (guitar), Paul Dougall (guitar), Simon Reid (bass), Lyle Sibbald (drums) & Richie Stewart (vocals). Soulstarr started to make a name for themselves in Edinburgh (where they were students) by supporting the likes of The Zutons, The Kaiser Chiefs & The Ordinary Boys. 2005 saw the release of their debut E.P. "The Birth Of A Song". Soulstarr represented Falkirk in the Battle Of The Bands for a place to play at "Big In Falkirk" in spring 2005, but failed to win a slot on the stage. In October they played as part of the "Way To Blue" festival.
Live dates were continued further afield in 2006.
RELEASES: "The Birth Of A Song: A Failed Attempt At Rock Monstrosity" (CD EP, 2005).
WEBSITE:  http://www.soulstarr.co.uk

SOUNDCRADLE:  Four piece act formed in 2003 by Heskey members, Stuart Blackwood (vocals/guitar) and Don Watson (drums), in order to play original material. A re-vamped version of the band re-emerged in 2005 playing covers, and continued into 2007. This line-up was Blackwood (vocals/guitar), Andrew McLean (keyboards/vocals), Matt McKellar (bass/vocals) & Glen Gardiner (drums/vocals, also with Looks Can Be Deceiving), however Gardiner was soon replaced by a returning Watson. The band are now a popular functions band with festival forays (Glasgow West End 2006, Kilsyth International Carnival, Edinburgh Festival 2007, as well as being the Central FM band at their "Wedding of the Year" competition. The band continued to play into 2008, releasing their debut album, "...And Finally", at the end. Summer 2009 saw them playing a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, and they continued to play into 2010.
RELEASES:  "...And Finally" (CD album, 2008).
SOUND SOCIETY:  Four piece formed in 2009 by Dale Anderson (guitar/vocals, ex-Sahara Wolf), John Fallon (bass, ex-Sahara Wolf), Steven Dick (drums, ex-Sahara Wolf) & Mark McAllister (vocals, ex-Contribution Boom). The band made their debut at the Scribblers Picnic in Stirling that year.

SPITROAST:  Formed in May 2000 by Brian "Deevee" Vass (guitar), Neil Braidwood (vocals/guitar), Colin "Teebo" Turnbull (bass) & Stephen Tooth (drums). Gravitating around Firkins Bar in Falkirk, the band played their brand of punk locally throughout 2001, including a date supporting ex-Adverts frontman, TV Smith at Pennies, Falkirk, before spreading further afield the following year. After no dates in 2003 the band returned locally in 2004 - 2005, including one supporting Uncle Brian in Falkirk. Braidwood also played with local punk supergroup Lost Cause in 2005. Late 2005 should have seen the band release their debut album, "Anti-Social Bombscare", on Misguided Records, however the band was put on hold with the birth of drummer Turnbull's first child. During this time Braidwood recorded his debut solo album.
RELEASES:  "Anti-Social Bombscare" (CD album, Misguided Records, 2005).
WEBSITE:  http://www.spitroast.cjb.net/
SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION PANIC ATTACK:  Act formed in the summer of 2006 by Crunchie Combustion (drums), who soon recuited Johnny Spontaneous (bass/vocals) and Davey Panic Attack (guitar/vocals). The trio recruited Andy Forcefield (vocals) and Mikey Inferno (guitar).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/shineyshineytinz

Adam STAFFORD:  A modern solo blues howler, Stafford started performing his intense emotion songs in the early 2000's, having been writing since he was 13 years old. He had began performing in 1996, playing bass with Bovine. 2005 saw him performing at songwriter night "Acoustic Kitchen" before recording his debut 11 track album, "In Faceless Towns Forever". The album was recorded by engineer Tommy Blair in a 24 hour session in an abandoned house. Stafford then decided to release the album in 2006 under the name Y'all Is Fantasy Island, a title he had used for a few years, and under which he continued to record. He also played in The Chuck Norris Machine, and in late 2005 rejoined Bovine on bass. After a few years concentrating on Y'all Is Fantasy Island, Stafford returned to solo work in 2009, with the release of an album, "Awnings" in November. The album was recorded in an improvised three hour session. This year also saw Stafford venture into making films and videos (in particular for The Twilight Sad). One of his films, "The Shutdown" won a prize at the San Francisco Movie Festival in 2010. In 2011 Stafford released a new album, "Build A Harbour Immediatly" on his own Wiseblood Industries label. The following year he released a split EP with Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo, of whom he was also a member.
"Awnings" (Internet album, Wiseblood Industries, 2009) 
"Build A Harbour Immediatly" (album, Wiseblood Industries, 2011)
"Vessels Shifted" (cassette
/internet EP, 2012).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/adamstafford
STAIRWAY TO ZEPPELIN:  English based Led Zeppelin tribute formed 2000 by former Denny musician Kenny Stewart (vocals, ex-Dirty Tricks) & Stirling born Johnny Binnie (guitar, ex-Paddy Goes To Holyhead/Roger Daltry/Dirty Tricks). The rest of the band was Terry Horbury (bass, ex-Paddy Goes To Holyhead / Dirty Tricks) & Andy Bierne (drums, ex-Dirty Tricks). The band continued right into 2009.
WEBSITE:  http://www.stairwaytozeppelin.com/
STAND ALONE:  Act formed in August 2004 by ex-members of Kamblu Nick & Chris. In October ex-LOCOsea member Kenny Cassells joined. They recorded their debut EP, "Can't Stop" in April, and began playing live not long after, with another ex-member of Locosea Ross McCrossan helping out on bass. A second EP featuring songs "Got The Bullet", "Round The Bend" and "So Long" was due to be released in October, and the band played a date at the "Way To Blue" festival at this time. The EP was then delayed until early the following year following some record company interest, and then released it on their own Eskimo Records. The band toured extensively around this time, including a date at the Cavern Club, Liverpool. However, following a distribution deal with Astral Records, the band split, citing the usual "musical differences". McCrossan went on to play with Glasgow band, Elmo, whilst Cassells formed Wanton Mission Failure.
This act were different from another local band called I Stand Alone.
"Can't Stop" (CD EP, 2005)
"Got The Bullet" (CD single, Eskimo Records, 2006)
"Can't Stop" (Download single, Eskimo Records, 2006)
WEBSITE:  http://www.standaloneonline.net
The STATES:  Glasgow band formed 2005 by Sammy McCotter (guitar, ex-Mudshark), and featuring Falkirk drummer David Dowell (of The Grubowski's Allstars). In 2006 they changed their name to Pablo Escobar.
STEVIE & The MOON:  Denny based act from 2009 featuring Stevie McCrorie.

