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To get into this section you have to have done more than just play in bands. Please email with any  further suggestions for inclusion in this section.

Ellis AITKEN was one of the co-founders of GET productions in 2007, who promoted an all day concert at Pennies, Falkirk.

Bill BARCLAY played with The Roadrunners back in the 1960's, and then moved to London where he worked for the Red Bus Agency, representing Mungo Jerry amongst others. He then moved on to do A&R with Decca Records in 1972.

Paul BARTON played with Idiosyncracy, Brand & Little Green Apples, but also booked bands for the Newmarket Bar during the 1990's. He operated the rehearsal room (cellar) in Grangemouth behind the Town Hall where bands such as Weird, Bladdered, Orange, Whumff & Starsail rehearsed. Nowadays he lives in London, and works as an A&R scout for Perfect Songs Publishing and ZTT Records ( and

Tom BELL is a local DJ who went onto work with Radio Forth when it started in 1975, for whom he soon became music organiser. He later moved to Central FM. He retired in the mid-2000's but is now back at Central FM.

Colin BLAKEY grew up in Falkirk, and first learned music from his parents. Later at school he studied flute and piano, and taught himself tin whistle and guitar. In 1983 he travelled to Spain, and to Shetland in 1984 to collect and learn traditional music from those areas. In Manchester in 1985 he continued this interest whilst also playing improvised music. Whilst there he also studied some jazz theory and improvisation. Back in Edinburgh in 1988 Colin released his first solo album 'The Roke', under the name The Clan. He played with Scottish group We Free Kings from 1986 - 1988, and was a member of The Waterboys from 1988 - 1990, contributing to the 'Fisherman`s Blues' and 'Room To Roam' albums.
He founded The Drogheda Samba School in 1992 and initiated The Drogheda Samba Festival in 1994. Blakey was Artist In Residence at The Droichead Arts Centre 1992 - 1995, and in 1995 qualified in Community Arts and Community Development through C.A.F.E.'s National Arts Workers course in conjunction with Maynooth College. He has considerable experience in steering projects involving collective music-making. His current activities include concert performance, workshop facilitation, composition, session work, and study and teaching of the classical guitar and percussion. He now lives on Easdale Island in Argyll, in the west of Scotland, and plays with Orchestra Macaroon.

Neil BRAIDWOOD plays in local bands Spitroast & Lost Cause, and has been active in the Falkirk punk scene since at least 2000. He did a lot of the promotion for Misguided Records, and co-ran the friday night Reinstated gigs in Jacks Bar. He is also administrator of the superb Falkirk Online Rock Club. 2006 - 2007 saw Braidwood booking bands for Behind The Wall, however he moved on, disagreeing with the venue's booking policy. In 2010 Braidwood started booking bands for 20 Rocks, turning it into one of the most happening places in town.

Gavin BROWN was a member of Citrus Soul in the 1990's, and now works as Fence Records artist On The Fly. After a long residency at Rialto's in Falkirk during the early 2000's, he then promoted bands at that venue. 2006 also saw Brown start playing drums for Fence Records supremo King Creosote.

Kevin BYRNE had been a member of Foam, Sister, ChiliRyder & Nicotine Junkies, however in 1998 he started up the short lived B&B promotions along with John Bainse, with the aim of promoting acts. 2006 saw Byrne release his first solo material.

Lewis CANNON played in the band Undercurrent, and taught many local musicians to play guitar, first for the Central Music School, and then from 2007 under his own Tune Up Music Centre heading.

Kenny CASSELLS was a member of Shine, Locosea, Stand Alone, and Wanton Mission Failure, but also ran Eskimo Promotions and Eskimo Records.

Dave COCHRANE is a veteran of the local music scene, playing in bands since the 1950's and writing a clubs and cabaret column in The Falkirk Herald since the 1960's. In 1965 he met and interviewed The Beatles for the paper.

Jim CONNELLY ran the Engine Room in Falkirk from 1997 until 2001, and can claim responsibilty for a large part of the active local punk and metal scene of that time. He also managed his sons band, Toy. Recently Jim co-promoted bands at Audio Graffitti in 2005, before re-starting The Engine Room at The Edge Of The Brae, Grangemouth.

