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BIOG'S to '89
HAIGHT    ASHBURY:  Act    from 1968.

The HAUFLINS:  Folk act from 1964 with Nancy Christie, George Gordon, Neill Hall & Derek Thom. Hall later went solo.

Brian HALL:  Folk singer/banjo player from the mid-1960's. In 1966 he was part of the Falkirk Folk Song Club.

Neill HALL:  Folk singer/guitarist from the mid-1960's, and a former member of The Hauflins. In 1966 he was part of the Falkirk Folk Song Club.

The HALLMARKS:  Falkirk folksong act fromm 1964.

Ainslie HAMITLON:  Bo'ness balladeer from 1969.

Alex HAMILTON & The BLUE SABRES:  Pop based act from 1963 - 1970 featuring Alex Hamilton (vocals/saxophone), Ronnie Glen (keyboards), Roy Clark (guitar/vocals, ex-Alleycats), Roy Duncan (bass), Ian Johnstone (drums, ex-Hawkes) & Tom Hunter (saxophone). In 1966 the line-up was Hamilton, Glen, Duncan, Eddie Steel (guitar) & Hugh Stewart (drums, ex-Alleycats). They specialized in "showband" Soul & Stax, playing at universities, hotels & Town Halls six or seven nights a week. In 1969 they had a short residency at the Barrowlands, Glasgow. They signed to local Nillson Management then split in 1970, with Glen & Clark forming Cat Violet, which Hunter managed. In March 1966 Hamilton & Glen appeared with The Forth Valley All Stars at a one-off date at the Odeon Cinema, Falkirk.

Charlie HARKINS:  Folk singer/guitarist from mid-1960's. In 1966 he was part of the Falkirk Folk Club.

The HAWKES:  Falkirk band from (at least) 1963, featuring Jim Hendry (guitar), Jim Harley (bass, ex-Alleycats), Gordon Leishman (organ, ex-Leaves), Ian Johnstone (drums) and Jimmy Shand (vocals, no we don't think it was that one). They did quite well, were the resident band at the Dobbie Hall, Larbert in 1963, appearing on television (May 1964) and radio, but unfortunatly could not make the break through to the big time. The Hawkes came 3rd in the Falkirk-heat  of the "Macbeat" competition, where the best Scottish band went forward to the final in London. In 1964 The Hawkes were the resident band at the Dobbie Hall, Larbert, on a Saturday night. The picture (see Gallery) is from the old Falkirk Town Hall in Newmarket Street. The band continued to play until at least 1966.   Hendry continued to play the clubs (with The Earl Four in the late 1960's) until the 1990's when he retired from the stage. Songwriting became his main musical interest, and he wrote the "Mariner" song. He also has a site on the web. Harley later played in Bustop, whilst Johnstone joined Alex Hamilton & The Blue Sabres. Also members of the band at various times were Bobby Dougall, Allan Dougall (bass?, maybe later of The Mark Eton Sound?), Jimmy Williamson, Manny Charlton (later of Nazareth), Hugh McNiven (bass), Conrad Miller (guitar), George O'Brien & David Gardner (vocals). 
WEBSITE: http://www.peoplesound.com/artist/jimhendry

The HAZE:  Bo'ness based act formed in 1967 by a name change from The Saphires. In 1969 they supported Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and even Tich at Falkirk Town Hall.

The HEARD:  Act from 1965 featuring , William Maxwell (guitar), James White (drums), John Jameson (guitar) & Andrew Tulloch (bass). Tulloch later formed Magician's Onion.

The  HEENAN FROUDE SET:  Band  from 1967 - 1969 featuring Davy Waugh (vocals, ex-2000AD), Charlie Dyer (bass, ex-Prize  Chunks), Derek Anderson (guitar), Willie Fotheringham (guitar) , Graham Booth  (keyboards) & Richard Dow (drums, ex-Cross  Cut Section). The band supported Jimmy James & the Vagabonds, Geno Washington,  & Sock 'em, JB (featuring Frankie Miller) at the Maryland in Glasgow. They  also played with The Poets at The Place, Edinburgh and the Dobbie Hall, Larbert,  The Pathfinders, The Hipple People and The Senate. Dow then went on to form Susan  Ram, whilst Waugh & Dyer formed Friendship.

The Bill HENDRY TRIO:  Jazz act from the mid-1960's featuring Bill Hendry (piano, also with The New Georgians), Alan Saddler (bass, also with The Ray Davidson Seven) & Jim Miller (drums). Hendry & Saddler later played with The George Moncur Quintet.

The HIGH SOCIETY JAZZ BAND:    The band were formed in 1960 and released an LP in 1977 (recorded December 1976) titled "Way Down Yonder". The members listed on the rear sleeve are: Charlie Malley (trumpet), Jim Robertson (trombone), Colin Lees (clarinet), Jim Lumsden (banjo and vocals)Dick Stanners (piano), Lennie Porter (bass), Ian Boyd (drums), Rita Hamilton (vocals), Jim Little (bass - original member, emigrated to Canada around 1970).  The LP cover shows the band all wearing co-ordinated outfits which are quite something!  Many thanks to Stephen Small for this information.