STILLIFE:  Rock act forned 2001 by CK Gillon (drums), Dave Scott (vocals, ex-Fine), Mick Connelly (guitar) & Hami (bass, ex-Residuals). 2001 they won the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" and appeared on Edinburgh Festival TV. 2002 they were in the top five acts in a Kerrang! competition and released a six track CD "Tales". 2005 they were shortlisted for the "T In The Park" new band stage and recorded at Gravity Studios in Glasgow, produced by Brian McNeil, which resulted in "The Gravity Sessions" EP.  2006 saw the band return to live work in the summer, with a string of dates including one supporting the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, and these dates lasted into 2007. 2009 began with a date at Behind The Wall, Falkirk.
RELEASES:  "Tales" (CD EP, 2001) & "The Gravity Sessions" (CD EP, 2005).
WEBSITE:  http://www.stillife.co.uk
The STONE ROSES EXPERIENCE:  Local Stone Roses tribute formed in 2006 by Alan Marshall (vocals), Craig France (guitar), Mark Gillespie (bass) & Brian Payne (drums). They continued to tour extensively into 2007.
STOP THE SUNRISE:  4-piece formed as Let's Be Frank in 2006, who changed their name to Stop The Sunrise later that year. The line-up comprised Emma Philbin (vocals/guitar), Jonathan Law (guitar), Thomas McGregor (bass) & Gavin Scott (drums), and they changed their name again to The Debut in early 2007.

STRAIPH:  Solo musician Stu, formely of The Chthonians, has released several experimental tracks on various labels around the world, including Menth De Chat (a Brazilian label who have released partial amounts of Straiphs material online. The project, entitled "Rid Me of Rigor mortis" explores Straiph's "tension between art and science, utilizing raw vocal material transmutations accumulated entirely of scientists talking freely about their chosen expertise of interest, manipulated and overlayed to a state
where the logic of the spoken content is not really the subject anymore"), Tilt (Greece), Isolated Society (Spain), BT Recordings & V/VM (both UK), Connexion Bizarre (Portugal), 3 Pattes (France), Kolorform Records (A song called "Yakk!" described as "a feast of vocal transmutations by Straiph, featuring Karen Stewart, Dr Hazel Mcleod, Straiph and Professor Vincente Polo, was released on kolorform Records of Seattle), Quotidian Assemblages, Between Existence & Various Manipulations (all USA) & Smell The Stench (Australia). 2005 saw Straiph being chosen as one of the artists for the Vox Novus project, as well as working with ex-Waterboy Colin Blakey in Orchestra Macaroon. The year also saw Straiph contribute tracks to Cultured, the Scottish digital arts magazine, who utilized two audio signature composition tunes for their October issue. One of the tunes composed has the pathologist Dr Bruce Michie "playing his saxophone to which it's been multi- layered in the fashion of sweet manipulation".
WEBSITE:  http://www.paximatmultimag.co.uk
STRAWBERRY FIELDS:  3-piece with Ian King (guitar/vocals), Scott McGregor (drums, also The Valentines & I Am Stud) & Alex Anderson (bass). In May 2007 they played at "Big In Falkirk" in Callendar Park. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's. In Spring Anderson was helping out in Alana McLernon's backing band, whilst McGregor formed Domestic Supermen. King later formed Mono Six.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/fieldsofthestrawberry
STRICTLY SPEAKING:  Denny based five piece formed in 2006 by Craig Shaw (vocals), Mark Porteous (guitar), Michael McEleney (guitar), George Mavrogalos (bass) & Chris Nelson (drums). In 2007 Gordon Anderson (keyboards) joined and Shaw was replaced by George Mavrogalos (vocals), before the band changed their name The Fuse.

SUNSET STEREO:  Four piece formed in 2009 at Braes High by Jamie McDonald (drums), Ross McDonald (bass), Connor Devlin (vocals/guitar) & Andrew Malcolm (guitar). In February 2010 the band reached the final of the Council run Rock Project Battle of the Bands. The band continued to play into 2011.
Amy SUTHERLAND:  Denny based vocalist who reached the final of the Falkirk Herald Voice of the Year competition in November 2006 whilst only 13. Two years later she reached the 2008 competition final.

SY-KO:  Five piece act from 2008, who changed their name to Truth Be Told in March 2009.
SYNERGY:  Three piece "comedy metal" act from Grangemouth and Shieldhill, formed in April 2007 by Gareth Dick (guitar, ex-End Of Never), Marc Stirling (bass/vocals, ex-Ceasefire) & Ben White (drums, also with Falling Behind Fred). After playing their first date within a week of forming, the band recorded a demo entitled "Here's A Guitar Take On The World". In December 2007 Dick & Stirling left the band and formed I Am Stud, and then the band played their final gig in March 2008. White later formed Erazor.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/synergyscotland

TAKING ON WATER:  Band featuring Chris Jones (vocals/guitar) & Graham Duff (drums) who made their debut at Jacks Bar, Falkirk, in 2005. Jones & Duff then went on to form Ceasefire.
TALI & JOHNNY:  Rockabilly duo formed in 2001 by ex-Screaming Demons members Ian Murray (vocals/guitar) & Paul "Tali" Patale (double bass). The duo continued to gig for a few years, after which Murray recorded some solo material under the name of Johnny Hoodoo.
The TARTAN SPECIALS:  Over a quiet beer in New York in the autumn of 2003, Kenny McIntosh (vocals/ guitar/bass/keyboards/percussion/ rogramming) told Larbert born Kenny McColl (bass/guitar/keyboards/ programming/production/stupid samples, ex-Subverse) that he had written a song that might go down well on their upcoming trip to see the Scottish national team play Holland in Glasgow and Amsterdam. The excitement of two games against the Dutch brought back memories of 1978, and McIntosh was rightly proud of having managed to include the phrase "Archie Gemmill's Goal" into the chorus. As the beer flowed, the idea of recording this song grew and grew and so the Tartan Specials were formed.