Bert CRAIG  is a well known local jazz drummer who organised regular jazz and blues nights at the Plough Hotel in Stenhousemuir from 2002 onwards, and the Falkirk Jazz Festival at the same venue in 2005 - 2007. Born in 1933, he began playing drums after national service, and teamed up with an acordian player, ending up semi-pro. He also plays in at least four jazz bands.

Martin CROSSLEY was a member of Tibor in the late 1990's, and then Chiliryder and a solo performer afterwards. He started songwriters night "Acoustic Kitchen" in 2004 with Robbie Lesuik & Eddie McKenzie.

David CUNNINGHAM was the entertainments officer for Falkirk in the early 1970's, promoting gigs in Callendar park.

Stuart CUTHELL, apart from forming Band Of Hope & Glory, Natural Gasp & The Deft Jerks, co-ran the Falkirk Arts Theatre (F.A.T.), which was a moveable venue back in the 1970's, along with Charlie PENN. They also ran F.U.M. which promoted live gigs in the early 1970's.

Gareth DICK was one half of Fat Boy Promotions, who organised gigs during 2007-2008 around the district.

David DILLON was a local businessman who opened the La Bamba venue in Falkirk during the 1960's, and oversaw it become one of the best venues in Scotland.

Nicky DOCHERTY started off as a D.J. for Tapestry, before working at the Leapark Hotel in the early 1980's. He moved on to promote bands there as well, but by 1986 was working as a D.J. on Ayrshire based radio station, Westsound. He later found fame as the anchorman on S.T.V. and has recently been seen back as a celebrity DJ at the Leapark Christmas nights.

Adam DONALDSON  ran open mic nights at Firkins once a week in 2009, before running music nights at Full Stop as well in 2010.

David DOWELL is a veteran local drummer who has played with too many bands to list (one day I will!). Nowadays, he teaches drums.

Mark DUFFY, formerly of Capercaillie, was appointed traditional musician in residence for Falkirk Council for two years from 2006. Duff was employed one day per week and was to be working on collecting traditional songs from the area. He was also to put a music / song book together and teach what he found to school children (who were learning to play traditional instruments at school).

Jim DUNBAR sang vocals for Aramanth & MacSabbath, but also provided the P.A. for the Martell during the 1990's. In 1998 he began promoting bands at Finn MacCools, Falkirk, under the name of "The Soundhouse", and still runs a successful P.A. company today. In 2007 he promoted The View at the Martell, Falkirk.

Anne DUNCAN co-ran F.U.M. who promoted local gigs in the early 1970's.

Pat FAGAN  ran The Falkirk Wall website and promotes gigs at Club Metro.

George FALCONER a Grangemouth born drummer who played with bands like The Deft Jerks & Thrush before being employed at Scottish Enterprise. This job brings him into regular contact with Scotland's music industry and he has managed projects such as Musicworks in Glasgow, as well as working with Soma Records on Soma Skool. He helped to bring the MTV Europe awards to Edinburgh, and joint-managed the Scottish Music Futures fund. He still plays (doing loads of recording in his own wee studio) and has recently been collaborating with comic books legend Grant Morrison (Superman, Batman, The Filth, The Invisibles).

David FERGUSON was a Grangemouth based DJ who spent some time in the mid-1980's doing photographs of local bands. In 1989 he was voted top DJ in Norway (or something like that) and can now be found working in Behind The Wall at the weekend.

Fiona FERGUSON was cultural Co-ordinator for the council from January 2004, organising opportunities for school aged pupils, including free music lessons for Primary kids, and mentoring support and performance opportunities for Secondary performers.

Brian FINDLAY was a local record store owner who helped the council to organise outdoor concerts in Callander Park in summer 1970. In the mid-1970's he ran a disco unit called Smith & Jones with Bill Smith.

