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BIOG'S 90'S +
The PALMERS:  Local act from 1989 containing seasoned musicians Sandy Black (vocals, ex-Blackout, also with The Smokehouse Blues Band), Graeme Gillson (bass, ex-Ellingtons), Ian Mathers (drums, ex-Brahn Seer) & Jim Moir (guitar, ex-Shad & The Pineapples). With Moir also an ex-member of Brahn Seer, it seemed almost like a re-union. In 1990 Moir moved to Edinburgh act The T.C.'s, and Black continued with The Smokehouse Blues Band.

PAPA TREE:  Band formed in 1993 at North Glasgow College as part of the course, featuring Falkirk drummer Willie Green (ex-Bouncy Castle), Gav Monaghan (guitar), Scott Ballantyne (bass, ex-Termites), Janice Hamilton (keyboards) & Zoey Mitchell (vocals). A rock/soul type of band, they released a self-financed EP on NGM Records, and finished 1994 headlining at King Tuts. Green left in 1995 when he went to Jewel & Esk College in Edinburgh, but later joined Groovetunnel.

PARTED COMPANY:  Grangemouth based band formed in March 1992 by Paul Barrowman (vocals/guitar), Jim Buchanan (bass), Lee Campbell (drums) & Lee Rutherford (guitar). Parted Company played at The Lark In The Park, Grangemouth in June that year. Campbell later joined Orange.

PEACEFROG:  Band from 1990.

The PEARLFISHERS:  The PEARLFISHERS:  Glasgow band formed 1989 by ex-Hearts & Minds vocalist/guitarist/ keyboard player (a Falkirk lad) Davy Scott. He recruited Australian Jim Gash (drums) from his former act, and added Brian McAlpine (keyboards) & Mil Stricevic (bass, ex-Big Sur). With the help of the Princes Trust Scott was able to set up his own label, My Dark Star, and release three EP's in the early 1990's. These singles were playlisted all over Scotland, and led to sessions on Radio Clyde & BBC Radio 1, all of which helped the band build up a strong following north of the border.

The first half of 1992 was spent playing an astonishing range of gigs, including the "Drum Beat" benefit at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall, a hugely successful spot on the main stage of the first Scottish Fleadh, support slots at Edinburgh's Usher Hall and the Aberdeen Capitol with Capercaillie, a headline at the SECC during Mayfest, and an open-air gig at Leith Links in Edinburgh with Deacon Blue.
May 1992 saw the start of sessions for the group's debut album at their own studio and at Glasgow's CaVa, featuring guest contributions from Capercaillie's Karen Matheson and Donald Shaw, and Deacon Blue's Graeme Kelling and Jim Prime. The sessions, which continued throughout the year, were only interrupted by    the filming of ITV's 'The Gig' at the Tunnel Club in Glasgow (broadcast twice nationally), and an acoustic tour in December 1992.  Almost a year after the session started the final mixing at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh was completed. The Pearlfishers approached Scottish record label Iona who immediately agreed to license the release of the album and the preceding single. "Saint Francis Songs" emerged as the first choice single, followed by the album, "Za Za's Garden" in August 1993. A second single from the album was released in April 1994, entitled "Living In A Foreign Country".  
From there the band started working with Scotland-loving German label Marina, who signed The Pearlfishers and were responsible for the next album, "The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" in 1997. The album was licensed for mainland Europe by Sony, who memorably flew a posse of French and German journalists over to Glasgow to see them gig at CaVa Studio. The line-up for this album was Scott, McAlpine & Wilf Taylor (drums), with help from Charlie McKerron (violin). By then Scott was working at East Kilbride Arts Centre, and co-produced (with Bill Wells)    an album for Andy Shanks & Jim Russell.

Jim Gash re-joined the band for the next album, "The Young Picnickers" in 1999, along with Deepak Bahl (bass), Amy Geddes (violin), Derek Star (drums) & Gabriel Telerman (guitar). Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub guested on backing vocals. In 1999 Scott, Gash & McAlpine also helped Robin Laing on his "Imaginary Lines" album, whilst Scott produced an album for Tannas.  2000 saw Scott producing The Gentle Waves, as well as a Brian Wilson tribute album for Marina.  The next album, two years later had guest spots from Johnny Cameron, Lindsay Cooper, Alison Lucas, Mick Slaven, Colin Steele & Wendy Wetherby. 2001 also saw the release of "Tiny Waves Mighty Sea", an album by Future Pilot A.K.A. produced by and featuring Scott.  2002 saw The Pearlfishers play at Big In Falkirk in Callendar Park, along with Bob Geldof & Snow Patrol. That year also saw Scott work with Amy Allison, The Bill Wells Trio, Ricky Ross, Space Kelly & John Miller.  2003 saw the band release the ambitious "Sky Meadows" album, taking their music to the outskirts and the byways in October with a short tour ("The Tallpop Sinfonia Tour") of provincial theatres and arts centres throughout central Scotland. The core band was augmented by a string quartet and brass and woodwind trio, enabling the sounds and textures of the album to be faithfully rendered.  2004 saw Scott working with ex-Belle & Sebastian member Isobel Campbell, The BMX Bandits, Amy Rigby Ally Kerr & the legendary Kim Fowley. In 2005 Davy Scott helped to record an album of piping songs for 71 year old David Hamilton, entitled "Tunes From The Glen", as well as working in the studio with Ricky Ross, Amy Allison & Tom Clelland. The band played at the "Way To Blue" Festival in Falkirk in October.  2006 began well, with Scott completing a solo mini-tour of Japan supporting The B.M.X. Bandits (of whom he was also a member by this time), and producing material by Ally Kerr, David Heavenorr & Richard Anderson & YeonGene. By the end of the year he had begun work on the next album, co-produced by Norman Blake (of Teenage Fanclub). 

