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Apologies for the 'gremlins' in the present Website - we are working on this problem and will fix things a.s.a.p!


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"FINAL ERA" 2010-2015.
"The HUNTERS" 1968-1971.

e HELP NEEDED PAGE: In re-jigging the original data some small anomolies have arisen! Some Acts have 'no data', 'no year' and/or 'no personnel/instuments played and I need YOUR HELP to "fill in the blanks" - get in touch?

e FALKIRK BLUES CLUB (2014): Founded by James Rennie and proving very popular!

e MEMORABILIA: Take a look at the new MEMORABILIA page showing some great stuff (much supplied by Stuart Gray) such as tickets, promos, posters etc.! Do you have anything to share with us?
e NEW PHOTOGRAPHS: ??? - Does anyone have any photographs of Falkirk & District Band, Groups, Duos or Solo Acts?

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A few items 
to jog your memory e

Music by: 20th Century Sounds
"She's Nice People" (1965)


This 'new' Website is dedicated to Eddie McKenzie who has so generously donated the contents of the original Falkirk Music Scene (FMS) website for our use.  The original FMS site was built over many years and housed a phenomenal database drawn from Eddie's indeapth research and painstaking documention of his findings!

The content of this 'new' FALKIRK MUSIC SCENE website will be presented for information purposes only and will differ from the original in that it will not carry any 'news, views or updates' other than to document any new information about Bands, Groups, Artists, Musicians & Venues etc.  Anyone wishing to submit new material (or to correct errors) for this purpose should send an email to:

PRE-1960'S to 2015 BIOGRAPHIES: I have now completed Biographies for (almost) all the acts that Eddie first documented (see Help Needed Page).  In addition I have added a new HELP NEEDED PAGE (no data, year or personnel/instrument information for acts), UPDATED ACT INFORMATION & added some NEW ACTS & PHOTOGRAPHS!

DEFINITION: How do we (early FMS Website) define a local ACT? It's simple, they must:

i have been born in Falkirk
i have grown up in Falkirk
i consider Falkirk as ther home
i have at least ONE MEMBER in any of these categoris.

"KEEPING THE STORIES ALIVE!" - This website is being delivered in conjunction with the Facebook Group: "STIRLINGSHIRE BANDS AND VENUES 1950'S-70'S AND BEYOND (https://www.facebook.com/groups/STIRLINGSHIREMUSICSCENE50s70s/?fref=ts).

I would also like to thank friends from partner websites and others for their contribution and support.  Please check-out their great sites at:

Cheers, Davy
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