Bruce FINDLAY's mum managed a record shop in Falkirk and, when he was as young as eight or nine, he would go along on Saturdays. He did that until he was fifteen, for pocket money, and moved to Falkirk from Edinburgh in 1959 as the shop had expanded. During the next couple of years he worked in a bank, a shoe shop and a farm, however in 1961 he attempted to hitchhike around the world, only making it as far as Morocco. Away for eighteen months to places like France, Spain and Portugal, he returned to find that The Beatles had hit Britain, and he wanted to become part of the music world again. After working at his mother's shop (in charge of the "Rock" section) Findlay took a job running a bar in Majorca during 1966, returning to the UK, and London at the end of the season. He spent his time managing a record shop in Piccadilly Circus, and although enjoyed working in London and making lots of contacts, Scotland had a pull on him. At this time his wife was pregnant and they thought that London was not the ideal place to bring up a baby, so they returned to Scotland, and he got a job running the record department of Graham and Morton, a department store in Stirling. That year, Stirling University also opened - so the place was crawling with students who all came in to buy records. His brother who worked in the Hi-fi and TV department, fell out with the owner and wanted to set up a shop in competition. He asked Bruce to help at night and weekends and so they opened "Brian Findlay’s" in 1967. It was quite apparent that it was going to be a huge success, as people were coming from Edinburgh, Glasgow and even further, to buy records there.
When the shop expanded they opened another one in Edinburgh, with Bruce running it. The new shop had red carrier bags that became famous, saying, "I found it at Bruce’s". They kept expanding and soon had shops all over the place, including Falkirk. Findlay was asked by the Edinburgh Lord Provost to run the Edinburgh Pop Festival in 1973 during the Fringe.

Many bands would drop demo tapes into Findlay's store, which he would forward to record labels. He had previously managed Edinburgh act Cafe Jaques, who had signed to Epic, however in 1977, he started his own label, Zoom, tired of being ignored. Signing new wave acts like The Valves and PVC2, he built up credibility for the label. However, it was the next act, Simple Minds, that he really became successful with. Frontman, Jim Kerr, had approached Findlay in his shop, and he had become their manager, taking them first to Arista, then to Virgin, where they became global during the 1980's.

In the late-1970's Guinness bought over the chain of stores, but were furious when Findlay continually spent too much time running Zoom Records and managing Simple Minds, so he left the chain in 1980/81.

Findlay managed Simple Minds until 1990, parting due to a business disagreement, and concentrated on his other acts, The Silencers & China Crisis from his Schoolhouse Management company.

Colin Sommerville approached Findlay shortly after he split with Simple Minds, to ask if he was interested in doing a Sunday lunchtime show on Radio Forth, and so he started presenting "Bruce’s Sunday Joint", co-presenting with Mark Findlay (no relation). When Sommerville moved to Scot FM he took Findlay with him, however after a few months was asked to leave.  Recently he has been managing Aberfeldy.

Glen GARDINER was one of the co-founders of GET productions in 2007, who promoted an all day concert at Pennies, Falkirk.

Ross GARDINER was Co-founder of JRS Productions, who promoted some gigs in 2011.

Jim GRAHAM was a respected guitar tutor who taught many of the areas guitarists to play. He once wrote a song recorded by The Shadows. Jim died early sometime in the 1990's.

David GREIG set up and ran Mainframe Music Workshop in Grangemouth.

Rennie GRIFFITHS was a local DJ from the late 1960's / early 1970's who hosted a series of open air gigs in Callendar park in summer 1970. Griffiths then went on to have a very successful career in radio, and has spent over 30 years doing voice-overs for commercials.

Brian GUTHRIE is the brother of The Cocteau Twins Robin, and was active in the local music scene for many years, initially as a concert promoter at Grangemouth Town Hall and The International Hotel, Grangemouth. After his first booking, The Sleaz band at Grangemouth Town Hall in 1975, promted by "Wiggle Promotions", it was here in the late 1970's and early 1980's that he brought many famous or soon to be famous acts. When he fell out with The International Hotel, he moved the whole scene to The Maharata briefly, and then to the Bon Accord in Grangemouth. In the 1980's he branched out into management, looking after Dead Neighbours and Lowlife, as well as running his own label, Nightshift. Releases by the two above bands, along with Two Helens and This Scarlet Train, sold reasonably well, but not enough to stop the company going bust. Brian was back in the 1990's with a new label, Anoise Annoys, which featured releases by Bay, Brutal and Frank Black (yes, that Frank Black, of The Pixies!). Guthrie can now be seen selling produce at Falkirk Football matches, and has recently set up Bairns Aid.