The next album, "Up With The Larks" was released in September 2007, and featured Scott, Jim Gash, Deepak Bahl, Norman Blake, Stuart Kidd, Derek Star, Margaret, Michael & Shaun Daly and the Tallpop Sinfonia. The album would go on to be the Daily Record's "Scottish Album Of The Year". Scott completed a solo European tour with Norman Blake in October, and then began 2008 with a date at Celtic Connections.
2009 was quiet for the band, however they did release an expanded version of their Christmas album, "A Sunflower At Christmas".  2010 saw a temporary line-up of Scott, Gash, Finlay McDonald & Jim McCulloch (all members of The BMX Bandits) play a tribute gig for Alex Chilton.  2011 saw Scott part-producing the album by Aidan Moffat & Bill Wells, "Everything's Getting Older".  Influenced most obviously by Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Webb, there are also traces of The Byrds, Burt Bacharach and even the much maligned Gilbert O'Sullivan in The Pearlfishers mix.
"Sacred" (CD/2 inch EP, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Hurt" (CD/12 inch ED, My Dark Star, 1991)
"Woodenwire" (cassette EP, My Dark Star, 1992)
"Saint Francis Songs" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Za's Za's Garden" (CD/cassette album, Iona Gold, 1993)
"Living In A Foreign Country" (CD EP, Iona Gold, 1994)
"The Strange Underworld Of The Tall Poppies" (CD album, Marina Records, 1997)
"Even On A Sunday Afternoon" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1997)
"Banana Sandwich" (CD EP, Marina Records, 1998)
"The Young Picnickers" (CD album, Marina Records, 1999)
"Across The Milky Way" (CD album, Marina Records, 2001)
"Sky Meadows" (CD/vinyl album, Marina Records, 2003)
"A Sunflower At Christmas" (CD album, Marina Records, 2004)
"Up With The Larks" (CD album, Marina Records, 2007)
"The Umbrellas Of Shibuya" (7 inch single, Marina Records, 2007)
"A Sunflower At Christmas (Expanded version) " (CD album, Marina Records, 2009)
Andy Shanks & Jim Russell, "Diamonds In The Night" (CD/cassette album, Culburnie Records, 1997)
Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA, "Bill Wells Vs Future Pilot AKA" (CD album, Domino, 1998, engineer)
Various Artists, "Songs For Marshmallow Lovers" (CD album, Marina, 1998)
Duglas T. Stewart, "Frankenstein" (CD album, Vinyl Japan Records, 1998)
Robin Laing, "Imaginary Lines" (CD album, Greentrax Records, 1999)
Tannas, "Suilean Dubh" (CD album, Lochshore Records, 1999)
Various Artists, "Caroline Now! - the songs of Brian Wilson" (CD album, Marina, 2000)
The Gentle Waves, "E.P." (CD EP, Jeepster Records, 2000, engineer)
John Herrald, "Roll On, John" (CD album, Spit And Polish, 2000, engineer/co-producer)
Future Pilot A.K.A. "Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea" (CD album, Geographic Records, 2001)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Incorrect Practice" (album, Geographic, 2001, engineer/co-producer)
Tom Clelland, "Little Stories" (album, Spit And Polish, 2001)
Various Artists, "You Don't Need Darkness..." (album, Geographic/Trattoria, 2001)
Amy Allison, "No Frills Friend" (album, Diesel Only, 2002)
The Bill Wells Trio, "Also In White" (album, Geographic, 2002, engineer and mix)
Space Kelly, "Space Kelly Fanclub" (album, Syft Japan, 2002)
Ricky Ross, "This Is The Life" (album, Papillon, 2002)
John Miller, "Those Old Country Songs" (album, Shoeshine, 2002) 
Isobel Campbell, "Amorino"(album, Snow Storm Records, 2004)
Ally Kerr, "Calling Out To You" (album, Neon Tetra, 2004)
The BMX Bandits, "Down At The Hop"(album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer/musician, 2004)
Kim Fowley, "Fantasy World" (album, Spit And Polish, 2004, engineer)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz, "Blues Du Jour" (album, Geographic Records, 2004, engineer)
Amy Rigby, "Till The Wheels Fall Off" (album, Signature Sounds, 2004)
Amy Allison, Everything And Nothing Too" (album, Spit & Polish Records, 2005)
David Hamilton, "Tunes From The Glen" (album, 2005, featuring Davy Scott on guitar & piano)
Tom Clelland, "Life Goes On" (album, Whistleberry Records, 2005)
Ricky Ross, "Pale Rider" (album, P3, 2005, producer/musician)
YeonGene, "Me & My Burt" (CD album, Beatball Records, 2006, producer)
The B.M.X. Bandits, 
"Bee Stings" (CD album, Poppydisc, 2007, musician)
The B.M.X. Bandits, "Take Me To Heaven" (Internet single, 2007, musician) 