At this point, the trip was about a week away and McIntosh was to spend most of that time in Argentina, so they were on a tight schedule. "Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls" was finally completed on 2 a.m. of the day they left for Glasgow. The duo put the track on the Tartan Army NYC web site, posted a few messages on the various Tartan Army lists and message boards, and then left for Glasgow. It then took on a life of its own. The track was downloaded about 1000 times, was mentioned in the Daily Telegraph and had links posted to it on various other football message boards. On arriving in Amsterdam, they twice heard the song being played in bars as they walked in! The song was later re-recorded to be less specific to the Euro 2004 play-offs. The duo have also had over 50,000 downloads of two cartoons on their website, their second MP3, "My Favourite Things" has been downloaded 17,000 times, they have nearly 1400 people on their mailing list, and their t-shirt shop has already racked up over $1000 in gross sales. They are soon to have an internet ringtone store opening! Their version of "We'll be Coming" has been played on local radio a few times, and twice at Hampden.

2007 saw their return with a new downloadable track - 
"Euro Vision 2008", as they played their live debut in September, flying in from New York to play at the Renfrew Ferry the night before a Scottish international match. This was repeated the following month, with the band also playing an acoustic session on XFM. The end of the year saw the release of their official self-titled debut album, as well as atrack being included on the Official Scotland CD.  2008 saw the band playing some New York dates to co-incide with "Tartan Day". For Scottish dates they were supplemented by Graeme McIntosh (Drums) & Steve Suttie (guitar/vocals, ex-Influx). The live work continued into 2009, and wherever the national team were playing, The Tartan Specials were sure to turn up with a couple of live dates (including two at Hampden Stadium!).
"Sex & Drugs & Sausage Rolls" (internet single, 2003)
"My Favourite Things" (internet single)
"Euro Vision 2008" (internet single, 2007)
"Tartan Specials" (CD album, 2007).
WEBSITES:  http://www.tartanspecials.com & http://www.myspace.com/tartanspecials
TASTY BROWN FUDGE:  Three piece act formed in 2008 by Andrew Scott (guitar/vocals), C.J. McNally (harmonica/vocals/guitar, ex-Haze On A Hilltop) & Garry Kyle (vocals guitar, ex-Haze On A Hilltop).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/hazeonahilltop.
Colin TAYLOR:  Ex-drummer with Shine who then taught himself to play guitar & keyboards and began writing and recording his own material in 2005. In late 2008 he formed Created From Silence.

TEAM SOLRIPE:  Act formed in late 2005 who are named after the basketball team that operated in Falkirk in the early 1980's. They were formed by ex-Why Bradley members Ian Livingston (guitar), Scott Livingston (guitar) & Dougie Polwart (though Polwart was called Steven when he played with his previous band!), along with David Burke (violin), and made their debut at Falkirk Town Hall supporting The Animals early in 2006. Scott Livingston wais also a professional footballer (if £10 a week can be called professional) for the mighty East Stirlingshire FC.  The band returned in 2011 with a date at the Grangemouth Music Festival. 
TENBOBSLIDER:  4-piece named after the legendary gym shoes, featuring ex-Famous When You're Dead members Andy Hume (bass), Stuart Woodland (guitar) & Ian Buchanan (drums), along with Edinburgh vocalist Donna Macioca. In 2005 they featured on BBC Scotland's "Air" programme, in the Demo competition, which led to interest from a record company called "Planet Boo" and a PR company called "Rocket PR". 2006 saw Macioca being replaced by Alan Scobbie (vocals, ex-Wade), as the band recorded a new demo tape. Hume went on to form The Citisins, whilst Buchanan joined R4.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/tenbobslider

THIS SMILE:  Band formed in 2006 by Terry (vocals/bass), J.P. (guitar/vocals),Tommy (guitar/vocals), Joss (drums) & Caroline Thomson (violin/vocals). In early 2007 they won the Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands". In 2008 Terry & Joss left, and Paul (bass) joined the band.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thissmile

