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BIOG'S 90'S +
ELEMENTAL:  Fun/soul act formed in 1994 by Colin Dixon (guitar), Kathleen Fairgrieve (vocals), David Mitchell (drums), Alan Smith (bass) & Mike Stein (keyboards). The band continued to play live into 1995.

EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL:  Act who played live in 1996.

EMOTIVE:  Act formed by Wallace & Zander, who produced a cassette single in 1996.
"August Rain" (cassette single, 1996).

ENDORPHINE:  Act formed in 1997 who were still playing in 2005. They once featured Stevie Calder (guitar), who later formed Spy 5.

ESCOBAR:  Band formed as Shaky Jake, who changed their name in 1999.

EXIT:  Rock band formed 1998 by members of Monitor Lizard. Vocalist Gregor McGregor later joined No Dice.

FAT DAVY & The DENNY BRASS:  Fat Davey & The Denny Brass were formed in 1994 by Danny Coyle (vocals, ex-Noise Annoys), Alan Feighan (bass), Ray Easton (guitar, ex-Amaranth) & Davey Paterson (drums, ex-Mikifin/Four Minutes). This band played a diverse mix of punk and alternative covers locally, and were joined by Gordon Rae (guitar) in 1996. This line-up folded in 1997, with Coyle, Feighan & Easton forming Brighawk.  Paterson (who was also a member of Bladdered) & Rae then added Dougie Mackie (bass, also with Bladdered) & John Mackie (guitar/vocals) and changed the name to Fat Davey & The Stennie Brass. Rae left in 1998, and the band continued as a three piece.  The band played a one off at the Martell in December 2006 at Dougie Mackie's 40th Birthday.

FAULT:  Act who played live in 1998.

FEed:  Act formed 1998 by Phil Trevis (vocals), Martin Russell, Rab Hitchin & Ali Merrick (bass, ex-Shine), who played live until 2001. They released their debut EP (2001) "The Fossil House" on their own Broken Records. At that time they organised and headlined the Punkstravaganze Festival at the Martell. 2002 saw them play a further two Punkstravaganza festivals, and release their second EP, "Nasty". FEed continued to play live until 2003. Buchanan (drums, ex-Jester) was a founding mamber of the band, before joining/forming If Munki.
"The Fossil House" (CD EP, Broke Records, 2001)
"Nasty" (CD EP, Broke Records, 2002).

FEEL:  Female fronted rock act who reached the final of the Martell "Battle Of The Bands" in 1997.

FERRIS WHEEL:  Four piece band from Denny formed in 1997 by Andy Cruse (vocals), Ian Hagan (guitar), Alan Hiddleston (guitar) & Grant Main (drums). The band rehearsed for two years in a caravan, and advertised for a bass player in 1999.

FINE:  Act formed in 1991 by ex-Unchained musicians Martin Ayre (guitar), Mark Ogilvie (vocals bass) & David Dowell (drums), with the addition of Gavin Mills (guitar). The band were more rock and less metal than their previous line-up, and came second in the Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands" in 1992. That year they also played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in June, after which Dowell left to join Whumff. In 1993 JIm Dunbar (vocals, ex- Aramanth) & his nephew Dave Scott (drums) joined the act, and they continued to play live into 1994, including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued into 1995. In 1997 several members of Fine formed The Fool Story, whilst Ogilvie joined Brand, Dunbar joined MacSabbath, and Scott formed Stillife.

FLOOD:  Band who played live in 1996.

FOAM:  Formed by ex-Dark musicians Ross Ballainy (guitar), Andy Hume (bass/vocals), Gav MacVicar (drums) & Stuart Woodland (guitar), along with Kevin Byrne (vocals) in 1994. Byrne first met the band at Jinty McGinty's in Falkirk 1994 and harrassed the band until they let him sing, he also played drums with Sister during this time. They supported The Supernaturals at an all day festival at the Martell in December.   They played live into 1997 building up a following through supports with The Trashcan Sinatras, The Complete Stone Roses and Whiteout. Creation Records showed some interest in them, but this came to nothing, and they split that year. Foam gave out tubs of creamola foam at live dates. Byrne went on to play drums for Nicotine Junkies, whilst Hume & Woodland formed Rococco. MacVicar joined Dazed.

The FOOL STORY:  Act formed in 1997 by ex-members of Fine.