PIGTUBE:  Act formed in 1992 by Malcolm Middleton (guitar, ex-Rabid Lettuce), Heebie (drums/vocals) & Kev (vocals). Pigtube played at the Lark In The Park in June 1992, where they made news by being "offensive". Middleton & Heebie later turned up in Angelbaby. Author Alan Bissett may also have been a member of this band at some point.

PLANET IGLOO:  Falkirk act formed in 1994 by the chef from the Cafe Noir.

The POTATO BROTHERS:  Bo'ness based act formed in 1991.

Anthony PROFILI:  Solo keyboard player who contributed a track to the 1993 One Records compilation album.

RABID LETTUCE:  Alternative act formed in 1991 by Scott Little (drums), and ex-Purple Bass Plectrum members Malcolm Middleton (guitar) & Meph (vocals). The band supported Captain America at Falkirk College, and continued to play live into early 1992, when Middleton formed Pigtube. He and Scott were later re-united in The Laughing Stock.

RANDOM DECISION:  4-piece punk band from Grangemouth formed by Kat (vocals/guitar), Emma (guitar /vocals), Steph (bass) & Anna (drums). After playing some dates in 1994, they changed their name to Hoax.

RED SHELLEY:  Glasgow based act from the 1990's that featured Grangemouth drummer, Greg Drysdale (ex-Concorde Jams). Drysdale soon moved on to play with Martin Stephenson.
RE:SEARCH:  Electronic act formed from the ashes of Final Solution in 1991 by Alan Benzie (mixing), Gordon Robertson (keyboards) & Stephen Smith (mixing). Pre-empting stuff that the Chemical Brothers did much better later on, Re:search did live shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and once filled the QMU to bursting. The act featured occasional vocalist Maggie McCann, and also featured dancers as well. Re:search recorded tracks for 2 CDs - "Out There - A Thread Through Time" (a compilation of various Scottish electronica-type bands) & "'Twist" (a compilation of Chris & Cosey covers). The band finally gave up the ghost around 1996, with Benzie moving to London to become a web designer, whilst Robertson later became a comedy script writer for the like of "The Karen Dunbar Show" & "Only An Excuse".

The RHYMES:  Ayrshire based blues band from 1992 who featured local keyboard player, and ex-member of Blackout, Shad. The band supported The Blues Band on tour. Shad later turned up in Non Jovi.
"Slang" (CD album, 1992).

The RISE:  Act formed in 1991.

ROADHOUSE:  Act formed in 1994, who were playing again in 2004.

The ROCKIN' BLUE HOUNDOGS:  Blues act formed in 1990 by Allan Brown (drums), George Gibson (guitar), James Hughes (guitar), Paul Paterson (bass) & Ian Stewart (harmonica), who continued to play regularly into 1991. By then however, Gibson had been replaced by George Paterson (guitar), and Ian Wallace (ex-Fool No More) was the new drummer. Allan Brown later turned up in Scratch. This line-up continued to play regularly into 1992. The band went quiet in 1993 and finally split the following year when Stewart moved to New Zealand. Wallace later joined Throb.

ROSELAND:  Band formed in 1992 by ex-Big Heart musicians Stephen Myles (guitar), Alex Paterson (vocals) & Alan Stewart (guitar), along with Donald Konkol (bass) & John Barrie (drums, ex-Liberators). They also played in an acoustic version, as The Roseland Trio. In 1994 they lost their bass player, but still managed an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. The band continued to play live into 1995, with Myles & Stewart later forming Sunhouse.  In 2005 the original line-up of Myles, Paterson, Stewart, Konkol & Barrie reformed, before losing Konkol and advertsing for a new bass player. London based, Laurieston born bass player Doug Strathie then joined the band, whilst also playing with Brett Marvin and The Thunderbolts, but left in summer 2006 before the band could perform live. By the end of the year they had once again called it a day, with Stewart returning to his first band, Dutch. Paterson, Myles & Barrie were then re-united with Stewart in The Lucky Dogs.