THIS WAY DOWN:  4-piece formed in 2009 by Ryan Neish (drums, ex-Scarlet), Stuart Laing (guitar/vocals, ex-Scarlet), Shaun Johnston (guitar/vocals, ex-Breaching Copyright) & Chris Hughes (bass, ex-12 Pointless Days). In 2010 they released their debut EP, "Operation Evil" in spring 2010. In 2011 Hughes was replaced by Raymond McArthur (bass/vocals, ex-Keg).
RELEASES:  "Operation Evil" (internet EP, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thiswaydownmusic
THROUGH THE WALL:  Folk duo formed by Cameron Read & Robert McElroy, combining piano and guitar, with their sound being an eclectic mix of modern acoustic and roots based songs. Guitarist McElroy has been playing for as long as he can remember, and spent some time in the USA playing acoustic sessions and Scottish festivals, as well as performing back home at Falkirk Folk Club. He has also featured regularly in the band Anawim. Read has recorded and played with a number of different bands from rock and pop to blues and soul including a stint playing saxophone with Edinburgh band The T.C.'s. Latterly he spent time writing songs with brother Robert Read in their band The Reads that resulted in the release of the CD EP 'So it Seems', which was a Forth 1 FM single of the week, and the album 'Something Strange'. In October 2005 the duo played a date as part of the "Way To Blue" festival in Falkirk, and continue to play dates into 2006.
WEBSITE:  http://www.throughthewall.co.uk/
The TITANIC WASHOOSE BAND:  Skiffle act formed in 1998 by Davy Inglis (guitar/vocals, ex-Wee Eck's Bogie), Mervyn Hutton (washboard, ex-She Blue), Stuart Simpson (banjo/mandolin, ex-Wee Eck's Bogie), Davy Tait (guitar) and Scott Callan (bass). The band have played at T In The Park a couple of times, and continue as a four piece (without Tait, who left in 2001 for the Isle Of Lewis). The band released their second album, "Titanic - Unplugged" in 2001. 2004 saw the band playing as part of the "Way To Blue" festival, a gig that they repeated the following year.
RELEASES:  "Titanic- Unplugged" (album, 2001)
TONIGHT WE DANCE:  Act formed in 2007.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/wtb666
TOY:  Toy (before they were known as that) were originally formed in 1992 when Iain McMurtrie (vocals / guitar) and Grant Copeland (drums / vocals) started jamming together. Originally they were a three piece band playing covers, with Steven Roper on bass, although he never really learned the instrument. After jamming for a while McMurtie & Copeland recruited Jason Connolly (guitar), whilst Roper left the band. Sometime in 1994 a new bass player, Martin Miller was recruited, followed by Gavin Marshall (vocals). This line-up played one date in 1995 at the local Community Centre in Bonnybridge, afterwhich McMurtie decided to quit the band, citing the usual musical differences. He went on to form Defect. Toy continued under the management of Jason's father Jim Connolly (promoter at the Engine Room), and started playing live regularly in 1998. The summer of that year saw them contribute a track to a heavy metal compilation album, and then sign to Org Records. In 1999 the band picked up interest from Sony Records, and had their music used on the Channel 5 sports programme "Rad". In 2001 they supported The Cooper Temple Clause at the Engine Room, Falkirk, and then went quiet for a couple of years, with only occasional dates. By 2005 they had slimmed down to a three piece of Connolly, Marshall & Reni (bass), utilising drum machines and synths, with a more New Wave edge to them. After a few months they decided to recruit a drummer, and were joined by John. In 2008 John & Connolly formed Enemy Of Rome.
WEBSITE:  http://www.toyrock.com
TRANQUIL DECAY:  Act formed by ex-Negative Zero frontman, Johnny Stubberfield (vocals / guitar / piano), in 2006. Johnny is helped by Gerrard Schieritz (guitar/vocals).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/tranquildecay

TRIGGERS BRUSH:  Four piece act formed in 2007 by Dave Drummond (vocals, ex-Break Nekk Speed), Drew Drummond (bass, ex-Break Nekk Speed), Gary (guitar) & Mark (drums).
12%:  Act from 2009 who featured Dylan, Dylan, Conor & Ryan. In May they played at Big In Falkirk, and a two day festival in Bo'ness in July. Later in the year some members formed Forgotten Conspiracy.