Robin GUTHRIE was a member of local acts The Heat, All This & More & The Liberators before making it big in the early 1980's as a member of The Cocteau Twins. Partnered to Cocteau's vocalist Liz Fraser, the duo became darlings of the indie scene during most of the 1980's, finally splitting in the late 1990's. By this time Guthrie & Fraser had also split, so Guthrie turned to his own label, Bella Union, which he has run with Cocteau's bass player Simon Raymonde for the last few years. 2005 saw the label achieve their 100th release. Guthrie, who now lives in France, also records solo, and with a new act, Violet Indiana.

Tommy HAMILTON was a Denny resident who formed Bulge Promotions in the early 2000's, booking many bands for venues such as 20 Rocks (Falkirk), Cape and the Fubar (Stirling). He eventually organised the Dennycassim Festival.

Craig HAYWORTH originally started playing bass in local punk rock outfit Bovine, before joining The Declined, and is a founder of Misguided Records. Craig runs the label side of it, booked the Smashed gigs in Firkins in the mid-2000's, and has been very active in the punk side of the falkirk scene for years. Recently he has formed The Restless Natives.

Neil HENDERSON is well known locally for taking photographs of many bands in concert, as well as running the door at the Happening Club during the 1990's.

Stuart HENDERSON runs the annual "Open The Doors" tribute night at Jack's Bar, first held in 2004. The event is a tribute / celebration of Jim Morrison, with bands doing their interpretation of Doors songs, as well as playing their own material.

David HORSEBURGH ran a regular rock night at the Brig Inn in Falkirk (now the 4 in 1) for between 1 - 2 years featuring a rock disco and live band each week.

Jennifer HUNTER previously worked in East Kilbride Arts Centre booking bands. She used to play classical double bass, and worked for a while as a Taiko Drummer. Now she concentrates on piano and cu-base, but never plays gigs. She was Arts Development Officer (Music) for Falkirk Council, and worked on the 'Way to Blue' music festival, generally encouraging the music scene in the area to grow and develop, booking bands at Falkirk Town Hall, and set up a digital (dance music based) recording studio in Langlees. She also worked on re-opening Brig Beat as a rehearsal space (as well as recording), and a new rehearsal studio within Bo'ness Recreation Centre. Hunter left the post in summer 2006 to work for the Musicians Union.

Lindsay HUTTON was the publisher of fanzine The Next Big Thing, but hasn't put out a paper copy for a while. Now he runs a blogger site which is really entertaining. Lindsay also acts as a real cheerleader for so many artists and labels, and is responsible for getting artists like Amy Allison and Amy Rigby over to Scotland to play and record with the likes of Davy Scott. He also played no small part in getting Laura Cantrell noticed. Scott reckon's that he is "one of THE unsung heroes of the Scottish music industry".

Don JACK was a regular face in club bands during the 1970's &19780's. He runs a Graphic Design company, Ideas" from Brighton. He has amongst other things, designed the cover for a Wet Wet Wet album.

Ronnie JENKINS owned and run Grubowski's Bar in Larbert, where he promoted new and established bands during the early 2000's, giving much of his time to encouraging young musicians. He has also promoted gigs at the Dobbie Hall in 2005.

Pat (Paddy) JOHNSON set up and ran Mainframe Music Workshop in Grangemouth, organising the Lark In The Park/Event In The Tent festivals. He also played with Aramanth, and after they split headed for Paris to busk with David Bennie (of A Rose For Emily) & Louise Reid. After a couple of years, Johnson found his way to Canada, where he continued to busk, before returning to the area, and looking after Mainframe once again. He now runs his own consultancy business.

Davy JONES ran the International Music Club (Grangemouth i1977) and briefly managed of Two Helens.

David LAING moved to Sheffield in 1996 to book bands for the University, returning a couple of years later to run the Q.M.U. in Glasgow, where he was responsible for the re-juvination of the Union as a top class venue. From here it was a short move across the city to spearhead the opening of the Glasgow Academy, where he remained the top man until late-2007. He has also had experience in charge of the NME stage at "T In The Park". From there Laing moved to London, overseeing some major live venues there, as well as all the Barfly venues throughout the country. In 2008 he was responsible for the opening and management of new Edinburgh venue, The Picture House.