SCANDAL:  Bonnybridge band formed in 1994, who continued playing live into 1995.

SCARAMANGA:  Bo'ness based act formed in 1992 by Dougie Crichton (bass), Alan Sneddon (drums) & Mark Sneddon (vocals/guitar, ex-Knifedge). They continued to play live into 1993, and were included in the Falkirk Herald top ten at the end of that year. In 1994 they made an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth, then continued playing until 1997. Scaramanga reappeared on the live scene in 2001, then Crichton went on to play for The Bottleneck Blues Band, whilst Mark Sneddon formed The Kool Kats.

SHAKER:  Band formed in 1994 who were originally called Full Tilt, the band continued to play live into 1995 with a line up of Barrie Cram (vocals), Mervyn Hutton (drums), Callum McPherson (bass, ex-Talon) & Barry Moore (guitar). Final dates were played in 1996, after which the band changed their name to She Blue.

The SIGNALS:  Falkirk based band formed in 1983 by ex-Piledriver members Donald Campbell (bass), Douglas Grant (drums) & Bill Hay (guitar), with the addition of vocalist Neil Sutherland (vocals). They became popular around the region through constant gigging, and were joined in 1985 by Sutherland's sister, Rona, on saxophone. The band released their debut home recorded cassette album, "Familiar Scenes", later this year. This was followed by a second effort, "Days To Come", in 1987. Not long after this, Rona left. Gigs were sporadic, due to one of the members being a "virtual recluse", and by 1997 they were a six piece with backing vocals (according to the Falkirk Herald, but not the band!), who continued to play live until 1998. The band's final date was in December 1999.  The band got back together for a charity date in 2007, and continued playing into 2009, including a date at the Grangemouth Homecoming Festival. These dates were continued into 2011 (including an annual return to the Grangemouth Festival).
"Familiar Scenes" (Cassette album, 1985)
"Days To Come" (Cassette album, 1987)

SISTER:  Falkirk act fromed in 1994 by ex-members of Stacatto Hat Kevin Deans (bass), Paul Johnson (drums) & Gary Verth (vocals/guitar). Replacing drummer Johnson with moonlighting Foam frontman Kevin Byrne in 1996, they attracted some record company interest and supported the likes of Mansun and Terra Diablo at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. When Byrne left for a solo career he recommended Scott Little (ex-Laughing Stock) to take his place. The band continued to play live until 1997.

SLOWDOWN:  Falkirk act formed in 1993 by Ross Cunningham (bass/vocals, ex-Someone's Daughter), Steve Wallace (drums, also with Big Blue Funky Whale), Gordon (guitar) & Mo (guitar). When the band split in 1994 Cunningham moved to Gibraltar, then returned to join The Moondogs, Wallace joined Twister, Mo joined Freerise, and Gordon joined Strawberry.

SLUDDER:  Kincardine based rock/metal act from 1993 featuring Dave, used to be called Decomposed. Later in the year they changed their name to Subvision.

The SMOKEHOUSE BLUES BAND:  Local blues band formed in 1989 by Mark Lyon (guitar), Ian Moffat (drums, ex-White Dwarf), Alan Silcock (bass) and ex-Athens member, Bruce Tait (vocals). The band were joined by ex-Blackout frontman Sandy Black on harmonica in May 1989 and ex-All This & Heaven Too saxophonist Robert Henderson in July. Towards the end of the year Black started playing in another act as well, The Palmers. The band began gigging extensively during 1990, completing a German tour in the summer. A couple of months later Alan Corbett joined on saxophone, and the band continued gigging into 1991. Corbett left at the end of that year (later forming The High Society Jazz Band), and was replaced in early 1992 by Keith Robinson (trumpet) & Borderline member Jamie Anderson (saxophone). When Anderson left the band in 1993 to go to music college in London, Steve Williams (trombone) and Davie Hair (saxophone) came in to fill the breech. Keith Robinson left shortly after this, and Sandy Black provided a second saxophone on their debut CD, "Live To Work" in 1995.  The band contiued to gig right up until 1997, with new drummer Tam Boyle (ex-Fourth Dimension), though not as much as in the early 1990's. In 1997 Boyle left to move to Edinburgh (later forming Absent Tam), and the band advertised for a new drummer. Davie Hair left the band to form Nothin' But The Blues, and they continued as a six piece up until the band's demise in 1998, after which Black, Tait & Williams moved on to The Juke Joint Boogie Blues Band, later to be joined by Moffat, and Lyon joined The Bottleneck Blues Band.
"Live To Work" (CD album, 1995).