12 POINTLESS DAYS:  Falkirk punk band formed in 2004 by Stuart Morrison (guitar/vocals), Richard Waugh (bass), David Blair (vocals/guitar) & Chris Hughes (drums). Describing their influences as "practically any late 80's East Bay band", 12 Pointless Days released their self-titled debut EP in summer 2005. Later that year, Blair & Morrison (drums!) tried to form a band with ex-Declined members Steven "Mario" Wisnieswki & Craig Hayworth, however nothing came of this. Meanwhile, 12 Pointless Days recorded their debut 17 track album for release in 2006, but then split before it hit the shops. Morrison & Waugh then went on to form Roughmute, whilst Highes later turned up in This Way Down.
RELEASE:  "12 Pointless Days" (CD EP, 2005)
TWIN LIZZY:  Thin Lizzy tribute act from 2005, featuring drummer Kenny MacInnes (drums, ex-Monofreak). In 2006 MacInnes also played with The Cool Jerks.
2 WAY TRAFFIC:  Four piece act formed in 2007 by Darren Cochrane (vocals/guitar), Andrew Jackson (guitar), David Rogers (bass/vocals) & Christopher Scott (drums). The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's. Summer 2009 saw the act playing at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival, which they returned to in 2010.
TYGERDOWN:  Bo'ness band from 2009.
ULTRA DEEP FIELD:  Act formed by Craig Woods & David Hunter at Falkirk College in 2004-2005, specialising in "electro/chill". In 2008 they released an E.P. entitled "111".
RELEASES:  "111" (EP, 2008).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/ultradeepfield
UNDERCURRENT:  Two piece Denny based act formed in 2005 by Pete Dyer (vocals, ex-In It For The Money) & Lewis Cannon (vocals, ex-Time For A Change). In 2006 they received coverage on the Central FM unsigned band spot. In 2007 Cannon took up guitar tuition, whilst also joining Boogie Hook-up in late 2008.
The VALENTINES:  Formed 2007 by Brian Sharp (vocals/guitar), Andrew Dixon (vocals/guitar, also with Lost & Found), Scott McGregor (bass/vocals, also with Strawberry Fields) & Ross Kerry (drums/vocals). Within a month they had played their first date at Grubowskis in Larbert. McGregor suffered from a perforated ear drum and was soon replaced by Craig Turnbull (bass/guitar/vocals, also with Lost & Found & Sentinal). They were soon also joined by another ex-Lost & Found/Sentinal member, Craig Alston (guitar). In early 2008 they reached the final of the Council run Battle Of The Bands, which they won after a gig at the Glasgow Barrowlands. Kerry & McGregor also formed Domestic Supermen in 2008. Alston then left the band, forming King Crazy, with whom Turnbull also played. The band split up in Spring 2009, with Dixon forming an acoustic outfit with Andrew Sayers (vocals/guitar) and Kerry joining Casino. 2010 saw the band get back together, with a line-up of Dixon, Kerry, Turnbull & Brian Sharp (vocals bass). This line-up recorded three songs in Cumbernauld in April, before Turnbull formed Unit 7, with Sharp later turning up in Mono Six.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/thevalentines07
The VESPARADOS:  Three piece act formed in May 2007 by ex-members of The Cool Jerks John Mackie (vocals/guitar), Ross Cunningham (bass/vocals) & Kenny MacInnes (drums). Later in the year the band were joined by Steven Honeyman (keyboards, ex-Five Park Drive), and they continued into 2008, when a demo was recorded at Homegrown Studios. Cunningham also played drums with The International Pop Assassins at this time. In summer 2008 Honeyman left the band due to work commitments. MacInnes later joined The Tombstone House Band.
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VIVA STEREO:  Glasgow based band formed in 2002 by Falkirk exiles Stuart Grey (vocals/keyboards) and Doug Hendry (guitar), along with Glaswegian Rob McKinley (guitar), all ex-members of Starsail. The line-up was completed by Tim Troup (bass) & Jamie (drums). The band recorded and released their debut CD, "Try Harder" on their own Much Better imprint almost immediately after forming, and began gigging around Glasgow. A follow up EP, "The Last Scene" was released at the end of summer, and like it's predecessor, sold out quickly. A third EP the following year saw the band attract comparisons to the Happy Mondays. "Resistance" was once again released on their own label with contributions from Katie Duffy, Jim McAteer and Fay Balfour (of Glasgow act Old Solar). By this time drummer Jamie had quit the band, however Gavin Brown (aka On The Fly) helped out at gigs and recording. Viva Stereo paid Brown back with Rob & Tim joining him for some live dates in 2003. Around this time, the band decided to continue without a drummer, programming rhythm tracks for live work and recording. The rest of the year was spent putting together their debut album at Brendan O'Hare's studio and Diving Bell in Larbert. The band embarked on a short tour in Spring 2004 to promote their fourth EP, "The Surface Has Been Scratched". Airplay on Radio One, Radio Scotland & Beat 106 helped the EP to sell out quickly. At the end of summer the band released their long awaited debut album, "Optimism Is Not A Curse", which featured contributions from Paul Tierney (vocals, of Odeon Beat Club), Katie Duffy (violin), Malcolm Middleton (guitar, of Arab Strap), Gavin Brown (drums), King Creosote & Pictish Trail (of the Fence Collective), Peter Liddle (of the The Poppadoms) Fraser McGowan ( of Smalltown Boredom), Joe Kane (of The Owsley Sunshine), Stacey Seivewright (of The Reindeer Section & Arab Strap), Fay Dunbar (of Old Solar) & Ross Galloway (of Ursula Minor). The band continued touring in support of the album, with dates supporting The Fall & Puressence, before ending the year playing three songs live on Radio Scotland's "Air" programme.

2005 started in much the same way, with a live session for Radio One. The band were then asked to join the legendary Fife music collective Fence Records. Also in 2005 Gray recorded vocals for a track by Glaswegian dance act Silicone Soul, which was released as a single on Soma Records. Viva Stereo released their second album, "Patterns Of Behaviour", in October of that year, a joint release by Much Better and Fence Records. The album reflected the challenges that their personal lives had taken over the previous year, with the members being spread between Glasgow, Falkirk, Edinburgh and Manchester, and experiences the break up of long term relationships and childbirth. Vocal contributions were added from Johnny Lynch (from The Pictish Trail), Tara Mascara (from Language Of Flowers) & Diana De Cabarrus (from Candythief).
Meanwhile, Colchester duo The Womb re-vamped their first ever release 'Mankind' with added vocals from Chloe Reeves. 'Mankind' was Viva Stereo's collaboration with Onthefly and part of the 'Try Harder' EP. The band appeared again at the "Way To Blue" festival in October 2005.  Spring 2006 saw the band undertaking their most extensive UK tour to date, along with a date at Big In Falkirk. The rest of the year was quiet, except for a couple of dates supporting Puressence, and a support for Arab Strap on their farewell gig at the ABC, Glasgow. In December 2006 the band released a compilation album entitled "Rarities & Improvements 2002-2006", featuring unreleased tracks from the previous four years. The compilation also included some unreleased remixes by Down the Tiny Steps, Satellite Dub and DoubleJo(h)ngrey, as well as an ultra rare acoustic version of 'Tourniquet' featuring King Creosote on vocals. Viva Stereo's first release of 2007 was on De-Fence Records, an offshoot of Fence Records run by Onthefly. The split 10" single was with Con Brio and featured two Viva Stereo tracks.
 Towards the end of the year, they re-released their second album "Patterns Of Behaviour" on i-tunes, and reached number 79 in the indie download chart. Some dates in November co-incided with a new internet EP, "Miles Apart", which is due to be followed with a new album in the new year. This album, "Roar Lion Roar" was finally released in August 2008, and featured contributions from Malcolm Middleton, King Creosote, Chris Deveney (My Latest Novel) & Candythief. The album made it into the i-tunes Top 100 Alternative charts in the USA.  In 2009 the band all returned to live in Scotland, and began the year with some scattered dates, however it was not long before they were scattered all over again in Glencoe, Edinburgh & Leicester. 2010 saw them begin work on a new album, whilst Grey started another band entitled The Vitimin Sees.  2011 saw the band release their most coherant album yet, "Endure The Dark To See The Stars", whilst also playing at the Fence Records homegame event.  A new single, "New Life" was released early in 2012, with a handful of dates to accompany. 
"Try Harder" (CD EP, Much Better Records, 2002)
"The Last Scene" (CD EP, Much Better Records, 2002)
"Resistance" (CD EP, Much Better Records, 2003)
"The Surface Has Been Scratched" (CD EP, Much Better Records, 2004)
"Optimism Is Not A Curse" (CD album, Much Better Records, 2004)
"Patterns Of Behaviour" (CD album, Much Better/Fence Records, 2005)
"Rarities & Improvements 2002-2006" (CD album, Much Better Records, 2006)
"10x10:03" (10 inch vinyl single, De Fence Records, 2007)