Marcus FORD:  Jazz guitarist Ford moved to Falkirk in 1999, and has stayed ever since. He is one of the UK's leading fingerstyle jazz guitarists, and has performed all over Europe and further afield with a number of ensembles, including award winning vocalist Niki King. He has also made many broadcasts for BBC Radio. 2005 saw him perform at the Edinburgh International Festival in Edinburgh, in Shanghai as part of a Burns Night celebration, and at the launch of the new Aston Martin at the Falkirk Wheel.

FOUR MINUTES:  Larbert punk covers band formed in 1982 by Ian Clubb (vocals), Alan Smith (bass), Garry Davis (guitar) & Dave Paterson (drums). The following year Dave (who may also have been a member of Mikifin) was replaced by Neil Buchanan (ex-Social Abuse), and the band split in 1984. AnotherSmith went on to play guitar and sing in Crystal Head Radio & The Gallery. The band reformed in December 1999 with Clubb, Davis & Paterson joined by Dougie Mackie (bass, also of Bladdered). After one date at the Martell, Paterson left to later play with Bladdered, Fat Davey & The Stennie Brass, Brighawk & The Harbour Road Angels) and the band was re-named Rabid Dogs, due to them mostly being a Slaughter and the Dogs tribute act.

FRANK'S WILD YEARS:  Formed by in 1994 by Lindsay Greig (keyboards, ex-All This & Heaven Too), Alex Irvine (guitar/vocals, ex-Pastis 51), Chris McCarron (vocals/bass, ex-Missing Link) & Richard McCarron (drums/vocals, ex-Missing Link). At the end of that year the band supported The River Detectives at a date in Alloa. The band continued to play live into 1995, then changed their name to Strawberry before releasing their debut single.

FREERISE:  Indie rock act formed in 1993 by Scott Brown (vocals guitar), Martin Johnstone (drums), Mark Kilbride (guitar) & Graeme McCourt (bass). The band contributed an acoustic track to the "One Records" compilation in 1993, whilst playing live around the area. In 1994 Kilbride was replaced by ex-Slowdown guitarist Mo, and the band continued to play live including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. More dates were played in 1995, as the band released their debut "Honey" EP on Buzz Factory Records. 1996 saw the band play their final dates.
"Honey" (CD EP, Buzz Factory Records, 1995).

GIANT:  Act formed by Jock McLay (guitar, ex-Scapegoat Society), Stevie McKay (bass), Sean Besler (vocals), Scott Lamont (drums, ex-Scapegoat Society) & Wilson Gill (guitar, ex-Scapegoat Society) who played live in 1996. McLay & Gill later formed Wade.

The GIFT:  Larbert High School based band formed in 1994, who continued to play into 1995.

GROOVETUNNEL:  Edinburgh based funky instrumental act from 1995 - 1996 featuring local drummer, and ex-member of Papa Tree, Willie Green. Green later formed Little Green Apples. 

HALLOWED GROUND:  Act featuring Pat (bass) who started playing live in 1996, and continued into 1997. At the end of that year they changed their name to Dag Mora.
 HARVEST:  Band formed by Helen & Jamie in 1998.

HESKEY:  Band formed by Helen & Jamie in 1998.

HIPSTER/HIPSTAR:  1995-1997 group with Stuart Gray (vocals), Doug Hendry (guitar), Steven Morton (guitar), Simon Lamont (bass) & James Archibald (drums). When Belt split in 1994, both Morton and Hendry were left without a band whilst the remaining members of Belt formed Citrus Soul.  Although Hendry and Morton hadn't been fully committed to the Belt cause due to the distraction of their first years at University(Edinburgh and Glasgow respectively) they both wanted to continue with the fun of being in a band. They recruited Stuart Gray on vocals and James Archibald on drums. Both Gray and Archibald had been in the same High School class as Hendry and Morton so they all knew each other well from School days. Gray had also been the person who used to drive their previous band Belt to gigs so had been part of this particular music scene since the beginning.  The line up was completed by bass player Simon Lamont from Stenhousemuir. The band changed their original moniker of Hipster to Hipstar when a London band of the same name appeared.  Influenced by Stone Roses, Verve, Charlatans, Ride and Oasis the bands most requested song 'Sunny Jim' was a Blur rip off as an attempt to appeal to the Britpop masses at the time.  They played several times at The Happening Club and Baxters. Unfortunately things didn't gel with Lamont and with Morton, Gray and Archibald all moving to Glasgow in 1996 the band finally disbanded in 1997. 
Hendry, Morton, Gray and Archibald would form Performance which turned into Starsail which in turn became Viva Stereo. Sadly Simon Lamont passed away in 2014.
IDENTITY CRISIS:  Bo'ness band formed in 1996.