SOMEONE'S DAUGHTER:  Band formed in 1992 by ex-Diesel Kings bass player, Ross Cunningham, along with Aiden Moffat (drums, also with The Angry Buddhists) & Michael Watkins (bass, ex-One Day Soon). When Cunningham later formed Slowdown, Moffat joined Bay.

SOMETIMES ANGELS:  Act formed in 1990 by brothers Graeme Tennick & Alistair Tennick. By the end of the year the brothers had formed ZBD.

SPAG BOG:  Act formed in 1991 by Nigel Frayling-Kelly (guitar), Robbie Lesuik (bass), Paul Tonner (vocals) & Steven Wallace (drums), all members of Big Blue Funky Whale at the time. Spag Bog were an indie/rock covers band, playing songs by the likes of Neds Atomic Dustbin, Atomic Rooster, & The Primitives, as well as a rocking indie-fied version of "Marlene On The Wall" by Suzanne Vega, at venues like The Railway Tavern and The Happening Club. Tonner reckons that they continued until around 1993.

SPANK!:  Grangemouth based act formed in September 1986 by ex-Sunrise Set members Blair Brown (bass), Lindsay Greig (keyboards), Robert Henderson (saxophone) & Alan Robertson (vocals/guitar) along with backing vocalist Ruth Webster. After a couple of months the band split, with Greig later joining Chance, and Henderson joining All This & Heaven Too. Robertson then had to put together a band in a hurry to fulfill live commitments at the end of the year, and so recruited old friends Eddie Menczyskwoski (drums, ex-Two Helens) & Alan Shields (bass, ex-Dirty Duck), and girlfriend Dawn Robertson (vocals). Early in 1987 they added Raymond Bienek (keyboards, ex-Fairy Cakes) & Kate Menzies (vocals), and began building up a huge following locally with their blend of Motown, pop & Northern Soul. That summer Menzies was replaced by 17 year old Karen Sinclair (vocals), just in time for the band to split. Alan Robertson then briefly formed The Gangsters, whilst Menczyskwoski joined The Alabama Trio and Shields later briefly turned up in The International Pop Assassins, in 1990 Bienek, Alan & Dawn Robertson & Sinclair recruited ex-Esprit D'Accord members Andy Elliott (bass) & Steve Leishman (drums). This gave the band a harder funkier sound, and was short lived, splitting at the end of that year. In late 1991 the same four continued with backing tapes, producing a cassette single the following year before splitting for good. The Robertsons then worked as a duo, under the name The Bairns.
"Up To My Head" (cassette single, 1992).

STACATTO HAT:  Band put together in 1990 by Gordon Wood (vocals/guitar, ex-One Over The Eight), recruiting Kevin Deans (bass, ex-Big Trees), Paul Johnson (drums, ex-Cahn & Cahn), Les Makin (keyboards, ex-Cahn & Cahn) & Gary Verth (guitar, ex-Happymen). After playing one date the band split, with Deans, Johnson & Verth forming Sister, and Makin joining The Concorde Jams.

SUBVISION:  Kincardine based rock/metal act from 1993 featuring Dave, who used to be called Sludder. The band continued to play live into 1995. In 1997, after a period of silence, Subvision advertised for a drummer.

SWEET AND SAVVY:  Edinburgh based funk band featuring Grangemouth bass player, and ex-member of One Over The Eight, Harry Brown. The band changed their name to Colour Company in 1991.

TAKE 5:  Band from 1990 who did well in the Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands" before changing their name to Borderline. The line up consisted of Jamie Anderson (saxophone), Andrew baker (saxophone), Stuart Blackwood (vocals / guitar), Carrick Flockhart (guitar), Robin Michaels (keyboards), Keith Parsons (bass), Gordon Samuels (drums) & Barry Smart (trombone).

The T.C.'s:  Edinburgh based act from 1990 which featuring ex-Palmers guitarist Jim Moir, and future Through The Wall member Cameron Read on saxophone.

TOYS:    Toy (before they were known as that) were originally formed in 1992 when Iain McMurtrie (vocals / guitar) and Grant Copeland (drums / vocals) started jamming together. Originally they were a three piece band playing covers, with Steven Roper on bass, although he never really learned the instrument. After jamming for a while McMurtie & Copeland recruited Jason Connolly (guitar), whilst Roper left the band. Sometime in 1994 a new bass player, Martin Miller was recruited, followed by Gavin Marshall (vocals). This line-up played one date in 1995 at the local Community Centre in Bonnybridge, afterwhich McMurtie decided to quit the band, citing the usual musical differences. He went on to form Defect. Toy continued under the management of Jason's father Jim Connolly (promoter at the Engine Room), and started playing live regularly in 1998. The summer of that year saw them contribute a track to a heavy metal compilation album, and then sign to Org Records. In 1999 the band picked up interest from Sony Records, and had their music used on the Channel 5 sports programme "Rad".  In 2001 they supported The Cooper Temple Clause at the Engine Room, Falkirk, and then went quiet for a couple of years, with only occasional dates.
By 2005 they had slimmed down to a three piece of Connolly, Marshall & Reni (bass), utilising drum machines and synths, with a more New Wave edge to them. After a few months they decided to recruit a drummer, and were joined by John. In 2008 John & Connolly formed Enemy Of Rome.