"Miles Apart" (Internet single, 2007)
"Roar Lion Roar" (CD album, Much Better Records, 2008)
"Endure The Dark To See The Stars" (CD album, De Fence Records, 2011)
"New Life" (Digital single, 2012) 
Guest performances:
Silicone Soul, "The Poisoner's Diary" (single, Soma Records, 2005, featuring Stuart Gray on vocals, and a remix by Viva Stereo)
Silicone Soul, "Staring Into Space" (album, Soma Records, 2005, featuring Stuart Gray on vocals)
WEBSITE:  http://www.vivastereo.co.uk & http://www.myspace.com/vivastereo
WANTON MISSION FAILURE:  Band put together in early 2007 by Kenny Cassells (ex-Stand Alone) & Steph Russell (ex-Definitions). In 2008 they evolved into Communicator.
WAROFFICE:  Four piece formed as Bovine, who changed thier name early in 2007 to Waroffice. The line-up of Adam Stafford (guitar, also with Y'all Is Fantasy Island), Steven Tosh (drums), David King (vocals/guitar) & Andy Hill (guitar/vocals) made thier debut at the Tolbooth, Stirling in June of that year. Soon afterwards Tosh joined Stafford in Y'all Is Fantasy Island, whilst King & Hill later formed Sweethearts Of The Prison Rodeo.
The WEATHERKINGS:  Bo'ness act from 2009, who played at Big In Falkirk that year, and a two day festival in their hometown in July.
WEIRD:  Formed in February 1995 by Stuart McCairney (guitar), Greg McSorley (bass), Derek Menmuir (drums) & Paul Smith (vocals/guitar), Weird spent five years gigging and recorded two demo's containing crowd pleasing favourites like "The Rain" and "Vancouver". Weird played mainly around the Falkirk area, particularly when the Martell was a big influence on the scene. Around 1996 Central FM took a shine to the band, and they played "Summerhigh" live on air. The band supported The Supernaturals at an all day festival at the Martell in December. In 2000 the band split after recording their third set of songs as an album, to be called "Cold Home Street", on a four track, with McCairney trying pastures new. The other three brought in another guitarist and started a new band called The Seventeenth. Weird reformed in early 2004 and using a home studio recorded a new album "One More Solo", as well as re-recorded their first album "Whapper Stormer". In 2005 they began to gig further afield, which has continued into 2006. 2007 began with the release of the bands fifth album, "Riot Act". Later in the year the band recorded tracks for an acoustic album, which was released under the name of "Quiet Act" in 2008. Live work was then continued into 2010. The band started it's own non-profit label, Home Made Records (HMR), to release their recordings, and Paul Smith also records and releases solo albums.
"Whapper Stormer" (CD album, Home Made Records, 1995)
"Firkin Outburst" (CD album, Home Made Records, 1997)
"Cold Home Street" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2000)
"Cold Calling" (CD e.p., Home Made Records, 2004)
"One More Solo" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2004)
"Riot Act" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2007)
"Quiet Act" (CD album, Home Made Records, 2008).
INTERNET:  http://www.bebo.com/weirdmusiconline & http://www.myspace.com/weirdmusiconline
WE KILLED KARAOKE:  Four piece act formed in April 2007 by Melissa Russell (vocals), Kevin Simpson (guitar, ex-Exploding Emotions), Gary Paton (bass/synth) & Neil Matheson (guitar).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/wekilledkaraoke
Bill WELLS:  Falkirk born jazz bass player, Wells began his career playing in Rent-A-Dep, a jazz / rock combo from the early 1980's. During the next decade he became more involved in the local jazz scene, backing artists such as Bobby Wellins and Bruce Adams. In 1989 he formed the Bill Wells Octet, which went on to feature most of Scotland's main jazz musicians, such as Phil & Tom Bancroft, as well as London based players such as Steve Noble and Oren Marsha. In 1993 Wells guested with The George Burt Band on the One Records compilation.  1995 saw him set up the label Loathsome Reels, and release his first CD "The Bill Wells Octet Live '93 - '94". The following year he worked with trumpeter Harry Beckett at the Glasgow International Jazz Festival, winning the Scotrail Award for best Scottish based performer. It was during this time that he met Stephen Pastel, who went on to introduce his music to a wider audience. This in turn led to him working with bands such as the Pastels and others on the independent Glasgow

scene. 1997 saw him co-produce an album for Andy Shanks & Jim Russell with Davie Scott, and then the following year he guested on the Future Pilot A.K.A. album, "The Bills Wels Octet vs Future Pilot A.K.A.", which was released to wide acclaim, on the Domino label. A track from this record was remixed by French DJ Kid Loco and featured on the HBO TV series 'Six Feet Under'. At this time Wells was a member of the 'House Band' for the BBC Choice series "The Beat Room", backing artists such as Eugene Kelly (of The Vaselines) and Chip Taylor (writer of 'Wild Thing", and uncle of Angelina Jolie!). 
Wells then collaborated under the name of The Phantom Engineer in 2000, before recording an album, "Incorrect Practice", as The Bill Wells Trio. In 2001 he worked (with the Pastels) on the soundtrack of (and appeared in) David Mackenzie's film "The Last Great Wilderness". The following year he supported Belle & Sebastian on the first leg of their European Tour (with Isobel Campbell), played in Germany with Backworld, recorded an Album with Jad Fair, did a remix with Norman Blake, was commissioned to write an arrangement for the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland, and released two records; "Also In White" by the Bill Wells Trio & "Ghost Of Yesterday" by Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell. Both these records were also released in Japan on the P-Vine label. In 2003 Wells went to Berlin to make an album, "Pick Up Sticks" using computer andsampler only. This recording also featured Stefan Schnieder, Annie Whitehead and Barbara Morgenstern.