 IDIOSYNCRACY:  Band formed at Falkirk High School in 1994 by Andrew Dougall (vocals), Ian Whittington (drums), David Seel (guitar), Brian Marjoribanks (keyboard/vocals) & Paul Barton (bass). They were occasionally joined by Kenny Bain (saxophone), and were mainly a covers band with a residency in the Beefeater pub in Camelon (the last Friday of every month!) Their biggest gig was at the Howgate Centre on a Saturday afternoon! A line up change occurred after a couple of years with Marjoribanks, Whittington & Bain  leaving the band. Barry Dougall (drums) joined and the band continued as a four piece, starting to write their own material. After the demise of Idiosyncracy Dougall, Seel and Barton went onto to form Brand.
The band are due to make a comeback in 2010.

ILLICIT STILL:  Act formed in 1995 by Billy Baikie (bass, ex-Whumfff), Gus (guitar, ex-Whumff) and an ex-member of Caipercaille.

IMMUNE:  Formed 1999 by former Pretty Kamikaze members Paul Deans (bass), Michael Thom (vocals /guitar) & Chris Catley (drums). The band have continued into 2009. 

 INTAKE:  Falkirk/Stirling based band from 1999 - 2000 featuring future Turtlehead bass player, Richard Bruce, and Ian (guitar) who later formed I Stand Alone.

The INTERNATION POP ASSASSINS:  The International Pop Assassins started off as ex-Diesel Kings & Sublimes frontman Eddie McKenzie with a host of helping hands. They were Initially put together in 1997 with Greg Drysdale (drums, ex-Martin Stephenson), Alex Irvine (guitar vocals, ex-Strawberry) & Alan Shields (bass, ex-Spank!). Shields proved too untamable, and was replaced by Grant Paterson (bass, ex-Sublimes) in 1998, allowing the band to play a few live dates. The band's first single "Lo-fi Elvis On Acid" was released on vinyl at this time, and was a Steve Lamacq "Single Of The Week", as well as receiving airplay on the John Peel show. The band, however, failed to capitalise on this, disappearing for a few years. In this time Drysdale joined The Blue Rockets, and McKenzie, Irvine & Paterson helped out with The Harbour Road Angels. Irvine later played with Jill Hepburn.  In 2000 McKenzie worked with ex-Bay guitarist Ronnie Young, however the inspiration to continue was not there. Over the next two years he worked with Ross Cunningham (bass / vocals, ex-Moondogs), recording and playing some acoustic shows, until Cunningham formed The Cool Jerks (an act which McKenzie was very briefly a member of right at the start!).

2004 saw the act re-emerge as recording artists, with the release of three season-themed singles, each more ambitious than the last. By this time the band was only McKenzie, helped out in the studio by Ross Cunningham (guitar / bass, also with The Cool Jerks), Greg Drysdale (drums/saxophone/stylaphone, also with Jill Hepburn), Neil Hathaway (violin), Alex Irvine (harmonica), Carlo Madden (trumpet), Les Makin (piano / guitar, ex-Concorde Jams, also with Jill Hepburn), Claire Scougall (vocals) & Jenni Simpson (vocals). These EP's were then compiled into an album, "Three Miles" at the beginning of 2006. The end of the year saw McKenzie work with Drysdale, Makin & Andy Pratt (guitar, ex-Mr Nice) to release an E.P. entitled "Underneath Skin Pages".  2007 saw McKenzie release a long promised album ("PS") recorded entirely on a Playstation, alongside an acoustic single entitled "Songs From The Acoustic Kitchen". The latter also featured Pratt on guitar and organ, who had now become a permanent member of the band. The duo then began work on a punk/dub EP, entitled "Howl", with help from Drysdale & Makin again, which was released in early 2008.  Next on the agenda was a return to live work, with Ross Cunningham (drums, also with The Vesparados) returning, along with Johnny Mack (bass, also with The Vesparados). This line-up made their debut at Rialtos in March 2009, and then played a well received date at the Grangemouth Homecoming festival in the summer. September saw the band release their third album, "Death, Divorce & The Prison Yard", featuring ten tracks, chosen by public vote from a potential eighteen. This time also saw them begin to gig throughout Scotland, building up a strong live reputation.