The TRABANT TURBOS:  Band from 1992.

TRANCEMISSION:  Dance act from 1990.

TULIPTOWN:  Band formed as Consider The Mass who changed their name to Tuliptown in 1990. They consisted of Neil Campbell (vocals/guitar), Jock Miller (guitar), Brian Walker (bass) & Steve Wallace (drums). Tuliptown continued to play live until early 1991. Walker had left the band when he moved to Aberdeen to study in August 1990, and at that point Robbie Lesuik (ex-Constable Savage) took over on bass. Upon splitting, Lesuik & Wallce joined Big Blue Funky Whale, and Campbell moved to Edinburgh where he booked bands into The Subway. Walker later joined Bouncy Castle.

TURTLEHEAD:  Turtlehead first came to life in 1994, formed by ex-Indian Angel members Paul Bourne (bass) & Robert Francis (drums), along with a guitarist called Alec. The same year, after the line up was finalized with Gary Cunningham (guitar) replacing Alec (and Graham Rae joining briefly), they recorded their first demo tape "High Flats", which managed to get the band a session on a Scottish radio station. By this time Brian Cooper had joined as vocalist, and the session coupled with an interview for punk magazine "Maximum rock'n'roll" in December 1995 led to a lot of requests for their tape. Shortly after this Bad Taste Records in Sweden got in touch with the band, and a track was lifted from the demo tape a put on a Bad Taste compilation CD, "Quality Punk Rock". This was followed by a single on the label in June 1996, and an album "Back Slapping Praise From Back Stabbing Men" in the autumn. The band then went on to play their first European show; the first Bad Taste Festival in Lund, Sweden.

In May 1997 the band got a call from Bad Taste asking if they could play on the "Flying High Across the Sky" tour, replacing D.F.L, who had pulled out. The twelve date tour of Germany was with such bands as Millencolin, S.N.F.U, Voodoo Glow Skulls, 3 Colours Red and Thumb. This was to be the start of a busy period for Turtlehead as they played at the World B.M.X Championships in Holland as well as other festivals in Europe during the summer months.  In October 1997 Turtlehead embarked on their first major European tour with label mates Pridebowl, taking in eight countries. A few days after the tour ended the band recorded their second album, which was released in April 1998. With their tongues firmly in their cheeks, the album was entitled "I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff". This album picked up from where the first one left off and was heavily promoted with extensive touring, both in UK and mainland Europe. Songs from the album were played on both T.V. and radio, with tracks being used on skate and BMX shows on satellite / network T.V.  In October 1999 the band set off for Europe again as part of the Bad Taste Festival Tour, alongside label mates Trigger Happy and Misconduct. With thirty shows across ten countries, this was their biggest and heaviest schedule to date, and led to guitarist, Gary Cunningham, deciding to call it a day, joining Barefoot afterwards. Dave McIntosh of the band Shatterhand joined, and the new line-up embarked on a tour of Canada, which ended with an appearance at the Revel'n'ment Festival in front of over 5000 people. Bass player Paul Bourne was then replaced by ex-Intake member Richard Bruce.
The band then undertook their biggest tour to date, five weeks across Europe, with Digger from the U.S.A. In June 2003 the third album ‘Bleeding Hearts and Burnouts’ was released to rave reviews, however the band decided to call it a day in March 2004. Bruce & Francis later formed I Stand Alone, whilst McIntosh continues to play with Shatterhand.
"Go" (CD single, Bad Taste Records, 1996)
"Back Slapping Praise From Back Stabbing Men" (CD album, Bad Taste Records, 1996)
"Bellend Host" (7 inch split single, Speedowax Records, 1997)
"I Preferred Their Earlier Stuff" (CD album, Bad Taste Records, 1998)
"Godsend" (7 inch split single, 1998)
"Bleeding Hearts & Burnouts" (CD album, 2003)

UNCHAINED:  Rock band formed in 1989 by Martin Ayre (guitar), Derek Dudgeon (vocals), David Horsburgh (guitar, ex-Talon), Mark Ogilvie (bass) & David Dowell (drums, ex-Sacrosanct). The band continued to play into 1991, after which Ayre, Ogilvie & Dowell formed Fine.