Ian HOLMES:  Stenhousemuir based singer who released an EP of Scottish country songs in 1968. He had previously played with The Ian Christie Mainstream Group.
"Scottish Country Dances, Volume 6" (vinyl EP, EMI Records, 1968).

Ian HOLMES & THE SCOTTISH DANCE BAND:  Scottish country dance band formed in June 1962 and featuring Ian Holmes (acordion), Jimmy Smith (piano), Stan Saunders (bass), Bill Thom (drums) & Kenny Wilson (violin). Holmes & Thom later joined The Ian Christie Mainstream Group.

The HONEY MACHINE:  Act from 1967.

Sheena  HOUSTON:  Local  singer, and ex-member of The Trysters. Sheena appeared on "Hogmanay Party" - STV's 1st colour production from The Gateway Theatre on 31/12/1969.  Other artists included Andy Stewart, Lulu and The Gaberlunzies. She recorded with bands such as Andrew Ranikne's Scottish Dance Band.


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The HUNTERS:  Jimmy MYLECHREEST (Keyboard - Stirling), Kazik WALUSIAK (lead guitar - Polmont) joined this Band from The BARONS (Cambussbaron, Stirling).  The others members were: Alec MARNIE (vocals - Edinburgh), “MOSES” (bass – Edinburgh) & David SCOTT (drums -Edinburgh).  Sandy Walusiak replaced “MOSES” (bass - Polmont).

This band evolved in SCRATCH (1968-1971) and Kazik Walusiak notes: “The Hunters/Scratch obtained a recording contract but the company wanted us to play pop and we played rock harmony e,g, Spooky Tooth, Vanilla Fudge etc.
We went professional in May 1969 and moved to Germany but the Band split up in 1971”.

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The  HURRICANES:  Beat  act from 1964.

The IMAGE:  Act from 1965.

The J.K. SENATORS:  Act from 1965 - 1966 featuring Kenny Rodgers (vocals).

The JOKERS:  Beat act from 1964.

The KEYES:  Act from 1965.

The Johnny KILDARE ORCHESTRA:  Orchestra led by Falkirk man Johnny Kildare, who were resident at the Dennistoun Palais in 1964. Kildare had been part of the British first Rock & Roll tour in 1956. The orchestra had several locals through it's ranks, including Eddie Connors, and former Saints members Eric Liston & Stewart Wright.

The KINGPINS:  Act from 1965 who changed their name to The Fashions in mid-1966.

The LEAVES:  Act formed by Bill Hastings (guitar, ex-Pack), Gordon Leishman (keyboards), Ian Anderson (vocals), Stuart "Bongo" Buchanan (drums, ex-Pack), Eric Fowler (bass, ex-Fourth Dimension) & Melvin Fowler (guitar, ex-Fourth Dimension).  The Fowler twins had also been the very first tribute act to the Everly Brothers.  Hastings soon took a job with The Scotsmen, a band in Germany.  Buchanan later gave up drums due to Tennis Elbow, whilst Anderson joined Stirling band The Moonbeats, Leishman joined The Hawkes, and the Fowler Brothers formed The Sonics.

Harry LEITCH:  Folk singer, guitarist & fiddle player from the mid-1960's. In 1966 he was part of the Falkirk Folk Song Club, and continued to play until at least 1974.

MAGICIAN'S ONION:  Act from 1966 featuring Ian Young & Andrew Tulloch (bass, ex-Heard).

MANUELA & THE DOPS:  German based band from the late 1960's who featured local guitarist Jim Marshall (ex-Tommy & The Delmonts). Marshall returned to the area in 1970 and joined Cat Violet.

The MARINER FOUR:  Camelon Juniors Club resident band from 1969 with Eric, Pete, Joe & Alan.

Jean MOIR:  Although from Fife, Moir was a vocalist for various local bands in 1964 - 1965, including The Alleycats. Managed by Dave Cochrane, she signed to Parlophone and released one single in 1965 (written by Bill Barclay of The Roadrunners), which was produced by George Martin.

"I Love Him" (7 inch vinyl single, Parlophone Records, 1965).

The MOONBEATS:  Stirling act from 1965 featuring local vocalist Ian Anderson (ex-Leaves). The Moonbeats won the Macbeat competition at the Ice Rink, much to the annoyance of many of the crowd and pennies were thrown at the end because of this.  John A (drums) of this band later formed Side 2, whilst the bass player, guitarist & keyboard player formed The Squad.  A line-up of The Moonbeats (Stirling) was: Graham Livingstone, Yan Gilmore,Dave Stevenson and Iain MacGuire on drums.

MUIRHEAD'S PIPE BAND:  Worth a mention here because, according to Stuart Snow, "they won the World Championship on at least five occasions during the sixties. This entailed musicianship and commitment of the highest order. You think rock music has balls? Try listening to a grade one pipe band at close range when they are in full flow. These guys were something else."
Scott MURDOCH:  Folk singer (mid-60's) who was part of Falkirk Folk Club, and playrf until at least 1974.

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