Robbie LESUIK has been a member of Tuliptown, Big Blue Funky Whale, Spag Bog, Twister, The Blue Jays & Pistolstar, and plays bass in the Grubowski's house band. He started songwriters night "Acoustic Kitchen" in 2004 with Martin Crossley & Eddie McKenzie.

Jason LIM ran open mic nights at Firkins once a week in 2009.

Jamie LOCKHART was Co-founder of JRS Productions, who promoted some gigs in 2011.

Chris McCARRON has played in many bands over the years, including Run Riot (1988 - 1989), The Diesel Kings (1989 - 1990), Outspoken (1991), Missing Link (1991 - 1994), Frank's Wild Years (1994 - 1995), Strawberry (1996 - 1998), The Moondogs 1998) & The Walking Monuments To DNA (1999 - 2000). Once he stopped played, Chris took a sound engineering course in Glasgow, and began work behind the desk for many bands. He was in charge of the onstage sound for The Mull Historical Society for a couple of years, and then outfront sound for Mercury nominated Maximo Park. He now works for EFX PA in Bathgate. Recently Chris has set up a company specialising in Silent Gigs.

Ann Marie McGREGOR is the DJ at top night out "Dancing In The Dark", and co-promoted bands at Audio Graffitti in 2005 with Jim Connelly. McGregor received some criticism from some local musicians in 2005 for her single mindedness.

Sharon McGREGORHAS run the local charity battle of the bands for a few years, and currently co-runs Reinstated at Jacks Bar. She recently set up her own acoustic rock'n'roll band called The Restless Natives.

Dave McINTOSH has played in many local bands over the years, including The Godsend, Filigree Sun, Big Blue Funky Whale, Barefoot, Turtlehead & Shatterhand. However he is included here because of his work running local Fanzine "Buzz Factory" between 1992 and 1995, along with the connected label of the same name. In fact, McIntosh also worked as a full time press agent for his own company, X-Press, between 1994 and (at least) 1996/7, promoting many local and national acts. More recently he co-ran Mythical Records.

Stuart McINTOSH has played in local bands over the years, including The Godsend & Shatterhand. However he is included here because of his work running local Fanzine "Buzz Factory" between 1992 and 1995, along with the connected label of the same name. More recently he co-ran Mythical Records.

Eddie McKENZIE started playing live at the age of 15 with The Swinging Curtises. Over the next year he also played bass with Chainsaw Dance, The Munchy Cousins, Crystal Religion, Outlaw Tribe, ...And Jane, and Johnny Was... before deciding to sing and play guitar in his own band, Shotgun Religion. By this time he had run local fanzine "Steepletracks", and promoted the first three Grangemouth Rock Festivals at the Leapark and Oxgang Hotels, as well as producing demo tapes by The Field and The Influx, promoting bands at Baxters Bar in Falkirk, and even managing local legends Two Helens for a very brief time. And all whilst still at school! Shotgun Religion changed their name to The Diesel Kings, and he set up Seminal Records with David Rourke to release their debut single in 1994. By this time McKenzie had moved to Glasgow to study at the Art School, from where he graduated with a degree in Fine Art. In 1995 The Diesel Kings signed a deal with Polygram offshoot, Music Of Life, for whom the band released one single. Splitting to get out of the contract, The Diesel Kings re-convened as The Sublimes, and released one more single for Glasgow based Automatic Productions (which Eddie once again co-ran). Automatic Productions also gave him a taste for concert promotion, running regular nights at Stirling University, as well as designing posters, flyers and covers for numerous Glasgow clubs and bands. When The Sublimes split, Eddie formed The International Pop Assassins, a vehicle for his songwriting and performing, who have released several singles (including a Steve Lamacq "Single Of The Week") and albums. He has also continued to run Seminal Records, releasing singles and albums by The Diesel Kings, One Over The Eight, The International Pop Assassins, Jill Hepburn, & The Sublimes, whilst also writing internet fanzine "Fat Elvis". "Fat Elvis" was also the name of a club that Eddie organised in the early 2000's. Recently he has co-organised local songwriter's night, "Acoustic Kitchen" at Ebytes in Falkirk, while playing bass on the debut album by The Harbour Road Angels. And the length of this entry might be something to do with the fact that he RAN this website! - Falkirk Music Scene.