UNCLE JACK:  Act formed in 1994 by Craig Anderson (vocals, ex-Alaskans), Kenny MacInnes (drums, ex-Alaskans) & Stuart Nelson (guitar, ex-Captain Trips), who continued to play live into 1997. In 1998 Anderson & MacInnes played one gig with Those Meddling Kids, before Anderson formed a new act, The Lightning Brothers, whilst MacInnes joined Monofreak. Nelson later joined Little Green Apples.

UNIVERSAL:  Seven piece soul outfit from Glasgow and Falkirk, formed in 1992.

VANITY FAIR:  Glam/Sleaze rock act from 1991 featuring Brian & Pam.

VIBORG:  Grangemouth based techno act formed in 1993 by Derek McLay & John Marshall. The duo had a track on the Buzztracks compilation cassette that year.

VOYANCE:  Kincardine act from 1993 comprising Dave McDonald (guitar/bass), Martin Ray (drums/vocals) & Pete Ray (guitar/bass). Later on that year they changed their name to Evisceration.

WAVES:  Duo formed in 1991.

WEDGEWOOD LINE:  Glasgow based act formed late 1991 by local lads Craig Anderson (vocals, ex-Bitter Suite), Alan Burns (bass, ex-Cotton Train) & Kenny MacInnes (drums, ex-Cahn & Cahn), along with Glaswegians Gary Cunningham (guitar) & Michael Kane (guitar). The band performed an acoustic session for Central FM in January 1992, along with a full band session for Forth in April. That month also saw the release of their debut single, "Ashes & Sparks", and a support on a Frankie Miller tour. The band lost Burns in 1993 and changed their name to The Alaskans.
"Ashes & Sparks" (CD EP, 1992)

WE FREE KINGS:  Edinburgh based folk/punk/rock act formed in the mid-1980's by Joe Kingman (vocals), Seb Holbrook (guitar/vocals), Pam Dobson (melodian), Geoff Pagan (violin), Kenny Welsh (drums), Phil Bull (cello) & Falkirk born Colin Blakey (flute/guitar/mandolin/vocals, ex-Green Telescopes). We Free Kings built up a sizeable Scottish following through energetic live dates with acts like The Waterboys (Kingman used to share a flat with Mike Scott). After a self-financed storming debut single in 1986, "Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy", they signed to D.D.T. and released their debut album in 1988. The band disintegrated the following year, with Blakey going off to join The Waterboys in Ireland. Kingman, Holbrook, Pagan & Bull then regrouped with Mark Ritchie (guitar), Simon (bass) & Grangemouth drummer Greg Drysdale (ex-One Over The Eight). This line-up released a 12 inch single, "Howl" for Avalanche Records in 1990, and then toured the UK with The Waterboys. The band split almost immediatly afterwards, with Drysdale joining The Diesel Kings, and Bull, Pagan, Holbrook, Kingman & Holbrook joining The Clan.
"Death Of The Wild Colonial Boy" (7 inch single, Howl Records, 1986)
"Oceans"/"Wipe Out Gang" (7/12 inch single, D.D.T. Records, 1987)
"T-Shirt"/"Still Standing" (12 inch single, D.D.T. Records, 1988)
"Hell On Earth & Rosy Cross" (vinyl/cassette album, D.D.T. Records, 1988)
"Howl" (12 inch single, Avalanche Records, 1990).

Tommy WHITTLE:  Grangemouth born jazz saxophonist Whittle joined the Ted Heath Orchestra in 1946, at the age of 20. Six years with Heath established his name in UK circles, and he left to further his solo playing desires and, in fact, bacame a featured soloist with the BBC Showband. This time also saw him winning the Melody Maker & NME polls as a featured soloist. In 1956 he was involved in exchange tours of the US, and released a string of albums and singles for the Esquire label, leading his own quintet. In the early 1960's Whittle was musical director for the Dorchester Hotel before joining Jack Parnell's ATV Orchestra. He has recorded sessions with many acts including Bing Crosby, Peggy Lee, Barbara Streisand, Georgie Fame, Paul McCartney & Caravan, whilst continuing to release his own recordings.  IN 1975 Tommy returned to the area for a one-off gig at the Metro Jazz Club, backed with the regions finest musicians.  As recently as 1990 and 1991 when he won the British Jazz Award for Top Tenor Saxophone.   In 2005 Tommy was awarded a silver medal for his distinguished career in jazz by the Worshipful Company of Musicians in London.
"Martini" (78 rpm single, Esquire Records, 1954)
"Waxing With Whittle" (vinyl album, Esquire Records, 1954)
"The Tommy Whittle Quintet" (vinyl album, Esquire Records, 1955)
"The Tommy Whittle Quintet" (7 inch EP, Esquire Records, 1956)
"How High The Moon" (78 rpm single, Esquire Records, 1956)
"Spotlighting Tommy Whittle" (vinyl album, Esquire Records, 1956)
"Lullaby & Rhythm" (vinyl album, Esquire Records, 1956)
"The Finsher" (7 inch single, HMV, 1957)
"The Tommy Whittle Quartet" (7 inch EP, HMV, 1957)
"New Horizons" (vinyl album, Temp Records, 1960)
"Why Not" (vinyl album, Alamo Records, 1979)
"Jig Saw" (vinyl album, Alamo Records, 1979)
"More Waxing With Whittle" (vinyl album, Esquire Records, 1987)
"Warm Glow" (CD/cassette album, Teejay Records, 1992)
Tommy Whittle & Alan Barnes:
"Straight Eight" (vinyl album, Miles Music, 1986)
Tommy Whittle & The Bob Hudson Trio:
"Encore!" (cd album, Sine Records, 1998).