2004 saw him touring and recording in Japan with Maher Shalal Hash Baz. He has also either played or recorded with a diverse range of artists including Arab Strap, Lol Coxhill, Belle & Sebastian, David Tibet, The Telstar Ponies, V- Twin, Teenage Fanclub, Kama Aina, Kid Loco, Barry Guy and Evan Parker among many others. During 2006 Wells received a Scottish Arts Council 'Tune Up' commission for a tour of Scotland with a group of Japanese musicians. He also released a couple of albums, "Osaka Bridge", and an album of Billie Holiday cover versions with Isobel Campbell (previously of Belle & Sebastian) entitled "Ghosts Of Yesterday" In 2007 Wells formed, the semi-ironically titled, The National Jazz Trio of Scotland. January 2010 saw Wells appearing at Celtic Connections in Glasgow, with Aidan Moffat, with whom he began recording a collaborative album later in the year.  2011 saw the collaborative album with Aidan Moffat, "Everythings Getting Older", released to great critical acclaim, followed in 2012 by a limited edition 7 inch single called "The Power & The Glory Of Love". 
As The Bill Wells Octet:
"The Bill Wells Octet Live '93 - '94" (CD album, Loathsome Reels, 1995)
"The Bill Wells Octet vs Future Pilot A.K.A." (CD/vinyl album, Domino Records, 1999)
As The Bill Wells Trio:
"Incorrect Practice (CD/vinyl album, Geographic Records, 2000)
As The Bill Wells Octet:
"The Bill Wells Octet meets Lol Coxhill " (vinyl album, Textile Records, 2001)
"Also In White" (CD/vinyl album, Geographic Records, 2002)
As Bill Wells & Isobel Campbell:
"Ghosts Of Yesterday" (CD album, Creeping Bent Records, 2002)
As The Bill Wells Big Band:
"Society Of Musicians" (CD album, Loathsome Reels, 2003)
As The Bill Wells Octet:
"The Bill Wells Octet" (CD album, Loathsome Reels, 2003)
"The Bill Wells Octet Live 96" (CD album, Loathsome Reels, 2003)
As Jad Fair & Bill Wells:
"Whale" (CD album, Friends & Relatives, 2003)
As Bill Wells:
"Pick Up Sticks" (CD/vinyl album, Leaf Records, 2004)
"Osaka Bridge" (Cd album, Karaoke Kalk Records, 2006)
Aidat Moffat & Bill Wells:
"Everything's Getting Older" (CD/internet album, 2011) 
"The Power & The Glory Of Love" (7 inch single, 2012)
The Pastels, "Mobile Safari" (CD/cassette/vinyl album, Domino Records, 1995)
Duglas T. Stewart, "Frankenstein" (CD album, Vinyl Japan Records, 1996)
Andy Shanks & Jim Russell, "Diamonds In The Night" (CD cassette album, Culburnie Records, 1997)
The Pastels, "Illumination" (CD/vinyl album, Domino Records, 1997)
The Pastels, "The Hits Hurt" (CD/vinyl album, Domino Records, 1997)
The Pastels, "Unfair Kind Of Fame" (CD/vinyl album, Domino Records, 1997)
V-Twin, "Dark Tourism" (Domino Records, 1998)
The Pastels, "Illuminati" (CD/vinyl, Domino Records, 1998)
Future Pilot A.K.A. "Future Pilot A.K.A. v A Galaxy Of Sound" (dble CD/vinyl album, Sulphur Records, 1999)
V-Twin, "Free The Twin" (Domino Records, 2000)
The Gentle Waves, "Falling From Grace" (CD/vinyl album, Jeepster Records, 2000)
Future Pilot A.K.A., "Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea" (CD/vinyl album, Geographic Records, 2001)
The Telstar Ponies, "Farewell, Farewell" (CD album, Geographic Records, 2001)
Future Pilot A.K.A., "Beat Of A Drum" (single, Geographic Records, 2001)
The Telstar Ponies, "Hares On The Mountain" (10 inch vinyl single, Static Caravan Records, 2002)
V-Twin, "Call A Meeting" (Domino Records, 2002)
V-Twin, "The Blues Is A Minefield" (Domino Records, 2002)
The Pastels, "The Last Great Wilderness" (CD/vinyl album, Geographic Records, 2003)
The Nectarine No.9, "Society is a Carniverous Flower" (CD, Beggars Banquet Records, 2003)
Backworld, "Seeds Of Love" (CD album, World Serpent Records, 2003)
Isobel Campbell, "Amorino" (CD/vinyl album, Snowstorm Records, 2003)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Open Field" (CD album, Geographic Records, 2003)
Isobel Campbell, "Time Is Just The Same" (Snowstorm Records, 2004)
YeonGene, "Me & My Burt" (CD album, Beatball Records, 2006).
WHITE ROSE:  Traditional folk duo from 2009 featuring Douglas Smith & Kevin Wilson. They continued to play into 2010. In 2011 the duo played at the Grangemouth Music Festival.
WEBSITE:  http://www.whiterose.me.uk