John McLENNAN  first made inroads into the music business as manager of Glasgow / Falkirk act Punch, before taking on Cahn & Cahn frontman Scott MacKenzie, and Edinburgh act Slice. He was also responsible for booking some touring bands into the Clubhouse in Falkirk during 1988. However, it was as manager of Utah Saints in the early 1990's that he had most success, working from an office above Firkins, where he also ran his own dance label, Hubba Bubba.

Dougie MACKIE played bass with local legends Bladdered! (as well as others).  Dougie also promoted acts such as Captain Sensible, The Damned, Eddie & The Hot Rods, 999 & Goldblade at local venues.

Gayle MARTIN was cultural Co-ordinator for the council from January 2004, organising opportunities for school aged pupils, including free music lessons for Primary kids, and mentoring support and performance opportunities for Secondary performers.

John MARTIN - a local man who launched the White Heather Club in England, before teaming up with Spencer Davis to form an agency which represented The Nice & The Flowerpot Men in the 1960's.

Jim MASON was a California based fanzine writer, who produced "Small Wonder" in 1979. He also managed Cumbernauld
/Falkirk based act Exposure, and started his own label, Angular Music, to release their debut single in 1980.

George MITCHELL was the inventor of the Black & White Minstrel Show, highly popular entertainment up until the 1980's in which white men "blacked up" and sang minstrel songs. Unfortunatly it is well documented that he was born in Carronshore, so we can't deny him.

Sarah MOYES was still at school when she started writing an occasional column for the Falkirk Herald. Her journalism course at University saw her gain valuable work experience with MTV and the BBC, working on the Zane Lowe show. In 2005 she presented a short slot for Total Rock Radio, before going to work as a broadcasting assistant for Forth One & Two. Recently she has been reviewing live gigs for the MTV website.

Stephen MYLES was a member of The Ellingtons, The Big Heart, The Funhouse & Roseland, however to be mentioned on this page he also co-wrote the local music column in the Falkirk Herald with Alex Paterson between March 1993 and April 1994. In 1995 he presented a college radio show on Central FM which featured local bands.

Alex PATERSON was a member of The Ellingtons, The Big Heart, The Funhouse & Roseland, however to be mentioned on this page he also co-wrote the local music column in the Falkirk Herald with Stephen Myles between March 1993 and April 1994.

Charlie PENN co-ran the Falkirk Arts Theatre with Stuart Cuthell back in the 1970's, which was a moveable venue. They also ran F.U.M. promoting concerts in the early 1970's.

Gill PORTER started her career at the age of sixteen, managing local act Crystal Religion and singing backing in Outlaw Tribe. The following year she attended a Rock Management course at Bathgate College, which she dropped out of just before the end to take up employment in London. Starting off making tea for Kylie Minogue's press agent, Gill soon moved to Hall Or Nothing, one of London's top agencies, and was responsible for all the press on The Manic Street Preachers first three albums. Unfortunatly, she was also responsible for Shampoo (who it is rumoured she provided vocals for). After winning Press Agent Of The Year in 1995, she moved to The Press Council, where she continues to provide press for many top acts.

Ian RAYMOND ran the Kincardine Folk Club between 2006 and 2007.

Ian RULE was a local businessman who opened the La Bamba venue in Falkirk during the 1960's, and oversaw it become one of the best venues in Scotland.

Phil TREVIS was the frontman with FEed, who organised the Punkstravaganza Festivals at the Martell in 2001 - 2002.

Alan SCOTT started off as a roadie for Thrush (1976 - 1977) before running the International Music Club in Grangemouth in 1977.

Davie SCOTT started off his career singing with Chewy Racoon, who signed to EMI, before changing their name to Hearts & Minds. A deal with CBS led to a single being released, and Davy even recorded with Guy Chambers, the man behind all of Robbie Williams big hits. Hearts & Minds changed their name to The Pearlfishers, and he has released several singles and albums over the last 20 or so years, finding success in Germany and Japan. Davy has also organised many one off gigs (like Brian Wilson tribute concerts) in Glasgow. He has been lucky enough to meet Wilson on many occasions, and in fact set up his first ever show in Scotland, liasing between Wilson and Regular Music. In 1999 Scott & BMX Bandits frontman, Duglas T. Stewart made a short film about meeting Wilson, and also interviewed him. Scott is extremely well connected amongst the music scene in Scotland, producing many acts such as Future Pilot AKA, The Gentle Waves & Ricky Ross. He has had spells working for B.B.C. Radio Scotland (notably on the "Classic Scottish Albums" series) as a presenter and at East Kilbride Arts Centre as an in-house producer.