WHUMFF:  Act formed in 1990 by Alan Bell (guitar/vocals), Gus (guitar), Ross McIntyre (bass), Vince (drums) & Dave Williams (harmonica). Williams left in January 1992, and one month later the band won Falkirk College "Battle Of The Bands". In June 1992 the band played at The Lark In The Park, Grangemouth, as well as keeping up a hectic local gigging schedule which stretched into 1993. Up until then they had concentrated on cover version, but switched to a more original set when David Dowell (drums, ex-Fine) replaced Vince. The original material was short lived, and they returned to covers for live work. Later in that year McIntyre left, later joining Sumthang, and was replaced by ex-Fool No More member Billy Baikie. The band continued to play into 1994, when Dowell left to join Numb. Gus & Billy Baikie then joined Illicit Still. Whumff continue to play until today, though in 2002 ex-Cooper members David Dowell (drums) & Jamie Rodger (bass) joined to replace the departing Billy Baikie (who left to join The Monsterz Of Roc). Dowell left again in 2003 and was replaced by Lee Campbell (drums, ex-7past5). The band continue to play the occasional pub date and larger bike rally. Rodger, meanwhile, plays in a club act called The Funky Bumpers.

WHY BRADLEY:  Band formed in 1994 by Mark Hamilton, Iain Livingston (guitar), Scott Livingston (guitar), Steven Polwart & Graeme Toms, who started playing live in 1996 and continued until 1997, when they supported Kevin McDermott at the Martell. Live dates were continued in 1999, when they once again supported McDermott. In 2000 the band played support in Glasgow and Edinburgh to the likes of Tom Hingley (of The Inspiral Carpets), Geneva & Bernard Butler. Polwart is the brother of Karine Polwart and he is a regular member of her band. The Livingston brothers and Polwart later formed Team Solripe.

WIDENING GYRE:  Falkirk band formed November 1990 by Neil Clark (bass), Gordon Craig (vocals/guitar), David Fitzsimmons (guitar) & Marc Mochan (drums). When they played live in 1991 they were augmented by Nicola Forgie (keyboards) & John Longbotham (saxophone), and this line-up continued into 1992. By the end of that year Longbotham had joined The Jazz Prophets, and been replaced by Claire Fotheringham (cello) & Matthew McGratten (saxophone).

Ann WILLIAMSON:  Bo'ness born light entertainment performer who released some singles in the early-1980's on Emerald Records. More recently (mid-1990's) she released 2 "spiritual country" albums for Scotdisc.
"When You & I Were Young, Maggie" (7 inch single, Emerald Records, 1982)
"LIke Strangers" (7 inch single, Emerald Records, 1983)
"Flower Of Scotland" (CD album, Scotdisc Records, 1994)
"Amazing Grace" (CD album, Scotdisc Records, 1995).

ZBD:  Dundee based act formed in 1990 by Michael Christie, William Duncanson & Alistair Murray, by adding Falkirk brothers Graeme Tennick & Alistair Tennick, both formely of Sometimes Angels. Alistair went on to become an engineer in Fish's recording studio in Haddington. Graeme also played on date with local act Cops & Robbers, before returning to the music scene with Morpheus Rising in 2008.

Z/28:  Band formed in 1993 by Douglas Waddell (guitar), Ray (guitar), Lee (vocals), Simon (drums) & Mark (bass). They released a cassette single that year, entitled "I'm Only With Them Cos I'm Running Away". The band supported the UK Subs on some Scottish dates in April 1993, and had a song included in the Falkirk Herald top ten of that year. The band continued to play live into 1994, including an appearance at "The Event In The Tent" in Grangemouth. Another of their drummers, Brett, later joined Buzzbomb.
"I'm Only With Them Cos I'm Running Away" (cassette single, 1993).

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