Live work continued into 2010, however things took a step backwards when Cunningham suffered a cycling injury which forced him to give up drums. At this point Mack decided to step aside and concentrate on his other act, The Underground Jam, allowing Cunningham to move onto the bass. The band then recruited Willie Green (drums, also with Lieutenant Stardust), and continued to record their next album. A return to live work was made in November, after Pratt returned from paternity leave. This line-up lasted for three gigs, after which the band reverted to the previous Cunningham/Mackie/McKenzie/Pratt formation in January 2011. More live dates were undertaken throughout Scotland over the next few months, including the Grangemouth Music Festival and a support with Fife band Val Verde at Fifefest. Towards the end of the year, the band released a new album, "Revolution Tonight", and continued to gig into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals. September 2012 saw the band release a new single, double "A" side "Burning" & "Lifeboats", before apparently giving up live work. The band were nominated for a Scottish Music Award for the album, before V=Cunningham left to form The Tombstone House Band. McKenzie then made the act a studio based band, and began recording with Jason Taylor (drums/guita/bass/keyboards, also with Mosca).  Pratt also worked with The Last Saloon (between 2008 - 2010), whilst Cunningham was a member of Easy Tiger in 2010. Both Cunningham and Pratt were in The Special Guests from 2011 - 2012, with McKenzie joining in 2013.
"Lo-fi Elvis On Acid" (7 inch vinyl, Seminal Records, 1998)
"When She Rains E.P." (Internet single, Songs For Danielle, 1999)
"Spring" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2004)
"Summer" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2004)
"Fall" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2005)
"Three Miles" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2006)
"Underneath Skin Pages" (CD EP, Seminal Records, 2006)
"PS" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2007)
"Songs From The Acoustic Kitchen" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2007)
"Howl (A Blues For The Pop Star)" (CD single, Seminal Records, 2008)
"Death, Divorce & The Prison Yard" (CD album, Seminal Records, 2009)
"Revolution Tonight " (CD Internet album, Seminal Records, 2011)
"Burning/Lifeboats" (C /internet single, Seminal Records, 2012).

JELLYTONE:  Act formed by Niall Anderson (bass) & Andy Denolm (drums) who started playing live in 1998. By the end of the year both musicians had joined Heskey, however Jellytone continued to play live into 1999.

JESTER:  Act featuring Dave Buchanan (drums) & Lee, who started playing live in 1997, and continued into 1998. Buchanan then went on to play with FEed, being re-united with Lee in If Munki.

JO JO COKE:  Bo'ness based blues and rock act formed in 2000 by Colin Baxter (guitar/vocals saxophone), Chris Coyle (bass/vocals), John McGregor (drums) & John Murray (vocals/guitar). They play classic rock, or in their own words "the songs most other bands wouldn't touch. Songs like 'No One Knows' (Queens Of The Stone Age), 'Freebird' (Lynyrd Skynyrd) or 'Money' (Pink Floyd)". The band have continued to play until 2006, including a onthly residency at Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh.


Chris JUDGE:  A former member of boy band Skam, Grangemouth based Judge released his debut solo single, a version of "Hey Jude", in 1997. A second single was released in 1998 on the Contempo label, at the same time as he appeared on Barrymore's "My Kind Of People". In 2000 Judge appeared at "T In The Park" as part of Lulu's backing band, and then returned to solo work the following year under the name CJ, with a single version of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing".  Judge then retreated to cabaret around the district, returning to note again when he supported Lena Martell at a church benefit in 2006. Later in the year he was one of the judges at the Falkirk Herald Voice Of The Year competition, a competition which he has continued to work closely with.  2008 saw him working on the Children In Need "We Have A Dream" single which reached number 1 in Scotland.  Judge is now a soloist with the Gospel Truth Choir, and sang backing on B.A. Robertson's Father's Day single, "The Living Years" in 2009, which was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London. He also sang backing on a couple of future releases by John Fratelli. Chris also runs his own voice coaching company, Voice Jam.
"Hey Jude" (CD single, 1997)
"I Can Love You Like That" (CD single, Contempo Records, 1998)
"Sexual Healing" (CD single, 2001).