He is one of Scotland's most respected songwriters and musicians, and has contributed songs to BBC Scotland's phenomenally popular "Balamory", as well as writing and presenting the soundtracks documentary series "Silver Screen Beats" for BBC Radio Scotland.

Alan SHIELDS is a legend in his own lifetime, but his involvement in the music scene is with booking bands for the Imperial in Grangemouth between 1982 and 1984.

Bill SMITH was a local DJ who ran the Night Flight Disco Unit in the 1970's before taking over Tiger Tim's show on Radio Clyde in 1975. He also briefly ran a disco unit called Smith & Jones with Brian Findlay. One-time roadie / light engineer for Nazareth, Smith was one of the early brains behind the Clyde Disco Roadshows as well as helping out on air. Gradually over the years, radio presentation duties took priority over roadshows and he now hosts lunchtimes every weekday on Clyde 2.

Ian STIRLING was a local businessman who opened the La Bamba venue in Falkirk during the 1960's, and oversaw it become one of the best venues in Scotland.

Marc STIRLING  was one half of Fat Boy Promotions, who organised several gigs during 2007 - 2008 around the district.

Marily STODDART co-ran F.U.M. who promoted local gigs in the early 1970's.

Martin STRONG is one of the world's leading rock guide writers, producing his "Musicographies" from his Falkirk home. To date he has produced numerous editions of his Rock book, along with Indie, Metal, Psychedelic and even Scottish. I've borrowed some info from you for this site, so don't be angry, Martin. Mind you, my band wasn't in your Scottish version of the encyclopaedia!

Bruce TAIT played in several bands during the 1980's and 1990's (White Dwarf, Athens, The Smokehouse Blues Band) and also wrote the local column in the Falkirk Herald. He also, with Alan Shields, booked bands for the Imperial in Grangemouth between 1982 and 1984.

Andy TAYLOR, as well as playing with the band Kalamazoo, runs Homegrown Studios and The Bunker rehearsal facility.

Paul TONNER has played in several bands including Big Blue Funky Whale, Twister, Spag Bog, Pistolstar & (currently) The Chuck Norris Machine, however it is his design for Malcolm Middleton's album covers that gains him a place on this page. Tonner (Two "n"s!) is a practicing artist and designer, as well as working in a music shop. Recently he was the manager of local musician Adam Stafford.

Colin WALLACE moved to London with his mates The Cocteau Twins and got a job with the label 4AD. He recommended a demo to his boss Ivo Watts Russell, by some unknown band called The Pixies. They were signed to 4AD and Colin worked with them for many years. He also worked at Rough Trade with Geoff Travis, as International Manager, working with The Libertines & Dirty Pretty Things. He recently left Rough Trade and is working with Alan McGhee, and also manages Elizabeth Fraser.

Linda WAN was a presenter of BBC's coverage of "T In The Park" in 2001, and also presented a program entitled "The Beat Room". Her parents used to own the Chinese take-away across from Firkins (remember "Chicken George"?).

Davy WAUGH first found success as the singer with Friendship and Thrush, before branching into concert promotion. Initially booking bands at the Bistro in Stirling in 1982, He soon started promoting blues bands at The Burns Bar (now Firkins). He moved on to form The Happening Club, which initially found homes at The Glenfinnan Suite and The Metropolitan Hotel, before settling at The Argyll Bar in Falkirk. Almost every local band played there between 1989 and 1996, and were introduced by Davy's gravel voice intoning "Lovers of good music...what the fuck are you doing here?" A move to Smith's Lounge in 1996 was very short lived, after which Davy retired from the music scene, however his son has recently formed a band.

Ryan WELLS was Co-founder of JRS Productions, who promoted some gigs in 2011.

Allan WRIGHT was a co-owner of local music press agents, X-Press, between 1994 and 1995, promoting many local and national acts.

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