WHO SHOT MARVIN:  Five piece fromed in 2007 by David Jamieson (guitar/keyboards), Aaron Ramage (guitar), Conor Ross (bass), Blair Ross (drums) & Steven Roberts (vocals). In 2008 they reached the final of the council run Battle Of The Bands.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/whoshotmarvin1
WHUMFF:  Act formed in 1990 by Alan Bell (guitar/vocals), Gus (guitar), Ross McIntyre (bass), Vince (drums) & Dave Williams (harmonica). Williams left in January 1992, and one month later the band won Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands". In June 1992 the band played at The Lark In The Park, Grangemouth, as well as keeping up a hectic local gigging schedule which stretched into 1993. Up until then they had concentrated on cover version, but switched to a more original set when David Dowell (drums, ex-Fine) replaced Vince. The original material was short lived, and they returned to covers for live work. Later in that year McIntyre left, later joining Sumthang, and was replaced by ex-Fool No More member Billy Baikie. The band continued to play into 1994, when Dowell left to join Numb. Gus & Billy Baikie then joined Illicit Still. Whumff continue to play until today, though in 2002 ex-Cooper members David Dowell (drums) & Jamie Rodger (bass) joined to replace the departing Billy Baikie (who left to join The Monsterz Of Roc). Dowell left again in 2003 and was replaced by Lee Campbell (drums, ex-7past5). The band continue to play the occasional pub date and larger bike rally. Rodger, meanwhile, plays in a club act called The Funky Bumpers.
Beverley WILLIAMS:  Solo female singer songwriter, born in Falkirk in 1986, and a former member of the Falkirk Youth Theatre. Williams moved to Spain with her mother in 2005, where she met a Cuban guitarist and began performing in bars and clubs. Williams the returned to London where she worked with voice coaches Carrie and David Grant, who introduced her to a producer. She then started working with former Wet Wet Wet and New Celeste guitarist Graeme Duffin. Singing in both English and Spanish, Williams is currently putting together her debut album.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/beverleywilliamsmusic
Lewis WILSON:  2009 solo and former member of Goodson, Wilson (vocals/guitar) recorded his debut album "Lift Me Up" at Riverside Studios, Glasgow with three members of The B.M.X. Bandits- Jamie Cameron, Stuart Kidd & James McEwan. In 2010 he released a single "Fortune Teller", again helped by Kidd.
RELEASES:  "LIft Me Up" (album, 2009) & "Fortune Teller" (internet single, 2010).
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/lewilson2

WIRELESS:  Four piece Denny act formed around 2000 by Jamie Donald (guitar), Glen Sangcroft (bass) & Stewart Wilson (drums). In 2006 they were joined by David Anderson (keyboards). In May 2007 they played at "Big In Falkirk" in Callendar Park.
Kirsty WOOD:  Former guitarist/vocalist with Falling Behind Fred who went solo in 2008. She played a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer 2009. By the end of the year she had formed The Darwins, however she returned to solo date at the Grangemouth Festival in 2010.
WEBSITE:  http://www.myspace.com/kirstywoodmusic
WORKINGMAN'S DEED:  Grangemouth based Grateful Dead covers act who played at "The Lark In The Park" in their hometown in 2001. They reformed in December 2006, and advertised for a new bass player in August 2007. February 2008 saw the band make their return to live work, with a date at the Oxgang Hotel, Grangemouth. The line-up of the band at this time was Jim Bloomfield (vocals/harmonica, ex-National Service) Shannon (vocals), Laurence MacDonald (guitar), Gavin Hutchison (guitar), Arnie Gray (drums, ex-National Service), Jason Moore (bass, ex-Les Conners), Iain Munro (piano/keyboards) & Pete Watson (sound engineer, ex-Earth Dwellers). In 2010 Gray was replaced by Graeme Allan (drums).
WEBSITE:  http://www.workingmans-deed.110mb.com
Y'ALL FANTASY ISLAND:  Stage name of solo performer Adam Stafford (vocals/guitar, ex-Bovine), who impressed local audiences with impassioned and powerful performances in the mid-2000's. In 2005 he regularly performed as a solo act at songwriter night "Acoustic Kitchen", and recorded with Robbie Lesuik. Stafford was also a member of The Chuck Norris Machine. Late that year he rejoined Bovine as bass player.
By the end of the year Stafford had recruited a full band for live work in the shape of Jonathan MaColl (clarinet/drums/vocals) & Tommy Blair (guitar/vocals, also in The Chuck Norris Machine). Summer 2006 saw the release of their debut album, "In Faceless Towns Forever", initally recorded as a Stafford solo release, on Panic In Year Zero Records. In Autumn this album was picked up for national release by Cargo Records, whilst experienced musician (and member of The Saltshakers) Robbie Lesuik joined on keyboards and bass. This line-up played some dates in 2007, whilst winning the award for best local release of 2006 from this website. In 2007 Lesuik also operated solo under the name Aldrin On Moon. May 2007 saw the band embark on a short Scottish tour with author Alan Bissett, mixing literature and music under the heading of The Super Puny Humans Tour. July saw the band play along side The Fun Lovin' Criminals & The Proclaimers at the Wickerman Festival in the Borders. Soon afterwards Lesuik & McColl left the band, being replaced by Steven Tosh (drums, also with Waroffice) and Jamie Macleod (bass). The band continued to play live into 2008, and released the first of two albums, "Rescue Weekend", in may. The bansd then apeared on Vic Galloway's Radio 1 show in August. The second album, "No Ceremony" was released in October. In 2009 Stafford completed a short film in collaboration with local author Alan Bissett, entitled "The Shutdown", which featured at the Edinburgh Film Festival. After releasing a solo single in November, the band returned with an internet single before the end of the year.  2010 was quiet, with some live dates played towards the end of the year.
"Skeletal Demos" (CD EP, 2005)
"In Faceless Towns Forever" (CD album, Panic In Year Zero Records, 2006)
"Rescue Weekend" (CD/internet album, Wise Blood Industries, 2008)
"No Ceremony" (CD/internet album, Wise Blood Industries, 2008)
"Infanticidal Genuflector" (internet album, Wiseblood Industries, 2008)
"#1/#2" (internet single, Wiseblood Industries, 2009).
WEBPAGE:  http://www.myspace.com/yifimusic
ZERO IS ONE:  Larbert based band from 2005 who are a "poppier sounding Biffy Clyro, a heavy handed Snow Patrol, and write first class rock". They continued to play live in 2006, after which guitarist Martin formed Ceasefire, whilst frontman Ian Thompson formed lions.chase.tigers.
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