 The JUKE JOINT BOOGIE BLUES BAND:  Blues act formed in 1998 by ex-members of The Smokehouse Blues Band Sandy Black (vocals/harmonica/sax), Bruce Tait (bass) & Steve Williams (saxophone), along with ex-Best Dressed Blues Band member Tony Wilson (drums), and David Bateman (guitar, ex-Athens). In 2000 they released a CD album entitled "Movin' On!", and were then joined by Ian Moffat (guitar, ex-Smokehouse Blues Band). They continued to play live until 2001, when Black formed Itchy Feet as well as continuing to play in the band. 2004 saw Wilson being replaced by Simon Harmer (drums), and the following year Black left to concentrate on his blues duo Black & Kay, whilst the others changed their name to Black Cat Bones.
"Movin' On" (CD album, 2000).

KALAMAZOO:  Three piece act formed by Andy Taylor (vocals/guitar), Justin Davidson (drums) & Calum Neil (bass vocals) in 1996, who started playing live the following year. In 1997 they played at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. Having their own studio (Homegrown, run by Taylor) has allowed the band to record several CD releases since 1999. Taylor also helped out The Harbour Road Angels in 2002. May 2004 saw the band being featured on Vic Galloway's BBC radio show. The band were still playing in 2005, including a date at the "Way To Blue" festival in October. The band began 2008 with a date at the closing night of Grubowski's. In 2010 Taylor & Neil formed Thee Zu.
"Heaven Mental Fantasy" (CD single, 1999)
"Distraction" (CD mini-album, 2000)
"23" (CD album, 2001)
"Bloodletting" (CD mini-album, 2004)


Brian KELLY:  Singer songwriter from 1999 - 2000 who featured local bass player Jamie Rodgers (also of Orange) in his act. He was managed by Matt Davis (Lulu's Tour manager) and enjoyed some success on national T.V. as well as releasing an album called "Down and Out". Kelly later moved to London.
"Down & Out" (CD album, 2000).

LANDSLIDE:  Act who played live in 1998.

The LAUGHING STOCK:  Band formed in 1995 by Scott Little (drums) & Malcolm Middleton (guitar, ex-Oral Groove). Upon splitting later that year Little joined Sister and Middleton formed Arab Strap.

LIAR'S TAIL:  Rock act who started playing live in 1996.

LIEUTENANT STARDUST:  Good time 70's covers band, formed by Craig Cowan (guitar, ex-Run Riot) & Peter Stardust (vocals) on a return train journey after watching Status Quo & Suzi Quatro in 1992. The original line-up was Cowan (as Jimi Rocket), Stardust, Mr X, Les Vegas & Dak Wizzard, and they played their first date in November 1992. When Mr X left the band continued as a four piece until the introduction of Chuck DeBurdsff. In late 1995 David Walker (drums, also with Numb, under the name Boaby Holder) filled in for Wizzard who had broken his collar bone. Vegas & Wizzard also made appearances playing bass for Spiderbaby & Waash!, whilst Vegas, Wizzard & DeBurdsff also play with NU2. An ever changing line-up over the years have played with alarming regularity ever since, despite a lay off in 2001, and later idiots with Cowan are Willie Green (Boaby Rash) (drums, ex-Little Green Apples), Bill (Peter Stardust) (vocals), Chad Fever (bass) & Sylvester Kant (guitar). Kant left in 2005 and was replaced by Dickie Decibel, whilst Cowan left in 2006, turning up as solo performer, Jimi Rocket ijn 2009. The band continued on into 2009, when Chad Fever left to be replaced by the returning Les Vegas (bass). A date was played at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival in summer, which co-incided with the band releasing a track on a Behind The Wall sponsored EP supporting Falkirk Football Club in their European campaign. The band continued their live assault into 2010, including a date at the Grangemouth Festival in May. Meanwhile Green also began playing drums with The International Pop Assassins. The band continued to play into 2012, including performances at the Grangemouth & Falkirk Bandstand Festivals.
"We Are The Bairns" (CD single, 2009)

 The LIGHTNING BROTHERS:  Band formed by former Uncle Jack frontman Craig Anderson & Mark Hunter who played live in 1998. Anderson then formed Monofreak.

LITTLE GREEN APPLES:  Act formed in 1997 by Willie Green (drums, ex-Groovetunnel), Frazer "Beany" Law (guitar), Russel Dickson (vocals) & Paul Barton (bass, ex-Brand). The band won the Newmarket Bar "Battle Of The Bands" in 1997, and travelled to the Leadmill in Sheffield to take part in a nationwide "Bandnation" competition, which they also won. The prize for this was to spend a week in a recording studio of their choice, so they went to Fish's (ex-Marillion) studio in Haddington to record a 4 track CD. Despite this the band seemed to fade away, with only a few dates in 1998. At the end of that year they advertised for a second guitarist, and then continued to play live until 2000. Meanwhile, Green was also playing with Cooper and Canova, and later joined Lieutenant Stardust. When he left, he was replaced by John Ogilvie (drums) and a second guitarist Stuart Nelson (ex-Uncle Jack), before the band split for good. Barton moved to London and now works as an A&R man for ZZT.

LITTLE JOE CROW:  Rock act formed in Bo'ness by Neil & Keith Thompson (drums), who started playing live in 1996, and continued into 1997, when they advertised for a guitarist. One must have been found to allow them to play live in 1998, however by the end of that year they advertised once again, this time for a vocalist. In 1999 they shortened their name to LJC, but continued to play live in 2000 as Little Joe Crow, and then played at "The Lark In The Park" in Grangemouth in 2001. Pat (bass, ex-Dag Mora) was a member before forming Genetik Blueprint. Thompson then joined Plan B.

The LOBSTERS:  Denny based Irish folk & country influenced band formed by John Murphy (guitar/vocals), Jock the Box (accordion/vocals, ex-Fool No More), Dave McEwan (guitar/vocals, ex-Throb), Stevie (bass/ vocals, ex-Throb) & John McTeague (guitar/vocals). They played live in 1996 & 1997, and then again in 2000. Jock The Box was also in Box Of Bananas during this time, whilst McEwan formed Angels Heap.

Stephen LOCKIE:  Airth based DJ, resident at Romans Nightclub, Falkirk, who won the Kensitas "DJ of The Year" competition in 1997.
LOUDWIG:  Act formed in 1994 featuring Louise Reid on vocals, and Paul. In 1996 Reid left to go solo.

LOWLIFE:  Lowlife were formed in late 1985 by Stuart Everest (guitar), Will Heggie (bass), Craig Lorenston (vocals) & Grant McDowall (drums), all of whom had built up a local following under the name Dead Neighbours. Taking their name from a PIL song, they signed to Brian Guthrie's "Nightshift" label, then released their debut mini-album, "Rain", that year. This was soon followed by the first album proper, "Permanent Sleep" the following year. Lowlife were predominately a studio band, taking two to three months recording each album. Touring was very rare, however the few times they did it was with bands like Johnny Thunders and the Go-Betweens and it was only to promote a release. In 1990 Everest & McDowall were replaced by Hugh Dougie (guitar) & Calum MacLean (programming / guitar / bass), and the band released their fifth album, "San Antorium". By 1994 MacLean had gone, and they were joined byJennifer Bachen (backing vocals) & Jason Taylor (vocals/guitar, also with Bay), who helped them put together their last album, "Gush". Nowadays Heggie & McDowell are busy with large families and day jobs. Heggie works as a Process Operative & McDowell is a detective with the Scotland Police. Lorenston is a scaffolder, and Everest is around the Falkirk area working in the audio/visual field.
"Rain" (vinyl mini-album, Nightshift Records, 1985)
"Permanent Sleep" (vinyl/CD album, Nighshift Records, 1986)
"Vain Delights" (12 inch single, Nightshift Records, 1986)
"Swirl, It Swings" (12 inch single, Nightshift Records, 1987)
"Eternity Road" (7 / 12 inch single, Nightshift records, 1987)
"Diminuendo" (vinyl/CD album, Nightshift Records, 1987)
"The Black Sessions & Demos" (cassette album, Nightshift Records, 1988)
"Godhead" (CD/vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1989)
"From A Whisper To A Scream" (CD vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1990)
"San Antorium" (CD/vinyl album, Nightshift Records, 1991)
"Gush" (CD album, Nighshift Records, 1995)

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